The Hidden Chamber

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Snuff, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A submissive male takes a holiday but is invited to alternative accommodation by the female proprietor of the apartment he rents. She has discovered his sexual preferences by chance, and finds him a perfect candidate for her ‘hobby’ which she shares with her dominant female associates.

He had arrived at the resort apartment, the stress of his work routine far behind him. The relaxation had immediately stirred his sexual feelings and he had fantasised about every air hostess and smartly dressed female airport worker as they had strutted primly about their duty; the clack of the one woman's spikey heels on the marble floor; her tight fitting skirt and blouse accentuating her blissful authoritative form, the woman in her 40s gave him a sweet smile as she passed – he thought of how he'd love to have been down on his knees to her; awaiting her pleasure. On the plane another prim lady- perhaps advanced in years for a hostess- had shown her worth in chastising a rowdy youth worse the wear for beer- he had seen the stern look she gave the lad, her command to behave immediately obeyed, and imagined her with cane or whip. His member had risen to the occasion at the thought. Now encamped at his destination he had tried to take a quick nap but found the woman's face on his mind- why not? He thought, and reached for the copy of Stanton's 'Dominant Wives' he had treated himself to; how he loved those illustrations of the haughty, busty women within – he yearned for a woman like that and wished he were one of the poor submissive males tormented and punished within the pages. He found one which bore a resemblance to the hostess and treated himself to relief; careful to mop up every drop of the sticky mess which he grunted out with extreme pleasure upon the floor, before showering and treating himself to a dip in the hotel pool.

On returning to apartment seven, he was confronted by a maid who was just leaving his room – a wave of infantile fear shivered through him; he remembered that he'd left the book on full view! The maid gave him a glowing smile and remarked that the he needn't worry about 'that book' – he had automatically tried to look over her shoulder and made it patently apparent to her why he was flustered-

'we get lots of gay people here.'

Gay? He thought; he couldn't be further from gay! The maid noticed that her feint of ignorance seemed to have worked, she knew all too well that men who like to be dominated by women are seen as 'sissies' to some men and had used this untruth. She also knew someone who might be very interested in this man if the circumstances were right.

'At least you won't be bothering me like some of the other male guests' she said.

'Actually I'm straight' he blurted at the departing slender teenage girl.

'So where's your wife then?' she quickly retorted.

'I 'm a widower' he replied as he tried to regain some credit in the maids mind.

'Oh I'm sorry' she said; 'that's very sad'. It's also perfect she thought, and hurried back to the reception desk, already feeling slightly aroused with anticipation.

A moment later she was at the phone-'Madam ... I think I've found one'- she quickly relayed the story

'Excellent'; came the reply from the other end; a ring of pleasure in the voice. The maid was instructed what to do.

At the master fuse box, a slender hand with sharp and shiny painted nails pulled the fuse to number seven.

He had just plugged his camera in to fully charge it, when the flashing indicator ceased; he leaned up and tried the room lights ... nothing. At reception he was greeted by the maid again.

I'm so sorry sir, I've asked maintenance to look into it, this is so embarrassing –we are fully booked and don't have another room. The owner is about to visit and she may have to arrange accommodation for you elsewhere'

... Just then a large black limousine pulled up and the driver stepped out. This chauffeur was like no other he'd seen. This was a woman no more than 25 with full length boots, skin tight leather trousers and matching blouson- a small peaked cap complementing the outfit. She stepped smartly to the rear door and opened it.

'Oh here is the proprietor now' said the maid sharply, ensuring he heard. Out of the rear of the car stepped an absolutely stunning woman, who though obviously judging by her exquisite facial features was in her late fifties, had retained a beautiful hourglass figure which though considered by modern standards as 'plump' was the image of some of the women who were displayed on the 'retro' sites of 50's soft porn. There was nothing 'pornographic' about this woman, though he sensed something deeply erotic when he looked at her. She strode forward with perfect poise on black stilettos. Her heavenly legs teased her tight skirt as her ample thighs and hips swayed. The tight top she wore cradled her proportionately ample breasts; her cleavage displayed teasingly, through a black chiffon over-garment. He did not know it at this point but this woman was to become the realisation of all his fantasies ... and more. The maid curtsied in a strange way and gave the woman a knowing smile. The chauffeur also half smirked as she crossed her arms and looked down upon the guest.

