Never Got Over Her

by StangStar06

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Desc: Sex Story: Was he cheating or not?

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God Damn it he was at it again! Charlotte Ramsey was pissed. She was sure that her husband Jim was cheating on her. The worst thing about it was that it wasn't a one-time thing. He did this every once in a while on a regular basis. It was like a summer thing that he did every year. Did he think that she was stupid? Maybe it was just that she loved him so much. That made it worse.

She loved that man like there was no tomorrow. He was compassionate, he was kind, he was a great provider and she was sure that he loved her too. If it wasn't for this yearly affair thing, he'd be the prefect husband. That was what made it so bad. There was literally nothing that she wouldn't do for him. It really irked her that he wouldn't give her the chance to do whatever this other woman was doing.

She'd noticed over the past few years that their sex life had slowed, but she'd really thought that it was just the fact that they'd been together for so long. She'd decided to try to spice things up a bit when she noticed that he'd become distant and a little bit sadder. If she didn't know him better she'd swear that he was displaying the outward signs of depression.

Charlotte couldn't imagine anything for him to be depressed about. They had a great home. They loved each other totally. She was sure that Jim was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Again, that was the reason why his affair was so awful.

She'd often heard that men just needed some strange sex every once in a while and it didn't mean anything. But they had promised to love each other and be faithful til death did them part, not just until they got bored and sought out something exciting.

She still had no idea about what to do about his affair. Maybe she should just let it go again and look the other way. He was always quiet for a few days afterwards. Charlotte usually attributed that to guilt. But within a week or so he always bounced back and became the best husband around again. Even their sex life improved after he came back from his little fling.

There were just too many unanswered questions to think about. Jim was very discreet about his affair or affairs. There were never any women hanging around for anyone they knew to see or ask about. No late-night phone calls and no mysterious charges on their credit cards either. It was as if he took great pains to avoid embarrassing her in any way.

In fact if she didn't know him the way she did, she wouldn't have been able to tell that he'd had an affair let alone one that had lasted for this many years.

Charlotte didn't know whether he saw one woman or if there was someone new every time. If she had a preference, she'd truly prefer for it to be someone new every time. She'd much rather have her husband just meet someone in a hotel, have sex with them a few times with no strings attached and then go their separate ways. The alternative would be for it to be someone he'd known for a long time and had actually developed feelings for. In the worst case scenario, a long-time lover like that could eventually supplant her.

Charlotte also wasn't sure about whether or not to confront him. Charlotte loved Jim completely. Though the affair bothered her, she'd rather put up with it than lose him. She thought with horror about how she could get angry about the affair, lose her cool and tell him that she knew.

In her nightmares he just looked at her and said, "Well Charlotte, since you know, I guess you'd like a divorce. And to tell you the truth, you deserve better than a cheating bastard like me. I'll pack a few things and be out of here in a few minutes. I'll have my attorney contact you tomorrow about the divorce and the settlement." Then in her nightmares Jim did just that. He gave her the house and a fair monetary settlement and he went off to live with some younger woman who didn't have all of her flaws.

For one moment of righteous indignation and confrontation, she'd lose the man she'd loved for most of her life. Charlotte also knew something else. She and Jim had been married for a long time. During that time she'd seen the marriages of her friends come and go. She'd seen divorces happen due to a number of reasons. Some of her friends were divorced because either they or their husbands cheated. Some were divorced because they'd grown apart. The common denominator in all of the differing cases was misery.

For both spouses life was usually terrible after the divorce. People always talked about how it eventually got better. It really didn't. What happened was that after a few years, people just got used to being alone and they got used to being miserable.

Most of the men went back to living like bachelors. For most of them that meant living in some shitty apartment alone, with no one to take care of them. The more well off men simply got a maid or a cleaning lady. They all gained the freedom to do whatever they fucking pleased whenever they wanted to.

For the women unless they were some kind of slut, life was far worse. They literally had no one to take care of and no one to care for them. If they were even partially attractive they'd be set upon constantly by men who thought that being divorced was synonymous with being a whore. They all thought that divorced women were so desperate for dick that they'd fuck anyone.

Most of your friends didn't invite you to do things as much either. Think about it. If you're having that backyard barbecue and you're thinking about who to invite, you think twice about inviting a divorced woman. You worry about her being the odd person out, so unless you have a suitable friend for her you simply don't invite her. You tell yourself it's because you don't want her to feel even lonelier by being alone, but really it's because having her there just makes you sad.

On the other hand, the couples who stayed together after an affair had a tough time in the beginning, but eventually the ones who fought for their marriages ended up happier. Oh sure there were often weird moments and arguments between them for many years, but most marriages have those anyway. What difference does it make what you argue over?

Right now she and Jim often argued over his fucking car. His prized Mustang was treated almost as if it was a living thing. He had lovingly restored the car himself. A purple 65 Mustang drew a lot of attention wherever they went.

Would her life actually be better if she confronted him about the affair, or if she just let it go?

Maybe she could just tell him that she knew and ask him why he needed to do it. Maybe if they talked about it she could find out what it was that he got from the woman or women that she didn't give him. If it was just about sex, that was no problem. She could be wilder or milder if he needed. She could be slutty, if that was what he wanted. If he wanted to just brutally pound her, she'd rather be sore for a few days than have him think that she wouldn't do something for him. If he wanted to fuck her ass, or pee on her, or tie her up it would be no problem. He just needed to tell her what he needed.

God Damn it! It was, after all, her job to please him like he pleased her. And Jim did please her. He could eat her pussy until she was just a quivering lump of flesh on their big bed. He made love to her and she just felt so special and so loved that there was simply no better feeling in the world for her. Even after all of these years. And that was why it was just so God Damned painful to think about him doing it with someone else.

A few moments later just as she was taking the lasagna out of the oven, she heard the sound of the Mustang's powerful motor pulling into their semi-circular driveway. A few moments after that Jim came into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. He kissed her just behind her left ear and wrapped his hands around her thickening waist.

Her knees nearly buckled as he left his hands on her waist and rubbed her tummy. She longed for him to run his hands lower until they brushed over her skirt covered vagina. Or even to move upwards to cup her heavy middle-aged breasts. He would do all of those things a few days after his affair was over again.

Maybe that was the reason for the affairs. He went out and fucked some young bimbo just to give him more appreciation of what he had at home waiting for him. Well he was crazy if he thought that some wet behind the ears twenty year old could be nastier for him than she could. Charlotte would do ANYTHING to please her man.

She set out two plates and they ate. He asked about her day and how she filled it. He always seemed to be interested in whatever she had to tell him. She asked him about maybe going to the renaissance fair on the weekend. They loved to do that. They loved watching all of the people who dressed up in period clothing and walked around the area. Most of them always had something that made their clothing look really silly. Like the young men who wore nearly full suits of armor or a monks cloak and then ruined the effect by wearing gym shoes. Or the young women who wore beautiful dresses and then again ruined the affect because they had a plethora of unsightly tattoos.

One thing about the renaissance fair though was that it was always Titty city. Nearly every woman there felt the need to wear something that displayed their breasts and for some reason most of the women who went had large busts.

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