Peggy's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Food, Water Sports, Hairy,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Peggy is frustrated with her marriage. When opportunity knocks she goes after a man who lights her fire. Peggy's affair turns into a nightmare that affects her whole family.

It was early morning West of the Rockies. Just getting light in our small rural Southern Utah town. Right for jogging in the cooler days of late spring, before the hot summer heat. As I prepared for my run I looked across the bed at my still sleeping Husband, Jim. Oblivious to the world in the dreamland of what ever the hell it is that pleases him.

I'm Peggy. A married Mormon mom with a son fifteen years of age and a daughter, just turned eighteen, in her senior year of high school. I know the majority of people who live here and they know me. At the time I was in our ward relief society presidency. My husband, Jim, was a member of our ward Bishopric; not the Bishop, a counselor. I'll leave out our last names, of course. You know, small town, and all that!

If I could describe myself, I look like a certain country music star. That is if she were 35 years of age and had two kids in high school. I am 5' 8" and weigh 125 pounds. Even now, with a little gray in my brunette hair, I can still turn a head or two.

I felt I should demand more attention from my husband Jim than I got. Actually I started jogging just to piss him off. Getting out with some freedom to go where I wanted without his blessing felt good even if it is only a few blocks at a time.

As I stood in the dim light filtering through the shades I looked at Jim and reflected back to the early years of our marriage. I realized he was always a controlling prick, but back then, not so much so as now.

My husband and I were at a low point in our marriage. We were just barely sexual. Maybe once every two months. I was fed up with his holier-than-thou-attitude. He acted like I was there to serve him. Supported by church leaders and his precious priesthood, he thought and acted like his crap didn't stink.

If you don't know the church or the Mormon religion you'll just have to follow along. Mormon couples marry not for life, but for eternity. I couldn't even die to get away from him. I'd had a butt full and was angry at him most of the time. Everything he did just seemed to piss me off. I was seriously questioning my religion and was this all there was to life ... a bit of a pity party.

Turning from Jim, I reached for my sports bra and turned towards the mirror. My 36B boobs still looked great. Standing up and out proudly. Even though I'm not twenty years old anymore, the tits are still firm and perky. As I put the bra on and hooked the hooks in the front my nipples hardened against the fabric. My mind wandered a little and I caught myself with one hand in my pubic hair. Parting it enough to slide a finger along my pussy lips and giving my clit a little nuzzle.

"Damn. I've got to quit that," I whispered to myself as I felt a little moisture start to form at the inner lips. If it was later in the day, with Jim gone to work, I'd have flopped my butt on the bed and finished the job. I didn't used to be like that. I never would have dreamed of touching myself like that. But, as much as I do love my husband, I needed to feel some love back. I needed more than a man with a Book of Mormon in one hand and a five inch dick in the other.

Over the last couple of years, or so, I had started noticing other men in the ward and even wondering how an occasional tourist would be in the sack. Then one day after cleaning up after a day of yard work I was in the shower wishing I was getting laid more often. Then I realized I had really over-soaped my breasts and was thinking of being with a stranger and had begun really working over my pussy.

It felt good. Really good. I let myself continue for several minutes while I ran my hands over my tits and snatch with a vigor I had never experienced before. I didn't make myself cum. I wasn't certain what that was like although I think I had cum a few times earlier in our marriage. Sex was for the closeness and the good feeling of having my man inside me. I'd heard references in the ladies group regarding female orgasm, but really wasn't sure I had ever had one by the way they described it...

My life routine had changed. I didn't care if Jim climbed on me for every-other-month sex. I loved the feelings I was getting from my own fingers. I was masturbating sometimes several times per day. I sometimes was even sticking a finger inside myself while Jim and I ate breakfast. Him being too busy with the newspaper across the table from me to notice. My fantasies were never about the same guy. I had a dozen or so men I could put in my mind while my hand would bring me that warm feeling up through my womb.

My favorite fantasy became with me being with Mike. Mike and his wife Lisa (not their real names) and daughter Kaylee were members of our ward.

Our daughter, Cindy (not her real name) babysat Kaylee on a regular basis. I thought Mike was one of the best looking men I had ever set eyes on. Being in his presence was enough to get me wet, he was so sexy. He had become my obsession as I masturbated to relieve my sexual needs. Then one day it happened ... the big one! I had three fingers in myself pretending it was Mike's cock fucking me when I had an orgasm that hit me so hard that I bounced around the bed like a rag doll.

