by hawkeye007

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Violent, .

Desc: Fiction Story: A hitman's wife cheats and learns the consequences for her betrayal.

They say love is blind. I can testify that at least for me it was. What nobody ever said was that the betrayal by the only thing you cherish in the world will cause more pain than any whip and cut deeper than the sharpest blade. That's where my story begins.

Kat (Kathy) was my wife. We're not divorced yet, but she is no longer my wife. She knew the difference between right and wrong and she decided to do wrong again and again. I don't give a rat's ass why. For the past several weeks she has been distant and argumentative. It's as if she has lost her love and respect for me pretty much over night. When I found out why, I was shattered. I let her into my heart which was a mistake I will never make again.

Unfortunately, the marriage contract has been breached and is therefore null and void. She's thirty two, beautiful and naturally sensuous. Every year in our five year marriage, she grew more beautiful.

Secretly, I always felt that she was out of my league. It hurts to think that maybe I was out of hers. My love for Kat consumed my entire being. I used to be happy. For guys like me who have swam in blood, happiness does not come easy.

I'm an honorable man who tries to live by rules of no lying, cheating, or stealing. If you don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you. Kat did all three. I thought she was all mine. I was wrong. I never cheated on her in five years of what I thought was a happy marriage. There can be no quarter given for treason. Disloyalty in my world was grounds for execution.

Some part of me misses her even though I have every reason to trash her memory, after I trash her. Finding out who I was really married to has been traumatic. I've heard of guys that let their women disrespect, dishonor and betray their man with no consequences. I'm not one of those men. I will not tolerate disrespect from a man or woman.

My name is Mike Logan. I'm forty five and a retired marine corps major and currently a security advisor for a number of important agencies. Kat and I didn't talk much about what I did in the corps or my job. The pay was good and she never seemed concerned. She's a systems analyst for a large corporation who spent most of her free time shopping and going to the gym. I didn't mind. Whatever made her happy was fine with me. Our sex life was amazing. She was always hot and never said no. In fact, she was a slut. I didn't mind as long as she was my exclusive slut.

When people ask what I did in the Marines, I smile and say if I told you I'd have to kill you. They usually smiled and backed away never knowing that I meant every word.

My only real flaw is that I'm sometimes contracted to kill people. It's a very lucrative profession and I'm very good at my job ... been trained by the best. So far, every target has been a scumbag that the world is better off without. I think of myself as human exterminator. I check them out myself and reserve the right to refuse termination of a good man. There were other contactors willing to kill anyone for the right price.

I know what you're thinking. How could a killer have ethics? Well, I am what I am. Kat has no idea. Before now, I couldn't consider any reason to ever want to hurt her. As my heart hardened, the thought of putting a bullet in her head grew. Her boyfriend was a walking dead man. He just didn't know it yet. He would suffer for his disrespect. She had told him I was a sweet gentle man who wouldn't kill a fly. Little did she know, I've slit the throat of men and spit down their neck. After I figure out what I am going to do and how I was going to do it, I'd deal with my sweet wife. I had time to decide his fate later. I was definitely going to cause him to have a very bad day.

I decided that it would be better to deal with him first. She won't go unpunished. Treachery and infidelity have a price. Retribution is a bitch. No, Justice is a better word, yes, justice is a bitch. She would soon understand the price of betrayal. I was angry enough to kill every member of her family, saving her for last. Then I thought that I'd let her live to feel the agony of what she caused. That was an option that I hoped would fade as my anger evolved in resolve. I actually liked most of them. They didn't deserve my rage.

Lately, my services have been in high demand. I have been traveling a lot. There's an abundance of garbage in this world that needs to be disposed of. It was taking a great deal of my time. That's why she felt so free to say what she said when I heard the conversation that sealed her fate, our fate. My future with Kat had been stolen, given away by my woman. My woman ... Ha! I guess we won't be taking the trip I had been planning for us. I have grown rich over the years. My job pays well. I had stashed millions in over seas accounts she knew nothing about. I loved her, but I had been taught to never completely trust anyone, especially a woman.

