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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: To say that John was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Quite a bit.

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To say that John was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. Quite a bit.

He was supposed to be on business trip to Atlanta, but the flight was canceled after the plane was already loaded, due to mechanical problems. There wasn't a replacement plane available until the next day, so he took the offered refund PLUS a free flight voucher, and after contacting his client in Atlanta, left SeaTac Airport behind as he drove back home.

"Home" was a medium to large sized two story home with a basement in the wooded hills to the east of Lake Washington and Seattle. There were eight rooms that could be called bedrooms, although only six were currently set up for that purpose. One was John's office, and another was being used as a hobby room where they could all work on projects from sewing to model making and many others. John was more than moderately successful in his own business as a software engineer, consulting to many of the big guys, including Microsoft, of whom he was a former employee. This success allowed him to buy some land, forty five acres of trees, that he had an area in the middle of that was cleared for his home. Enough land was cleared that he was able to put in a small pool, hot tub, and a garden big enough to provide much of their fresh fruit and vegetables during the summer months. They canned or froze what they could to last them though the rest of the year. He was thinking of adding some livestock, like a dozen chickens for eggs, maybe a milk cow, and a goat or two, but hadn't made up his mind yet.

There was all the privacy in the world there, with the driveway winding around through the trees so that nobody could just look down the driveway and see the house or yard from the street. There was an electric gate at that street with everyone that needed one having a remote, but there was a call box intercom and a keypad that could open the gate as well, but most people didn't know about the closed circuit cameras that were pointed at the gate to identify anyone that pushed the button on the call box.

It was still relatively early in the afternoon when he got home, around two, on a rare sunny and warm early spring day in Seattle. Traffic was light, another rare thing these days.

John had left home early that morning for his flight, leaving behind his wife of sixteen years, Erica, fourteen year old son Marcus, and twelve year old daughter Angelique.

His wife's brother David, his wife Tracey, their thirteen year old daughter Grace and twelve year old daughter Lucinda, were all visiting for the next week from their home a mere thirty miles away, as summer vacation had just started for the kids.

When John came in through the back door, he was greeted by silence. He had expected to hear the normal noises of a household full of teenagers, or at least the sounds of Marc being tormented by his sister and two girl cousins. He was just about to shout out to the house to see if anyone was home, when he heard a muffled sound coming from the vicinity of the basement door. He eased his way down the stairs, stepping around the spots that he knew made a squeak or creak. He was surprised, alright, more than just a little bit!

What he saw, was his wife, Erica, stark naked, kneeling on the floor of the rec room. She wasn't alone, oh no. Behind her, was her equally naked brother, David. He was fucking her from behind, and from the angle John had, he could see that David had a pretty respectable sized cock on him. They weren't down there screwing by themselves, either. Laying on the couch in front of her mother, was his twelve year old daughter, Angie, getting her hairless pussy eaten out by her own mother while she was twisting the nipples on her own just newly budded breasts.

Kneeling on the couch, was Marcus, their son, feeding his hard prick into his sister's mouth. It was obvious that this was not her first time sucking cock, by the enthusiastic way she was going after his pole.

Sitting off to the side of all this, was David's wife, Tracey, with her legs spread out over the arms of his recliner, with their twelve year old daughter, Lucy, feasting on her mother's bare pussy while her one year older sister, Gracie, was laying underneath her, eating her hairless pussy, too.

The shock was wearing off, and the anger was starting to take over. He wondered how long this was going on. It was obvious that they, at least some of them, had done this type of thing before. Even though he was shocked, and angry, the arousal of the scene was starting to worm it's way to the top of his awareness. Looking carefully at the action before him was getting his cock hard, and he came to a quick decision. He was going to join in, but he was going to do things his way.

John quietly went back up the stairs, and took off all his clothes, and crept back down the stairs into the rec room. Everybody was so into what they were doing that they never even noticed he was there until he pulled Marcus back from his sister's sucking mouth.

"Dad!" he yelped.

By that time, John had pulled his little daughter Angie away from her mother's mouth, and moved her over a couple of feet on the couch to where he could kneel between her legs, and take over the duty his wife had been performing. Erica had lifted up her head to see what was going on, and though her sex-crazed eyes, saw that her husband had joined in their fun. She was a bit surprised herself, but as her orgasm was quickly approaching, she gave way to her lusts, and lay her head back down on the couch.

John loved the taste of twelve year old pussy, but he was even more anxious to feel what it felt like wrapped around his seven a half inch cock. He figured that with all that was going on here, there was no way she was still a virgin, but even if she was still intact, he was going to take her anyway, before someone like her uncle beat him to it.

Up on his knees, he was at the perfect height to line his cock up with her still hairless pussy. He swabbed the head of his pole up and down through her tight pussy lips, getting it wet, before popping the head into her opening. She let out a yelp at the intrusion, but just looked up into his eyes with a mask of lust on her face. He worked the head in and out a little in it's tight grip, then thrust in hard, all at once.

She yelped again, a little louder this time, but the only ones to really notice what was going on besides he and his daughter, was his son Marcus. He just stood there in awe, watching his Dad fuck his sister, while he stroked his own six incher. John held still so she could get used to his size, and when he felt her begin to move beneath him, he started to reciprocate. As he slowly stroked in and out of his daughter's tight little slit, he looked down to see the ring of blood left around his cock at the four inch mark, the farthest that he had gone into her so far.

He had just gotten started actually fucking his daughter, when it was clear that his wife and her brother were reaching the end of their journey. They both became more vocal as he plowed into his sister from behind, his belly slapping loudly against her butt cheeks.

"Fuck me harder, you bastard," she shouted, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me hard! Shoot your sperm so far in me it'll come out my mouth!" She screamed loudly and shook violently as he bellowed like a moose, and shot off deep inside her cunt.

They held still for a few minutes before collapsing on the couch, Erica trapped where she was, David's cock, still buried deep inside her quivering quim.

John kept up his pace, slowly but surely going faster as he felt his daughter's legs go around his waist and lock behind his back. He bent his head down, and pulled one of her puffy nipples into his mouth, sucking on it like a starved baby looking for milk. She moaned loudly, and that's when a recovering Erica looked over to see her husband's thick hard cock sawing in and out of her daughter's pre-teen pussy.

"John! What are you doing!" she shrieked.

"I'm fucking our daughter, Dear," he responded with a smile. "Isn't that obvious?"

"But ... but ... she's your daughter!"

"And David is your brother. What's your point?" He started raising his voice at this point, and saw both Erica and David cower at him. He knew his wife was a little submissive, and now he could see that her brother was, too.

"I ... I..."


"But she's only twelve!"

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