Bulled Black

by Kyng Kooba

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It isn't just his wife that John wants black fucking, but his healthy marriage too.

John Thompson had a framed photograph of his wife and kids on his office desk. The picture, professionally taken at a studio across town, never failed to remind the thirty nine year old Lawyer what a lucky man he was. Indeed, John often felt a surge of pride when a client or colleague commented on what a lovely family he had. His wife Marie was thirty four and as alluring and stylish as the picture suggested. She stood by her husband, smiling confidently in a designer white dress that clung well to her well kept and rousing figure. Beside her, John wore a suit and before them, seated upon an antique bench, Michael (7) and daughter Emily (4). All the Thompson's looked happy and contented. With a nice house and comfortable, middle-class, lifestyle the British family of four could want for little else.

Despite this, John, feeling so undeserving of what he had, hid a secret from his wife. He wished her to sleep with other men. Indeed, like many modern, white husbands, John wanted Marie 'Bulled Black'.

He just didn't know how to approach the topic with her, afraid she might leave him if he did. Even after her two young children, Marie Thompson was a stunning woman with extremely fine figure, well known for her charm, charity and broad, rather dark sense of humour. At thirty three she was elegant with striking, classical looks, light skin and dark hair that fell just past her slender shoulders. She was a 'Lady' and had always been confident in her body, working out regularly and keeping a neat, trim waist that lead up to a weighty, 34dd cleavage that looked as good in a bikini as a dinner dress. Marie always prided herself on being well dressed too, her bedroom wardrobe full of dresses, outfits and shoes that John lavished her with. While he liked her to look good, not for him, but for other men, she remained innocent of her husbands fantasies. As his lovely lady was putting his children to bed, John would sit in his study, chatting online to black men from all walks of life who had a specific liking for white, married women.

Over the last two years in particular John had developed a strong infatuation with begin cuckolded by a black man. He knew his white family made a perfect target for any like minded alpha male and appreciated how satisfying a bull would find it to fuck wife like Marie Thompson. Often, he would fantasise about a black clients fucking Marie over his desk while he carried out his work. Equally exciting to him was that she knew nothing of his interests and remained as loyal and perfect as ever. The locked drawer beside John's desk was always filled with interracial magazines and videos that if discovered at home would have surely horrified his wife. He had, despite contemplating it many times, never so much as built up the courage to ask Marie what she thought, much less explain to her what he wanted. During his idle hours John could imagine little more exciting and terrifying than offering up his own, well kept and highly desirable wife to a well endowed and dominant black man. She had no idea how much the man she loved wanted her used like a slut, stuffed and filled by hard cock.

Unsurprisingly, there were no shortage of men wanting to do just that, particularly when they set eyes on the lovely wife and mother. Over recent months John had even been giving out pictures and details of Marie, including, on request scans of her driving licence and passport. He always wanted to prove that she was 'real' and not some made up fantasy. At first, when asked for photographs of his wife, John had hesitated. It seemed wrong to share without her knowledge and was certainly a risk and a severe breaking of trust. Yet after the first time it became easier and John was amazed at how excited it made him feel. Wedding, holiday or family 'day out' photos followed. John enjoyed chatting to men who were experienced and dominant, particularly those who wanted to own and become part of a white family. Sex between husband and wife was regular and though John was a rather short performer, Marie always enjoyed being close with her husband, often telling him that size was not an issue for her. Despite her efforts John always felt that this was just her loving nature and more than ever, wanted a single minded, black male capable of fucking over not just his wife but his strong, healthy marriage too.

John had, in his emails the contact details of twelve black bulls with several, choice men he chatted to regularly. They were spotted up and down the country and ranged from those wanting their first white pussy to experienced 'wife fucker's' who had two or three married women on the go. Most ranged from early twenties to mid fifties although John had a sixty two year old whose proud intention was to one day make him watch while he rutted Marie bare on their marital bed. Each had been obtained from forums or advertisement pages on cuckold sites and though occasionally lured in with false promises, were captured by the white, woman in the photos. 'Sharing' Marie in this way was incredibly exciting to John and each 'Bull' was in agreement that Marie needed 'blacking' as soon as possible. Often they would question him on how he was going to make it happen. Indeed, John was often told that if he really wanted this, he should tell her and deep down, he knew it.