'My name is Hortense Bradbury, I own this building and several others. I understand that this is the very first day of your holiday and cannot allow you any further discomfort'.

The scent of this divine creature was driving him wild, and he struggled to make any response- the scene seemed such an over-reaction to something and he felt embarrassed about causing this delectable woman any trouble-

'It's probably just a fuse or something'- he suggested.

The maid needed all her composure not to give away any sign. Hortense looked at him with her glorious dark brown eyes, her well coiffured auburn hair waving gently under the foyer fan.

'I don't care; you'll come with me now and we'll treat you to something special'.

There was positivity in her tone which was in reality a simple command. She then turned and strutted back to the car giving him his first chance of a rear view of her glorious femininity. The chauffeur ushered madam into the vehicle and she faced him, patting the luxurious leather seat to beckon him in.

'What about all my things?' he asked.

'Don't worry, my maid will take care of that and bring them along for you'.

He got into the car and sank into the soft upholstery, in came the driver, the glass internal screen was swished shut behind her, and the central locking clunked the doors shut, giving him a feeling of very comfortable captivity. He wasn't sure why, but his sphincter clenched slightly and he was sure that the formidable woman beside him had a look of achievement on her face.

As the car cruised on, he couldn't help but notice the sharp blue eyes of the chauffeur looking at him as she adjusted the rear view mirror more often than was necessary. He also noted that the hotel area was coming to an end and they were heading further along the coast road.

'Are your other hotels at another resort?' he asked timidly.

'After what you've been through, I shall take you to my personal residence. I know you'll enjoy it more'.

She smiled in a very satisfied manner – the blue eyes squinted in the mirror as the leather clad vixen at the wheel obviously smiled as well.

'You note that all my employees are of the fairer sex; this is because I like to have special relationships with men, I could never work with them. Most of them believe a woman should know her place and are very jealous of my wealth. I understand that your view of women may be a little more relaxed?'

Suddenly the booted beauty at the wheel swished open the dividing glass and handed something in a velvet bag to Hortense;

'I believe this is yours?

She then produced the Stanton book over which he had masturbated earlier!

'My maid took it from your room shortly after she removed the fuse from the main box; I was pleased because I'm a big fan of the late Eric myself, and I thought we might discuss our preferences more intimately; I trust you'll indulge me, after all, it's only a game of fantasies'.

He was speechless, but overwhelmed with mixed thoughts, thoughts which gave him a very apparent erection-the bulge at which Hortense stared down at.

'Good boy' she purred, and both the women giggled at his predicament

. At that point the car swept up a driveway and approached a luxurious villa surrounded by high marble walls. An electric powered wrought iron gate whirred open then banged shut again after the car passed. He could see that the walls were all clad in shiny marble adorned by the odd rambling rose – the walls would not be climbed without the aid of a very large ladder. The beautiful house was would make an effective prison if the gate mechanism remained unknown.

Hortense commanded he follow her as the chauffeur put the car in a huge garage. As he walked obediently behind the woman he tried to speak out and make some sort of protest, but something willed him on in silence and his curiosity gained the upper hand as the sensual figure before him left him mesmerised. Hortense's heels clip clopped on the path to the house and the sudden gust of a warm breeze lifted the pleated side of the elegant woman's skirt revealing the length of her leg and voluptuous thigh. Another maid opened the huge oaken front door and greeted the two inside. The door closed. He was hers.

The décor of the room he was led into was minimalistic; the leather theme continued with sprawling black leather sofas with seating at different levels- many had padded leather mats before them. Hortense pointed to a chair in the corner where he would have a full view of the room 'You will sit over there' she barked- he now began to realise that he was about to realise someone's fantasies. He sat quickly like a scolded child. She turned to the maid-

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