Beth - a Story in the Therapist Series

by Depends

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Beth, the 31 year-old daughter of Greg (see "The Therapist: Greg" for background on Greg and also on Claire The Therapist) visits Claire after her father leaves. She knows something is wrong and is worrying her father. She wants to help, and if that involves doing things that daughters and fathers don't normally do with each other, well, that's OK - eventually.

Claire's next patient was Elizabeth Smith. She was a self-referral, which was quite unusual. Her file had only her name, age (31) and contact details – no medical information or history of any kind. Recalling that her last patient's name was Greg Smith, Claire wondered. Same family name, and though the name Smith is common enough, it was just possible that this was his offspring. He had said his daughter was in her thirties.

While she waited for Elizabeth to arrive, Claire thought back on Greg's unusual case (see first story in the series). She had never been so shocked in her life – not by his story or behavior, but by her own reaction to his shamefaced tale of how he had begun to get a little excitement by taking out his cock and playing with it in his car while driving on public roads – not that anyone could see him, but just the sheer naughtiness had excited him sexually – then by exposing his cock and stroking it outside, on the deck at the back of his house, again quite safely since no-one would have been able to see his dick sticking out of his trousers at a hundred yards distance, which was roughly how far away his nearest neighbor's house was. As he told his story, Claire had found herself struck by a bolt of sexuality coursing through her body, producing an instant state of high arousal – flushed face and neck, hard nipples, moisture flooding her pussy, intense awareness of her body and what she would like to do to it right then and there; play with her cunt in frenzied fashion! She mused on that for a moment. What she would love to do sometime soon would be to copy Greg's behavior – expose her naked pussy and play with it, in a public place, in her car say, where in all probability no-one would see it, and in other places too, where someone just MIGHT be able to suspect or see what she was doing. The mere thought of it now made her wet again. Still ... she could do it here! Worst case, Norma might catch her, and Norma wouldn't mind. But, she thought to herself, it was JUST possible that someone else's head might pop around the door first – Norma didn't always enter ahead of her patients when she showed them into Claire's office. This happened seldom; usually Norma wanted to be sure Claire was ready before letting a patient in through the door.

With her left hand, she reached down to her skirt hem, lifted it high, then, a naughty thought occurring to her, she got up from her desk chair, walked around her desk and sat her ass in one of her comfortable chairs. Here, she spread her legs wide, keeping her skirt up so that she could get at her crotch. She wasn't actually facing her office door directly, but anyone walking in would have a pretty good suspicion that something naughty was afoot. Her left hand pulled aside the crotch of her panties, and with her right hand she very softly touched the moist flesh of her pussy lips, stroking from top to bottom, very slowly, very gently. With her fingertip, she parted the lips of her cunt, and pushed inside, feeling the wet inner lips surrender their secret place, allowing her finger to penetrate her cunt-hole. She plunged her finger in and out, quickly now, and with the index finger of her left hand she tapped her clit, still holding her panties to one side. Aaaargh! God! She could almost come in two seconds, she was sure – just the sheer excitement of doing this where, at any second, the door could open and someone discover what she was doing – see her legs and cunt, her hand busy as a bee now. She shuddered – sure enough, she had had a small orgasm, small but explosive.

Instinctively, she reached to her desk and pressed the buzzer for Norma, keeping her skirt hem high, her hand still working quickly on her cunt. Norma, putting her head round the door with an inquiring look, was startled by what she saw, but instantly her face flushed and a wide grin split her face. "Wow!" she said. "That's quite a sight, Claire! Gorgeous! Looks like Greg's behavior might have got to you a bit, huh?" Claire, who had shuddered through two more orgasms when the door opened and Norma saw what she was doing, looked round at Norma and laughed shakily, while keeping her fingers slowly stroking her pussy. "Yeah! This could become habit forming!" she replied with a huge grin. "OK, girl, I'll calm down now – I guess our next client may show up soon, huh? It wouldn't do for her to find me like this!"

