by Harry The Hermit

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: To say that John was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Quite a bit.

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The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of sexual acts between adults and minors and family members. While all of the sex depicted is consensual, the author does not intend to promote incest or sexual relations with underage children. The story is written purely for entertainment purposes only. Those who are offended by such material are strongly encouraged not to read this.

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To say that John was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Quite a bit.

He was supposed to be on business trip to Atlanta, but the flight was canceled after the plane was already loaded, due to mechanical problems. There wasn't a replacement plane available until the next day, so he took the offered refund PLUS a free flight voucher, and after contacting his client in Atlanta, left SeaTac Airport behind as he drove back home.

"Home" was a medium to large sized two story home with a basement in the wooded hills to the east of Lake Washington and Seattle. There were eight rooms that could be called bedrooms, although only six were currently set up for that purpose. One was John's office, and another was being used as a hobby room where they could all work on projects from sewing to model making and many others. John was more than moderately successful in his own business as a software engineer, consulting to many of the big guys, including Microsoft, of whom he was a former employee. This success allowed him to buy some land, forty five acres of trees, that he had an area in the middle of that was cleared for his home. Enough land was cleared that he was able to put in a small pool, hot tub, and a garden big enough to provide much of their fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months. They canned or froze what they could to last them though the rest of the year. He was thinking of adding some livestock, like a dozen chickens for eggs, maybe a milk cow, and a goat or two, but hadn't made up his mind yet.

There was all the privacy in the world there, with the driveway winding around through the trees so that nobody could just look down the driveway and see the house or yard from the street. There was an electric gate at that street with everyone that needed one having a remote, but there was a call box intercom and a keypad that could open the gate as well, but most people didn't know about the closed circuit cameras that were pointed at the gate to identify anyone that pushed the button on the call box.

It was still relatively early in the afternoon when he got home, around two, on a rare sunny and warm early spring day in Seattle. Traffic was light, another rare thing these days.

John had left home early that morning for his flight, leaving behind his wife of sixteen years, Erica, fourteen year old son Marcus, and twelve year old daughter Angelique.

His wife's brother David, his wife Tracey, their thirteen year old daughter Grace and twelve year old daughter Lucinda, were all visiting for the next week from their home a mere thirty miles away, as summer vacation had just started for the kids.

When John came in through the back door, he was greeted by silence. He had expected to hear the normal noises of a household full of teenagers, or at least the sounds of Marc being tormented by his sister and two girl cousins. He was just about to shout out to the house to see if anyone was home, when he heard a muffled sound coming from the vicinity of the basement door. He eased his way down the stairs, stepping around the spots that he knew made a squeak or creak. He was surprised, alright, more than just a little bit!

What he saw, was his wife, Erica, stark naked, kneeling on the floor of the rec room. She wasn't alone, oh no. Behind her, was her equally naked brother, David. He was fucking her from behind, and from the angle John had, he could see that David had a pretty respectable sized cock on him. They weren't down there screwing by themselves, either. Laying on the couch in front of her mother, was his twelve year old daughter, Angie, getting her hairless pussy eaten out by her own mother while she was twisting the nipples on her own just newly budded breasts.

Kneeling on the couch, was Marcus, their son, feeding his hard prick into his sister's mouth. It was obvious that this was not her first time sucking cock, by the enthusiastic way she was going after his pole.

Sitting off to the side of all this, was David's wife, Tracey, with her legs spread out over the arms of his recliner, with their twelve year old daughter, Lucy, feasting on her mother's bare pussy while her one year older sister, Gracie, was laying underneath her, eating her hairless pussy, too.

The shock was wearing off, and the anger was starting to take over. He wondered how long this was going on. It was obvious that they, at least some of them, had done this type of thing before. Even though he was shocked, and angry, the arousal of the scene was starting to worm it's way to the top of his awareness. Looking carefully at the action before him was getting his cock hard, and he came to a quick decision. He was going to join in, but he was going to do things his way.

