Losing My Boxers

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: A tale about how I gave a woman my boxer shorts and ended up being the entertainment for she and her friends that night…a night I'll always remember and, after you read it, you will, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   .

A tale about how I gave a woman my boxer shorts and ended up being the entertainment for she and her friends that night ... a night I'll always remember and, after you read it, you will, too.

About two months before this all happened, another thing happened to me ... my fiancee, Anna, told me she'd found someone new that she loved more: Michelle.

If you have't been told by your lover that they're leaving you for someone of their same sex, well, consider yourself lucky. It is even worse when it happens that way.

Now before you get all upset, calling me anti-gay, no, it isn't that at all. It's that it calls into question your own desirability to the opposite sex. You can't help but wonder if you fall short.

No, I don't mean there, I'm seven inches, that's seems pretty good, never gotten any complaints, no, it's more like maybe I'm just not attractive to women in some way or other.

Well, it was different from having her leave me for another guy. It put me down for several months until I finally just told myself I needed to get out and find someone new. Instead of that, I had been working off my frustration two ways, at the gym which, at least keeps me in shape, and with my hand, a poor substitute for the real thing.

So, on a Friday night, I went out to a local watering hole I knew and stationed myself with a bottle of "Whatever-Lite" beer and watched the crowd. I noticed right off that the crowd seemed less than it used to, probably due to all the new martini bars that were even more popular than tapas bars these days.

Just before ten, as I sipped my second quasi-beer, a group of four women came in and went right for the table next to mine. Maybe my lucky night, I thought as I smiled hoping one would look my way and not write me off as a loser right away.

Well, it soon became obvious from their chatter that they were bachelorettes doing some bar-hopping. They weren't drunk or anything, maybe just feeling good, for they were a bit loud, and I overheard that they were involved in some kind of a scavenger hunt and that the one called, Susan, a vivid redhead with wavy hair just past her shoulders, was the one doing the scavenging and that she was the bride-to be.

They all looked to be upper twenties and lower thirties and they were discussing, certainly loud enough for me to hear, that Susan had located a number of the right items including a tube of that famous jelly, the boon of so many brides-to-be. They were also giving her boxes to unwrap containing such items as dildos including one that was absolutely huge, it had to be fifteen inches, at least, maybe more.

Also there were blindfolds, thongs, both male and female, handcuffs, crotchless panties, this last thing, passed around with all four women peeking through the open crotch, giggling like mad, even a vibrating cock ring that they all laughed uproariously over.

I overheard one of the girls tell Susan that she still had one more item on her scavenger list and she got up and went to the bar to talk with a couple of guys who had girls with them.

Soon, she was back, shaking her head, then leaned over to me and said, "Excuse me, I hate to bother you, um, but I'm on a scavenger hunt and I'm down to one last item and was wondering if you could help me with something?"

"Sure, I'll try."

"Um, see I'm getting married and these are my bridesmaids and, well, they've made up this list of things I've got to get, okay? And I'm down to the last thing on the list."

"What is it, what is it you need?" I asked.

"Um, well, this," and she shows me a list of items with everything crossed off except the last item: a pair of men's boxers.

"Um, right here?" I asked her and she laughed and said, "No, I could walk with you over to the men's room and you could go inside and take them off, then give them to me when you come out. I'd really appreciate it so much."

I'd been asked a lot of strange questions in my life so far but this ranked up there. But being asked by such an attractive woman with three also attractive friends made me want to be helpful to the cause.

So, I stood up and said, "Sure, happy to," and walked to the men's room and went in and took off my boxers, thankfully a clean pair and folded them as neatly as I could and went back out. There she was, waiting just outside the door, as I handed them over and got a nice kiss on the lips.

"Thank you, oh, you're so sweet."

"Oh, glad to help, I guess I can go commando one time in my life; for a good cause."

"Come on back and join us," she asked so I followed this lovely creature back to her table where she held them up as they unfolded for all to see.

"That's it, that's the whole list," said the brown-haired one that had given her the cock ring.

"We need to introduce ourselves to my hero here. What's your name?" the redhead asked.

"Paul and I'm glad to help."

"I'm Susan and as I said, I'm the bride-to-be, this is Heather, that's Jessa and this is Ellen, my bridesmaids."

We all shook hands and chatted for a few minutes as I looked from one to the other.

As I said, Susan was tall and very attractive with brown eyes and a figure that would pass Playboy's standards. Heather also had flaming red hair and she was rather petite but had curves galore. Her boobs were really large, especially on such a small woman. Jessa and Ellen were both blonds, Ellen an ash blond. Jessa was platinum and very light-skinned, blue-eyed, maybe Swedish in descent. She was very pretty. Ellen was an all-American girl-type, very fresh and pretty, slender with legs to die for.

"I really ought to pay you for these, Paul, you were so nice about it," Susan said as she held out a five dollar bill in her hand.

"Oh, no, just consider that a pre-wedding present from me."

"Well, we're not finished partying so we're going back to Heather's place; Heather, write down the address for our new friend here ... perhaps you would join us, you've been so nice."

Well, I looked at the four of them, quickly figured my only other options were to have another 'Boredom-Lite' beer, go home or take them up on their kind offer. I did what you would do.

"Now, don't get the wrong idea, Paul, there won't be any sex, so don't even think that but you will have a good time. So, if you want, here's where we'll be," Susan said and they all went off laughing and having a good time.

I paid my bill and drove to Heather's apartment which was only about eight blocks away. It was just after eleven when I rang the bell.

It was Heather's apartment but it was Jessa who answered and led me into a laughter-filled room.

"He's here," Jessa announced. "But, I told him already, there's no sex on offer."

"Well, okay, but he's way overdressed for my likes," Ellen said.

"Well, then, why don't you take off what you don't like. Unless Paul objects, of course," the bride-to-be stated.

Well, I stood up quite willingly in front of the four of them as Ellen reached up and began unbuttoning my shirt. When she got it open, she placed her palms down on my chest and rubbed up and down. Then, she surprised me when she leaned up and forward and began sucking my nipples as the girls all cheered and hooted.

"There's a role-reversal, a gal sucking a guy's boobs," cried Heather.

"Bet he'd rather have you suck him lower, girl," Jessa taunted her friend.

"Well, he looks pretty happy," Susan commented and I replied, "Happy as can be, the only guy here, after all."

"Well, what about these, Paul?" Susan asked as she reached over and tugged on my jeans.

I answered, "You already have my boxers, right there on the table."

"Come on, Susan, it may just be your last chance to see a guy different from Doug," Ellen prodded.

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