Breasts Haven't Been Invented

by Sterling

Copyright© 2011 by Sterling

Science Fiction Sex Story: In a species much like ours, there are no breasts and no placentas. Babies are nourished, before and after birth, by that other milky fluid the human species produces. Also, when trying to conceive a baby, both partners know at the instant of ejaculation whether an impregnation is taking place, the event being accompanied by extra pleasure.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

Ralph held one of Meredith's hands; the midwife held the other. She was sweaty all over from the exertion of 21 hours of labor, and her face was slack with exhaustion. The labor had gone on for so long Ralph wasn't sure how much more he could take, and knew it was worse for her. But it was nearly over. As Ralph watched, Meredith's face screwed up in pain and she grunted as her next contraction began. The baby's head was crowning.

"OK, Meredith, one more big push ... now!"

A head appeared, followed quickly by body and fluids.

The midwife caught the tiny thing and began working her magic. The sound of its first cry made Ralph shudder. He'd been through it twice before, but he still wasn't prepared. That cry resonated in the depths of his soul, and blood pulsed into his penis. He dropped his pants and boxers and lay beside Meredith.

"Here you go, daddy!" said the midwife cheerfully.

"It's a girl!" said Meredith as Ralph took the baby. He then lowered the little thing to his crotch and offered the little girl his penis tip. The baby sucked hungrily. Ralph's pleasure built quickly, and within seconds his ejaculation began. The baby greedily swallowed his nutritious semen. It was a defining human moment, a newborn getting her first meal from her father's cock. His spurts were copious, but about five seconds apart, his body designed by nature not to deliver the liquid faster than the baby could swallow.

Cecily, he thought as the ecstasy of orgasm bathed his body. This was his daughter Cecily -- it would have been David if it had been a boy. Cecily would not nurse at her mother's breast. Her mother had no breasts. Neither she, Ralph, baby Cecily or any of the others even had nipples. They would have thought the concept was bizarre. A daddy's semen naturally contained all the nutrients a baby needed.

After ten shots, Cecily had had enough and stopped sucking. The next couple spurts splatted onto her face before Ralph managed to stop himself. With the mess cleaned up, Cecily fell asleep between her parents.

They had not been resting long when the nurse said, "Ralph, Carl says John's hungry."

John was Ralph's one-year-old son, and he was still nursing too. With a kiss for Meredith and one for Cecily, Ralph got up and went into the next room where the babysitter Carl waited with John. Ralph dropped his pants once more and lay back in the recliner, exposing his male apparatus once more.

As John sucked, Ralph's penis rose, erect once more. The big boy's strong lips sucked, but Ralph didn't come right away. He had just come for Cecily a half hour before. John paused and looked up at Ralph, confused.

"Just keep sucking, John, it will come soon," Ralph said lovingly. He made a point of concentrating on how good it felt -- it was easy to just get into a pattern and not really appreciate it. They all said kids grew up before you knew it. As John looked at his son's perfect face and hair and body, his arousal built.

"Almost, John, mmmmm, keep going ... just like that ... Yes!" he moaned as his semen spurted forth. John swallowed his shots, one after the other. But he ran out of semen before John had drunk his fill, and John kept sucking.

"Ouch! Sorry, that's all there is," he said, disengaging his son's mouth from his cock.

This would take some readjustment. Ralph's body would now ramp up production to handle the two of them. He and Cecily would soon get into a rhythm, while he also restored his production to what John needed.

Cecily and John were only half-siblings. In fact, the only full siblings in existence were twins. The genetic pairing that produced a pregnancy only worked once. Ralph was on good terms with John's mother Diane, but she did not attend Cecily's birth. She naturally had somewhat mixed feelings about her son's father having a second baby. Ralph would have similar feelings when Meredith had a second child with another man some day.

Once John was born, Diane had quickly gone back to her job, having no ability to nurse him and no strong hormonal drive to be around her infant. Ralph's body was the one John needed, not Diane's.

