The Shootist

by aubie56

Copyright© 2011 by aubie56

Western Story: Join Hiram Percy Thomas as he grows up and learns to be a successful “shootist” in the late 1800s. With a name like that, he had to learn to be tough and quick with a gun. Follow him as The Twin Oaks Kid works his way up the ladder of his profession until he finally gets the best job of all! There is no overt sex described this story, but off-stage prostitution does play a significant part in it. The spelling is modern, so it should be easy to read.

Tags: mt/Fa   Historical   Humor   Violent  

Author's note #1: In the late 1800s, a Gunfighter was known as a "Shootist."

Author's note #2: This story is written in a simulation of the dialect of the period. Therefore, do not be overly concerned about verb tenses, etc. Words are spelled in the modern manner, so that should make the story easy to read. In general, the only contractions will be "ain't" and "y'all." Also, "must of" was in standard usage over "must have."

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