When I arrived at home a few days ago, I discovered the true meaning of grief. I've seen my friends killed by bombs and bullets, but the pain Kat has caused me is in a class by itself. Something in me has disappeared, hope was now a major casualty. She knew how to reach the best part of me. She used to know that is. My slut wife has unleashed a beast. She released the monster that knows no mercy and gives no quarter. My carefully disciplined emotions were running wild as I fluctuated between anger, sorrow and despair. The other shoe will now drop. My blade has two edges. It was a mistake to sharpen the vengeful side. I will never understand how she could do this to our marriage. Was it all bullshit from the beginning? Could I be that blind? Could a woman really love a man and do what she did? I vowed to never again leave myself vulnerable to love and lust. I had to stop feeling and start thinking and act. That's what I did best. I had to focus.

A dark force was taking over. I was powerless to control it. My anger left no room for forgiveness. After she caused me to discover my soul, she crushed it. It would be easy for me to disappear after I cleaned up the mess my life had become. I owned several passports and I knew how to become invisible. In fact, Mike Logan, was only one of my names. I would have been happy to stay Mike Logan and grow old with Kat.

My shock was quickly turning into a burning rage mixed with grief, and self pity. Tears fell from my eyes as I lost control and let my feelings surface. I just let it happen. I had to let my grief at the death of my marriage run its course. I let the grief and pain I had repressed for the many friends that died in foreign battles mix with the tears that fell for Kat. My fa├žade of steel had cracked. I was grateful that there were no eyes to see my miserable state. Later, I felt better. It all flowed out in one big flood of emotion. Healing had begun. I was ready to retire, make peace with the ghosts of my past and try to build a new life.

Damn her! I didn't want to feel anything. She changed me in ways I cannot describe. Heaven was now hell. Because of her, I would never be the same. How many times has she looked me in the eye and lied? Too many! A couple of days ago, I was considering my retirement and plans for traveling around the world with my faithful wife. I wanted to thank her for putting up with me for almost a year as I handled my business, making a lot of trips around the world. I made a lot of money during that time. I had been waiting for the right time to tell her that we were rich. That information was on a need to know basis and she never needed to know. Our life had been more than comfortable. All I wanted to do was to spend it on Kat. Making her happy used to be my life ambition. Now, I hated the woman I love. The only woman I ever loved.

Sure, I've been in lust quite a few times, but the love I've always felt for Kat humanized me. I've never cheated on her. My work had become difficult because of her. She made me think too much, feel too much. I felt the sun on my face for the first time in a long time. I wanted peace. Violence had become distasteful to me. I wanted Kat. It all felt like a dream now, a cold illusion. My marriage was a cold illusion. I wondered how may Rogers there had been. One was enough. It was better for her that I didn't know.

Ice has now replaced where there was once blood warmed by the heat of our passion. That damned phone conversation has been my blessing and my curse. At least, I wouldn't waste more time living a dream. Her words to him were pounding and churning in my mind.

When I arrived home a few days ago, I opened the front door and headed for the kitchen. My wife had her back to me, talking on the phone, as I approached. Her voice didn't sound right. I've only heard her sound that way when she was very horny. I stood next to the wall being careful to stay out of sight as I listened.

"It's just that he's too nice. He treats me like a queen and always treats me with respect. It's just that I need excitement. He's gone all the time. You fill the void while I wait for him to return. I need the raw sex that we have. With him, I'm a lady. With you I'm a nasty whore. I have the best of both worlds. I don't know what he'll do if he ever finds out. I don't want to lose him. He deserves a better woman than me. I'm going to burn in hell for betraying him. You're my weakness, Roger. I'm not proud of that."

He said something and her response was," never in a million years would I leave Mike. Are you crazy? I love the way you fuck me and your big dick, that's all. Yes, I had him taste your cum the other night. I was so hot I thought I would burn up. I was afraid that he'd realize that something wasn't right. Please don't ask me to do that again. I really don't feel good about disrespecting him."

So the bitch is worried about disrespecting me. I'll kill both of them. When I'm finished with him, his dick won't be much good to him. The bitch didn't know it, but her world was about to collapse. My heart was broken. I was close to making her aware of my presence, when I heard her say, "Stop that Roger. You're getting me all hot down there."

