Return to the Land

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Man gets fed up with New York, a cheating fiancee and his job. He returns to his families land where he finds peace, happiness, a new career and the love of his life.

"NO! Damn it Roger I don't want to just take off and lay around the damn beach with you. I'm sick of Miami and have more important things to do than traipse all around the country with you. That's all you want to do any more. We're young. We need to live it up before it's too late. I'm sick of you telling me I can't go out with my friends. I have a life and if you want to share it you need to change your ways. Just because I agreed to marry you doesn't give you the right to tell me I have to go on trips with you or I have to stay home and not go dancing and partying with my friends. God Damn It Roger I'm not some forty-year-old Soccer Mommie who has nothing better to do than haul a bunch of kids around. I have better things to do than sit around my house and visit on the phone or BBQ on the weekends. I'm young and I need to PAR TAY!"

Roger felt his stomach knot up as he listened to Cynthia Vanderbilt, his fiancée. It had taken him over a year to get over the breakup of his last romance and losing his parents in their auto accident. Cynthia brought him out of his depression and made him glad to be alive once more. He had met her by accident one day in the building he worked in on Wall Street. He had been late for a meeting and she had too. They were rushing for the elevator and she tried to beat him through the door. She rushed past him from behind and brushed against him causing them both to drop items they were carrying for their meeting. Instead of one of them getting the sole remaining space on the elevator neither of them made that car because they had to stop and pick up their charts and briefcases.

Roger had apologized profusely and helped her to pick up everything even though it was her fault they dropped their documents and briefcases. They both explained why they were late and caught the next elevator. When they got to the 25th floor Roger turned left for his meeting and Cynthia turned right. At that point they had not even exchanged names. Roger made it to his meeting room and saw at least that he was not the last person to arrive. He hurried to set up his easel and flip charts then checked to be sure his power point presentation was set up properly and ready to go.

Roger's boss came into the room and looked around. He frowned then said, "Roger for some reason the other representative from Jones and Bancroft is late. I have called her office and they told me she left their office early enough to get here on time. Everybody just hang loose until we see what the problem is."

The managing partner turned to leave the room and the woman Roger had bumped into came bustling past him. She almost knocked him down as she had Roger in the elevator. She was red as burgundy wine with embarrassment. She stopped just inside the room and saw everyone standing or sitting waiting on her. She gave a slight smile and said, "I'm so sorry to be late. I was rushing for the elevator and some bumpkin ran into me. I think he must have just fallen off the potato wagon. You could cut his hillbilly drawl with a knife. He was blocking the door to the elevator and bumped into me when I tried to get past him. I dropped everything I was carrying and had to pick it up. When I got to this floor I got turned around and went the wrong direction when I exited the elevator. I hope I didn't cause too big a problem for you all."

Mr. Goldstein, the Managing Partner, smiled and said, "No real problem at all Cynthia. You're the last one of your team to arrive and all my team is here so let's just get started."

He pointed at Roger and said, "This is our Vice President for New Issues Roger Dyer. He'll make a short presentation then we'll answer any questions you may have. As far as we can determine the publicity associated with the new issue of your companies bonds and the coupon rate has resulted in an over subscription. Since the desire for the issue is so high we might consider raising the amount of the offering or selling them at a premium. In fact, that is the main point we want to discuss with your team."

Roger remembered looking up at the beautiful woman standing staring daggers at him. He smiled and walked to his podium turned to face the rest of the room and said in his best country drawl, "Well if everyone will take your seats we can get started now. Ms. Vanderbilt I want to apologize once again for our mishap at the elevator. I just didn't understand how important it was that you got onto it first. After all anyone knows someone stepping into an elevator should jump out of the way of a juggernaut heading for a collision with them. I guess I had better get the eyes in the back of my head checked so I can see you from now on."

Roger waited for the laughter to die down then began his presentation. He smiled inwardly at the deep red hue and obvious embarrassment on Cynthia's face. He knew he shouldn't have said what he did but he was tired of self important Bitches throwing their weight around. She acted like most of the other women he met here in the City. They thought they had the best, most wonderful Pussy in the whole city and the most sought after body to wrap it in. She came across as arrogant and high maintenance and he didn't like that type of woman. Both the girlfriends he had after he moved to New York had been like that and he was through with that type of woman. Sometimes he wondered why he ever wanted to move away from the farm. No amount of money was worth the hassle he went through some days.

He was disgusted with the city for so many reasons. He had been raised to believe you succeeded on your own merits, your own hard work. It seemed here in the city you succeeded by back stabbing your friends and co workers, by making the competition look bad instead of by working to make yourself look good. He hated the fake friendship and camaraderie, the mandatory parties and social functions. Truthfully, he was about ready to quit his damn job and move back home where he could live a good life with real people. He had enough money saved and invested he could live well on a lower paying job back in his home area.

Roger smiled and began his presentation. He had the numbers in line and, like many Wharton MBA's he knew his stuff forwards and backwards. Many times he saw the shock and admiration in his audience's eyes as he answered their questions. One of the men from the company issuing the bonds was a sharpshooter. Roger could see his anger seething below the surface as he turned aside his verbal jabs or his answers made him look bad. Roger felt his presentation went well and from the way his boss looked so did he. Finally everyone agreed on the changes to the offering. They instructed the responsible parties to complete and file the requisite paperwork and get the issue placed.

Cynthia remained seated after the meeting broke up. She pretended to be arranging her files and placing them back into her briefcase. She was very slow and methodical. It was obvious she was delaying her departure. Finally she and Roger were the only two persons in the room. She looked up at him and stood. Roger watched as she walked toward him with a guilty childlike look on her face. When she was near him she stopped and put her hand gently on his forearm. Mr. Dyer I am sorry for the way I behaved both when we ran into each other and when I came into the room today. I know I acted like a Bitch and I am truly sorry. I was so nervous I dithered too long in my office then I could not get a cab. Then when I got here I rushed to the elevator and tried to brush past you so I would not have to wait for another one. I caused the problems and then I didn't have the decency to 'fess up when I got here. Please, since its past quitting time can I take you out for a drink and make it up to you?"

Roger had every intention of telling her to forget it and to walk out of the room. He surprised himself when he heard his voice agreeing to go with her. That was the beginning of their romance. It was after two a.m. when he stumbled into his apartment that evening and he was besotted with Cynthia Vanderbilt. He had learned she was a very distant relative to THE Vanderbilt's and was a very driven woman.

They had exchanged addresses and phone numbers that evening. Cynthia (Roger had already learned not to call her anything but Cynthia) had agreed to a date the following Friday before they went their separate ways that night. Over the next year Roger found out Cynthia was a party animal, a socialite and, like his other New York girlfriends had been, she was High Maintenance. Several times he tried to break it off but he just could not do so. He was in love despite his dislike of some of Cynthia's likes and desires, some of her habits and mannerisms. It was obvious by her actions and statements that she felt she was better than many of the people she was forced to interact with. He was embarrassed many times when they were out by the way she treated people who served them.

In spite of her many shortcomings Roger was empty when she was not with him. He could not get enough of her. She was so special when she laughed and flirted with him, when she loved him. Finally he decided he had to have all of her all the time and he asked her to marry him. Much to his surprise she hesitated. They had been lovers for nine months by that time and had lived together for six months. She professed to love him but she took over a week to agree to marry him and he had to ask her repeatedly before she finally sighed and said, "OK, OK I'll marry you. Jeeze you whine about it like a little boy."

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