So ... that was a real orgasm! The Big O. I'd have to say I'd evidentially never had one with my husband after all! Not like that anyway. And, I wanted more! Mike was the only one I could think about and I was masturbating two and three times a day and cumming every time.

Mike worked at a local bank. He and his wife were very church active and I thought happily married. One day Jim informed me that Lisa had left Mike. Rumor was she had caught him having an affair. They said she packed her bags and went home to her parents. Jim was not forth coming on any other details, like who Mike was supposedly having affair with. I was stressed for days over the news ... wondering who, why, etc.

I liked Mike; maybe even loved him. I was definitely infatuated with him. It hurt me to know he was hurting. I gossiped with other ladies in our ward and the Relief Society presidency about Mike and Lisa's situation. We discussed what we could do to help them out. But, word from the Bishop was stay out of it.

Our daughter Cindy was also shocked about the break up. She said she didn't have a clue who Mike was seeing. Cindy speculated that possibly it was Lisa who was unfaithful and had left to be with lover.

We just didn't know the facts and this was driving me crazy. I thought about visiting Mike, but just couldn't find a reason or muster up the nerve. I found myself worrying about him during my every spare moment.

Running with my friends for the exercise most mornings between 6 and 7 we would run into Mike and sometimes he would jog along with our all woman group. We hadn't seen him out since the split up with his wife Lisa.

Then one morning my whole life changed forever. We as a group running, ran into Mike, also on a morning run. My heart jumped in my chest. The sweat running down my thighs could be my pussy juice in just a matter of moments. I wanted to ask how he was doing, but couldn't with my girl friends present.

Fifteen minutes later I broke away from girls, using a just remembered appointment as excuse. I jogged towards Mike's home in hopes of running into him again. My libido was driving my actions. I went right to his door and rang the door bell. There was no answer, but the garage door was open. I went in and his door between his garage and his kitchen was unlocked.

I knocked but there was no answer. I opened the door and went in, calling his name. I was so excited but driven, not knowing what I was going to say or why I was doing this. Okay I knew why. I just couldn't believe I was doing this. I heard the shower, so I went to bathroom where door was standing open. I could see Mike's naked body through the shower door glass.

Then I did the craziest, wildest thing I have ever done, I still don't know why. My will power had melted. I silently stripped naked and stepped into the shower with Mike. The look on his face was one of total shock. He couldn't and didn't say anything.

I quickly kissed him, increasing his shock of the moment. Then pressed my naked body against his and intensified the kiss. After what seemed like an eternity he started kissing me back. What would you do if naked woman stepped into your shower with you?

I took hold of his growing cock and squeezed it and held it as our kiss continued. Pushing my tongue into his mouth sent the message that I was ready to fuck. He returned the intensity of the kiss, his tongue now probing deeply into my mouth.

Dropping to my knees I lightly kissed the head of his beautiful cock. I looked up into his eyes as I licked the head and then took him into my mouth. We never broke eye contact as I started sucking him. This was the most erotic and naughty thing I had ever done. I thought heart would beat out of my chest.

He then put his hand on back of my head and orchestrated a nice in and out rhythm. As Mike's climax approached he thrust hard and deep, fucking my mouth. He moaned loudly and tried to push me away. He was about to cum. I refused to stop and he ejaculated into my mouth. I swallowed and continued sucking. Then I took my finger to catch the little bit that had escaped onto my lips. I licked my finger clean and opened my mouth to show him it was all gone.

When he was done I stood up and kissed him hard sharing the taste of his cum with him. His hands cupped the cheeks of my ass and pulled me tightly into his body. "That was nice," Our first words spoken. I agreed with him. It was more than nice. I had sucked another man's cock and I wasn't done yet. I was a cheating wife. I wanted fucked and fucked hard.

He used body wash and soaped every part of my body. Working from my tits down to my bum, and between my legs. His hands massaging my breasts was the most erotic feeling I'd had in years. I turned him towards the shower head and washed his back. I concentrated on his bottom. Feeling his ass cheeks which he was clinching tightly. I pushed my fingers between his cheeks and touched his anus.

I dropped to knees in the spray for second time and washed his balls and nice six inch cock. He was getting hard again. I enjoyed the feel of him. I loved touching him all over. I kissed his cock again, but did not suck him.

The water quickly went from hot to warm to cold. We were forced laughing from shower. He toweled me off. I reciprocated. Being dried by a sexy man with fluffy towel is so erotic. He didn't say anything, just took my hand and led me to the bedroom and sat me on his bed.