John quietly went back up the stairs, and took off all his clothes, and crept back down the stairs into the rec room. Everybody was so into what they were doing that they never even noticed he was there until he pulled Marcus back from his sister's sucking mouth.

"Dad!" he yelped.

By that time, John had pulled his little daughter Angie away from her mother's mouth, and moved her over a couple of feet on the couch to where he could kneel between her legs, and take over the duty his wife had been performing. Erica had lifted up her head to see what was going on, and though her sex-crazed eyes, saw that her husband had joined in their fun. She was a bit surprised herself, but as her orgasm was quickly approaching, she gave way to her lusts, and lay her head back down on the couch.

John loved the taste of twelve year old pussy, but he was even more anxious to feel what it felt like wrapped around his seven a half inch cock. He figured that with all that was going on here, there was no way she was still a virgin, but even if she was still intact, he was going to take her anyway, before someone like her uncle beat him to it.

Up on his knees, he was at the perfect height to line his cock up with her still hairless pussy. He swabbed the head of his pole up and down through her tight pussy lips, getting it wet, before popping the head into her opening. She let out a yelp at the intrusion, but just looked up into his eyes with a mask of lust on her face. He worked the head in and out a little in it's tight grip, then thrust in hard, all at once.

She yelped again, a little louder this time, but the only ones to really notice what was going on besides he and his daughter, was his son Marcus. He just stood there in awe, watching his Dad fuck his sister, while he stroked his own six incher. John held still so she could get used to his size, and when he felt her begin to move beneath him, he started to reciprocate. As he slowly stroked in and out of his daughter's tight little slit, he looked down to see the ring of blood left around his cock at the four inch mark, the farthest that he had gone into her so far.

He had just gotten started actually fucking his daughter, when it was clear that his wife and her brother were reaching the end of their journey. They both became more vocal as he plowed into his sister from behind, his belly slapping loudly against her butt cheeks.

"Fuck me harder, you bastard," she shouted, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me hard! Shoot your sperm so far in me it'll come out my mouth!" She screamed loudly and shook violently as he bellowed like a moose, and shot off deep inside her cunt.

They held still for a few minutes before collapsing on the couch, Erica trapped where she was, David's cock, still buried deep inside her quivering quim.

John kept up his pace, slowly but surely going faster as he felt his daughter's legs go around his waist and lock behind his back. He bent his head down, and pulled one of her puffy nipples into his mouth, sucking on it like a starved baby looking for milk. She moaned loudly, and that's when a recovering Erica looked over to see her husband's thick hard cock sawing in and out of her daughter's pre-teen pussy.

"John! What are you doing!" she shrieked.

"I'm fucking our daughter, Dear," he responded with a smile. "Isn't that obvious?"

"But ... but ... she's your daughter!"

"And David is your brother. What's your point?" He started raising his voice at this point, and saw both Erica and David cower at him. He knew his wife was a little submissive, and now he could see that her brother was, too.

"I ... I..."


"But she's only twelve!"

"The way everyone in here was behaving, I figured that she was already fucking, but if she wasn't fucking yet, I wanted to get her before anyone else did. By the ring of blood around my cock, I would guess that she was still a virgin." In a softer voice, he turned to his daughter, "Is that right Baby? Did Daddy get your cherry?"

"Oh yeah, Daddy," Angie confirmed, "you got my cherry, all right, oh I love this! Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me harder!"

"You got it, Angie, Baby!" he replied, speeding up his thrusts.

"You know that she's been having periods for almost a year now, don't you John?" his wife asked him. "And right now, today, is probably her most fertile time. If you're not careful, you're going to breed your daughter with your own grandchild!"

"Oh yes, Daddy!" Angie cried out. "Fuck me and make a baby in my belly! Give me your sperm! Knock me up! I ... want ... your ... BAAAAAABYYYY!!!!" As she screamed out the last few words, John felt his daughter begin to cum, and the clenching of her already super tight recently virgin pussy was all he could take.

