Quantum Entanglement

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: An intelligent cheating wives tale

I'm beginning to think that intelligence is over rated. After spending nearly my entire life in the collection of knowledge, I've begun to see weakness in what I've done.

Right now you're thinking this guy is no rocket scientist. And you know what? You're right. I'm the smartest guy in the room. I'm a Theoretical Physicist. I'm the guy who scares rocket scientists. I play around with concepts like String Theory, and of course my personal favorite Quantum Entanglement.

One of my old teachers Professor Harry in VA once told me that Theoretical Physicists as a whole are so smart that we're stupid. He told me that our science was so heavily interred in theory that in most cases practical application of what we worked on was centuries away. He also warned me that I was so deeply rooted in theory that I lacked some of the attributes of far lesser scientists, namely, observational skills and common sense.

I must admit that he was correct in that. I've been working for most of my career in a small regional but first class university, Bozen Scholastic University, in California. I make an extremely decent living and my wife worked there as well. That was back when I had a wife.

Roughly 10 years ago we divorced, due in part to two things. One of those two things was my fault. It was the aforementioned lack of observational skills. We had just had a nice hot tub put into our backyard. I was thinking about getting into that same hot tub to relax after a half day of work when it happened. I'd given my class the afternoon off to study for the next day's final which caused me to arrive home several hours early.

I got out of my car and stepped into my yard to find my wife performing oral sex on a very large guy. My wife was and still is a decent looking woman. She isn't pretty. Let's face it at the time I was far too INTELLIGENT to select a mate based on beauty. Nor is she extremely sexy. She's solidly built. She's sturdy. She doesn't have large breasts or a round behind, but she's smart as all get out. Or so I thought.

If she was actually that fucking smart, she wouldn't have fucking got caught, or got caught fucking as the case may be. When they noticed me, her eyes got as big as saucers but the guy just got a perturbed look on his face. For a smart woman, both her reaction and her statement were extremely stupid.

"It isn't what you think Sam," she said.

See I told you her words weren't smart.

"Okay Alice," I said. "So if you aren't giving some guy a blow job in my hot tub, what is it?"

She had nothing to say. "Are you going to finish?" asked the guy. He didn't look worried at all. I guess it was probably because as physical specimens go, I was less than impressive.

Once he determined that she was done with him he started putting his clothes on. "Call me," he said to Alice.

"Get out of my yard," I snapped. He just looked at me.

"She won't be calling you either," I said, my voice was the standard for righteous indignation.

"Yeah she'll be calling me," he smirked. I got really angry and charged up to him so I could give him a piece of my mind. I never saw it coming. I don't think he even put any effort in the punch that laid me out. It was probably a few minutes later when I woke up. I was lying in the grass of the yard and my wife was leaning over me. At least I thought it was her I couldn't see because the lummox had broken my glasses.

"Are you okay?" she asked me handing me what was left of my glasses.

I moved into a sitting position and made sure that all of my various body parts worked.

"I'm fine," I said. "Who was that gorilla?"

"He works in maintenance," she said. "He's going to be a student next term."

"Why are you still here?" I asked her.

"What do you mean?" she asked. "Where else would I be?"

I told you guys, for a college professor, Alice could be fairly thick sometimes.

"Alice, you have to leave. So start packing. I am willing to give you a reasonable amount of time to gather your belongings but you really need to be out of here and soon."

"Samuel Stanford, what are you talking about?" she asked.

"Alice, you're an INTELLIGENT woman. Surely you understand that you cheated on me so our marriage is over.

Her eyes got bigger. She probably hadn't considered this a possibility.

"Sam, that isn't what I wanted at all," she said. "You're blowing this totally out of proportion. We're INTELLIGENT people. We understand that marriages have their ups and downs. Also there's the fact that love and sex are completely different things. It isn't necessarily a tenet of the modern marriage that the spouses have sex exclusively with each other. In Europe both spouses have affairs all the time. Women take lovers, men take mistresses. It's considered normal.

"We aren't in Europe, Alice," I said calmly. "When did you decide that you wanted to have a European marriage?"

"Well Sam we've been married for a while and our sex life has never been a strong part of it. I guess that biologically I'm getting to an age where I want more sex," she said. "And I want different types of sex."

"So you went to the zoo and got yourself a gorilla," I snapped.

"Well he fills a need that you don't or at least you haven't," she said. "I'll do whatever you want to make up for this."

"I've already told you what I want Alice," I said. "Yet you're still here."

"Well how long do I have to leave for?" she asked.

"Forever Alice," I said. "I don't know how they handle it in Europe, but over here most divorced spouses don't live together."

Then she really looked shocked. "I have no intention of moving out of my house permanently," she said. "And you need me. I'm your wife for God's sake. Who will you go to the science dept. functions with?"

"Alice, this house was given to me by my parents. It won't be considered a marital asset. It literally is not your house. I did like being married to you but I don't need you. I'm perfectly capable of living on my own. I did for many years before we met. And I'm quite sure that after our divorce is final I'll find suitable or maybe not so suitable women to date. Since picking a woman solely for her INTELLIGENCE didn't work out for me, maybe next time I'll pick someone that I'm actually attracted to."

She looked hurt by my last statement. "But Samuel," she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Where will I go?" she asked.

"Perhaps you can move in with the gorilla," I said. "Now excuse me, Alice but you have packing to do and I really must put something on my lip. It's beginning to swell. If I don't see you before I leave, good luck on your future endeavors. Make sure you leave the key on the counter."

So ended my first marriage. Alice was all broken up by it and began calling me and stopping by to talk, all during the process. I was adamant though and the divorce proceeded with all due speed.

The judge ruled in my favor and I got the house. We were ordered to split all of the marital assets 50/50 and I didn't have to pay her a dime since we were both employed and doing the same job.

It was perhaps a year later that my life got interesting. I was teaching the first day of my introduction to physics class when I noticed an interesting name on my class roster. Gregory Hawkes, was the gorilla from my hot tub scene with Alice. He was in my class. Not that I intended to be cruel to him or use my position to make his life difficult but it was interesting.

As the class filed in and took their seats I looked out at the room full of young impressionable faces. Some of these students could go on to become important people in the world of science. Others would drop out before mid terms.

There are many different types of particles that make up the matter that composes the universe. There are just as many different types of people. I'd just started my introductory lecture with that astounding fact when it was proven before my eyes.

A young woman walked into my class a few moments late. She was a bit on the shorter side and a little bit chunky. She had lank short brown hair and large glasses. She was wearing loose fitting yet comfortable blue jeans. As she picked out a seat she stumbled on the loose board that I'd asked several times to have fixed. Her book-bag flew through the air and she took a tumble but being young and wiry she suffered no ill effects except for a temporary loss of dignity.

"Hey watch it," said one of the guys near her. She apologized and started picking up her belongings. There was a lot of mumbling going on in the middle row where she sat. Some of the students were upset about clumsy people interrupting the lecture.

A few minutes after she was settled, the exact same sequence repeated itself. A female student, late for class walks in, stumbles on the board her stuff goes flying. Only this time the results were different. This time the student was Chavonne Robinson. Chavonne Robinson was a horse of a different color.

Chavonne is tall for a girl at 5'11. She was also no tiny petite little thing. Chavonne is more like an Amazonian goddess brought to life. She is also beautiful. Think Wonder Woman with a Tenessee accent. She has long dark almost black hair that shines. She has the clearest blue eyes you've ever seen. Her breasts are huge and her ass is proportionate. Her waist is small in comparison and her legs are very long and sculptured. Did I already mention her soft southern accent? It should be mentioned twice because it's a big part of her sexiness. She also has a really beautiful smile.

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