The Object of His Affection

by Jessy19

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BiSexual, Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A story told from a "different" point of view.

I never imagined finding my one true love at a sex shop. It was a Friday night, past midnight. The shop wasn't packed, but it wasn't empty either. I saw several men and women there. Some men were meekly looking around at the movie section. Some women were laughing at the sex toys. The clerk was having a good time showing a bachelorette and her best friend some gadgets for a bridal party.

I just stood there not quite knowing what to do. The tiny bell on the door chimed when he walked in. He wore his jet black hair slicked back, white polo shirt and khaki pants. His eyes, icy blue and his skin smooth. He looked almost afraid to walk in. He walked in slowly and cautiously as if he was afraid someone he knew would see him there in the midst of all the other toy loving, porn loving people.

I watched as he went to the magazine section and scanned a few pages of the magazine filled with big breasted women. Then he slid over to the movie section just eyeing the selections. He turned for a moment to see if anyone was watching and I guess he saw me eyeing him. His eyes met mine for a moment and then he quickly looked away. I saw him blushing and felt like blushing too.

He continued to scan the movies and the moved towards the toys near me. He eyed several molded boobs and fake vaginas. He wanted to laugh when his eyes widened as he saw an almost "real" looking pussy.

He looked over at me again and walked towards me. He stood in front of me and smiled shyly.

"Hey, you come here often?" He asked and laughed to himself. I wanted to laugh too.

"You want to come home with me?" He asked looking at me up and down. I don't blame him for looking after all I was wearing a sexy short black leather skirt and a dark red low cut top and my black stilettos completed my look. I wouldn't tell him I wasn't wearing a bra or panties. I would surprise him.

"I'm a little lonely tonight. I could use the company of a fine looking woman such as yourself," he said and smiled shyly.

My eyes said it all. Take me home with you! He seemed so sweet and sincere.

A few minutes later we were back at his place. It was small, neat and comfy. I was sitting down on the couch while he went to get some wine. He came back with two glasses. He sipped his wine slowly and stared at me.

"I can't believe I brought you over. This is by far the craziest thing I've ever done." He sips again. "So what's your name? I think I should call you Sunny because of your blonde hair. You look like those pretty California girls. You look like a Sunny to me."

I liked the name he chose for me. I never thought of myself as a Sunny but it was cute the way he said it. He sipped his wine slowly and then put the glass down on the coffee table next to mine. He stood up and went over to his Bose portable system and searched his ipod player for the best song to play. He put on some slow music, Sinatra I think.

He came back and sat next to me. He stared at me from head to toe. "You're the first woman I ever bring home you know that?"

I felt privileged. A guy as hot as this, and I'M the first one he brings home?

I watch him lick his lips and he moved towards me. He places his lips against mine. He feels good! He tastes good! His lips part and his tongue slides in my mouth pressing up against mine. He puts his arms around me and holds me tight. I'm enjoying this immensely. My other friends had told me that men were never this gentle with them. Most men were rough when it came to starting up. Not my man. He's sweet, gentle and kind. One hand starts creeping up under my top. I like it more. The more the touches me, the more alive I feel.

He breaks our kiss and starts to caress my face. "You're so beautiful you know that? I think I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you at that shop. I think you and I are good together." He kisses me softly. He strokes my long blonde hair and starts kissing my neck. His warm kisses trail from my neck down to the top of my chest.

"We need to get this off you," he says tugging at my top.

He starts pulling it up over my head. My hands adjust above my head so he can slip off the top easily. He stares at my bare breasts. My nipples are already hard and a dark brown color. He licks his lips and bends his head to put one breasts on his mouth. His tongue circles around my hardened nipple while his other hand plays with my other breast. His mouth and hands feel incredible! I sit back and enjoy my man. His hot mouth moves taking turns tasting each breast and licking each nipple. He trails kisses down to my tummy and one hand gropes the zipper holding up my skirt. He struggles to unzip it. His hands are shaking. He seems super nervous! I think it's totally adorable.

He manages to pull off my skirt leaving me completely naked. He looks at my nude body and his eyes widen. "You are hot. So hot..." he kisses my lips again slowly.