"OH BABY!!!! Here it comes! Take my load in your tight little cunt!" John bellowed as he shot his load right against Angie's cervix, and right into her unprotected womb!

He shot several ropes of his spermy cum into his daughter as his thrusting slowed down to a stop. He leaned down and kissed her passionately, holding her tight.

"Oh Baby, I love you, you know that, right?"

"I love you, too, Daddy, but what I really love is your big fat cock fucking my tight little pussy!" Angie answered with a giggle.

John rolled off his daughter, and lay next to her on the couch, getting his breathing and his heartbeat back to normal. Unbelievably, his cock was still mostly hard from the excitement of the whole situation.

John looked over to his son, Marcus, still slowly masturbating his six inch cock.

"Why don't you come down here and clean up your little sister's pussy, Marcus?" John suggested. "I know you loved her sucking on your cock, so it's time to return the favor."

"Sure, Dad," he replied with a smile, eagerly climbing between his sister's thighs, and started to lap up the pussy juice and pink tinged cum that was drooling out of her gaping pussy. He had licked her pussy before, and loved it!

"So, Erica," he said, looking at his wife laying there with her own drooling pussy, "how long has this been going on? How long have you been fucking your brother?"

She mumbled something that nobody could hear, but when prodded by John, she said it louder.

"Since we were kids."

"Kids? How old were you when you started?"

"I was eight, and David was ten. We had found a European porn magazine at the dump one day when we were scavenging around. We hid it from our parents, and took it home."

"We looked through the magazine," David explained, "and started to copy some of the things we saw in it, and it felt good. We kept going, trying more and more things over time until we started actually fucking when I was thirteen and Erica was eleven."

"Have you been fucking this whole time?" John wanted to know, getting louder. "Even after we were a couple? Before we got married? I see that you've been fucking after we got married."

"Ye ... yes, we've been fucking the whole time," Erica responded.

"I suppose you fucked just before the wedding, too?" he practically shouted.

"The day before the wedding, yes," Erica answered quietly.

John swung around, turning his attention to Tracey, where she sat on the recliner, cuddled up with her two daughters. "Have you known that they've been fucking this long?" he said forcefully, seeing her cower too. "The day before Erica's and my wedding?"

"Yes, John," she said meekly. "I've known them both since David and I were both fourteen, and I've been fucking both of them for the whole time, including the day before your wedding to Erica, and the day after your wedding, too, before you left for your honeymoon."

"Are the kids even mine, Erica? Or are they your brother's? Or someone else's?"

"They ... they're yours, I swear!" Erica answered emphatically. "And I've only had three cocks in me, ever!"

"How long have you been fucking your Mother, Marcus?" John said, turning to where his son was making his sister mewl with the pleasure of his tongue.

He lifted his head from his sister's gash, looking like a glazed doughnut. "About six months, Daddy, I made them let me after I caught them fucking one day," he said with a big smile. "There was a power outage at school, and they sent me home, and I found them in your and Mom's bed, Uncle David and Mom, that is." He then returned to his task.

"When did you bring in the rest of the family here," John inquired.

"We got caught again, one night a couple weeks ago, when the babysitter we hired got sick, and dropped off all four kids unexpectedly," Tracey said.

"But the only thing we've done with the girls is oral," David said quickly, "until you fucked little Angie tonight, that is."

Angie chose that time to have a tongue induced orgasm, brought forth by her brother.

"That's enough, Marcus," John told the boy. "Did you like licking your sister's pussy?"

"Yeah, Dad, she tastes great, but your cum inside her made it even better!" he replied, still smiling, and still slowly stroking his hard cock.

"Why don't you stick that thing in your mother, Marcus, I'm sure you could use a little relief by now."

"Sure thing, Dad," he said with a grin, moving around to line himself up with his mother's pussy.

