Walking Around Green Lake

by Stacatto

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I'm 40+ and trying to keep in shape. So far I think I am holding my own. I walk around the lake as much as possible and that's when I met AC. Problem is AC is in his 20's. What to do. what to do?

I guess this tale came about because I enjoy walking. Actually, it's a lot more than that; however, one of my favorite forms of exercise is walking ... and most of all, I really enjoy walking about the lake. In the North end of Seattle, there is a lake called Green Lake, which is circled by a trail that's about 2+ miles around and I try to walk it as often as I can. My goal is to walk around it every day, but it seems to turn out more like around 5 times a week. I've been doing this for so long now I see regulars who are like me ... regulars who also walk the lake on a habitual basis. When those of us regulars recognize others we know, we nod and smile, and continue with our brisk walks.

And, there are the others ... the ones who have the plugs in their ears and are off in their own little world ... or look like they are from Star Trek with their earpieces sticking out talking to ... well, before there were cell phones people would say they were talking to themselves. Good thing for cell phones. Well, those who wish to tune out have their idea of a walk, and I have mine. Mine isn't anesthetizing myself from the rest of the world and tuning into a recording ... or chattering away on their cell phones ... I enjoy people and I am by nature a friendly person

Between the walks and swimming, I am trying to keep this 40+ year-old body in the best shape I can. I'm told I look like early 30's instead of early 40's, but how much of it is real and how much is just BS I really do not know. I know there are bulges where I didn't used to have any, and even though my breasts have been generous all of my life, at one time they did sit a lot higher on my chest than they seem to now days. Going braless has never been an option for me and at this stage of my life, even more so, but it really doesn't matter. Overall, I feel good and I am comfortable with myself. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish I was a bit thinner, but I also know myself well enough to understand that won't probably happen and I am at peace with the way I look.

There is nobody in my life right now whom I see as a significant other. I was married right out of high school to my first lover and we had 20+ wonderful years until he passed away from cancer. My husband was also what would have been considered a geek. He fell in love with computers in high school and was amazed there was a way to make a living using computers. I think he would have done everything for free ... he was just so enamored with the concept of computers. When a local software company issued stock, he invested every dime we had ... promising me it would make us wealthy. He was right. Almost every computer uses the software he had invested in and money is not a worry for me.

Since my husband passed away, I have a couple of gentleman friends I see now and then and if I want to attend a function, I have several men I can call on who will gladly take me. I see no reason to just accept any date so I guess you could call me fussy.

On with my story ... as I recall, it was early one week when I was walking the lake when I saw HIM for the first time. I don't know why, but I always like to walk the lake counter-clock wise and he was walking towards me. I belive the correct terms used to describe him now days is he was "a hunk". Normally I am not attracted to younger men, well, at least not that young, but this young man had such a cute smile and with his dark curly hair, I thought, "What an absolute doll." His eyes were brown and looked so full of mischief. I would guess he was over 6 foot compared to my 5'8" and when he smiled at me, I smiled back and nodded my head in return to his greeting.

By the next morning, I had forgotten all about the young man until I saw him again walking towards me. My reaction upon seeing him surprised me as I felt my tummy tightened slightly and my nipples started getting hard. He smiled again and today I bid him a good morning. After we passed by, I happened to glance down at my breasts and noticed both of my nipples were protruding. Since my nipples are rather pronounced to begin with, right now they were really poking out. I hoped he hadn't noticed, but knowing how men are, I was afraid he had.

As I continued my walk, I was puzzled with my reaction to the young man. Granted, I had not had sex in a long time, but I am not the sort of woman who gets all hot and bothered around some cute guy. I also don't go out looking for a man to "scratch my itch" it you understand what I mean. My reaction to the handsome young man is not at all like me and I wondered about my feelings. After all, I am not a cougar!

I had to miss my walk on Thursday but on Friday, I found I'd made sure I was walking around the lake at the same time I had walked it on Tuesday and Wednesday. As much as I didn't want to admit it to myself, I was actually hoping I would see "my hunk" as I was starting to think of him again this morning.