I was so wet down there. It was my first time with a naked man that wasn't my husband. I wanted his cock in me so badly.

I noticed his cell phone on his night stand. I gave him the one minute signal with my finger, picked up his phone and dialed my daughter's cell. Cindy answered in soft, sexy voice. When she heard my voice she stuttered with confusion.

I told her to take the car and get her and her brother to school. She asked where I was and I lied saying I was at Elizabeth's helping her with a project. Cindy asked if everything was all right and I assured her I was fine. That I would see her after school.

Mike pushed me back onto the bed. I laid there looking up into his sexy eyes, trying to control my breathing, as I could feel my heart beat.

He touched my bare breasts and then bent and kissed each nipple. He bit them softly at first then harder and sucked on them as I felt myself melting into the bed. I could feel the wetness grow between my legs. When he placed his hand there it was like pushing a button. I instantly opened my legs wide, welcoming his touch.

Mike stared at my wet, dark, excessively hairy bush. I have lots of thick hair from just below my naval to anus. It was such an erotic feeling to have his eyes explore my totally exposed body for only husband had seen me like this.

"Do you like what you are seeing?" I asked.

"I have had never known a woman's pussy would have so much hair."

"Does my hairy pussy turn you off?"

"Oh, my golly heck, it's very erotic. Your ample bush really turns me on. What do you have in there ... hiding from me?"

He put his fingers into my bush exploring every bit of it. I laid there watching his beautiful face as he looked at me and found my womanhood. I loved having him touch and explore me.

"Oh my!" he teased as he found my opening.

Mike wiggled a finger into me and discovered how wet I was. Working his finger into me, he pushed it in a couple of inches. He found my clit and started rubbing it softly with his thumb. It was turning me on. He was getting me so hot. I could feel an orgasm building. Powerful tingles were shooting from between legs and up my spine.

Mike pushed my legs back exposing me more, if possible, and started kissing me at top side of bush. He had his hands on back side of my thighs holding me up and open while kissing around my opening making me quiver. He sucked my swollen clit into his mouth nibbling gently, making me wanting him to never stop.

I came for the first time with Mike, shaking and shivering. Cumming so very powerfully, I was on verge of passing out in the bed of a man that was not my husband.

Mike didn't stop. I would have had to hurt him if he did. He put his tongue into my opening and started tasting my juices. He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could into my wet, dripping pussy. We were both moaning with pleasure. My orgasm continued to send chills all over my body. Making my toes curl and point.

Mike dropped my legs and climbed on top of me, kissing me aggressively. I could taste myself on his lips. All so fucking erotic! He raided up on his knees and aimed his now hard cock at my thoroughly soaked cunt.

I remembered thinking, "I'm about to get fucked." I slipped a hand between us, and guided his cock to my opening.

He pushed so very gently, the head splitting my lips as he started to enter me. I was so very wet that he pushed and slipped all the way into me. Our first fuck began ... slow at first, then more power and intensity as we each neared another climax. I so wanted us to come together.

After more than ten minutes of hot and heavy pumping we did come together. He rocked my world and I rocked his. Both of us groaning and moaning like it was just us ... two people fucking like no one else existed.

Mike collapsed on top of me. He was panting as hard as I was. I could feel his heart beat racing away. He pulled out and cuddled me. I thanked him for doing it with me just like I needed to be done.

He thanked me for the most satisfying fuck he'd had in a long, long time.

"So, now what do you think about a naked lady climbing into your shower?"

He described his reaction which went from total shock and surprise to what a lucky man am I.

"What possessed you to do such a thing?"

"I had always had crush on you. I thought you are so handsome and you turned me on. When I heard about your wife leaving you, I wanted to do something but didn't know what. When you passed running earlier in morning I just had to follow you home."

Mike's cell phone rang. He looked at caller ID and then answered.

I could tell his answers were guarded. He chose his words carefully as he looked at me lying naked on his bed.

"I'm on my way to work. I don't know what your talking about. I have meetings all day long so it will have to be later tonight." I assumed it was his wife calling.

I didn't really want to talk about his wife, since I had just fucked her husband in their marital bed. A case of the "guilts" was starting to creep inside me. I asked myself what the hell I thought I was doing?

Mike was apparently talking to his wife and I was laying in their bed with his cum running out of me. I was about to get up and leave when the call ended.

He settled back into the bed with me and asked, "What now?"