One night, John sat in his study deciding what to do. He had been chatting about Marie to a horny black stud that very afternoon and a tissue on the desk contained the results of another erotic discussion. Once again their wedding anniversary was approaching, signalling the end of another year. Yet he had made little progress with making his dream a reality. Did he really want this or was it just a deep seated fantasy? Everything he had read suggested that once done, there was no turning back. The relationship between husband and wife was changed forever and there was no guarantee matters would progress the way he imagined. John wanted regular black dick for his wife, not a divorce. How would such a question change Marie's opinion of him. Some other husbands had even warned him away from making it 'real' although in truth he was completely unsure of how she would even react when asked. John mulled it over and with a nod told himself that he did want this for himself. He loved his wife very much but this was something more. Not just for his benefit but hers too.

After a few stiff drinks he waited until Marie had put the children to bed then intercepted her on her way downstairs. By then he was feeling genuinely apprehensive.

'Honey?', he said, his mouth dry and voice already wavering. 'I need to talk to you'. She had looked concerned, seeing the look of caution on his face and perhaps fearing some hidden, bad news. She followed as he led her to their bedroom, sitting down next to him and taking his hand comfortingly. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top, unintentionally revealing a glimpse of her full, white bra and firm cleavage as she leaned in assuredly.

'What is it John? You can tell me anything', she said, her smile warm and encouraging.

'Honey', he repeated, pausing and collecting his thoughts, unable as yet to even look his wife in the eye. How did he even begin to ask her. 'I want to know if you'd ever ... sleep with another man?'. John wanted to use to word 'fuck', as that was what he wanted. Somehow, rarely if ever used in the family home, it just didn't fit with his wife's aura. She was no angel but they never spoke to each other in such terms. Marie turned her head curiously and broke into a relieved smile.

'Of course not', she said, obvious relief in her voice. 'I'd never do that. God John! You know you really had me going there'.

'No, you don't understand', John answered, knowing this would be difficult. He thought of man he had just chatted too and knew he would be willing him on. Sweating, the thoughts of his recent online discussions made his cock start to harden. 'I'm asking WILL YOU?'. He watched as, after a short pause, the recognition set into his wife's face. She knew just what he was saying and relinquished hold of her husbands hand, her face draining of colour.

'Jesus John! I don't understand', she said quietly, shocked and partly appalled by her husband. She'd not seen this coming.

Quickly, John led her to his laptop and showed his stunned partner several interracial web-sites. As he tapped away on the keyboard Marie saw the words 'cuckold', 'slut wives' and 'black cock' on the screen. She had seen porn before when some of the girls at work had been fooling around online during their lunch. They had been in fits of laughter but now this was serious, like the look in her husbands eyes.

'This is Jamal', her husband said, small, profile pictures of the well muscled Essex based bull popping onto the screen. They had chatted for months about Marie. 'What do you think of him?'.

'What the hell do you mean?', she asked.

'I mean do you fancy him?'.

'Oh my God John', Marie gasped rolling her eyes and for a moment seemed she was about to walk out of the bedroom. This was ridiculous and her husband was clearly ill. No self respecting woman would even entertain the idea of getting involved in something as low as this, though John's behaviour had been strange recently. So much time alone in his office. Was this what he was doing?

'I think this would be really good for us a couple honey', he said, eagerness in his tone. A different black man appeared on screen, prompting Marie to finally turn away. It didn't matter how many he showed her.

'You think so? What about our marriage. I'm your wife John!'. For the first time there was a look of downright anger in his wife's face. The husband paused and clasped his hands. He was trembling with emotion.

'I know Hon. Just think about it ok?'.

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