The Agreement

by Lemonbelly

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The girls in Kenny's class have banned themselves from dating the boys. Each boy gets one chance to pass a test that will allow him to spend the weekend with three girls of his choice. Can Kenny pass the test?

Today was the day. Today was the day that Kenny Loravitz would go down in school history. The first boy to pass The Challenge.

What am I talking about? Are you sitting comfortably? Good, I'll begin.

Start of term of the fourth year of Canon Whatsit Church of England High School and we found that they had swapped all the classes about. Due to a stroke of luck, we had fifteen of the hottest girls in the year in our form. Not that I'd get any, you see I'm a 'geek'. I'm not the Alpha Geek, the best in the year, but I'm close on his heels, the Beta Geek if you will. It does mean that I am actually blessed with some social skills that Kevin, the Alpha Geek, sadly lacks, and it means that I'm more accepted by the less gifted of my brethren.

The first day, after lunch, the girls had an announcement, something we were to call The Agreement.

Amy, one of the natural leaders of the pack, spoke first.

"Boys, this is our first exam year, and we are likely to be in this class for next year as well, till the end of our GCSEs. We are also going through puberty, and our hormones will be all over the place. Now, we know you are guys and can't help thinking about sex, and we are well aware that we are all pretty hot. Now, in normal circumstances, there will be people asking each other out, tension, jealousy, cliques and bitchiness for the next two years. We figure that if we all work together to pass our exams, we will have the best chance. So to that end, we are saying that we will not go out with any of you, or sleep with any of you. Full stop."

This was greeted with groans, mutterings and general displeasure by their male classmates, most of whom were already calculating whose knickers they were aiming to get into. The grumbling was ended by Shelly, a girl who had a reputation that the only thing that opened more than her mouth was her legs.

"Calm down lads. There is a way to get into our pants. Three of us, per boy, for a weekend, how's that sound to you?" Well, that got us interested! "What will happen is this. During the year, each boy will be asked a question. This will come on the Friday nearest your birthday, though that may change for people who have birthdays near each other. If you answer that question correctly, you can fuck one of us that very Friday. On the Saturday, you can take one of us on a date then fuck us. On the Sunday, you have all day with one of us.

"All of us girls have agreed to this. Now, the only thing we have is that if a girl has been picked already, she can choose not to be put up for picks. Though this can only happen if they are going out with the guy who picked them. Meanwhile, we are free to date whatever boys we want from outside this class, with the understanding that if picked we have to break whatever commitments we have and fuck you. Of course, if you want to date any girl from the rest of the school, then go ahead, it'll give you some practice.

"If this works well, we will repeat it again next year. If we get through the whole school year without being beaten, then boys, drinks are on you at the end of year party."

We didn't really have a choice about it, we all agreed, then supplied our birthdays and a rota was worked out. I had to wait till March, but as it turned out, that was a good thing.

Dave was the first boy up, at the start of October. We all met in our form room at the start of lunch. The girls explained the rules. They would give him the question on a sheet of A4 paper. Just using that piece of paper for workings out, he had ten minutes to tell them the answer and how he worked it out, or he had failed The Challenge. They assured us that he wouldn't need things like trig, logs or whatever that you need a calculator for.

Amy, Shelly and a few of the other girls took him to the next door classroom. He came back ten minutes later, stumped. This was pretty worrying as Dave was a bright lad. The girls allowed Dave to tell us the question. I thought about it and was stumped. It took Kevin almost a quarter of an hour to crack it. We all realised that we'd been played!

Though, give the girls their due, The Agreement was paying off in class. All the teachers loved us because we were all friends; there was no insulting, no mocking the teacher, no trying to show off to impress the girls. We all wanted to work, and we all worked well together. We had a pretty good idea that the teachers knew about The Agreement and were turning a blind eye to it because of the way our class behaved.

Kevin was up a week or two after Dave. He almost cracked it. In fact the only reason he didn't pass The Challenge was because he got rather, let's say, over-excited at the prospect of the upcoming weekend and couldn't get his words out in time.

