The Crusader Chapter 3 My Way

by woodmanone

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Desc: Mystery Story: Detective Chambers changes his life, helps a father, and begins a new career. This is a continuation of The Crusader series.

Another story about the adventures and life of Rollie Chambers.

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Detective First Grade Rollie Chambers stood to leave the small office. He'd just spent 40 minutes talking about his plans to resign from the St. Louis Police Department.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do Rollie?" Captain Pete Mallory had asked. "You're too young to retire. You've got a good career started with the Department and could become one of the movers and shakers you know."

Pete Mallory was Rollie's boss, mentor, and most importantly, his friend.

"Retire, resign, quit whatever you want to call it, I've got to go Captain ... Pete," Rollie said in answer to his soon to be ex-superior's question. "I can't take the bullshit anymore."

"That's part of the job for us peons," Pete kidded. "You get used to it and go on and work the cases."

"Maybe you or Det. Call or Wren or even Major Taylor can do that but it's not for me." Rollie looked at his friend for a few seconds. "You and the Major got all the crap about the cost of the task force. We did what the rest of the Department couldn't do; we caught a man that raped and beat five women."

Rollie snorted in degust. "And all you got was the bean counters bitching about the cost of the overtime we put in. No, job well done or atta boys; just complaints about the money we cost." Rollie pointed his finger at the Captain. "And the same movers and shakers you talk about sat back on their fat asses and said nothing. Hell even the Commissioner didn't defend us. We made them look good and they whine about money. I can't and won't take it anymore Pete. I'm done."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the psych evaluation you went through about the Bradley Thomas case would it?" Pete's voice was soft and low like he was almost afraid to ask the question.

Bradley Thomas had raped Susan Chambers and infected her with the HIV virus. Susan had taken her own life rather than take the chance of passing it on to her husband Rollie. Rollie spent 10 days looking for Thomas and found him in a rundown flea bag hotel in the inner city. Thomas resisted arrest and charged Rollie holding a large knife; he was killed in his attack. There were questions about Rollie putting sixteen 9MM rounds into Thomas.

"You'd think after four and a half years and me working on the task force they'd get over the fact that I shot a rapist that attacked me." Rollie was exasperated

"It wasn't that you shot him; it was that you shot him 16 times," Pete explained.

"I told you, Thomas was on Meth and the first three rounds didn't slow him down at all. And I'll be damned if I was gonna stand there and be a chopping block just so some idiots in the psych department can feel good about letting me work." Now Rollie was getting mad at having to defend his actions all over again. "So I shot until he stopped."

"You know as well as I do that the doctors wanted to find out how you felt about Bradley's brother Collin being the "Campus Rapist". And how did you feel about Collin saying he attacked those women because you killed his brother."

"Those asses asked me if I felt responsible for Collin raping those girls," Rollie said almost exploding. "Can you believe that crap?"

"What did you tell them, after you told them to go to Hell?" Pete saw the look Rollie gave him. "Yeah Doctor Johnson called and complained about your language."

"I told them that whatever Collin did, he did because he was a piece of garbage," Rollie replied. "I told them that if it wasn't about his brother he would have found some other reason to attack those women. And I told them that the only regret I had was not being able to send him to join his brother."

"Can you blame them for thinking you might be a dangerous person after that?"

"I can blame them for a lot. All those damn psychiatrists work out of a book. They spout their psycho babble to show how smart they are and they have no idea what the real world is like."

"What about Jessica Talbert?" Pete asked. "You think she's like them?"

"Jess is different."

"Why is she different?"

"Because she cares. She's not interested in showing how smart or educated she is, she's not really interested in the money; she's just wants to help people."

"Do you really feel that way or is it because you're sweet on her?" Pete smiled and asked, "How are you two getting along now that you're not working together every day?"

"We're dating now and then; sort of taking it slow," Rollie replied with a smile. In a voice too low to hear he added, "She's something special and she's worth waiting for."

