A Hormonal Thing

by Axolotl

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Humor, Masturbation, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, Slow, Workplace, .

Desc: Humor Story: Lucinda is completely flat-chested in an office full of busty co-workers. Enough is enough! When she hears of the miracle drug, Pubertophen, she decides to take it. Can you have too much of a good thing? ILLUSTRATED

Illustrations by Paul Forrest

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"THAT'S FINE, but will it do what I want it to do?"

Dr Lewis propelled her chair away from her desk and crossed her shapely legs. There was a faint smile playing around her full lips. She allowed her white coat to gape open, revealing a more than well-filled pale blue blouse. Much more than well-filled. It was so well-filled that there were gaps between the buttons, gaps big enough to see what the doctor was wearing underneath, if Lucinda had been sufficiently interested.

Watching her, Lucinda Bedworthy felt uncomfortable. The doctor's bosom wobbled where it rested on her thigh, and her prominent nipples had hardened into noticeably large knobs. Doctors weren't supposed to have nipples. Not even female ones. This was simply not how doctors were supposed to behave. Especially female ones. She hunched her shoulders, her arms across her chest.

"Look here, old thing," said the doctor. "The drug is highly effective. When it first became available, it was, if anything, too powerful." She picked up a leaflet from her desk and adjusted her glasses. "Now, where is it? Can't see the wood for the trees. Um-um-um-ummm." She brightened and stabbed at the paper with a fingernail of un-doctorly length and hue. "Right, this bit's from the manufacturer's press release...

"'... Pubertophen was originally developed in Japan where it underwent a rigorous trials program before being made available to the public.' Jolly reassuring, don't you think? 'It was immediately greeted with acclaim by thousands of Japanese women who found the drug's absolutely unique properties more than fulfilled their expectations.' That's a polite way of putting it. What they are really saying is that the original version was ten times too strong for the general public, what? It worked too damn well, and very, very quickly indeed. There were no half measures. You signed up for a course of Pubertophen and within a matter of days, whammo! - it was working, ducky. And it didn't rotten-well stop working for bloody weeks after you stopped taking the jolly old thing."

"You mean women took the drug and their breasts started growing straight away, and wouldn't stop?"

Dr Lewis looked slightly pained. "I wouldn't put it quite as simply as that, me old sport, but that's what happened. It cost the drug firm a few hundred thousand smackers to hush up the cases where the women didn't stop taking the drug soon enough. Some of us women, it seems, are never satisfied." She permitted herself a private smirk at Lucinda's chest. "But that was the only problem with it. It was too bloody effective. There have been no side effects reported, even from those early users. And of course, after all stocks were recalled and replaced with a toned-down version - Pubertophen without balls - there have been no problems with it at all. Not too many, anyway."

"Strange, I've never heard of it."

"It has only been available in the Land of the Jolly Old Rising Sun, you know? Until now." Dr Lewis tossed the leaflet on to the desk. "But it works, all right, or it would never have received approval here. Not in America, not yet. That's probably why it hasn't really made the headlines. If ... or when ... it becomes available in America, you can expect demand to go sky-high. There will be the usual complaints from every lobby you can think of: animal rights, human rights, women's rights - or for that matter, women's lefts..."

"Why haven't they approved it... ?"

"They will, it just takes longer. It's been approved in Europe because application was made here earlier. It is absolutely one hundred and ten per cent safe. Or more. All it does is to mimic a number of the changes which occur in a girl's body during puberty. Not all of them, thank the Lord, just a selected few. The most important and noticeable of these is that the breasts are encouraged to develop. It's been proven in trials to work in 90% of cases. And it happens extraordinarily quickly."


"Given the nature of breasts, very rapid growth is always possible. You should notice a marked effect within a matter of days."

"Days? Sounds ideal for me. But I'm a little concerned..."