Ralph's younger sister Zoe liked her nephew John and looked forward to the arrival of the new baby. When she came to visit Ralph with his new infant Cecily, she was happy for them, and happy for a new niece -- but she realized she was also just plain envious.

Zoe's sex life had started out in high school. She remembered fondly her first time with Evan. Then she and Donald had had a good thing going for over a year. He had learned to satisfy her by bumping fast and hard against her clitoris which was of course part of her cervix. She still kept in touch with him.

She had dated a number of boys after she got out of college. She remembered her first time without a condom, how thrilling it had been. Frank had seen to her orgasm first by kissing his fat penis tip against her cervix over and over -- he had a big cock and it felt great. Then she had followed his rising pleasure with special interest. His cock had gotten even bigger and harder as he pressed it into her deeper and faster. She knew from experience just when he reached his orgasm and began injecting her with sperm. As his semen bathed her cervix, she had felt for the first time that special tender, almost transcendent feeling, but it had not been an impregnation. They said an impregnation was like no other experience life offered, and she wanted to feel it as part of having her own baby.

After she and Frank did it without a condom once, there was no point in using one again, because if they didn't reproduce the first time his sperm bathed her cervix, they never would. Zoe was always fertile, like all grown women. It's just that her woman's body had its own mysterious ideas of who it would get pregnant by. Something to do with pheromones and immune system signature. They said it took a dozen partners on average before a woman would conceive -- some women took hundreds.

The fact that their sex was barren made it less exciting for both of them. It was one factor in why they drifted apart.

Zoe got so she'd usually have sex without a condom on the second date, and then the first -- but only if she liked the guy reasonably well. You really didn't want to have a baby with someone you didn't like.

She'd started speed dating. That was an event where a dozen men and a dozen women met. She would have three minutes with each of the men to chat before they would rotate. At the end of the evening the men and women confidentially entered the ID of any of the other gender they would be willing to try to make a baby with. The software notified the two parties any time there was mutual interest. She had been interested in 7 of the 12 guys, and 3 of them had been interested in her. That was a typical ratio. As a woman she was signing up for a 9-month pregnancy, but the guy was signing up initially for two years of nursing the baby. That bond forged during nursing made fathers more emotionally attached to their babies than the mothers were, so in the natural order of events they had primary responsibility. That in turn made them pickier.

Tim was willing to have sex with her right away after the speed dating event -- it cut out the step of finding a mutually agreeable date, since they both knew they were in fact free right then. She followed him home in her car.

"Oh, Tim, it feels good! You've got a big one and it hits me at just the right spot..." It wasn't that big, statistically, but why quibble. It felt big and it felt good. Exquisite. It seemed like he was doing just what he should to get her pregnant -- but then so had most of the other 80-odd guys she'd done it with.

"Yeah, Zoe, it's fantastic. You're one hot girl!"

"Oh, you hot man! Keep shoving it up my cunt! Give it to me deep! Gobs of jiz!" Might as well throw in a little naughty language. It did feel very, very good.

"Oh, yes, Zoe -- yes, yes, Yes -- AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!"

Zoe felt her cervix moving around in a way it never had before, then she felt the orgasm from heaven consuming her. She could feel her cervix vibrating and it felt as if Tim's mysterious, tender seed was being dumped right into her soul -- as her clitoris sizzled with the vibration and the seminal bath.

Tim was shouting and trembling and clutching her so hard it hurt. She knew from her sex ed course that her cervix had cupped his glans, vibrating to maximize his pleasure. It also formed a seal to keep any sperm from escaping. Each seminal pulse triggered an answering contraction from her, sucking that little shot of seed up into her uterus.

As they came down from their frenzied excitement, they looked at each other.

"We did it!" she said excitedly.

"Yeah!" It was a first baby for both of them. They'd only kissed briefly before as part of foreplay, but now their kiss was long and passionate.

