Cherishing the Unmerged Mind

by Sterling

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Many thinkers have considered what might happen if human consciousness merged into a single whole. But what would happen if only 3/4 merged, and the other 1/4 couldn't participate? The 3/4 cherishes the 1/4 who cannot read minds and strives for their happiness, self-fulfillment -- and pleasure.

John Decker woke gradually, but at a certain point unease gripped him as the new reality came flooding back to him. The world was now run by Them. They were all sweet and friendly and said they would take care of him and the others who weren't part of Them. They would just read their minds to figure out what they needed.

His job had disappeared, but what he needed would now be provided without regard to money. He could pay at a restaurant if he really wanted to, the waitress would tell him politely, but it wasn't necessary. On the other hand, the meat was rapidly disappearing from the menus and the stores. He could have half a pound of hamburger, he was told, but no more. No, it didn't matter how much he was willing to pay -- oh yeah money didn't matter -- that was just all he could have. He could do what he wanted, hang out with whoever he wanted, but most of his friends were now part of Them, and it gave him the creeps to talk with them, with their calm smiles. He spoke with his few buddies that weren't Them, but they were as confused as he was.

John trudged to the bathroom, took a leak and then went back to bed, since there wasn't any compelling reason to do anything.

So, he thought, They can read my mind. They're reading it all the time. I want a good fuck, he thought. I want a hot young thing to appear next to me in bed. I want to feel her up for about ten seconds, plunge my cock into her pussy and come. So, take that, all of You who are listening in. Can you do that for me?

His fantasy made his cock swell a little. Maybe he'd jerk off later, but for now he would just relax.

He woke with a start as he heard his apartment door latch turn. His heart pounded. A home invasion! They was supposed to prevent things like that -- and who had a key? Calm footsteps came down the hall, and a woman appeared in his bedroom door.

The windbreaker came off to reveal her to be quite attractive -- not a bombshell by any means, but plenty attractive. She had full breasts, and her bare thighs showing under her short tan dress were most alluring.

"Still interested?" she asked sweetly.

"Um, yeah!" he said.

She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her dress to reveal that she was wearing no underwear of any kind. His cock surged to life looking at her. Was she really going to let him do just what he wanted? Surely she'd want some foreplay, some conversation, and there'd be questions about the future?

"No," she said with a smile as she lay down on the bed. "Take me whenever you want. No strings attached."

As in a dream, he rolled over onto her, and she guided his cock to her wet opening. He shoved in, and his stiff organ slid to the hilt. He hadn't gotten laid in a long time. He thrust in and out. Should he be adjusting his angle for her pleasure, holding back until she was satisfied? That wasn't what she'd implied. And, he realized with a brief surge of anger, she was one of Them. The majority who made him feel so inferior. Well, fuck Them. Or at least he could fuck the one of Them lying beneath him. His strokes got fast and hard, almost vicious, as he rammed home as deep as he could. Within seconds his orgasm was upon him and he splatted cum deep in her pussy as his cock kept surging back and forth. Satisfied, he pulled out and flopped onto his back.

As he emerged from his own pleasure, he thought of the woman next to him. Was she going to leave? Did he want her to leave? Not right away, he decided. He'd like it if she'd snuggle against him -- and she did.

But a minute later he'd had enough, and without saying a word the young woman rose and started dressing.

How had she gotten in, anyway? She hadn't broken down the door.

"Master keys," she said. "We all know where to get master keys when we need them. You don't need to lock your door any more, you know -- though you can if you want."

He still wasn't sure he liked Them and how They now ran the world, but if They provided high-quality pussy whenever he wanted some, that certainly was an advantage.

"So what was that like for you? You surely didn't come. What's in it for you?"

"I was really glad to make you happy," she said. "I felt it directly, remember."

"And so did all the rest of You?"

She shrugged. "I suppose. We were all happy for you."

He felt a surge of shame, as if he had been caught with his pants down.