Roger? Who the fuck is Roger and what the hell am I hearing? I could pretty well piece together what he was saying from her responses. My wife sat in a chair and started playing with her pussy while she flirted and taunted him.

"Yeah baby, I'm your bitch ... I'm your slut, your slave ... only for you baby, only you..."

She started to moan as she approached orgasm. As her moans grew louder so did my pain. "I'm Cuming, baby. Oh shit, ahhhhhh." Finally, she came with a whimper and a groan. I resisted the urge to throw up, My heart was being ripped away. I wanted to slap her ass out of the chair and then put a bullet in her head.

I controlled my growing distress. I needed to hear it all. A slap and a quick death would have let her off much too easy. I wanted her hurt to go much deeper and last much longer.

The only Roger that I knew of was her piece shit tennis instructor. I never liked him. I've seen him put the make on a number of married women. I read him as a gigolo predator. He was the kind of scumbag vulture that prayed on women he perceived to be vulnerable. I thought that maybe Kat was the predator ... Never the less, she should have resisted. Loyalty should have overcome her lust.

"No I don't have any more information for you. If Mike found out that I shared the information about that stock merger that he heard about from one of his clients he'd be really upset. He told me that it was inside information. He said, he could make a pile of money from what he knew, but that would be dishonest. He told me to keep it to myself. When I told you, I betrayed his trust again ... Yes lover, I can see you tomorrow. Mike should still be out of town on business."

There was a pause. "Are you crazy, if he catches us in his bed we'll both be dead. We did that once, but never again. I can't take the chance. I have no idea of what he's capable of. He's only shown me kindness. He's strong, stronger than he lets people see. I told you more like a big cat than a bull. You would be no match for him. His body is like steel. Mike is a nice guy, but I know he has limits that I don't want to push. He's not a man to tolerate what we're doing." There was another pause. "Ok, but this is the last time. Never ask me to do that again. It seems I just can't say no to you. I should be locked in a nut house for even talking to you."

I thought, it's a little too late to change now, bitch. He didn't know that his luck was about to run out. The candy ass didn't know who he was messing with. I wondered how many marriages he had ruined.

"No, Roger. Mike has no idea what a slut I am and he never will. He says that I'm his goddess. I haven't been very nice to him lately and the man has been patient and understanding. My conscience is bothering me. He can sense something is wrong. I'm going to fuck him into exhaustion when he gets back tomorrow. Yes, I'll have your big dick today and tomorrow I'm going to be a whore for only him. If you say anything that gets back to him, I'll cut you off and you'll never get close to this pussy again. He's not a wimp or weak ... Don't ever say that again. His eyes scare me sometime. Once we went out dancing and a man started harassing me when he went to the restroom. Mike said something to him, looking at him like a snake about to strike. The man backed up and practically ran out of the door. I never did find out what he said. No, I don't love you, I love Mike ... But, I love the way you fuck me. Bye honey, see you later." That's what she said.

I deliberately let the door slam as I left the house. I wanted her to know that I had been there. I wanted her to worry about how much I had heard. She came to the door in time to see me pulling out of our driveway.

I checked into a motel where I stayed for two days grieving and collecting my thoughts. I fell into fitful sleep both nights, having the same dream. I was in combat. Smoke, ashes and the dead were all around us. My men had taken a small village and began a house to house search. We were all battle weary from too much fighting and killing. I kicked in a door and saw a screaming woman being raped. When I approached, she was smiling, enjoying her rapist. It was Kat. I'd wake up in cold sweat, breathing hard, my heart exploding. I didn't know where I was. It took a while to calm down and slip back into a restless sleep.

I eventually came to understand that like every other wound I've ever had, it will heal in time. However, the scars of battle never go away. The conversation that I overheard had left a lifetime injury. Kat had managed to succeed where bullets had failed. I was wounded in a way war never could. I decided to deal with Roger and then my slut wife.

I paid a little visit to Roger after I checked out of the hotel.

"Hello, Roger." I said as I pressed my 9mm between his eyes.

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