The Biggest Loser

by StangStar06

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Desc: : Carl's wife claimed she wanted him to lose weight.She ended up losing Carl

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I was born Carlton James Randall, which quickly became Carl when I got to school, and then C.J. in high school. And once I got on the football team, I was Big C. At 6'4" and 260lbs I was always a big one. At that time I was one of the bigger guys on our defensive line. The thing that had all of the colleges dying to recruit me wasn't my size. I was huge for a high-school student, but just barely bigger than the average guy playing my position on the top college teams. The thing that had them all sniffing after me was the fact that even though I was as big as a fucking house, I had the jets. I could run like someone stuck a rocket up my ass. My sophomore year in college, I led the conference in sacks, forced fumbles, and swatted down balls. Half the quarterbacks in our conference were afraid of me. Usually halfway through a game the offensive linemen on the other side would just put up token resistance because they knew we were going to get through. It was rare that I was not double teamed.

Right now you're wondering aren't you? Why the hell haven't I heard of this guy? Which pro team does he play, oh yeah he plays for ... Let me help you out, I play for Provincial Insurance. When you see those commercials on TV, telling you to get yourself a piece of the block, that's us. Right now I'm the company's Accounting Director, all of Provincial's accountants, worldwide, report to me. You see I had a career ending knee injury at the beginning of my junior year and couldn't ever play football again. I hit the books hard, got my degrees in Accounting and Global Finance and never looked back. Okay maybe I do yearn for a taste of the glory days every time the Super Bowl rolls around but that's only because I was so God damned close to being there.

Anyway I'm happy with most of my life. As you'd imagine, I drag home a butt-load of cash. I have a nice home and a beautiful wife who loves me. So what's the problem? Remember my weight in high school? At 35 years old I'm in the prime of my life. I'm still 6'4" but now I tip the scales at close to 400 lbs. I'm a heart attack waiting to happen. It is only a matter of time.

My wife Sarah has been putting pressure on me lately to do something about my weight. Mostly I just half heartedly tried whatever she suggested. None of the fitness plans or diets worked and I've tried them all. Remember the Adkins diet that all of those people lost weight on a few years ago. I cut out nearly all of my carbs and still gained weight. Whatever the diet's stipulations were, I seemed to find a way around them. With Adkins, I cut all of my carbs and simply replaced the calories with more meat. It got to the point where I was eating like a cow a day. I was better off eating the carbs. Not to mention the fact that eating all of that red meat caused my blood pressure to spike.

Then one night about 3 weeks ago it all changed. Sarah and I were having sex, and I just gave out and collapsed on top of her. She literally couldn't breathe with me on her and it just went downhill from there. We started arguing about my weight as usual, and she finally told me that until I lost at least 50 lbs, we wouldn't be having sex anymore. I left the room and slammed the door. I slept in the guest room that night and left for work early the next morning. I hoped that when I got home it would be just another argument that blew over, but it wasn't. Sarah had gone on the internet and found me a weight loss boot camp. The camp lasted for a month, she told me that it was probably the best thing for me. She was tired of being married to the fattest guy in the neighborhood. It was embarrassing for her.

I looked at the brochure she'd printed from the internet and called them. I had them process a payment for me right then and arranged to leave in the morning. "You're actually going?" she asked me. But I didn't say anything to her. I just headed upstairs to start packing my clothes. "It'll be great for you to lose some weight. You'll be healthier and you'll feel better," she said.

"The month will pass like no time, I'll call you every day," she said.

That night I slept in the guest room again. Sarah didn't understand why. "We're not angry at each other, it's over. Why are you sleeping in there?" she asked.

"You said we weren't going to sleep together again until I lost 50lbs," I reminded her.

"I said we weren't going to have sex again until you lost it," she said. "Anyway I didn't really mean it, I was just upset." I think she realized that she had hurt me pretty badly and was trying to make up for it. But getting away from home for a while just seemed like a good idea at the time.

The next morning, before Sarah awakened I got into my Chrysler 300 C and drove to the airport. I flew to Tucson and the dry heat of the Arizona desert to start the camp. For my first 3 weeks here I've been doing my usual bit when it comes to fitness. I spent most of my first week here getting my internet and computer system set up to allow me to work while I'm at camp. The next week I started actually viewing what was going on here. I say viewing because I didn't actually participate in anything. I just watched and laughed at some of the things they expected us to do. In terms of the food, let's face it. I have internet access. So I use the meals they serve us as an appetizer, and order pizza or burgers and have them delivered. The delivery people even know that to get a bigger tip they just meet me on the access road that the campers use for jogging. I sit at the picnic tables and eat the food and then go back to camp. So after being here for nearly 3 weeks how much have I lost? I've lost -6 lbs. Yep that means I'm actually 6 lbs fatter than when I got here.

That all changed 2 days ago, when I got an email from an old friend of mine, Steve Martin, (no, not that comedian/actor). Anyway Steve had just gone through a messy divorce and was getting his life back together. He wasn't really looking for another wife yet he just wanted to mess around and play for a while. Steve wrote me that he's been out on a date at a club with a woman who was way too young and too wild for us, and he thought he'd seen Sarah there with another guy. So he'd gone over to see if it was her. It was, she was out with a guy he'd never seen before and was letting the guy put his hands all over her. He'd taken a few pictures because he knew that I wouldn't believe him, or that I wouldn't want to believe him. I looked at the pictures, and I knew that he was right. It was Sarah. I recognized the one of a kind necklace I'd had made for her when we went to Mexico last year. That email changed my whole reason for being here. And it changed my life.

I spent the next day taking stock of my life and decided what I wanted to change. I was a really nice guy. And I have, like I said a great life, but there were a couple of things that would need to be changed. One, I really did have to do something about my weight and self image. The other thing could wait until after that was over. This morning I went into the camp office and sat down with the director. I told him that I needed to change my life so I signed up for the 6 month intensive program that they reserve for people who are nearly morbidly obese.

I started right away this morning I went out for a walk in the desert with one of the training groups. It was an easy 2 mile walk at a very slow pace. It was supposed to help speed up our metabolisms and start us out burning calories before we ate breakfast. I laughed at the thought of it because back in high-school and college, I used to run about four miles a day at a very good pace. That was my wake up call. It made me realize how far I had fallen and that this wasn't high school. I might've felt like I was still that big, toned, athletic, football player, but I wasn't. I struggled to finish the 2 miles and near the end I couldn't keep up the pace. There were a couple of 60 year old ladies urging me on and telling me I was doing great, as they passed me with a half mile to go.

When I got back to camp, I was bathed in sweat, and having trouble walking. My knee, the one I'd injured playing football actually hurt. As I entered the cafeteria a lot of the people I'd befriended at the camp called me over. They were mostly shocked to see me all sweaty. They were also as big a bunch of scam artists as I was. I went and sat at a small table in the back, alone. If I was going to do what I now had my mind set on, I didn't need any negative influences. For breakfast I had a half a glass of orange juice, a piece of toast, a half a cup of fresh fruit, and two slices of low fat turkey bacon. I was still starving when I finished, but I had truly decided to change.

After breakfast we had an hour to do as we pleased before our first workshop. I used my hour to hire a private investigator to get me the info I needed on Sarah. It wasn't something I relished or looked forward to. It was just something I had to do. I needed to know how far she'd gone with that guy and whether or not there were others. I loved Sarah, and upon reflection, I guess I could understand what she was going through. Depending on how far she went with this guy, there was a chance that maybe we could get past this.

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