It All Started With Math

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My freshman year, I sat between two sophomore girls in Trig class and got to know them far better than I'd ever imagined.

Chapter 1

I had just begun my first year in high school, it was a public school, the first one I'd attended, before it was always a private school and a good one, at that.

I had taken algebra and pre-calculus in the middle school I'd gone to so I was signed-up for Trig, normally a sophomore class, in my freshman year.

Being in high school was different; for example, we were assigned seating alphabetically where in earlier grades, we just took whatever seat was open each day. It was more regimented and orderly which, while new, didn't really bother me.

Especially Trig class.

No, there was nothing exceptional about the class subject, no, it was that I was seated in between two sophomore girls that, to me at least, were the hottest girls in the school. My last name slotted me right in between them. Lucky me.

Now, I've always liked school, got good grades, never really found any subject that I was totally uninterested in, just lucky, I guess. So, am I a geek, a nerd? I don't think so but it's hard to judge your own self, isn't it? I guess I'll let you be the judge of that from how I better got to know the two girls I sat between in Trig class.

Debra was really cute, perky, bouncy, always smiling. She was small with curly blond hair not quite to her shoulders, blue eyes and larger breasts than you would expect for her size. Your eyes were really drawn down from her face even as pretty as it was. Nothing of hers could compete with those boobs.

Tina, well, she had dark reddish-brown hair, straight down her back; she was slender with small breasts and a really nice butt. She was slender, like I said, but there were curves there, too, she really looked good.

So, I sat between Tina and Debra. Very happily.

Right before class began one Friday, they were talking to each other about what to do that evening. I sat there at my desk between them when Debra looked down at me and asked Tina, "Why don't we have Brad come with us?"

That perked my ears up, of course, as I asked, "Come where?"

"Over to Deb's house after school. Can you come?"

"Well, my parents both work so, yeah, I'll call my mom after school's out and just tell her."

"Maybe you should tell her you're at a buddy's house, just to be on the safe side," Debra suggested. So that's what I did as we got in Deb's car after school and went to her house.

"Come on up to my room," she said and I followed both girls upstairs and to the end of the hall. It was nice following these two, the view was well above average.

"So, both your parents work, Deb?" I asked and noticed that Tina laughed. Odd.

"Um, no, well, yes, they do, but tonight they won't be home actually. In fact they've gone to a wedding and won't be back until Sunday afternoon, around five."

I kind of stood there just wondering about all this when Tina said, "Let's play Truth or Dare."

Now, I'd never played the game before and really knew nothing about it. Okay, maybe you're an expert in it but, well, the whole thing had missed me.

"How do you play?"

"We go around from one to the other and ask if you want a truth or a dare. After you choose which one, you are either asked a question you have to answer truthfully or you're given a dare that you have to do."

"Hmm, okay, simple enough, I guess," and we all sat on the floor in a circle.

"I'll start, then we go this way," Debra said so she was first, then Tina, then me.

"Okay, Brad, Truth or Dare?"


"Do you masturbate?"

Holy shit, I thought, this is no little kid's game.

"I, um, yeah, I guess I do."

"You guess? You're not sure, oh, come on, Brad. Do you jack-off or not?" Debra barked.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, I do."

"My turn, Truth or Dare?" Tina asked. I was embarrassed over the truth question so I went with, 'Dare.'

"Go ahead and take your clothes off and masturbate for us, right now."

"What? Oh, come on, you're kidding."

"No, we aren't, we want to see you naked," Debra said.

"But, I'd have to ... you're really kidding me aren't you, both of you?"

"Take your clothes off and do it, Brad, come on we want to see you jack-off," Tina pushed.

"But we could get in trouble," I pleaded not knowing anything else to say.

"What if we do it, too?"

I already had a hell of a boner and now Tina was asking me if I would do it if they would take their clothes off, too. I just seemed stunned as the prospect.


"Um, yeah, uh, sure," I managed to get out as I began pulling off my shirt. They started as well, they were really taking their clothes off, two of the best looking girls in my school. Maybe I'd died and gone to heaven, I wondered.

