All in the Family

by StangStar06

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Gang Bang, Interracial, Violent, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A cheating wives tale

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Like most men, I rarely ever considered the small details in life. As long as the big stuff was going well, I was happy as a clam.

My life to me was perfect. I had everything I needed. I had an amazingly attractive wife who loved me more than life itself. I had and still have an absolute beast of a Mustang that was and still is the second love of my life. We had a nice home, a giant sized plasma TV and the Lion's actually looked like they might win a few games this year for a change.

My name is Justin. Don't laugh, but my name is Justin Case. And to make things worse, I married a girl named Annie. Yep her name is Annie Case.

In any case we were happy. We both had great jobs, we had a wonderful house and her family loved us. I say her family because I have no living relatives. I have no siblings and my parents were killed in a plane crash soon after Annie and I met.

In fact, one of the things that really bonded us together, from my perspective, was the way she helped me get over my parents' death. On her part, she's always told me that from the first second she saw me, she was sure that I was the man she was going to settle down with, marry and spend the rest of her life with. I guess in retrospect, two out of three ain't bad.

As I said our life was perfect. But even perfection has its little bugs and if you nit pick enough you can find something wrong with anything.

Annie's job required occasional travel. That was a big thing for me. I hated the idea of her being away from me. Annie is tall and slender. She has smallish perky boobs and a nice tight butt. Her dark hair and light eyes really draw attention to her face. Her hair is cut asymmetrically and the ends curl sharply inwards toward her beautiful face. The left side of her hair is angled towards the front getting longer the further forward it goes. So if you saw her from the front you'd notice that her hair touches her collar bone on the left side. The right side is shorter and only comes down to the bottom of her ear. She also dyes the last inch of her hair magenta.

It is a very striking look. Not many women could pull it off but Annie does. She has this pixyish charm that seems to make every man we encounter just fall ass over tea cup for her. Guys are always leaping up to give her their seat and they're usually heartbroken when they discover that she's with me. The funny thing about it is that she isn't what you'd call a classic beauty, but her looks are again very striking. I think a large factor in her appeal is that she just exudes sex.

I'm no troll, I've always done okay with women, but Annie could be knee deep in dick just by batting an eyelash. So at first the thing with her traveling every other week or so bugged the shit out me. I had all of these fantasies about her having gangbangs and fucking every guy she ran into in her hotel. I imagined her speaking to me on the phone while some other guy ate her ... our pussy.

Whenever she went out of town, I became sullen just before she left and ignored her for the first few days after she got back. I watched her for any of the so called cheating signs. It was really hard though, because some of them don't apply to us.

Like the whole her suddenly wanting to have sex more often out of guilt thing. Annie and I have sex all of the time. Pretty much every day and every night, we're plugging away. I've never been in a relationship with anyone like her. It's as if she can sense my mood and just becomes a dick seeking missile as soon as I display any interest.

You know that thing where couples can sit together and snuggle up and watch a movie together? I've heard of it but never experienced it. If Annie and I sit or lie down together, we end up fucking. We have never seen the end of a movie together. It can be pretty embarrassing in theaters.

Annie tells me that she loves me every day, no matter what. I remember once, I was in a hurry because I was late for work. It was actually her fault. She was the one who suggested that we shower together. Anyway I left without kissing her goodbye. She drove five miles out of her way to show up at my office and kiss me goodbye. All of my co-workers thought it was adorable. Everyone loves her. All of the women want to be like her and all of the men wanted to fuck her. Boy was I lucky.

Anyway after about 6 months of my sullenness and ignoring treatment, Annie wanted to have it out. She just asked me point blank why I treated her that way whenever she went out of town. We'd always been honest with each other so I told her.

"Annie, I love you. But when you're out of town, I always worry about you cheating on me. I couldn't handle that," I said.

"Justin, I'd never cheat on you, I swear it," she said. "You're the only man I love."

I looked at her dubiously. And she smiled back at me. "You're the only one ever," she said. "Total honesty."

I looked at her again, and lifted one eyebrow.

"Okay, if we're going to be totally honest," she began. "There are a couple of more guys."

"What," I snapped. "Ever since before we got married, you've always told me I was the only one. Now you're changing your story."

"Well," she smirked. "You said total honesty. There's my father. Oh and of course there's my brother. Oh wait, I do have an uncle that I'm kind of fond of too. I guess that's love."

"Ha, ha, ha," I said. "Thanks for the honesty."

"Seriously Justin, you and I are forever," she said. Then as if she'd been struck by a bolt of lightning she sat up. "I have an idea."

She looked at me as if she'd just discovered the cure for cancer.

"Justin, the only place I go on business except for the occasional trade show is to Chicago, right?"

"So far," I said.

"Well from now on whenever I go to a trade show, or anywhere other than Chicago, you can come with me," she said.

"But 95% of the time you're going to Chicago," I said.

"That's the best part Honey," she said. "When I go to Chicago, from now on instead of staying in a hotel, I'll either stay with my Dad, or with my brother and his wife. Will that make you feel better? Plus that way you can call and check up on me any time of the day or night and know where I am. If I say, "Oh Justin, I'm not out fucking strange men," and you think I am or you don't trust me, you can just say, "Let me speak to your dad. Or let me speak to your brother."

I had to admit it was a great idea and it did a lot to ease my mind. In the two years since we've been doing things that way, the only thing that sucks is that every once in a while, I have to use up part of my vacation time to go to a fucking printer's convention or trade show. But Annie loves having me go with her.

Another thing is that at one of those conventions I got the chance to see how Annie handles strange men who try too hard to hit on her. We were at a trade show and Annie was sitting in her booth displaying the kinds of typefaces and fonts her company could use for print jobs and other (yawn) exciting things. I left to go water my horse. Annie went on break and told her replacement to tell me that she was done for the day and she'd meet me in our hotel room in five minutes and if I was late she'd start without me.

I got back just in time to see Annie head for the elevators. I also saw a tall well-built man take off like a bat out of hell trying to intercept her. He moved over and waited for the elevator with her and started trying to make small talk. He gave her one of his business cards and asked her what she was doing later.

"Well, I'll be fucking the shit out of my husband, while you're jacking off in your room thinking of me," she told him. I expected him to walk off and call her a bitch or something, but this guy had cast iron balls. He just kept up his assault. You had to give the guy points for persistence if nothing else.

Finally Annie just started screaming, "Help, get away from me. I told you I was married." The guy hadn't so much as touched her.

I ran over to her then.

"Annie what's wrong?" I asked pretending that I didn't know. The guy took off before I even got there.

"Just a guy who couldn't take "No" for an answer," she said. "I told him that I was married and I don't date, or fool around but he just kept on trying. So I had to get rid of him."

That incident and the fact that when she was in Chicago she stayed with family members who I knew loved both her and me, did a lot to ease my troubled mind.

So this week when Annie told me that she had to go to Chicago for an overnighter, it barely registered. In fact my biggest complaint was that I'd rather have her go the next night, because one of my friends had tickets to see the Lions in one of those week night pre-season games that evening.

Annie asked me to do her a favor while she was gone. Annie's Aunt Cindy and her Uncle John live relatively close to us. They're getting up there in age so we kind of look out for them; especially her uncle John. He's as sharp as a tack, but he does have trouble remembering the small details some time. Annie makes it a point to pick up and deliver his high blood pressure meds to him.

Uncle John is a great guy, but his wife Cindy is a fucking bitch. I hoped that I could just breeze in, shoot the shit with Uncle John, drop off the meds and come home without getting into an argument or a scene with Cindy.

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