Going Home to Die

by The Old Man

Tags: Ma/Fa, Time Travel, Tear Jerker, Military,

Desc: Time Travel Story: A story were a young man goes back and time after coming home From Vietnam

Coming Home? ME 8 1969 Vietnam to 1965

Staff Sgt. Don Johnson is heading home to day Jan. 12 1965

He Stops by the school he left 4 years ago no that's 6 mo. from now and he watches the kids leave the Building.

What can he say to himself as he sees a younger self walking out of the school with May Sue. He wants to cry but he can't he seen to much and has lost the ablate to cry for now. As he drops the picture of Mary Sue and there son to the ground. there gone and have not happen yet. He straightens his Beret and walks the two miles home his bag is over his shoulder.

As he Walks home he sees the town as it was in his dreams of home, The people stare at him for most don't know who that young old man is, and those that do are shocked when they see his eyes, He has the 1,000 mile stare in them. The older men know that stare from there younger times in the last war.

He Knocks on the Door of his home and his little sister answers the Door.

She looks at him and screams Mom, Dad there someone here.

He looks down at her and smiles at her, May I come in.

His Dad comes to the Door and sees him and says Donny come in and sit down son. Betty Sue go get your Mother and tell her to come here.

Mr. Johnson looks at his son and said I see you have grown some and looking at his sons ribbons and seen some hard times. Don's mom comes in the living room and stops dead in her tracks. Don states how are you Mom, and am I home or not. I can go if you want.

I walked out of the Garage were I was working on my car when my mom called out to me. I head into the Living room there sitting on the couch was a soldier. That when I realized that I was looking at myself.

Sgt. Johnson looked up when he heard foot steps coming from the garage and realized it was himself 4 years younger. He spoke first hi Don yes I'm you. How is Mary Sue.

Don was very shocked and said what going on here. Mom, Dad.

His dad looking at both of his son said I think you have just come home from Vietnam, I'm right am I not Donny. Sgt. Johnson nod his head.

I hope you don't mine I'm here Don.

I drooped in the chair and looked at myself and saw my eyes they were strange I had never seen eyes like that before. Then I looked at his Coat and saw the three rolls of ribbon's and a set of wings,.

So Donny what did I do in the next four years. That's when I saw Donny break down and start crying.

My Dad asked my mom and I to leave him and Donny alone for a few min.'s.

My Dad looked at Donny and said son come on with me to the basement.

He picked up Donny's Bag and headed down stairs. Donny went with him.

Dad went to the Frig and pulled out two beers handing one to Donny,

So how bad was it son.

Donny looked at his Dad drank his beer and said it was bad Dad.

The worst part Dad is this, Dad as he tossed his wallet to his Dad.

His Dad looked in side and said you and Mary-Sue and oh my god son is that who I think it is.

Yes Dad he would of be two this May. I mean four years from this May.

Part3 Coming Home

Oh God Dad what do I say to her if I see her, She Was my wife, my lover,

My best friend. How do I walk away from that. It worse then if she died I would not see her and in time I could forget.

Mr. Johnson getting two more beers and handing Donny one, I don't know son it will be hard.

Cross town at Mary Sue Larson house. Mary Sue has just gotten the Mail in. There are 3 letters to a Mrs. Mary Sue Johnson form SFC D. Johnson from the Republic of Vietnam. She states at them as she carries the mail in,

Her Mother asks Mary Sue what wrong as she sees her Daughter.

Mom look at these letters who could they before. Her Mother taking a look

said Mary-Sue I think they are for you. That's Military Mail and a military post mark on them. Just like the ones your Dad sent from Korea and W.W.II.

Dear I think you should take them to your room and read them.

Mary Sue headed to her room and sat on her bed as she open the first letter.

She Turned red as she read the letter for some of the things written in it made her blush. But she was wondering who this Jimmy he talked about was.

As she read the next letter she was more shocked to find out what Don want to do to her as soon as he saw her. She Now realized who Jimmie was.

Her mother came to her door just before supper and said are you alright Mary Sue. And Seeing the tears in her daughters eyes she asked her what's wrong.

Mom Mary Sue said who would ever say things like this to a woman.

Her Mother took a letter and started to read it she laughed and said oh Mary Sue we have sheltered you haven't we.

Mary Sues Dad called up stairs Dear The Potatoes are boiling over should I turn them off.

Mary Sues Mom Yell back Down stairs John You know enough to do that and why don't you and the Boys eat we will be down latter.

Dear said Mary Sue mom these sound just like the letters your Dad sent to me just before he came home from Korea. But who is this Jimmy that he talking about. Mary Sue hand here the next letter to read.

Mary Sues Mom looks at Mary sue after she reads it Oh my this poor boy

He Coming home thinking he has a wife and little boy. And they both are gone. Come on down stairs and eat. we will talk about this later.

Back across town in the Johnson's basement.

Donny has his coat open and on his 5 beer now.

Well Dad should I call her or not.

Mr. Johnson looks at his son I really don't think so just yet she is Don Girl friend and not your wife.

Across the country in A small town in Georgia on 12 of Jan 1965

The School band was out as was the horror guard from the VFW.

The Preacher gave a moving sermon for Bill Bob Lee who died for his country in a foreign war. His Momma was given his Flag of the Coffin as the lowered it into the ground. His Dad was given his sons medals and they got up and tossed the dirt in the grave. His Family and Friends all did the same as they past the Grave. Bill Bob was the last person to throw dirt on his grave.

He was wondering is this my fate to be dead by 19.

He walked up to his momma and took her hand and helped her in Daddies pickup. The next stop was the VFW Hall were the wake was to held.

His momma and dad gave the VFW his flag and medals to display.

The Beers were passed out and Bib Bob let himself get drunk that day for how often do you see yourself buried. For who was going to stop someone on the day of there Funeral.

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