I was over three quarters of the way around the lake when I started to think I'd missed him when there he was up ahead, coming towards me. For the first time in my life, I felt some sort of a twinge in my pussy and my tummy was doing strange things. I thought to myself what a foolish old woman I was by starting to allow this young buck to affect me in such a manner.

I knew as soon as he spotted me because a big grin spread over his face. "Good Morning." He greeted me. "How are you today?"

"Good Morning." My God, he had a striking smile. I continued on, "I'm doing well. Thank you." And, with that brief exchange, we had passed one another. I am ashamed to admit this, but I do not recall anything about the rest of my walk or the short drive home.

My normal routine is to do my walk and then come home and shower but on Saturday, I showered first. As I stood in the shower thinking about the young man; I kept telling myself what a silly old woman I was and what did I think I was trying to prove. I thought to myself just because he smiled at me and said good morning was not some sign he found me interesting or desired me, but I kept on fixing myself up anyway.

I don't know if I was too early or exactly why, but I didn't see him that day nor on my Sunday walk either. I was a bit surprised with myself at how disappointed I was all day Sunday after not seeing him for two days. I found it strange after only seeing him 3 times, he would have affected me so much and I would feel so down.

Monday dawned grey and gloomy. Those who live in the Pacific Northwest know what I am talking about. I considered not taking a walk, but since I usually felt so much better afterwards, I tried to convince myself I was not taking the walk in hopes of seeing the young hunk, but rather for my health. Even though there was a light rain, it was not really all that cold. I wore a light jacket over a tee shirt and shorts. I like to wear shorts as much as possible as they are so much more comfortable when I walk rather than have long pants flopping around my ankles.

I was just getting started when I saw him walking towards me. My sprits lifted and I was positive I had a silly grin on my face. His face lit up when he saw me and I honestly felt he was pleased to see me. I hadn't seen many people walking and when he was close enough to me, he said, "Looks like we have the lake almost to ourselves."

"I guess we are part of the die hards!" And we laughed at our exchange.

"I just started, do you mind if I turn and walk with you?" He asked.

My heart stopped for a moment and my tummy tightened. It was all I could do to get out my response, "I would love your company." After I made the comment, I wanted to just die. I had not meant to be that forward but he looked at me as if nothing was wrong. He turned and as we started walking together, he looked over at me and said, "My name is Howard. I hate the name so I usually ask to go by my nickname."

"I am Susan, and what is your nickname."

"AC." He replied.

"AC? You mean like the letters A and C but said together?"



"Well, it was my older brother's name. He was named after a great uncle or something and I loved the name. I know it is silly, but I always thought Howard was feminine and his name was so ... well, manly." We both laughed. "My brother was killed a couple of years ago and I started to use it as my nick name, partly because I liked it so much and partly in honor of him."

"What happened ... if you don't mind me asking?"

"He was helping a woman fix a flat tire late one night and a drunk came along and hit him. Killed him right there. The woman was slightly hurt but nothing happened to the drunk. All he got was 6 months in jail!" AC's anger was clearly noticeable in his voice and choice of words.

"I'm so sorry ... I mean, I know it wasn't your fault or anything, but I do feel badly for your loss."

"Thank you. I'm dealing with it the best I can."

As we walked, we discussed all sort of things. He was a senior at the U and really didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. Feeling maternal, I tried to explain to him that the degree was more like a key to life. As things went on, there might come a time when he would be up for a promotion, or was interviewing for a job and a degree was necessary. Eventually I asked him how old he was and he told me he was going to be 23 in a couple of months. I know that I blushed. Here I was, almost twice his age and flirting with him ... I should have been ashamed. But, for some reason, I wasn't. I just walked with AC and enjoyed our talk.

All too soon, we found ourselves at my car and our walk came to an end. He extended his hand and with a smile, said, "Thanks. I really enjoyed our walk. I don't mean to seem forward, but you are a very beautiful woman."

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