"David, come over here," John said forcefully. "I want you to clean up my cock from fucking my lovely daughter. There's my cum, her cum, and her virgin blood on it, so get busy!"

David started to get up, but John stopped him, yelling, "Where are you going?"

"Going to get a wet cloth to clean you up with?" he sort of half answered and half asked.

"You don't need that, just use your mouth! Get down here and suck my cock!"

David went a little pale when he said that, but he didn't have a lot of choice, and got on his knees between John's legs and gingerly took the still slimy cock in his hand, and lifted it to his face. With a sour look on his face, David tentatively stuck out his tongue, and touched the tip to the head of John's slimy cock. When he found that it wasn't going to kill him, he licked it. The more he licked it, the more he got into it, until he was licking and sucking like he had been a cock sucker all his life. His tongue left a trail down the underside of John's pole, and down to his balls, which David carefully and lovingly sucked into his mouth before going on down to clean up around John's butt hole a little. When he made it all the way to the top, he swirled his tongue around the head a couple times before sucking as much of the length into his mouth.

"That's enough for now, David," John said, stopping the blowjob, and standing up. "Marcus, pull out of your mother, and sit on the couch here next to your sister. David, I want you to start sucking Marcus off. Just kneel on the floor and go to it like you did for me."

David started sucking Marcus, going at him like a starved man. John plunged his cock into Erica's dripping pussy and gave her a few thrusts before pulling out and kneeling behind David. He was so into giving his nephew a blowjob that he had no clue that John was there until he felt the tip of John's cock bump into his butt.

Pulling off of Marcus' prick for a moment, David turned his head around, and looked at John. "Wha ... what are you doing John?" he asked timidly, already knowing what the answer was going to be.

"You fucked my wife, so I'm going to fuck you!" John said forcefully. "Now get back sucking the cock in front of you!"

David followed his orders, and when John shoved his pole up David's butt, the noises that David made were being muffled by the fourteen year old cock in his mouth. Soon those sounds of discomfort were turning into moans of pleasure, and David became more active in his butt getting fucked. John kept on thrusting into David's asshole, enjoying the feeling of the tight channel, the heat, and the friction. With all the stimulation of the situation and all, he was soon blasting a load deep into David's bowels. David moaned very loudly at the feeling of his ass being filled with John's steaming hot load, and all the moaning over the cock in his mouth caused Marcus to yell out as he dumped his load into David's hungry swallowing mouth.

As he was coming down from his climax, he looked around the room, to check on everyone, and saw everyone except David and Marcus was focused on him, but still quite busy at the same time.

Erica was sitting in the corner of the sofa, with Angie sitting in front of her, her arms wrapped around her daughter's body, with one hand playing with the newly formed breasts, the other delving into the still hairless, but freshly fucked, twelve year old pussy.

Tracey was still sitting in the recliner, her daughters perched on the armrests. While she held them close, and fondling their young bodies, the girls were in turn playing with their mother's body, fingers tweaking nipples, and sloshing in her motherly pussy.

John finally pulled his softening cock out of David's ass, and it came out with a plop, and David moaned again, and fell over onto the floor. David was still in a daze as he lay there with cum oozing out of his asshole, and a couple errant drops running down his chin. His cock was standing firm, throbbing with his heartbeat while he tried to catch his breath. Eventually, his hand drifted down to his groin, and started to stroke his cock, but John fiercely put a stop to that.

"You'll cum when I let you, David, and not before! Keep your hands off your dick, you got that?"

"Yes Sir," David responded with a smile, liking the fact that John was taking over his life.

"Now go get a wet washcloth, and make it a warm one. I want you to clean your shit off my cock. You better do a good job of it too, because you're going to make sure it's clean with your mouth!"

David jumped up, and ran to the bathroom as he was ordered, his stiff cock bouncing away in front of him as he ran.

While he waited, John took a little time to think about their past, and what to do about the future.