"Oh, I don't know," said Norma with a sexy grin, entirely put on, Claire knew – Norma was decidedly heterosexual, as was Claire – that was one of the things that allowed them to take liberties with each other, such as Claire's behavior of a moment ago – she had no fear of unwanted advances from Norma. It also allowed them a safety back-up when there was a need for role play for the benefit of clients, such as had been the case when Norma, in disguise, had walked in and displayed a simulated shocked reaction to Greg's display with his cock a little while ago.

Elizabeth was a few minutes late, and she apologized to Claire when Norma showed her in. Claire smiled and told her that it wasn't a problem, then indicated for Elizabeth to take a seat in one of the two comfortable chairs in front of her desk while she sat in the other.

Elizabeth began to speak almost immediately. "Please call me Beth – it's what everybody calls me," she said with a smile. "And I'm Claire," responded the therapist. "How can I help? I know nothing of your background, so I have a blank mind where Beth's space is at the moment," she laughed.

"Well, actually, it's about my father, Greg," said Beth a little awkwardly. "I knew he was coming to see you this morning, and I thought I'd try to see you straight afterwards. I didn't want to bump into him, which is why I was a little late – I wanted to be sure he would be gone, so I watched from where he wouldn't see me until I saw him walk out, then waited a little while in case he came back. You see, I love him to death – he's a wonderful man and father – but I didn't know anything was troubling him. He just mentioned his appointment when I asked him if he and I could get together this morning. I try to keep contact with him as often as I can – he's a lonely soul, really - and we often share a cup of coffee or walk down by the river, filling each other in on our day to day stuff – what's happening with us and so on – just Dad and daughter talk. I know he's looked a bit anxious lately, and, knowing him, he's probably hiding 99% of it, so I suspect he might actually be feeling pretty bad about something. I haven't been able to get anywhere with my ingenious questions, trying to find out what the problem is," she went on with a grin, "so I thought it might just be possible I could work with you on whatever it is." She looked doubtfully at Claire, knowing that patient confidentiality was probably going to result in a firm "No!", but she was trying, all the same.

Claire looked at her thoughtfully. Greg had said his daughter was a nurse, but still ... No, it was quite impossible. Unless ... She reached a decision. "Beth, you know I can't say anything about your father's visit here because of confidentiality issues, but, if he is agreeable, it might work if I could get you both here, then he might feel able to talk about it a little with you – I just don't know how he would feel about that. But I'm willing to call him and see what might be possible. Would that be OK with you? It would mean revealing to him that you've come to see me because you're a little concerned about him, and that you may want to help if you can. I'm not saying that, when you know more, you would still feel that way, I'll say that much to you right now. It might be ... difficult, or you might find it just too awful. I don't know – I don't know enough about you or about your father yet to make a guess."

Beth regarded her, hearing an underlying message and warning. "I've worked with some strange, even weird cases in the psych unit at hospital, and not much fazes me. I know that whatever it is, him being my Dad might make a big difference, but still ... Yes, I think it would be worth a try."

"OK, fair enough. If you could wait outside just a few minutes, I'll try to call your Dad and see what he has to say. I've got his numbers here. Shouldn't take long."

"Thanks, Claire – you're a good woman," said Beth softly, walked to the door, and let herself out to the reception area, where Norma greeted her with a smile. "That was quick, Ms. Smith!" she said. "Oh, I'm not finished yet – at least I hope not!" smiled Beth, "Claire just needed to make a confidential call, that's all."

She seated herself on a chair facing Norma, and tried to concentrate on a magazine, waiting for Claire to call her back in.

Claire, meanwhile, had caught Greg on his cell phone as he drove towards campus. When he heard her voice and that she needed to speak to him, he pulled off the road into a shopping mall car park and switched off the car engine.

"OK, Claire, I'm parked. What's it all about?" He felt tense – his experience in Claire's office had been both very exciting and very scary.

"Greg, why don't you pull out your cock and play with it? As long as it's safe, I mean. This is going to be a surprise for you."

Greg, after glancing around to make sure no-one was near, did just that. Some of the excitement remaining from his visit with Claire meant his cock quickly grew as he stroked it. That itself was unusual.

"OK, Claire, I have my cock out, and it's grown quite a bit with me stroking it! My office visit to consult you must have left it with fond memories," he said nervously.

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