I say he's hot too. I think he's sexy!

He stands up and takes off his white polo shirt revealing his bare chest with little hair on it. I feel even more excited watching him slowly getting nude for me. I wanted him to hurry up and take it all off fast but he wanted to tease me it seemed. He blushed as he stood bare-chested.

"You like what you see Sunny?"

I say yes!

He kicks off his shoes and bends to take off his socks. He slowly undoes his belt and slips it off throwing it on the floor along with his other pile of clothes he just took off. I can see he's hard as a rock through his khaki slacks.

Hurry up! I beg.

He unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to the floor. He steps out of them and remains in his white brief boxer shorts. His cock looks like it's ready to spring out of his boxer shorts and into my pussy.

"You like what you see so far Sunny?" He rasps.


He peeled his boxer shorts off his incredible body slowly. His cock was hard, big and looked delicious!

He came to me and stood naked with his cock pointing at me. He knelt down in front of me and pulled me down some. He spread my legs wide and began to taste me. Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I wanted to cry out in sheer ecstasy. He snaked his tongue all over my pussy. His tongue was slimy and strong and felt so good lapping up my juices.

He stopped for a moment and looked up at me. His loving eyes were now filled with pure lust. He moved up towards me and grabbed my long legs and wrapped them around his waist.

"I want you," he whispered breathlessly.

I want you too!

He adjusted himself between my legs and slipped in his cock. I felt my pussy widen up by his size. He entered me easily and gently. I heard him moan. He bit his lower lip and closed his eyes.

"You feel so good baby. So good!"

So do you! I love how you feel inside of me!

He opened his eyes and looked at me. He began moving in and out of me. He was panting with each thrust. His moaning increased and beads of sweat started showing all over his naked skin.

His cock pounded my pussy good. I could feel him so deep inside of me I thought his cock might come out of my mouth! He pressed his body up against mine and laid himself on top of me. It was a bit uncomfortable for a moment. My legs were up on his shoulders now and I was slouched on the couch. It got comfortable right away when he began pumping in and out of me faster.

It thought it had been forever but realized it had only been maybe two or three minutes when I felt a surge of warmth filling me. My man moaned deeply and closed his eyes. I watched him as he climaxed inside of me. He looked hot as he came. His sticky hot seed was swimming inside of me, deep inside of me.

"Oh fuck!" He groaned. "Oh shit."

He stared at me and his eyes met mine. His eyes were beady now and his body covered in sweat. He looked somewhat embarrassed.

"Sorry. I didn't know I'd cum so fast. It's just that..." his voice trailed off and he flopped on the couch next to me. He was fighting to catch his breath. "You are my ... first? I know that's pretty fucked up huh? Here I am a 34 year old dude that has never had sex before and the first time he does, he cums in like three minutes."

So what? We got all night.

He laughs and tosses his head back. He stares at the ceiling fan and his breathing slows. "Hope you don't think I'm a lousy screw and then go tell all your friends." He laughs again.

I'd never say anything. I think you were great!

He turned to face me. His icy blue eyes looked tired. "We can do more things tomorrow. I promise. I promise I'll be better. It's been such a long day and you are so new to me." He leaned in to kiss me. "You want to sleep with me? Or would you rather sleep out here?"

With you! With you!

He smirked and stood up. He grabbed me and carried me over to his room. He slammed me down on the bed. I wanted to laugh.

"I'm going to take a shower," he said. "You maybe want to take one with me?"

Yes! I want to keep looking at your naked body!

He grabbed me again and carried me over to his bathroom. I waited as he turned on the hot water making the bathroom steam up. I saw my own reflection on his bathroom mirror. My blonde hair was a mess!

My man and I go into the shower. I watch him soap himself up and then he soaps me up. He washes my body and my hair with a unisex smelling shampoo. We kissed more in the shower. My man leaned me up against the cold tile and pressed himself against me. His cock hardened again. He eyed me curiously and made me get down on my knees.

The water continued to rain down on us. He stood in front of me holding his erection.

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