Starting to grab the sheet to hide my modesty I answered, "I could be satisfied making love to you all day long, but better leave you now. What we were doing isn't right."

Mike called his work and told them he wouldn't be in, saying he wasn't feeling well.

"I'm all yours he said as he hung up the phone."

I kissed him. A long, slow, and sweet kiss. Putting my hand on his cock, it was growing again.

It wouldn't hurt to help it along, so I began sucking his cock again.

"I don't want to cum in your mouth."

"Where do you want to cum?" I asked

"In that sweet pussy of yours."

"My pussy is very funky right now. It seems someone left a mess and didn't clean it up when they were done with it. I will give you a choice either clean me up or get some sloppy seconds." I joked.

My new lover climbed between my thighs and eased it into me and started to fuck me again in slow deliberate strokes.

"Get on your knees and we'll try doggy" Mike sounded excited, like a kid with a favorite new toy.

"Dogs sniff before they do it." I teased, feeling very, very raunchy.

Having instructed him to smell and lick me I asked. "What do I smell like?"

"Like a bitch in heat!"

"I am definitely a bitch in heat," I told him, "and, it's because of you. I want all of that cock of yours that I can get."

Mike moved in behind me and guided his hard prick into my waiting cunt. Putting his hands on my hips, he began fucking me until he was all inside me in just a few strokes. It felt so good that I caused him to pick up the tempo to try keep up with me.

At this worst of times his phone rang, but he ignored it and kept doing me.

Mike came again deep inside my pussy for the third time in an hour. We collapsed on the bed exhausted.

After catching out breath we returned to the shower. The water temperature restored, we had a second delicious mutual shower. Soaping each other up and touching each other's body parts with hands and fingers. Mike really worked over my pussy, allowing a couple of fingers to work inside me.

He surprised me by dropping to his knees so his face was even with my pussy hair, close enough to give my cunt opening a lick. I was getting so wet from the thought that he was about to stick his tongue in me down there I almost started to cum without him even touching me.

Then he stood up and stated that he was famished. Shit! I was all ready to get eaten. Jim would never have eaten me. I was looking forward to having Mike's face buried in my crotch again.

Having donned his and her white terrycloth robes we raided the refrigerator in search of nourishment. I scrambled us some eggs while he stood behind me, his arms circled around my waist, kissing my neck while telling me how lovely I am.

As we finished eating our eggs, toast and orange juice, Mike, suddenly feeling frisky, reaches into his wife's loose fitting robe that I was wearing and began playing with my breasts.

"What are people saying about me?" he asked as pinches my nipple and tells me to be truthful.

"The rumors are that you were caught in affair and your wife left you because of it and that no one knows who your lover is."

"I don't have a lover," he said, "at least I didn't."

"I had also heard a story that Lisa was having the affair and had left to be with her lover. So ... what's the skinny? Do you have a lover? Did Lisa take Kaylee and leave to be with her lover?"

Mike was about to answer when door bell rang. He went to answer it will I stood around the corner in the living room.

"Hello Mrs. Olsen," I hear him say, "How are you today?"

I couldn't hear her very well. His reply was that he wasn't feeling well, so wasn't he going in to work.

More garble conversation from Mrs. Olsen. Mike's reply was that it was him she saw returning from a run.

Then after what she says next, "You don't have to do that Mrs. Olsen, I do have a meeting this afternoon, I'm just going to rest. Thanks for your concern Mrs. Olsen, but I will be just fine."

Mike returned mumbling under his breath. He stepped into the garage and closed overhead door.

"She saw you coming into the garage, and she was really fishing," he reported. "I told her I was not feeling well and she offered to bring me some chicken soup."

"Nosey old biddy," I grinned.

Mike laughed, "Not to worry, she'll forget about it as long as she doesn't see you leave."

"Do you want me to leave?"

"Hell no, I thought we were going to have all day sex fest. We're just at the intermission."

I had to laugh at his response. He really didn't want me to leave. He was enjoying our play as much as I was.

"I've got an idea," he said, "go get on the bed. I'll be there in a minute."

I didn't have to wait long. He came to the bedroom with three jars; peanut butter, grape jelly and honey.

He slowly dripped some honey onto each of my breasts, covering the nipples. Then licked the honey from off my breasts. I've got to say this turned me on like crazy.

"Guess what I want." he said, holding up the other two jars. I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!"

From the first jar he scooped up three fingers of creamy peanut butter and applied it to my hairy pussy.

I couldn't help but laugh. "You know how hard that will be to get out?" I asked.