John was thirty-four years old, and had graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle as a software engineer. He was recruited right out of college by Microsoft, and holds a few patents and copyrights on software and their associated user manuals. After several years, he broke out on his own, and is a contractor/consultant to his old employer, as well as many others. He still designs programs, and has many more patents for the programs as well as a few pieces of hardware that use the software.

He was relatively tall, at six-foot one inch, and still in shape from running on a treadmill, and swimming in the pool in the back yard. His hair was just showing the first few flecks of gray at the temples of his dark brown hair. He had a light dusting of hair over his chest, running down to his crotch, as well as the normal hair on his arms and legs, but none on his back. He sported a fairly well trimmed beard and mustache, and his wife often threatened to leave him if he ever shaved it off without consulting her first. He didn't have six-pack abs, but he was toned. His wife's biggest complaint about his body was that he didn't have much of a butt, but at least it wasn't a fat one. His cock was only about three inches long soft, but grew to seven and a half when hard, and as big around as the battery end of an average "D" cell flashlight.

He had met Erica when they were both juniors in high school, and they soon started dating. Erica was rather short, about five foot two inches, and weighed almost exactly one hundred pounds. Her rather petite physique meant that her breasts were small, a large A cup, or small B, depending on the brand of bra or swimsuit. Her dark pink nipples were almost always erect, and would poke out noticeably when she wore tight tops or dresses, which was often. Her butt was not quite a bubble butt, it was very firm and muscular from her keeping fit doing yoga and gymnastics. Even after seventeen years after they met, and giving birth to two children, her thirty-four year old body was almost identical to her teenaged form. She still kept in shape with exercises, and swimming in the backyard pool, keeping her pubes shaved so she could wear extremely small and revealing bikinis. Even when she didn't shave, her light blonde pubic hair was hard to see, and proved that she was a "true blonde." After her kids were born, she went back to school, and got a nursing degree from the University of Washington, and worked in a small family medicine practice in Redmond.

It was clear that their daughter Angie was following closely in her mother's footsteps, development wise. She would never be all that tall, and at twelve, she was just barely four and a half feet tall. Her hips and butt were showing a lot movement towards the roundness of womanhood, and her breasts were just starting to form, small mounds topped with large puffy nipples that she loved to play with at night. She too, was a true blonde.

Marc was growing up to be a lot like his father, without the beard, so far. He was in great shape from swimming and bike riding. Even at fourteen, he had a couple of hairs sprouting on his chest, right even with his nipples, and directly between them. His pubic hair was coming in nicely, and matched his own dark brown hair. Although he had a lot of growing to do, he was already almost as tall as his father, and sported a cock that was not quite six inches long, very respectable for a fourteen year old youth.

David was Erica's brother, and he took after her in some respects. He was blonde, and quite thin, like her. He was taller than his sister, but not by a lot, and at five foot six, he was even shorter than Marc. He had very little body hair, and what little pubic hair he had was so blonde that he looked shaved at first glance. His cock was a lot thinner than John's and Marc's but was a respectable six inches long. Although he was skinny, he still had muscles, but he was far from being Charles Atlas. He was a high school teacher, working as a substitute teacher in their local school district.

David's wife Tracey was built similarly to Erica, but her breasts were just a tad larger, but probably not enough to require different sized clothes or underwear. The main difference between them was hair and skin tone. Where Erica was blonde and fair, Tracey was strawberry blonde and had a light dusting of freckles across her face and chest. Her pubic hair was just a little darker red than the hair on her head, but that was probably due to lack of sunlight exposure to her pubes. What hadn't been taken away by a razor blade was just a small patch right over the top of her slit. Tracey was a graphic designer, and worked mostly from her home, much like John.

Thirteen year old Grace was going to take after her father, all blonde and all that. If she had any pubes, they were all but invisible, leaving her tight little pussy bare. Her budding breasts were bigger than Angie's being that she was a year older, but still not all that big, being only thirteen. Her nipples were starting to lose their puffiness, but any stimulation at all mad them stand up tall.