They were both reaching back to unfasten their bras as I was pulling down my khaki pants, I just had to stop.

"Omigod, you two are so beautiful, just perfect," I gasped.

"Like 'em, huh?" Tina asked. "Hers are bigger than mine, you boys all love great big boobs."

"I think you're both beautiful. I like you both."

"Well, Brad, come on, you're all poked-out, let's see it," Tina urged.

I pulled my briefs down to the floor and kicked them away and stood there. For all I knew they were used to varsity football guys with huge, monstrous cocks. I was just over six inches and I was pretty happy with that but who knew what these two were used to seeing. So, I stood there.

"Oh, it's nice," Debra said, "can I feel how hard it is?" she asked reaching out. I smiled and nodded as her fingers wrapped around my dick and squeezed gently.

"Mmm, it is nice. Have you had sex, Brad? Has this been in a girl's pussy yet?"

I was no fool, I answered, "Not yet but I'm hoping," and grinned widely.

"Like maybe with one of us?" Tina asked as her friend began stroking me back and forth.

I couldn't tell if my heart actually stopped beating but it might have as I struggled to answer in some kind of sane fashion. These were two of the best looking, hottest girls in my entire high school. And Tina was asking me, me!

"What guy wouldn't want one of you or both of you to be his first. Of course, I'd love it."

"How about showing us how you jack-off? Then, we'll see. Want some lube?" Debra asked as she opened the drawer and got out a tube and handed it to me.

"I usually use hand lotion but this seems okay," I said as I put a dab on my hand and spread it around. Then I reached down and curled my fingers around my dick and began. It was the first time I'd ever masturbated in front of anyone else and here it was for two dynamite girls who were both older than me.

I knew it wouldn't take long as I was looking at both girls topless sitting on Debra's bed now in just their skirts and panties. I so wanted to ask them to take them off but decided not to press my luck, after all, look how far this had already gone.

I leaned my head back some as I arched my back pushing my hips forward as I gave a few final strokes knowing I was right on the edge. Then, it happened.

Arcs of white cum went spurting out the tip of my cock as it fell in globs on their knees and thighs with a blob or two on Debra's left boob. They were laughing and hooting, just having a great time.

"Wow, our new boy really shoots his cum, huh, Deb," Tina cried.

"Yeah, I bet you'd even feel it when he did it up inside your pussy," Debra replied. "Wanna find out?" she asked me.

"You mean with one of you?" I asked not quite believing my ears.

"Yes, Brad, you. You're the only one with a penis here," she joked and reached over and gave it a squeeze.

"Don't forget, you're turn at Truth or Dare is next," Debra reminded me so I asked if I could choose to ask them both and they agreed.

"Okay, Truth or Dare."

"Dare," they both said at the same time.

"I dare both of you to let me fuck you, each of you," I brazenly dared. They both laughed.

"At least you're predictable, Brad. We accept, it's just what we wanted, after all," Tina told me as she stood and took her skirt off and Debra did as well. Soon they were both standing there, in tiny panties, each one comfortable and unashamed, actually seeming proud of their bodies and I couldn't blame them.

They were spectacular.

"Look at his dick," Tina told her friend as they both stared at my dick throbbing up and down as my heart pulsed blood through it making it bounce up and down.

"There's two of us so you'll have to keep us both happy. So, while you fuck one of us, you can eat the other one out. But, what we need to do first is get it so you can stay the weekend with us. Just think about that, Brad, you can get to hang out with both of us all nice and naked like this all weekend. So, can you arrange with a friend to cover for you so your parents think you're staying with him?" Debra asked me.

There was no way I was going to miss this opportunity so I went and called Jason, my best friend, and had him promise to cover for me and call me right away if my parents called him looking for me. He agreed and then I called home to tell them I was spending the weekend with my friend. So, I was set, I was ready to lose my virginity to the two hottest girls in my high school and had a whole weekend to do it in. After calling home, I went back in Deb's bedroom.

Chapter 2

"Everything set?" she asked me and I told them it was. They each jumped up and pulled me into bed with them pushing me down, their hands and lips all over me, feeling me, kissing me.

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