Next he took three fingers of grape jelly and smeared that on top of the peanut butter and all around.

"You're making a mess of me and your sheets." I commented

"You will both wash off. I guarantee it." he informed me.

Then he went to eating the concoction from my pussy ... getting it all over his face; grinding it deeper into the fur of my opening. After almost getting me cleaned he stopped and added more jelly. This time it went into my wet opening.

"I wanted to use ice cream but thought the cold would be too painful."

There was no pain to his exuberant removal of the jelly from inside me. His tongue went deep; probing for the sweet treat. He sucked, licked, and ate for an hour; I went to the top of the mountain at least a dozen times.

"Roll over." he instructed, "Get up on your knees."

Doing so presented my very exposed bottom. Spreading my cheeks, he applied a liberal amount of peanut butter all around my anus. He pushed a finger loaded with the brown stuff past my sphincter and into my rectum. This ass play was also driving me up a wall with erotic feelings I hadn't had in years, if ever.

"Oooohhh. You have nasty brown stuff leaking from your ass!" he informed me with a laugh.

"Is it poop?" He ran his tongue over the opening eating the discharge... "Doesn't taste like it..."

He pushed his tongue deep into my sphincter. He called it rimming and this was another first for me. He had me half laughing, half crying. I had never experienced such feelings. Erotic tingles originated in my core running up my spine. Our laughter was that of school kids ... almost uncontrollable

"My turn," I grabbed the honey and squeezing the sticky sweetness all over his cock and balls. Then I went to work eating the sweet stuff from off his beautiful cock. I sucked and licked till my mouth hurt.

His laughter subsided and went to moans of sheer pleasure. I could tell he was getting close so picked up pace sucking and strokinghis cock in and out of my mouth. That did the trick. He unloaded a huge load that slid into my throat.

Honey and cum; he tasted so good.

We didn't cuddle too long to savor the moment because I had to pee in the worst way. I excused myself to use the bathroom. I had just settled to start the relief process when he came in and knelt, spread my knees, and told me to go ahead and pee. In all my married years I had never had my husband do something like this. I was embarrassed, but I let go and peed while he watched.

Unexpectedly he put his hand down in my stream splashing my urine on thighs and up his arm. I was so shocked I couldn't say a thing. With with mouth wide in shock I just finished the task. He rubbed his now wet hand across my bush; my peanut butter and jelly covered bush. I had never been so wet and messy.

His nasty and erotic action caused me to do one of my own. I pulled his hand from between my legs, brought it to my mouth and licked at the wet mess. Just enough to acknowledge what he/we had done to let him know it was erotically OK.

Mike in turn licked my pee and PB&J covered mess from his own palm. This further sealed the moment between us. Our pee play experience.

He quickly jumped up, announced that it was his turn, and aimed his penis between my legs. Before I could react, he let his stream go and began peeing into the toilet between my wide spread legs. Little boy that he was, he let his stream stray and pee hit my exposed bush.

I screamed something like, "You're peeing on me, God damn you!" Demanding that he stop. He didn't and I was more wet than before. I was cussing him, telling him what a nasty, filthy man he was to do that to me.

He seemed to be ignoring me; he turned and started the shower. Then he pulled me up off the toilet. I was still swearing at his gross and nasty action. He kissed me; stopping my complaining in mid-sentence. Yet, another very memorable sexual moment.

We enjoyed yet another shower. This one involved a lot of washing attention to remove the sweet treats from my black bush and bum. We laughed and laughed as I continued to cuss him for his nasty toilet habits. Warned him never, ever to do that again. I tried to be mad, but I wasn't.

"You know what a golden shower is." he asked, then described it for me. I hadn't heard of it before and now I had experienced one. He told me I could check it off my erotic sex play list. I never knew such a scenario was ever on any list.

We stripped down the bed and took sheets and towels to the laundry room. We talked about our adventure and the nasty things we had just done. I told him it was surprising and erotic that I had done things with him I hadn't done in nearly 20 years of marriage with my husband. Wandering through house together naked was fun, natural, and so erotic.

I told him that Cindy really was worried about him, sad about the situation and missed Kaylee. He commented that he liked Cindy a lot. He had enjoyed having her babysit over the past year.

"Do you think Lisa will return?" I asked. He just shrugged and went from joyful to sober. His mood changed like flipping a light switch. I tried to get him to talk about it, but he went cold and avoided the subject.

