Nasty Boy

by Thesandman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young man truly discovers love for the first time.

It had been an incredibly hot summer. So hot, that the air conditioning at school had broken down. Upon finding out it would take several hours to make repairs, the Principle of the school decided to send everyone home. Not that I minded, being a Friday for me meant an unexpected long weekend. At just fifteen years old, most of the guys I ran around with had decided to head over to the local public pool for an afternoon swim. Wanting to go with them, I first needed to head home, get permission (and money) in order to do so, promising to catch up as soon as I could get there. It was only a few short blocks away from where I lived, so I raced home in order to grab my stuff. Mom would be home of course, though dad would no doubt be at work. Mom worked too, but she worked from home, so upon arriving I was quiet and cautious upon walking in. Mom had warned me about being noisy before whenever I came into the house. Always telling me to do so quietly, in the event she was on the phone with someone, or busy working at her computer in the den. She had made it clear in the past that she didn't want people knowing she was actually working from home, in the event they thought her to be running just some small mom and pop sort of a business. Having my own key, I quietly let myself in, listening. Sure enough, I could hear her talking to someone from down the hall, in her little office that she had set up a while back now. I didn't really bother listening to what was being said, not at all interested in her on-line business anyway, but moved towards the room in order to alert her to the fact I was home.

What I saw not only shocked and surprised me, but it would eventually lead to events that I would never have imagined in my entire life.

For one thing, my mother was naked, standing there in front of her computer. Had it not been for that, she would probably have seen me. I quickly ducked back around the door into the hallway, now fighting to control my breath. Sure, I had seen her naked before, by accident, though nudity in our home wasn't a big deal to be made out of either. Catching a glimpse here or there, walking in while she was in the process of dressing to ask her a question about something, though not a common occurrence, never resulted in repercussions either. But this ... this was something else entirely. I peeked my head around the corner again. She was now sitting in her chair, facing the screen with her back to me. On screen, I could see a man, who was obviously NOT my father, as he sat there stroking himself. He had a large cock, which was incredibly hard as he tugged on it, obviously for her. As she in kind, must have been touching herself, while he watched her, though at the moment I could tell she was fondling her breasts for him, speaking to him as she did. Another reminder that I needed to be as quiet as possible, now more acutely listening to what was taking place there inside the room.

"You like looking at my tits?" She was asking, still holding and jiggling them by the looks of it as he continued to watch.

"Fuck yes!" He responded back huskily. "I wish I was sucking them now!"

It was almost comical in a way, mom's computer was dinging almost constantly, from others who were obviously attempting to "IM" her as it's called, though she was currently ignoring those for the moment. It almost sounded like one of those old pinball machines going off with as much sound as it was making, all those dings going off almost constantly.

"I wish you were too," she replied. "I wish I could wrap these tits of mine around that nice hard cock of yours too!" She added to that.

"Stand up, let me see your pussy again," the man asked.

Now even I have to admit. Mom was pretty attractive for being in her mid-thirties. She had dark shoulder length hair, hazel colored eyes, and fairly large breasts. I mean they weren't ginormous or anything like that, but they were pretty big, bigger than any others I'd ever seen anyway ... for real. And though she did have a bit of a pooch as she called it, I honestly didn't see that as any kind of distraction. Mom had a pretty nice body, even if she was my mom. And the fact she was my mom, and doing this while I stood there watching her, was a little unnerving for me. Sure, like any kid I guess, I had purposely enjoyed looking at her before, stealing those occasional peeks and the like. But I'd never really actually sat down and fantasized about her either. Until now anyway.

When she started to turn, I ducked my head back around the corner again, not daring to peek until I heard the guy talking to her. "Oh yeah, that's good ... stay right there, just like that," he told her. "I'm gonna cum soon!"