Lucy was only twelve, but she had just had a birthday a few weeks before, so she was almost a year younger than her cousin Angie. Her tits were almost all nipples, with just the slightest rise of flesh behind them. Her reddish blonde pubic hair was still a while from coming in, but it too, would probably be darker than the hair on her head.

John came to a few conclusions, and made some decisions about what needed to happen next.

David came back with a few warm and wet cloths, handing them out to everyone except John, his being applied lovingly by David himself. He very carefully cleaned John's cock and his balls of everything that wasn't supposed to be there, including evidence of John fucking his ass. David also took the initiative to run the cloth between the cheeks of John's ass, eliciting a moan from his new Master.

"Am I clean yet David?" John said with a hint of impatience.

"Yes, Sir!" he replied, and then remembered what John had instructed of him, and he took John's cock back into his mouth, tasting him, and taking him to the back of his mouth. When he felt the head come to a stop, he relaxed and took a deep breath through his nose before swallowing John's once again stiff prong into his throat.

John moaned at the sensation, but after only a couple of strokes, John pulled himself free. David thought maybe he had done something wrong, and it showed on his face.

"David, help me with your wife," John instructed. They walked over to the recliner where Tracey was sitting, still holding her daughters close, not sure of what was going on, only knowing that she had to do as John told her.

"Stand up, all three of you. I'm not sure what to do with you, Tracey. You have been guilty in this since before I even knew you. Aiding your husband in having incestuous sex with his own sister, and having sex with her yourself. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"There's not much I can say, obviously, except that I knew that it was dangerous for them to continue on with their affair, and when you moved into the neighborhood, I was the one that suggested we bring you into the group first. I told Erica about you, after seeing you in my first class that day. I only wish we hadn't kept our relationships from you, and brought you fully into the group."

"Well, that's all water under the bridge now, isn't it?" John said, reflectively. "Now that I actually AM in the group, there will be a lot of changes to the group dynamic. I will be in charge of what goes on. Right now, I'm going to fuck you, Tracey. Get on your hands and knees right there, in front of the recliner. OK, now Lucy, you get in the chair in front of your mother, so she can eat your pussy." The girl looked really happy to be getting her pussy licked and sucked by her own mother. As soon as she was in position, Tracey started to slurp away.

"Gracie, I want you to lay down under your mother, with your head at her pussy, and your feet towards the chair. I want you to lick your mother's pussy, and my cock while I fuck her. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes Sir, Uncle John," she said shyly. "Are you gonna fuck me too, like you did Angie?"

"Is that something you'll like? You want me you make you a woman? You want me to take your virginity and fuck you until I cum deep inside your tight little pussy?"

"Oh yes! Please, Sir, will you fuck me soon? Please, Master?" She replied, showing her true submissiveness.

"Let me see how I feel after I fuck your mother, OK? I can promise you one thing right now, If you work me and you mother up enough with your mouth and hands, I'll let you suck my cum out of your mother's cunt. How does that sound?"

"Oh thank you, Sir, I'll do the best that I can." With that, he took a cushion from the couch, and put it under her head, and started in on her mother's dripping quim.

John wasted no time, and knelt down behind his sister-in-law, and started to run his cock head up and down between her pussy lips when he felt a small hand grasp his pole and fit it into her mother's slot. Then all John had to do was thrust. In one motion, he was seated all the way in, balls deep into Tracey's snatch. He rested there a moment, loving the feeling of finally being inside this beautiful woman. If truth be told, if she hadn't already been with David, he would have asked her out first, instead of Erica. He was only there for a few seconds before he felt a tongue on the underside of his cock, where it entered Tracey's pussy. It traveled down to his balls, sucking them gently before continuing on to lick his anus. The tongue acted like it was going to penetrate his asshole, but went back over his balls to his cock. Two small hands pushed on his thighs just enough to get him to back out of it's tight sleeve and get him to fucking it.