Back in his bedroom I picked up his phone as it chimed with an incoming message. Text from "Chips". "Where the hell are you and why won't you talk to me?"

I was going to review his other messages when he came in. I knew "Chips" wasn't his wife. I handed him the phone and said "You have an urgent text message from Chips."

The color drained from his face. He was obviously upset at my comment or the message. He grabbed the phone and threw it into the night stand drawer; his anger showing.

"Aren't you going to answer her?" I asked He glared at me and said, "NO!"

"Who is Chips?"

"No one special."

"She must be special, she has her own nickname and everything."

"I guess our play date is over," he said. His anger and frustration showing big time.

"No, No it's none of my business."

"That's right it's none of your business!" he agreed.

I concluded he had lied to me. He did in fact have a girl friend. He was having an affair. I got up and headed for bathroom to get dressed with every intention of leaving.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. It's obvious the mood is broken. I no longer feel welcome."

"You can't come into my house, climb in my shower, fuck me and expect me to put my world on hold."

"You're right, but you don't have to lie to me. Just tell me the truth. You have a girl friend. I don't need to know who she is. Hell, I don't want to know (I lied). Just treat me with some respect."

"It's complicated."

"I'll bet it is." I continued towards the door.

"Get your ass back here!" he demanded.

"Why should I?"

"Because I have something to show you."


He pulls long box out from under bed. "It's Lisa's toy box. Come look."

It was obvious he didn't want me to leave. He wanted to return to our play and forget the Chips situation and our testy discussion.

Lisa's toy box was full of various sexual toys; most of which I'd never seen before in my sheltered life. Just goes to show you think you know someone, but you can never be sure. I would never have pictured Lisa or Mike using such devices.

The box contained several vibrators and dildo's, including one very large black one. There were several bottles and tubes of sweetened lubes and oils, and several videos. I noticed what I thought must be a butt plug and a strap on dildo (didn't know what they were at time). There was also a short whip or riding crop.

Just seeing these things set my mind to racing; fantasies of Mike and Lisa popping like pop corn. Mike picked up a velvet bag, and undid the draw string shaking out two metal balls about 2 inches in diameter.

"Ever seen these?" He asked.

I shook my head no.

"They are ben-wa balls?"


"Ben-wa balls." and he explained their use. "Want to try them?"

"I don't think so. These are Lisa's. I'm Thinking these are used and not sure I want to follow your wife."

"I've got an idea." he said, while retrieving a wrapped gift from deep within their closet.Open it he said handing me the box

"What's this?""

"Originally a gift for Lisa, but now, I'm giving it to you. I assure you it's new." He must been reading my mind. My fetish about not using others personal stuff.

"Are you sure?"

"Absolutely, she's never coming back and will never know."

The gift contained a very sexy outfit in the most luscious royal blue color. It was a sexy silky slip top with thin spaghetti straps and the bottoms were tap pants

"Put it on." he encouraged.

If fit well. I liked it. A gift from my lover.

"You look so sexy." Mike stated.

I looked at myself in the dresser mirror and had to agree. "It's beautiful and feels so sexy."

"Sit down and spread your legs." Mike instructed.

He started kissing me and moved his hand to my crotch. He ran his fingers inside the loose leg of the blue panties and began caressing my sex. He soon found my opening and wetness. I was dripping.

"Lean back." he said. and as I did he gently inserted one of the Ben-wa balls into my wetness.

I gasped at his action and he again told me to relax as he put the second one deep in my vagina

"Now take a short walk."

I had to keep the muscles of my vagina clinched to keep them from falling out as I walked across the room. I was surprised at how heavy they were. The balls rubbed together giving me a very intense sexual feeling.

"Oh my!"

"Wear them home," he said, "and with that outfit your husband will get a real surprise tonight."

"I don't think so."

"Why not?"

"Cause you have fucked me silly already today, and I doubt I'll be able to walk, much less have good old missionary sex." Mike laughed.

"You could try this one." he said, opening a small wooden box.

"What is it?"

"A remote controlled vibrating egg." He showed me egg and remote and described how it worked. I couldn't believe it."

"Lisa actually wore this around?"

"She wore this to a Relief Society social once. Told me she had an orgasm sitting at a table with you."

"You're shitting me?"

"Nope. That's what she told me."

Viewing the toys and the sexual dialog was so arousing. Something I had wanted in my marriage. But after 20 years my husband and I had never done anything like this with each other. I wondered what it was I had truly been missing. Did married people really do this sort of thing, or was it reserved for lovers?