"Oh, don't worry about it. We're all in the same boat, you know. Millions and millions of Us, and of You. Sex is beautiful, you know."

He thought but didn't say: Even when accompanied by anger? Even when you feel like dominating and degrading the other? Even when you revel in going for your own pleasure and to hell with the other person?

She smiled. "Yes, even then."

And then she left, just like he hoped she would.

It could have happened during the shootout of a World Cup final. It could have been in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded in the World Series. But it actually happened at the end of the Superbowl, on February 2nd, 2014.

A 13-yard pass to Wes Welker had positioned the Patriots at the four-yard-line of the Packers. There were two seconds left on the game clock and the Packers led by score of 21 to 17. Barring a penalty on the defense, it would be the last play of the game. The Patriots took their final timeout, and then the Packers took theirs. Tom Brady began his snap count from the shotgun as millions around the world held their breaths.

Then the strangest thing happened. Tom Brady never barked out the final word, and the ball was never snapped. The noise level in the stadium plummeted instantly. All of the players slowly got up from their positions. About a quarter of them looked around anxiously, waiting for an explanation. The other three-quarters just stood there. One of the television announcers asked what was going on, but the others didn't answer. The play clock continued counting down from six to zero, six of the longest seconds in human history.

The theory was that at that moment, more people were concentrating on one single thing with more intensity than at any prior moment in history. It caused a snowballing reaction so that 73.46 percent of the world population became mind-readers -- of the entirety of humanity. Reading the minds of millions upon millions of people was an astonishing experience, fueled by the fact that those millions of minds were equally startled. A person thought about the thoughts they got from another, and the original thought with commentary was in turn read by others. The incredible complexity quickly reached some sort of stable order, as asymptotes were reached in thousands of dimensions. The brains of the 73.46 percent then formed in a loose sense a single mind, the Mind of the majority.

Playing football seemed pointless. The other 26.54 percent of the population in the stadium and throughout the world were left wondering what the heck was going on as their fellows pretty much just stopped whatever they were doing and stared off into space.

No one understood why some people were in the majority and some were not. It seemed to be totally random and fixed for all time. If you became a mind-reader at that crucial moment, you were one forever. If you didn't, you never would be.

Not a single accidental death could be attributed to the merge. Every car stopped safely, the belayers didn't let their climbers plummet to their deaths, no doctor wandered away during emergency surgery. Where common sense might have failed, mind-reading worked. For instance, one mother was momentarily paralyzed by the flood of new thoughts, but her mental experience also included the sight of her toddler toddling rapidly towards the street. She herself was too flabbergasted by the events in her mind to make the necessary connection, but a dozen minds picked up what she was seeing, and she in turn picked up the urgent conclusion of the others that she must intercept her daughter before she toddled into the path of a car driven by one of the unaffected minority.

Huge areas of human endeavor were instantly irrelevant. There was no need for money, as the Mind would now allocate resources directly. There was no longer a market for anything. Lawyers had no role to play, as disputes were quickly resolved by the Mind considering the facts of every issue. Politicians had no place.

The majority read not just each other's minds, but the minds of the minority as well. To the majority they were open books.

Most military bases were shut down, as the Mind knew the mind and intentions of every soldier. But a few squads remained active to deal with the occasional small unit dominated by members of the minority who might think there was a power vacuum.

Lovers instantly knew who had been cheating. Fathers learned which of their offspring were really someone else's. Stolen property could be readily recovered by following a chain of successive owners. Relatives of missing children knew instantly whether the child had run away or been kidnapped, and then knew whether he or she was now living or dead.

Throughout the world, some people's minds held secrets of danger and continuing injustice that needed rectification. Hundreds of people being held against their will were detected, located and freed.

Their captors were wrongdoers, but they were just one small subset of the people holding truly ugly secrets in their hearts. What would become of them in a world where there were no more secrets? This was handled by the new Mind in two distinct phases. One was to make sure that no one got hurt any more, and the second was to consider justice for past crimes.

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