Scouting Report - Kyle D. Martin

by Douglas Fox

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Desc: : Lost and Found supporting material - A leaked copy of the Scouting Report on Kyle D. Martin, the hero of Lost and Found. This report was written by X of Dallas with assistance of Douglas Fox. (Supplemental material, read after Lost and Found, Chapter 84)






Club Grade for Position (WR): 1/40

Grade Level: Elite/Franchise

Projected Draft Rank for Position (WR): 1st Taken

Projected Overall Draft Rank: Top 10 pick.

At present, our First Round Draft Position is 12.

Projected Picks Prior to 12:

1. Washington Redskins DT

2. Detroit Lions OT

3. Kansas City Chiefs OG

4. Seattle Seahawks QB

5. Oakland Raiders OG

6. Tennessee Titans QB

7. St. Louis Rams OG

8. Cleveland Browns CB

9. Jacksonville Jaguars DE

10. Buffalo Bills QB

11. Cincinnati Bengals DT

12. Denver Broncos


It is the unanimous recommendation of the coaching staff that Subject be drafted with our first round pick. We believe he still will be available as of the sixth pick, but it is likely another team will try to trade up to somewhere in the sixth to tenth picks for the purpose of drafting Subject. For several reasons (discussed below), we recommend trading up to the 6th position to draft Subject, if we can, and we believe trading our current first and second round picks to do so is an acceptable price.

We have been very careful to give no indication of our interest in drafting Subject, and we have taken steps to indicate a significant interest in drafting players in other positions with that pick. Accordingly, we believe we can make such a trade and draft Subject. However, if we are not correct in our predictions, or if another team with a WR need pre-empts us, we may not be able to draft Subject. If Subject is not available, we should develop and seriously consider options to trade down for additional or future picks, or to fill need positions other than WR in the first round.


Executive Summary i

Table of Contents ii

Combine and Pro Day Statistics 1

College Statistics 2

Physical Skills & Abilities 3

Overall Readiness to Play at the NFL Level 6

Character and Leadership 10

Injuries 17

Off Field Concerns 18

PR Concerns 19

Agent/Contract Concerns 20

Overall Summary 21

Draft Recommendations & Strategy 22


A Video Clips (w/ Index)

B References and Interview Summaries

C Physician's Report

D. Investigator's Report: Arrest, November 12, 2011

E. Background Check

F. Senior Bowl Statistics and Observations

G. Biomechanical Profile

H. Equifax Report


(40 WRs invited, 32 worked out)

Height: 6'4 5/8"

Weight 212

Arm Span: 34 ¼"

Hand Size: 10"

Physical Drills:

(Event: Statistic: Rank among WR Participants)

40 time: 4.25 1/32

10 Yard Split: 1.41 1/32

20 Yard Split: 2.42 1/32

20 Yard Shuttle: 3.85 1/12

60 Yard Shuttle: 10.73 1/6

3 Cone Shuttle: 6.43 1/12

Vertical Leap: 44 ¼" 1/15

Broad Jump: 10'11" 1/12

Bench Press: 32 1/18

Gauntlet Grade: 20/20 1/32

Route Drills (Performance Grade; Catch/Target):

Sideline Tap Tap: A 1/1

Shoulder Adjust: A 1/1

Slant Out: A 1/1

Slant In: A 1/1

Curl: A 1/1

Go: A+ 1/1

Corner Post: A 1/1

Gauntlet: A 6/6

Cybex Test: Good Flexibility. See Physician's Report.

Wonderlic: 35

Urinalysis: Negative, all substances. See Physician's Report

Biomechanical Profiling:

Biomechanical Profiling using combine workout tapes shows excellent fluidity. Good hip movement, explosiveness and ability to change directions laterally and forward/reverse. Into and out of cuts fast, and makes square cuts. Catches ball away from body, good hand-eye coordination. Handles press off the line well (good technique). Definitely has an "overdrive" gear. Biomechanical Profiling indicates Subject is the most movement-efficient and explosive player studied to date in any position. See Appendix G.