I had done more in a few hours with this lover ... my only lover ... than I had ever done before. I really can't describe the feeling, the excitement, the sexual tingling this situation was causing. I was enjoying it so much I never wanted it to stop.

"What are the video's?" There were several in the box.

"Mostly blond housewives with well endowed black men."

He picked up one, inserted into video player and turned on the TV. What came on was just that, a well endowed black man screwing the hell out of a white woman. The action was getting me hot. I stretched out on the bed on my stomach to watch. My first x-rated video!

Mike watched with me for a few minutes and started playing with my ass ... tickling and caressing. Oh my what a turn on! I turned over and looked into his eyes. Sadness was etched deep in his face.

"You want to talk about it? I asked.

He shook his head, "no".

"From the looks of things you and Lisa had a pretty kinky sex life."

"Too kinky." was his response.

"I mean, really? Butt plugs and strap-on dildo's and whips? Did she use them on you?"

"Yeah, and others..."

The very thought of the instruments was enough to make me blush. But, when he said "others" he picked up the short leather whip.

"Want me to spank your ass," he teased.

"No way!"

"Turn over!" he demanded in a stern and controlling voice. I obeyed.

"Just going to give you one to let you know what this is all about."

He hit me once across my upper thigh just below my butt cheeks. It made scream with pain because it hurt like hell. I turned immediately and jerked the instrument from his hand.

"That's enough of that!" I announced.

He laughed and called me a light weight. I studied his face; trying to read his sadness.

"Tell me what happened, Mike, please".

He stared at me for longest time; softly caressed my breast & nipple through the silky material. He must have decided he needed to release the pain. He began telling me his and Lisa's story.

"Lisa was always very sexual and aggressive. She wanted and was willing to try anything. I liked that in her; Molly Mormon mom 90% of time. A tiger in bed ready and willing for anything the other 10%. She was repressed as a child with very strict parents. She wanted to let loose, and so did I."

Mike continued, "We did a lot of fantasy role playing and pillow talk. We talked about threesomes and group sex and lots of other kinky things. Hell, we even talked about swapping with you and Bishop (Mike's nickname for my husband)."

"She talked about swinging with me?"

"Yes! Said she wanted to tie me up and make me watch you and her making love."

"Oh my!" The very thought of it was such a turn on. All the time Mike kept touching my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples, softly rubbing my stomach.

"Everything was great for longest time," he continued; "we slowed down during the last half of her pregnancy and until Kaylee was about a year old. She wanted back into the sexual fantasy thing, but very quickly it became more intense and kinky than before."

Mike took a deep breath and continued. "About a year ago she started spending time on internet. Admitted she was chatting in sexually oriented chat rooms. She had this fantasy of doing it with a black man. I thought it was just more sex play and no harm chasing a few fantasies. Then she comes home from a trip to Vegas with video's and the whip, butt plug, strap on, etc."

Mike went on and I didn't want him to stop. "Most of her role playing fantasies involving me being tied up and her fucking a black man. We'd role play them and she'd get so incredibly kinky. One night she dresses in garters, stockings, heels, and makes me take my clothes off. She ties me in a chair and puts gag in my mouth and blindfold over my eyes. She gets on internet with some guy and she turns on web-cam showing him what she's wearing and her wimp husband all tied up."

"Have you ever heard of a site called Skype?"

I had to admit that I had not.

"Anyway, I can hear him talk rough and dirty to her. Tells her she's his slut slave. Her black lover starts to orchestrate a sex session. He tells her what to do and she does it while he watches. She sucked me to get me hard, then whipped my ass. She used the strap-on on me. She shows him her tits and pussy; I know from the dialog that this wasn't their first time doing this. She's had video sex with him before!"

Mike related how sexually excited she got doing this and admitted it turned him on as well. He sated that he tried to talk to her about faithfulness and consequences of cheating, but she said he had nothing to worry about.

"We did several sessions with this black master in the weeks that followed. It was exciting for us both. It bothered me plenty, but could see how happy it made her, so Idecided to play along. I should have stopped it then and there, but I didn't."

Mike stopped and put his head down. I was beginning to think he wasn't going to say any more. After what seemed like forever he look back at me a started to speak again.

"Then I come home one day to find a note that she's gone to visit her mother, but I knew better. She dropped Kaylee off at her mother's, but then she went into Salt Lake for three days. She came home for a week and I tried to talk to her about it, but she was cold and mean to me."