John started thrusting slowly, but he knew that he wasn't going to last long with everything that had stimulated the situation that evening. He looked over to the rest of the family on the couch, and saw his wife sitting between their children, stroking the cock on one, diddling the pussy on the other. His brother-in-law David was still standing next to him with a hardon, but his hands were at his sides, forcing himself not to touch his rod.

"David," John said, "you've been good, so why don't you fuck your sister again. You can even cum in her."

"Thank you, Sir!" he replied in relief. He knee walked up to Erica on the couch, and in no time at all, was fucking her energetically. Angie and Marc watched their mother getting laid by her own brother, while she was still playing with their crotches.

John saw them just watching, and told them to help out. "Don't just sit there kids, suck your Mom's titties like you did when you were babies." They both leaned over and took a nipple in their mouths.

The added stimulation brought Erica closer to her orgasm, and the closer she got, the harder she went after the pussy and prick in her hands. The first to cum was Angie, and when she did, she light bit down on her mother's nipple, triggering Erica's climax. Her pussy went into convulsions, and the contractions bearing down on David's cock, brought him off as well. The only one in that group yet to cum was Marc, and he was close, too.

"Get up and take your uncle's place at your momma's pussy, Marc," John instructed. Marcus did just that, He pried his mother's fingers from around his cock, and got up in front of her. He had to pull David out of the way, letting his uncle fall limply onto his back on the floor.

"You ready for me, Mommy?" Marc asked as he slid deep into her slit. "You ready for me to fuck you again? Ready for me to shoot my hot fertile sperm up your little Mommy pussy?"

"That's a good idea, Marcus," John stated, "why don't you do just that."

"Do what, Daddy?"

"Knock up your mother. Erica, I want you to go off the pill. You understand me? I want you to let Marcus and David to fuck you any time they want, and let one of them knock you up."

"But ... my brother? My son?"

"That's what I said! When I tell you something, you are not to question me, you got it?"

Y ... yes, Sir," she replied meekly.

John turned back to Tracy, whom he was still stroking his cock in and out of. "What about you, Tracey? Are you on the pill or anything?"

"No ... no, Sir," she replied quietly, lifting her face from Lucy's tight little slit. "I'm allergic to the pill, so David wears a condom when I'm in my fertile time."

"And when is your next fertile time, Tracey?"

"Umm ... now."

"Well, that's a nice coincidence, isn't it? Here you are, getting fucked by your brother-in-law's cock, that's getting ready to shoot your unprotected fertile womb full of very potent sperm! I think this is going to be fun!" He started to speed up the thrusts into her greasy pussy, while her daughter Gracie was still slowly licking the juncture of John's cock and Tracey's pussy.

"This the way it's gonna be from now on, unless I tell you different. You two guys can fuck Erica all you want, and you can do oral on anyone, but only I can fuck Tracey, Angie, Gracie or Lucy, you got it? I'm gonna knock up all of you lovely ladies, except Erica, you're gonna get knocked up by David or Marcus. I don't care which one of you actually gets her pregnant, but that'll be part of the fun, not knowing whose baby it will be." Just the thought of it was enough to get him off the rest of the way, shooting so much jism into Tracey's waiting fertile pussy that it was pouring out onto Gracie's waiting tongue.

Just knowing that John was probably making her pregnant was enough that Tracey exploded into a climax all her own as soon as she felt the first rope of burning hot cum filling her womb. All she could do was scream in ecstasy, but that scream was muffled buy her own daughter's pussy, that her tongue was buried inside. Those same screams of joy triggered Lucy's climax as well.

