A Very Nice Day

by pointless

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Hayley's friend Amanda is maddeningly confusing, but that doesn't stop Hayley from wanting her more than anything or anyone else.

If it had been anyone else besides Amanda calling to wake Hayley up after two, maybe three hours of sleep and dared to be cheery while Hayley wanted nothing more than to be allowed to be aggressively pissed off at everyone and everything in the world Hayley likely would have snapped and not just because she was tired. She was also hung over, broke and unemployed. She really hated all three, but the hangover was simply the worst. To make matters worse she'd also wasted the alcoholic buzz that led to her hangover on her older sister Marie and Marie's annoyingly straight, mind-numbingly ditzy and unbelievably and enticingly cute (and totally off limits) friends.

Fuck, the light, but constant throbbing pain in her head; the odd, general achiness of her body and the weird feeling that she was vaguely and extremely unclean might have all been worth it if she'd at least gotten laid or managed to at least acquire a phone number or two, but no. Hell, she hadn't even managed to get a nice, friendly ego boosting flirt or three in with her prudish, over protective but admittedly well meaning sister (Marie wasn't a homophobe, after all. She simply and understandably didn't want her sister sleeping with her friends because, as she put it, "That'd just be way too fucking weird") hanging around, so, yeah, it was easy to understand why Hayley was simply not in the mood to be awakened that particular morning.

The mere sound of her cell phone rattling loudly against the hard wooden surface of her night stand was almost enough to send her into a murderous rage. She came very close to doing the unthinkable by nearly attempting to smash her precious cell phone against the night stand just to shut it the hell up. Luckily her rational mind managed to kick in just as she about to give in to her destructive urge to remind her that she really didn't have the money to buy a new phone, so she instead simply pushed talk and brought it to her ear without even bothering to open her eyes long enough to check the number as she grimaced and gruffly asked "Who is this?"

"Well good morning to you too," Hayley heard Amanda's voice say in her usual playful tone and Hayley's mood instantly brightened even though she really didn't want it to. Well, she really did if only because she felt like death warmed over at that particular moment in time. There was however a small part of her that had kind of hoped the caller was someone she hated so she could rip into them with a torrent of empty threats and meaningless curses. That part of her of was now understandably disappointed, but the rest of her was more than willing to ignore those dark feelings in favor of being stupidly happy at hearing Amanda's sweet voice even though she chose to pretend otherwise as she playfully responded with an obviously halfhearted and insincere "What the fuck do you want?"

"I love you too," Amanda came back lightly and followed it quickly with a laugh in response to Hayley's frustrated groan. "Ahh, it's so cute how you're always so grumpy in the morning. It almost makes it hard for me to spoil your mood with some good news."

"What are you fucking talking about? Did you finally break up with what's his face?" Hayley came back honestly as she dug at an old wound knowing full well that it was highly unlikely. In fact, Amanda's seemingly unbreakable allegiance to her idiot of a boyfriend was the main speed bump on the road to Hayley's happiness. Hayley, however, really wasn't trying to be bitter or pick a fight. She was simply trying to keep up her grumpy fa├žade because it both felt good and because she knew Amanda would likely think she was ill if she didn't give her a few pokes just for the hell of it.

"Yeah, no, not yet," Amanda said in a light, unserious manner as she took an audible drag from what Hayley assumed was a joint just from the fact that Amanda didn't continue for a good second or two before finally adding in a rough, smoky voice "Maybe later though. He is asking for it, the fucker."

"Well, then what is the good news and why the hell are you smoking without me?" Hayley shot back this time with naked and authentic jealousy.

"Hey, you want to get high just come over, but if you must know Kasey is over and that's kinda like the whole point of my call," Amanda said her voice now clear, but decidedly calmer before adding "And no, the good news is not a threesome, so don't even say it you fucking pervert."

"What? I wasn't even thinking that," Hayley lied because that was indeed exactly what she would have said if Amanda hadn't stolen her thunder. Not seriously because Kasey was Amanda's cousin and Amanda was sadly not quite that open minded, but whatever. Hayley quickly found a way around her friend's block as she teased "But it's good to know that I've managed to get you thinking about it. I mean, you already admitted she was cute..."