"A week later she was gone. Kaylee is with her grandmother, and Lisa is off with her lover. Has been for the past two weeks. I've talked to her a couple times, begged her to come home, but I don't think she's coming back."

Mike's story has touched my heart. How could Lisa do this to him? I couldn't believe they were really into such a sexual twist. Just goes to show you can't tell anything about anyone from their Sunday appearance.

I felt so sorry for him and I told him so. I asked how I could help him.

He couldn't think of anything to say so I just held him close, letting him know I was there for him. My affection seemed to calm him and make him feel good. Finally I broke the long, long silence by asking him if he liked fucking an older woman

"You are the best thing that had happened to him in many, many months. Yes, he said, I really do like fucking you."

"Do you want to fuck me again?" I asked. I sure was ready if he was.

He lay back on the bed and pulled me astride him. He was hard and ready. I was soaked and willing. I lifted up and lowered myself slowly onto his hardness.

What a delicious feeling to have him slowly enter me all the way. I was in control and I started slow but soon raising and lowering rapidly on his nice long cock. I was rapidly approaching a tremendous orgasm. All the while he was holding onto my breasts ... massaging them with vigor as I set the pace for the finish line. We crossed it together. What an erotic feeling. I collapsed onto him, sweating and breathing hard.

"That was delicious I told him."

He breathlessly replied, "That it was the best screwing I've ever had."

Mike had mentioned "others" when he was talking about the sex toys. I asked him to clarify if others meant the black guy from Lisa's chat. He stalled, looked at me with a long forlorn gaze, then shook his head in the affirmative.

Something told me he was lying through his teeth, but I let it go.

Later I was looking out living room window on my way back from kitchen for a drink of water when I noticed my SUV passing by the house very slowly. Cindy was casing Mike's house! That's when I noticed the time. It was nearly 5 in the afternoon. I'd spent all day with Mike.

I hurriedly informed Mike that I needed to go. I found my clothes and started getting dressed. Mike stopped me and pulled me to the bed. He kissed me and we did it one more time.

I dressed to leave smelling like sex with a load of his cum leaking into the crotch of my jogging attire.

How do I get out of here without Mrs. Olsen or my daughter or someone else seeing me?

I got into Mikes truck parked in garage and hunkered down. He drove me out of his garage and down the street. He stopped behind the church to let me out.

I gave him a sexy kiss and told him I had enjoyed our day and wanted to do it again soon. He promised me we would get together again soon.

I jogged home a block and a half away as Mike headed in the opposite direction. I was confident no one saw us.

"Where have you been all day long?" my husband asked.

I mumbled some weak excuse about Elizabeth.

He just looked at me like he didn't believe a word I was saying. He shrugged his shoulders and went to his work shop.

I was in the kitchen, trying to pull my thoughts together and decide on something for my family to eat. Cindy came in and just stared at me with more hatred in her eyes than I can describe.

"I hate you she said with tears rolling down her cheeks. You're a whore and I hate you!"

Never had my daughter or anyone else ever said such a mean and hateful thing to me. I just stared back at her with tears in my eyes and Mike's come dripping down my thighs. Cindy spun and left the room and I continued on in a trace, knowing I somehow needed to talk with her.

After a late supper without Cindy, I went to her room to see if she had calmed down. She wouldn't look at me, still crying she just turned towards the wall. After numerous attempts and coaxing my beautiful Cindy turned with hurt and vengeance in her eyes.

"You fucked him didn't you?"

"Watch your language young lady; I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

You were with Mike all day today and you had sex with him."

How the hell could she possibly know what Mike and I had been up to? I lied that I had spent day with Elizabeth, helping her get ready for her daughter's birthday.

"Mom, I talked to Beth twice today. She says she hadn't seen you since jogging early this morning."

Caught in my lies! I hadn't confirmed an alibi. I decided to confess, but not really. Just to solicit her help in keeping knowledge from her father.

"OK, you're right, I was at Mike's talking to him about Lisa leaving him. Please, don't tell your dad."

"You spent all day talking to him? Ha ... sorry but I don't buy it!"

"Well, it's the truth."

"It must have been real engaging talk. He wouldn't return my calls..."

She had just slipped up. It suddenly dawned on me that my daughter was "Chips". My daughter, his baby sitter, was his secret lover.

I didn't have a clue; this caught me like a punch in the stomach. Not only was my daughter sexually active; she was having a full blown affair with a married man. How the hell could this be happening?

What was I going to do?

How was I ever going to get this mess straightened out?

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