All Aboard Betty

by Kalodin

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Betty is a 60 something gal who loves sex and especially likes to entertain herself with young men, two at a time, while riding a cross-country train. Climb aboard because Betty likes to kiss and tell.

My friend, George, the sleeping car attendant, teases me with a double entendre private nickname. He calls me "All-Aboard Betty." Let me explain. I have necessarily drawn George into a conspiracy because I need him to achieve my purpose during periodic journeys aboard The Frontier, a transcontinental passenger train. When I'm aboard the Frontier becomes instead the Piece Train. (Apologies to Yusuf Islam. The devil made me do that.)

It is a risqué appellation that alludes to my dalliances as The Frontier makes its leisurely way across the continent. I love sex. I want to fuck and be fucked. It gives me not only great pleasure but also affirmation as an attractive and desirable woman. I do all that I can to assure that I will not "go gently into that goodnight."

I particularly love to fuck much younger men preferably large and well endowed young men. At the same time I don't dismiss for dimension where imagination and enthusiasm compensate. If I can bring them to like minds with me (as I do) I get my greatest pleasure in taking on a pair at the same time. (I may work myself up to a troika one day.) At certain times of the year I've found The Frontier to be a rewarding venue to select and seduce those I choose to bring into my bed and my body.

Thus, George teases good-naturedly, calling me privately "All Aboard Betty." Until now what I tell you has been just between George and me. George is a willing co-conspirator who remains committed to protecting our privacy when my sexual gandy dancers are laying me down and pounding home their spikes of flesh. He also acts as my protector and I can reach him quickly if some asshole sadist or brute tries to hurt me or force me to do something I don't want to; anal sex for example. If you like that you might as well quit reading now because there's no ass-fucking or sadism in my story.

George also facilitates by arranging dining car seating, discrete access to and egress of my compartment, room service and other incidental courtesies that smooth the way for seduction of my chosen partners. On occasion he has also served as photographer and videographer. He has complete access to the entire train and has become an excellent scout for candidates that he knows will please me. In return I compensate George with a generous tip at the end of our journey.

I also treat him to sex that includes cum in my mouth blow job(s), all the sucking, fondling and fingering he wants or that our time allows, jacking off and cumming on me, and all the pussy he can eat; but no fucking. George is quite happy with our arrangement. He is a very big man, 6'4", probably 240 lbs., with big hands, big feet, and a very large thick love muscle. It makes my mouth water and my pussy hot when he takes it out of his pants.

He loves my oral attention to his substantial cock. Not only does he love to suck my nipples and lick my breasts which alone drives me wild, but also he is an exciting and thorough pussy eater. Not being allowed to impale me with his substantial rail splitter, he convinces himself that he thereby remains faithful to his wife. George obviously has every good reason to remain discrete about his services to me and my services to him; so he is willingly bound to me. But he is only a fillip, a morsel, a diversion, a means to an end. He is 49 years old. But for his functionality in achieving my purpose he is outside, above and beyond, the average age range of my preferred sex partners. My main purpose is to give and receive sex; to be kissed, caressed, mouthed, fondled, fingered and fucked to exhaustion by men much younger than George, that I cull from my fellow travelers.

George is also the only person on the Frontier who knows my true age. Certainly my lovers know that I am a mature woman, much older than the young men who happily mount me when I bring them to a fevered pitch of pussy-hungry lust. It thrills me incredibly that I am able to evoke such hunger in men young enough to be my sons or even, in a few cases, my grandsons. But they don't get to know my actual age.

In fact I am 63 years old and retired. I am blessed with good genes and the years have been kind to me. Also I am now single. I exercise and watch my diet. I am a very open and sensual woman; very sexually active and proven desirable. I still turn heads, even the younger men usually take double looks. No young man has turned away when I offered myself. I feel a great sense of freedom since I am no longer fertile. No matter how copious my bucks unload their hot cum into my needy vagina I have no concern about becoming knocked up.