Now Zoe had about 48 hours before her hormones would start kicking in. Her brain was about to start going soft. Her intelligence would gradually fall over the course of the nine months. No pregnant woman could sign a legal contract, and no company would let a pregnant woman continue in a responsible position. Fortunately her normal faculties would return after the baby was born.

She would become self-absorbed, her energies focused on the baby growing within. Her appetite would not increase noticeably. Her baby was not going to take nutrition from her. It was going to be sustained solely by the semen that men were going to ejaculate into her. Today her cervix had sucked up genetic information to create a new baby. For the next nine months it would suck up semen for its nutrition.

Tim would have to ejaculate into her at least once a week -- if her body didn't detect the comforting genetic signature of the father, it would usually abort the pregnancy. Evolution had determined that there was no point carrying a pregnancy to term if no daddy would be there to nurse the baby. But Tim would not be enough to meet the growing fetus's nutritional needs. She would need more. Her hunger would not be for food, it would be for sex.

Thirteen-year-old Aaron was nervous but excited. He was going to lose his virginity. His neighbor Zoe had just gotten pregnant, and everyone knew a pregnant woman was the best partner for your first time. Zoe had asked Aaron's father if he thought Aaron might be interested, and he had leapt at the opportunity.

And here she was with a kind smile on her face, unzipping his jeans and helping him out of them. He felt a little flush of embarrassment as she pulled his briefs down, showing his sexually aroused genitalia to another person for the first time. He didn't think his cock was especially big, and told himself that was fine anyway because he wasn't fully grown. But she positively glowed at what she saw.

She asked, "Do you want me to get undressed, or do you want to just explore under my dress and find what you're looking for that way?"

"Yeah, that would be fun," he said.

And before his eyes this sexy woman lay back on his bed and spread her legs a little.

He hesitated as he touched her calf below the hem of her dress.

"Really?" he asked. "You don't mind?" He knew what she wanted, but at some level it was still hard to believe.

"Yes, really!" she answered with a big smile. "I'm all yours."

And there he was, sliding his hand into the mysterious and heretofore forbidden regions up under a woman's dress. The space was warm and her thigh silky. He slowly lifted her dress so that he could see as well as touch the miracle of this sexually available femininity.

He felt a surge of lust when her crotch came into view. It was a little hairy, but in the center was a vertical slit where he realized with astonishment he was welcome. And his desire to plunge into that slit was strong and primal.

He lowered his body and touched his penis tip against the slit. With the fingers of one hand he separated the lips to reveal more wet flesh within and the hole he was headed for.

He pressed, and this heavenly cavity yielded before this thrust, taking him inside a little, then a little more. He pressed as hard as he could and Zoe's body accommodated his entire penis. His inward surge was stopped only by his pubic bone pressing against hers. And then he felt his penis tip specially caressed, given a hug within a hug.

Following his body's commands, he began sliding in and out. The sensations were fantastic, but the knowledge of what he was doing was even better. His cock was driving in and out of a female for the first time. He wanted to make it last, but his biology and the perfect sensations were too much. Within seconds of his initial drive to the hilt his cock pulsed rhythmically, delivering semen into the pregnant woman's vagina. Each pulse of his was answered by an exquisitely pleasurable little suction from her cervix as it cupped him. When his pulses died down he slid out and sat between her legs, a dazed and goofy expression on his face.

"Looks like you enjoyed that!" she said. "Glad I got to share it with you. Thank you so much for helping my baby grow! We can keep doing it if you want..."


"I'll start getting ditsy and silly; you won't laugh at me?"

"Oh no, I'd never dream of laughing at you!"

"Good," she said, and kissed him on the cheek.

Zoe was eight months along. While Tim would make enough semen to feed the baby once it was born, the nutritional pipeline through her cervix was far less efficient than delivery of semen to a baby's stomach, and a vagina just didn't call forth the same quantities of semen as a baby's mouth. While the baby was inside, she needed a lot of intra-vaginal ejaculations from a lot of men.

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