"About the other effects of Pubertophen? That's understandable. Even at your age ... thirty-two... ? you are young enough to remember some of the things that happened to you at puberty. As well as some of the things that didn't, in your case, what-what-what? There might be a little problem or two with your short-term memory, but nothing too terrible. Now, what was I saying? Ah, yes ... Haw, haw, haw! But as I say, the effects are largely limited to breast development. That is the way it was designed, for Japanese women, some of whom would prefer to be more ... how shall we put it ... stacked."

Lucinda nodded. "Please! I'll give it a try. I mean, if it doesn't work..."

"I can say with some certainty that Pubertophen will not be ineffective in your case, Miss Bedworthy. It is Miss? I can't read what it says on your notes, it's been crossed out..."

"Miss. I was divorced, and reverted to my maiden name."

Dr Lewis raised an eyebrow at this apparent blatant attempt to confuse the National Insurance system.

"My married name was Panayiotis, and everybody used to ask me to spell it. I'd much rather be Bedworthy."

"Gosh, yes! Rather! Excellent! First rate!" The doctor stood up for the first time. Lucinda couldn't help staring at her. Standing up, she was endlessly tall, with enormously long legs sheathed in sheer nylon. With a strange gesture, as if she were nervous, Dr Lewis fastened the buttons of her lab coat. But only up as far as her waist. Above the waist, it seemed that there could be no chance of her fastening the buttons at all. In fact, there was no way the two edges of the overloaded garment could ever be brought together. The doctor's bust, in a word, was immense. She moved sensuously across to a metal cabinet, her thighs rubbing silkily together, her broad hips twitching, her rotund buttocks moving hypnotically beneath the smooth white cotton. Lucinda almost gasped. The doctor must have been six feet tall yet she wasn't wearing shoes. She walked with her toes pointing daintily outwards, like a ballet dancer, or maybe a duck.

The doctor fumbled with the lock of the cabinet for a moment before swinging open the door and bending to examine the lower shelf. The coat and the skirt were so close-fitting that the outline of a pair of exceptionally brief panties was clearly visible. Lucinda swallowed, her throat constricting. Higher up, there seemed to be no corresponding outline to suggest that the doctor was wearing a bra. Surely she must be, with such vast breasts? It must be a very special bra indeed to hold up a pair like that. They must weigh simply tons! She wondered how she would look with breasts even a quarter that size. After all these years with nothing at all...

"Here you are, Miss Whatever-Your-Name-Is-Bedworthy. Just read the label, it's quite straightforward. Any ill effects, just give me a bell..."

Lucinda read the label on the bus going home. She read it five times. There was nothing else to read about Pubertophen. Disappointingly, there was no illustrated explanatory leaflet, no notes, just the brief warning on the brown plastic bottle. She shook it, listening to the pills rattling inside. A month's supply. A full month's course of treatment.

One tablet to be taken before meals, every four hours.

Do NOT exceed the stated dose.

Do NOT use if pregnant.

If you are taking any other medication, consult your physician.


Four hours. Lucinda opened the safety screw cap of the bottle and carefully tipped one tablet into her palm. It rolled around in a shaky circle, shiny and pink. You should notice a marked effect within a matter of days. She hesitated for a second, then swallowed it.

They weren't a bad bunch at the office. They enjoyed a good laugh and a bit of sexual innuendo. Lucinda had long ago given up being offended by references to her non-existent bosom. As the only flat-chested woman out of six females in the office, she realised there was nothing she could do but join in the fun and shrug off the teasing. The other girls were naturally more developed than Lucinda, but such a state of affairs was quite normal as far as she was concerned, and always had been. She supposed she was jealous of them, to a certain extent, but there was no point in brooding over it.

"What's the pills for, Loose?" It was Barbara, the startlingly blonde office junior.

Lucinda started in alarm and screwed the top back on the bottle. Barbara was standing grinning beside Lucinda's desk.

"Nothing, really. Just something the doctor gave me. I have to take one every four hours. Just sort of pain killers. For tennis elbow." She swallowed one and took a gulp of her coffee.

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