As John was sitting on the floor, catching his breath from all the excitement, he noticed that Gracie was still sucking his cum from her mother's pussy, but she hadn't cum yet herself. Pulling her up, he gave her a tender hug, and kissed her deeply, tasting his own cum on the girl's lips and tongue, along with the juices of that girl's own mother's cunt sauce. He licked her face clean before laying back on the floor, pulling the thirteen year old beauty over his face, and sticking his tongue up inside her tight virginal crack. It was only seconds later that the stimulation of the day's events, plus her uncle's mouth on her slit brought her off explosively, and she came so hard she passed out.

John lowered his niece down to the floor where he was laying, and cuddled up to her, just a couple of feet from where the girl's own father lay. David was just relaxing, watching all the action, but all that was left, was Marcus still plowing out his mother once again. The boy soon fired his load, and as he pulled his still dripping cock from it's warm sheath, he took it over to his uncle's waiting mouth, where David now eagerly cleaned off his nephew's wilting rod.

"I think we need to all come down here and have a group cuddle after all that we have been through together today," John said, and with that, they all lay down on the carpet in one great big pile. Without exception, they were all sleeping with just a few minutes.

Ninety minutes or so later, John woke up from his slumber, with a great weight on his chest, and when he opened his eyes, he found his face was mere inches away from Angie's face, her eyes bright, and her smile big. He smiled back, and then lifted his head, bringing their lips together in a true lover's kiss, a kiss that lasted several minutes of lip smacking, tongues dueling, and spit swapping. When they cam up for air, John effortlessly sat up, with his daughter on his lap. He gave her one last kiss before setting her on the ground, and standing up.

He quietly went out the door and up the stairs, heading for the bathroom. When he found his daughter standing there in the bathroom with him, watching while he peed, he smiled, and asked her, "Do you want to hold Daddy's cock while he pees?"

She nodded and was quickly at his side, with his dick in her hand, directing the stream all around the bowl. After he was done, she pushed him out of the way, and sat down on the seat in a hurry just before he could see a gusher of urine spraying from her little pee hole, and into the bowl. As soon as she finished, he pulled her into the shower with him, and they had a little fun, washing all the cum and sweat from each other's bodies. There was only a little hanky-panky, mostly just clean fun. Before long, they were done, and he directed her you go get something comfortable on, and he went to get dressed too.

They met in the kitchen when they were dressed, both wearing shorts and tee shirts. John was looking around for something to drink, and decided to get something for everyone while he was at it. With Angie helping, it didn't take long until they were downstairs again, with a tray of glasses and a big pitcher of iced tea.

"OK, people, wake up," John bellowed, making both him and Angie to laugh as they watched everyone wake up startled, not remembering at first where they were, or how they got into the big pile of flesh where they found themselves. Once they were fully awake, they looked up to John sheepishly, but accepted the iced tea that they were handed.

"I'm going to go out to the patio to start up the charcoal," John informed them, "and it will be ready for meat in about twenty minutes. You have that long to have some sort of meat ready for me to put it on the grill. You only have until the meat is done to get the rest of the dinner made, so I suggest you get hopping!"

There was a chorus of "Yes Sir!" as all but John and Marcus scrambled to get up the stairs to start working on the meal.

"Is this all for real, Daddy?"

"Is what all for real?"

"All the fucking and sucking, and that you want me or Uncle David to make a baby in Mommy?"

"That's right, my studly son," John said with a chuckle, "it's all for real! Our family dynamic has been changed, and for the good, I think. There are gonna be a lot of changes around here, but I think that you're gonna like them. I know I'm going to having a lot more fun, now that everything is going to be out in the open. We'll talk more about this after dinner, don't worry."

He pulled his still naked fourteen year old son in to a tight hug, and even gave him a big kiss, right on the lips. He held it a little longer than he first intended, but when her felt Marc's tongue try to gain entry into his mouth, he let the invader inside. They stood there in a passionate kiss for a few more seconds before breaking apart. John noticed that his son's cock was hard again, and had to laugh.

"You just can't get enough, can you?"

"Can you blame me Dad?" the boy said with a big grin. "I'm fourteen, remember?"

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