by Sylverarow

Tags: Tear Jerker,

Desc: : Short story of what a man's pride may get him.

Dear Gwen,

I guess this note is to say I won't be at the wedding. When you took out "Forsake all others" from both our vows and explained why, I had to think about why we were marrying. When I was younger I did not date because I did not find anyone in my age group I was contented with. In college I dated a couple of times, but again no connection. Then I met you and that changed, I felt a connection to you from the start. This may be hard to believe, or maybe not, but from a young age I knew that I did not want to be with a woman unless I was going to be with her forever. I never wanted a bunch of notches on my belt or bedpost or whatever form the scoring took. Not to say this was easy, hell I am human and I have urges, but without the connections, the urges were not directed at a person only a dream. So I guess you could say you are my dream girl. But even with that I can't marry you, what I can say is I will never be with anyone but you. So I guess by that logic I will never be with anyone. Planning before our vows are even spoken to have a get out of jail free card as part of our marriage is to say the least disheartening. If you don't love me enough to forsake sex with other men, then you don't love me as a husband but as a friend with benefits, and that is not enough to base a marriage on. So tell your parents I love them, but I am sorry that I cannot provide them the grandkids we always spoke about. We may see each other around, I am not running from town, and know I will love you forever, but I won't allow myself to become what you seem to desire. I hope your heart can find someone you love so much you give them everything, BODY, heart and soul. I hope when you find that person they give you the same in return.

Love Always,


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