Notes and Observations:

Subject elected to stand on his combine results and to not repeat drills during his team's pro day, excepting the 40 yard dash. Nevertheless, Subject made himself available for interviews and for individual route and catching drills, including some running back drills.

Subject continued student teaching through his normal college spring break so he could complete his course requirements and graduate. It is noteworthy that any pre-Combine training he was able to receive would necessarily have been in technique only.


Overall (4 yrs, 51 Games)


Pass Attempts To: 374

Passes Caught: 289

Yards: 5753

TDs: 64

Yards per game: 112.8

Yards per catch: 19.91

Yds aftr catch: 2578

Drops: 1


Rushes: 34

Yards: 705

Yards/Rush: 20.7

YAK: 4.64

Rushing TDs: 6


Returns 83

Yards: 3286

Yards/KR: 39.6

KR TDs: 6


Returns 86

Yards: 1522

Yards/PR: 17.7

PR TDs: 5


Attempts: 9

Completions: 8

Yds 318

Yds/Att: 35.3

TDs: 4


Fumbles: 0

Senior Year (1 Year, 13 games)


Pass Attempts To: 111

Passes Caught: 88

Yards: 1854

TDs: 23

Yards per game: 142.6

Yards per catch: 21.07

Yds aftr catch: 922

Drops: 0


Rushes: 13

Yards: 274

Yards/Rush: 21.8

YAK: 5.36

Rushing TDs: 2


Returns: 3

Yards: 173

Yards/KR: 57.7

KR TDs: 0


Returns: -

Yards: -

Yards/PR: -

PR TDs: -


Attempts: 4

Completions: 4

Yds 121

Yds/Att: 30.3

TDs: 2


Fumbles: 0


Based on Film Clip Observations and Statistical Analysis

See Appendices A and G

(Disc of Film Clips, w/ Index and Biomechanical Profile)

Explosiveness/Ability to Change Directions:

Subject shows excellent ability to cut, as well as excellent acceleration off the line. Biomechanical profiling shows Subject is off the charts in terms of both movement efficiency and explosiveness. See Clips 38, 41, 43, 57, 64; Appendix G.

Ability off the Line:

Film study shows Subject has developed a number of techniques for getting off the line, including techniques for handling chucks at the line of scrimmage. In media interviews, Subject revealed that during his sophomore year, he had sought out Penn State alumni who had played in the NFL as receivers, to learn and develop new and better techniques in several areas of receiving. See Clips 13, 14, 43, 59; Appendix G. His ability off the line is ranked at 1 of 40 receivers who have declared for the draft.

Route Running:

Subject was observed to run precise routes. See Clips 41, 43; Appendix G. During another media interview, Subject stated that he worked specifically on route running as a senior in high school after his ACL injury.


Subject exhibits good technique in catching the ball and tucking it away. Subject has had one drop during his college career, during his freshman year. Biomechanical profiling indicates extremely good hand-eye coordination and abnormally short reaction times. See Clips 2, 14, 24, 36, 47, 48, 71; Appendix G.

Contested Balls:

Clips 2, 6, 13, 14, 36, 47, 48, 49, 71, 72, 80 evidence good ability to catch balls in traffic. Specifically, Subject is good at use of body position to box or block out DBs in one-on-one or other contested ball situations, see Clips 2, 36, 71, 72; Appendix G, and Subject rarely drops a ball when being hit at or shortly after the time of catch (Clips 14, 24, 36, 49, 80). Rank 1/40.


Subject usually can outleap defenders in double- and triple-team situations. In particular, Subject times his leaps well, and is very good at blocking out one or more defenders when going after the ball. Clips 15, 16, 18, 23, 30, 33, 47, 48, 80; Appendix G.

Ability to Separate:

Subject is good at using fakes (Clips 41, 43, 52, 58, 63, 73; Appendix G), cuts (Clips 11, 14, 21, 38, 43; Appendix G) and hands to achieve separation. Subject never has missed a catch when he has had a catchable ball and has manufactured ½ yard or more separation. Clips 14, 38, 49, 56, 57.

Use of Blockers:

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