"It's sort of strange the way you two got together," Pete said. Rollie nodded thinking back to the first time he'd met Jessica.

Dr. Jessica Talbert had been the therapist for Rollie's wife after Susan had been attacked and raped. She and Rollie had talked several times while Susan was in therapy. When Susan committed suicide Jessica approached Rollie to help him with his grief.

They hadn't seen each other for several months after Rollie finished his therapy sessions. He had grown to admire Jessica and wanted to get to know her on a personal level. Rollie had talked to Jessica several times after his therapy but she wouldn't go out with him. She felt it was unethical to date a former patient. Aside from the ethical question, Jessica was also concerned about Rollie's true feelings and motivation so soon after his wife's death.

Then Jessica was hired as a consultant, sort of a profiler, and assigned to the task force hunting a rapist that had attacked five women. She had worked on a daily basis with Rollie and the other detectives.

Rollie went undercover and tracked down and arrested Collin Thomas aka "The Campus Rapist". To celebrate Rollie invited Jessica out for a steak dinner. She finally accepted one of his many invitations and Rollie was slowly overcoming her concerns about dating a former patient.

Rollie brought himself back to the present. "To answer your question, my decision doesn't have anything to do with the evaluation. Don't get me wrong Pete, there are a lot of good men, good cops, in the brass but right now the political correct, don't make waves, worried about their careers, brass hats are in charge. I don't want and I won't I put up with them any longer."

Pete Mallory had known Rollie for several years by now. Rollie would listen to the opposite side of a debate and several times had changed his mind or adjusted his thinking. But once he came to a decision it was hell to get him to change and Pete knew the young detective had made up his mind.

"What are you going to do?" Pete asked his young friend.

"Not sure right now," Rollie answered. "You know my folks left me their house and some money when they passed away, so I don't have to work right away or for years if I'm careful."

Pete nodded and waited. He knew Rollie had something in mind. The boy wasn't one to not have a plan.

"I might try the private investigator road for a while or I might get into security for some company," Rollie added. "I'm not sure just yet."

"When are you leaving son?"

"I thought I'd finish out the next shift rotation. That'd give you about six weeks to bring someone on board. I've got three weeks' vacation accrued and nine personal days coming. I'd like to take the personal days and the vacation after shift rotation. I'll officially resign after that. So you've really got about three months before I'm out of your hair." Rollie hesitated and added, "Course if I'm in the middle of a case I won't leave until it's solved."

"Okay, but until then I'm still your boss," Pete said with a grin. "Get back to work."

"Thanks Captain." Rollie returned the grin and walked toward the door.

"Rollie?" The Captain called. You can always change your mind you know."

Rollie nodded and went to his desk, picked up a file, and started the long process of investigating a crime.

Pete Mallory watched his young friend for several seconds, picked up the phone, and punched in a number. A receptionist answered and he asked, "Is she in? This is Captain Mallory."

"Hi Pete it's nice to hear from you," Dr. Jessica Talbert said by way of greeting.

"Hello Jessica." They talked about routine things like how have you been, what's new and how's your family. The question about family came from Jessica. Her parents had died while she was in college and she had no other relatives.

"Okay Pete what can I do for you?" Jessica asked. "As nice as it is to talk to you, you're not one to call for no reason."

"You're a very astute young woman. I called to talk about Rollie," Pete admitted. "Has he told you about resigning from the Department?"

"Yes, we talked about his resignation at dinner last night."

"That must have been a good time. So what do you think about it?"

Jessica hesitated, not sure if she should discuss Rollie's plans with anyone. Then she laughed at herself. This wasn't a case of doctor/patient confidentially; it was a just one friend being concerned about another friend.

"Rollie is, well I won't say burned out, but he's really tired of all the political maneuvering in the Department. It's affecting his motivation and work ethic. As a psychiatrist, I think he's right to get away from it; at least for a while."

"What about as his girlfriend?" Pete asked.

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