I am 5'6" tall in my bare feet; pretty feet at that; feet that I like to have fondled and kissed; feet that I use to rub an excited penis until it fountains squirts of cum, satiating a happy stud. I have short auburn hair, natural 36D cup with dark protruding nipples. Actually they are generally always hard and in some outfits that I wear can be faintly seen or if not seen through the material, the tips of my nipples are quite easily apparent, pushing against the fabric. In all modesty I have to honestly say I have very fine breasts. They are symmetrical, plump and have remarkably little sag. I have actually made a 19 year-old cum before his first touch, by simply showing them to him, slung like ripe tropical fruit in my very sheer black bra; nipples excited, firmly erect and quite on display Nothing has been added or subtracted from that with which Mother Nature endowed me.

I really enjoy provocative clothes like "fuck me" heels, short skirts, sheer blouses, revealing dresses and bras and plunging neckline dresses, pretty much anything that I can legally get away with; displaying tantalizing bits of my still fairly firm body. As for under my clothes or in the bedroom, I love to wear all kinds of sexy lingerie, sheer or lace bras, stockings and garters. I have two criteria in selecting underpants; sexy and providing easy access within.

My eyes are brown, my skin pink-white Northern European, a mixture of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norman French bloodlines. My face is not wrinkled, save for slight crow's feet at the corners of my mouth and eyelids; my lips are smooth, moist and very kissable. My waist has thickened only a bit since my younger years. My behind is still shapely and proud and has not broadened much over the years. My belly is thankfully still toned and not droopy but just a bit rounded. I have an elongated "inny" naval. Some of my lovers, the perverts, enjoy putting their tongues in it, or the heads of their cocks or if we are masturbating together, squirting it full of cum. My thighs are full but not fat. I love to show off my trim smooth and blemish free legs and flash glimpses of thigh and crotch; the stuff that leaves voyeurs breathless and stroking. I love to be kissed and licked on the so soft apex of my inner thighs; just on either side of my pussy lips; but of course that does not exclude ministering to my pussy. That is in a category by itself. All Aboard

I never wait for the crowd when I board. Shortly before boarding is announced George, knowing I will be making a trip, comes to escort me to his car. I don't want to draw attention to this so I wait away from the crowd and slip onto the boarding platform unobtrusively when George comes for me.

"Miss Betty, you surely are looking fine," he says quietly as we make our way to our car. "I think this is going to be a good trip. I've been looking over this crowd and I think there several young men who are right for you."

"You know I'm eager, George," I said. "So I'm looking forward to seeing them."

Although alone I book a three person compartment so that my multi-partner assignations have reposing area to maneuver when the action gets going. I always book a fictional companion who does not show up so that the customer service staff don't quibble with me about taking a two person compartment. Waiting, I busy myself settling in. Soon after the train begins to move George knocks softly on my compartment door and I welcome him in with a warm mouthy kiss with plenty of tongue as well and a grope of his big cock bulging in anticipation behind the restraint of his clothes.

"Now don't get me stirred, up," he says, hand still fondling my beast. "I've got some good news for you. You'll be seated for lunch at 12:30, table for two. Your lunch partner is about my height but not quite as heavy as I am."

My little pussy sighed and I felt warmth from the blood gathering in my sex. I knew I would soon be damp. George departed to go about his train business and I tried to read. But I was too excited. I took a shower and put on my white lace bra, tap, tap, tapping and pinching each nipple until they poked out proudly bulging the fabric. Frissons of pleasure spread warmth in my groin as I fondled my nipples. I made up my face carefully but with restraint. I did not want to look like a Kabuki dancer. While still nude I checked my pussy feeling the outer lips to see if I needed a maintenance shave. I murmured to her that we were going to have fun and bring her some nice stiff cock to swallow. She contracted and sent a warm wave radiating out through my insides to signal that she was very anxious to engage.

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