I peeked my head into the room again, just barely enough to see. And though mom was now facing towards me to some extent, she still had her head turned facing the computer screen. I stood, looking at mom's lovely pendulous breasts, hanging there, free-swinging just a bit as she appeared to be grinding her ass, and obviously her pussy for the guy she'd been talking to. He suddenly groaned, grunting, and then began to unleash a torrent of cum, fountainous spurts spraying everywhere as mom moaned with him, her own hand down between her legs as she obviously stood there fingering herself.

"Catch you later honey," mom called, turning without looking thankfully, and brought up yet another image. It was an entirely different guy, though again all I saw and was looking at, was this large cock.

"Hey Steven!" Mom spoke. "Nice to see you today. And obviously you have something for me too I hope!"

"Holy shit!" I said to myself. "She actually knows who the guy is, just looking at his cock!" Obviously mom had seen it before, though I now had to ask myself the question: "For how long as she been doing this anyway? Long enough to recognize someone seeing them just like that obviously," I answered myself. And then once again, mom sat back in her chair, back to playing with her breasts and talking to this Steven guy as he began stroking his cock for mom.

"Got a nice big squirt for me today?" She asked.

I didn't bother hanging around any longer, or taking any more of a risk that I already had. I now had a rather BIG squirt pending myself, and quietly ran off to do just that. But I didn't dare do it inside either, so I snuck back outside the back door and into the garage. It was where I had put my secret stash of men's magazines, up in the loft area where there was storage for boxes containing old Christmas decorations and clothing and such. I had made a place up there to sit in without anyone ever being aware I was even up there. I moved over to my secret little corner, able to look out through the slats into the side window of the house where the kitchen was, and sat back, quickly removing a couple of magazines I had stashed there. After I had done that, I slipped off my jeans and shorts and proceeded to jerk off. Not too surprisingly however, I didn't even bother looking at the pictures of the nude women ... the only image I could see in my mind, was my mother, bent over the way she had been ... finger-fucking her own pussy.

I had actually just finished jacking off when I suddenly caught movement through the window slats as I glanced over towards the kitchen area. To my surprise, mom had walked in, still naked no less, standing in front of the refrigerator, looking for something to drink. Almost immediately I found myself becoming aroused all over again, secretly watching her from my private place, knowing she was totally oblivious to that fact. I sat looking at her in a whole new light. Realizing perhaps for the very first time just how sexy and attractive she really was. Though I also now noticed something I hadn't really seen before, not even during my "accidental" excursions into her bedroom. Mom was shaved! There wasn't an ounce of hair between her legs whatsoever. And not only that, but her full breasts appeared to have fairly sizeable, dark tan areolas about the size of silver dollars, that looked erotic as hell to me as I sat there across the way, gazing at her. Almost as though looking at her for the very first time!

Although I certainly couldn't hear it, the phone must have rung as she suddenly walked over picking up our cordless phone. In seconds, I could see she was agitated at whoever she was talking to, though I now had a pretty good idea. For a couple of years now my parents hadn't been getting along very well, and it was becoming more and more obvious. Although they really didn't fight, at least not around me, dad was spending more and more time away from the house. I honestly didn't believe he was seeing anyone, but he was spending more and more time at work. Mom and I both felt dad was more married to his job, than he was to her. He was even spending Saturdays now working instead of at home. About the only day he was home was on Sunday, though I had very little to do with him even then. Dad would watch whatever sports games were on the TV, while mom usually read a book, or went out shopping. So it was almost as though they were more room-mates, simply existing in the same house, as opposed to being husband and wife. Whatever it was he had said had obviously upset her. Moments after hanging up the phone, I saw mom do something I had never seen her do before. She actually threw the phone!

After seeing that, I figured it was probably safe enough to go into the house, though I was again hoping I might in fact catch her again before she actually got dressed. Acting as though I was just then arriving, instead of an hour ago, I came in ... this time letting the back door slam just loud enough to announce my arrival. I heard nothing however, and figured she was upstairs in her room, heading upstairs myself.

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