"Oh my god, stop being gross or I'm not going to hang out with you today and I'm not going to tell you the good news," Amanda replied with a bit of an edge to her voice that Hayley found vaguely satisfying. In fact, she was satisfied enough to let go of her attempts at teasing and instead apologized halfheartedly and urged Amanda to spill on the good news and soon found herself perking up as Amanda said "You remember when I said that Kasey's job might be hiring soon and that if they were that she'd total put in a good word for you? Well, they are and she totally did and her boss is like totally interested in giving you an interview like sight unseen. I mean, they want you to fill out on an app and shit, but Kasey says it's like almost guaranteed if you just stop in tomorrow, so yeah ... isn't that fucking awesome?"

"You're not fucking with me are you?" Hayley came back cautiously even though she was now sitting up in her bed thanks to the boost in positive energy she'd received just hearing that she might finally have a lead on a real job. Well, a real crappy job working at a crappy little liquor store for probably not much more than minimum wage, but a job offer was a job offer. After being out of work for over three months (not counting a few temp jobs that never lasted more than a few days and a couple aborted efforts at some absolute dumps that simply were not worth it) and living off the tiny amount of money she'd saved for her aborted move to South Carolina while driving herself mad with boredom Hayley was willing to take just about anything short of prostitution.

"Yeah, I wouldn't tease you about that. I'm not that mean and Kasey's total serious too. I mean don't go around telling everyone but she's totally sleeping with him, so ... Oh, shut up, Kasey. Hayley isn't going to tell anyone. She doesn't even care. Do you?"

"Fuck no. I just need a job. She could be fucking the dude's entire family for all I care," Hayley came back even as she realized thanks to the sudden increase in the volume of background noise that Amanda had switched her to speaker so Kasey could hear her.

"See? She couldn't care less," Amanda said and then Hayley heard Kasey reply in the background "Good, but just don't tell anyone. He's kind of involved and he'd be super pissed if he knew I told anyone."

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry. You're secret is safe with us, you whore," Amanda said again directing her words towards her cousin and Hayley quickly found herself listening in as Amanda and Kasey exchanged a few playful blows and insults before Amanda finally apologized and said "But anyway ... yeah, so like come over and shit. Kasey has to split for work soon, but she totally brought over an app so you can just fill it out and you can go out tomorrow and drop it off around ... when would be good? ... Oh, okay, like sometime between noon and three."

"Fuck, she works way out by the state park doesn't she?" Hayley said suddenly feeling a bit down.

"Yeah, why? Oh, fuck, that's right. Sorry, I forgot about your fucking car. Shit, I'll take you," Amanda said with barely a thought.

"But I thought you were going out with what's his face tonight?" Hayley responded still a tad down trodden as she recalled her last conversation with Amanda the afternoon before when she'd hoped to blow off her sister only to instead get blown off herself by Amanda thanks to pre-existing plans to hang out with her shitty boyfriend.

"So? That doesn't mean I can't give you ride. Besides, I don't even know if I want to. He's kinda pissing me off. God, after last night ... ugh, but whatever, I'll tell you all that shit later ... Anyway, fuck him. We can hang out and have like a good, old fashioned girly sleepover and shit."

"Now that I could definitely go for," Hayley said in a tone that was more than a little sleazy and received a very impertinent laugh in reply. It was not, however, Amanda's laugh as evidenced by Amanda's bored admonishment to "Shut up, you prude" that was clearly not directed at a now mildly embarrassed Hayley forcing Hayley to ask the obvious as she said in a much less flirtatious manner "I'm still on speaker aren't I?"

"Yep," Amanda replied clearly amused as she quickly followed it with a light chuckle. "But it's okay. Kasey's just jealous."

"Whatever," came Kasey's laughing response. "I could give a shit about you guys being all gay for each other. I was laughing at how pervy she sounded."

"Pfft, whatever," Amanda said dismissively. "Don't listen to her. I love how pervy you are and she's total jealous. Just last week she was telling me that..."

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