Amy and her best friend Shelly effectively ran the girl's side of The Challenge. They both had vested interests in keeping the boys out of their pants. I've already referenced Shelly's lifestyle. She enjoyed older men and more importantly, their drinks and their cars. Sorry, did I say cars, I meant to say cocks! Amy had a long term boyfriend. He was a year older and could be a knob sometimes; I wasn't sure what his views on the whole thing were.

Amy lived over the road from me. Our parents were both well off, so there were fair sized front lawns and a wide suburban cul-de-sac between the houses. We both had front facing bedrooms. This is important, as I will demonstrate in mere moments.

We were good friends. When we were younger, most of the families in the street had kids who were much older than us, so we played out a fair bit. I suppose that it was because it was of hanging around with her so much, that I could actually talk to girls, though I wasn't very comfortable around them. I also got them impression that, at least in boyfriend terms, girls didn't think of me that way. Who wants nice when you can have macho, you know? And they say girls mature quicker than boys. At least we can see past the excitement and know if they person we were dating is bad for us! Or is that just me? Yeah, I dated a bit, not really got past 2nd base, not really had anything last longer than a few weeks. Although I do have lots of girls who want to be 'friends' with me. To prolong to torture, they actually insist on it. I thought the idea was that they didn't speak to you after that!

Now, there are two things that Amy doesn't know about me. The first is that I have a bit of a thing for her. It's no biggy, it's not 'she's my one and only'. It's more, I think she is pretty sexy and has a genuinely nice personality. She is a hockey player and developed some decent muscles and a nice set of curves. She has a forceful personality, she has her points of view, her principals and she will defend them, and her friends, with all her being. I have this picture of her in my mind, riding a chariot at the head of an army of Celts against Roman invaders, dark hair flowing in the wind, sword drawn and pointing in the air.

The other thing she doesn't know is that I'm an avid astronomer. Well, no, she knows that I have a telescope. My dad bought this big-arse reflector and even built a dome for the bugger. Once or twice, I've taken Amy there at night to star-gaze. Or more specifically, planet gaze. She thinks that dad is the only real buff, and that I just have a passing interest, but no, I enjoy the science too. In fact I have my own telescope. It's a small refractor that I keep in my room. It turns out that the trees on the road block out most of the light from the street lamps, so I can look out from my room and see a lot of stars. Much more comfortable in the winter!

Now, do you see the connection? Telescope, my thing for Amy, bedrooms that face each other, but a fair distance away? Yep, I used to, on occasion, spy on her. Lights off in my room and open the window. Because of the hedges and stuff that surround her house, and the distance it is set back from the road, she occasionally doesn't close the curtains before she undresses. Now, that is a view to inspire me when I try to get to sleep. I've even watched her have sex once or twice. Now, I can actually fix up my web cam to my telescope and record everything. I haven't yet, but it was always a temptation.

Anyway, it was October, the Thursday before Kevin was up for the Challenge. I was watching Amy just before bedtime. She was on her mobile and holding a book. At the time, the most important thing was that she was in her bra and knickers and walking around talking, so I almost didn't notice the book. The book was a Mensa puzzle book.

I figured it out straight away. This was the book that they used to set the challenges. From the cover, I could see it was from a collection of the toughest puzzles they had. I needed to get my hands on that book.

The only problem was that you could only get the book if you were a member. I didn't really like the idea of joining Mensa. I couldn't see the intelligence of paying money just to prove to others you are intelligent. Then again, I was amused by me being possibly the only person wanting to join Mensa to get laid!

Joining wasn't too hard. Apply for a home test. I had an hour to do two problems. Within thirty minutes they were in the reply envelope and in the post box with money to get it marked.

A month later, I went into Birmingham to sit a written test under exam conditions, more money. A few weeks later, they sent me my membership details, I was in.

The membership package allowed me access to the website, and more importantly, the shop. My mum was rather cynical when I told her that I'd joined Mensa, however she agreed to purchase the books I wanted, partly as a Christmuka (Jewish family, Christian country) present, partly for their educational value.

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