Blind Date Goes Bad

by El Mano (Cruiser)

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Interracial, First, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young girl becomes the life of the party, even if she doesn't remember it

Sarah James was president of the student body at the high school she attended in the upscale neighborhood where she lived all her life. Sarah was, of course, an honor roll student as well as one of the hottest players on the school tennis team. Sarah had a slim, athletic build with long, nicely muscled legs, trim hips, and an angelic face framed by silky, dark hair that she usually wore long and flowing like a soft, dark cape which hung down past her waist. Her bust, although not overly large, was more than adequate to compliment the rest of her practically perfect body.

Her mother and father were both well respected, young professionals and loved their beautiful, seventeen year old daughter very much. They were very pleased with the fact that Sarah took such pride in herself and in her school. She was not the type to take drugs or to "run" with lots of boys from the proverbial "wrong side of town".

It came as quite a surprise to them then, when mid-way through the first semester of Sarah's senior year, their daughter began to exhibit some unusual behavior one day. Her mother noticed it first. In the past, young Sarah was fastidious, practically to a fault, about her appearance. The young beauty wouldn't dream of even leaving the confines her bedroom, without brushing out her long, dark hair and making sure that her face was clean. Even when she wore blue jeans, Sarah, chose only the best, designer cuts that would accentuate her girlish curves. Whenever she went out, Sarah took great care to apply just the right amount of makeup to her naturally, lovely face. In short, Sarah's appearance was always impeccable.

So, when Sarah's Mom found her lovely daughter sitting at the breakfast table on Sunday morning, her hair a mess, her clothes looking as though they'd been slept in and her face unwashed, she had to ask, "Are you alright darling?"

"Yeah, Mom. I think so. I just feel kinda woozy, that's all."

Sarah had been out with her girlfriends the night before. Her parents trusted her explicitly and very seldom questioned her as to her comings and goings. She could go wherever she pleased within reason, and was allowed to stay out as late as she wanted provided her schoolwork didn't suffer.

This morning, however, Sarah's Mom was worried. "Where did you and your little friends go last night?"

"We went out to Staples Mall," Sarah replied practically inaudibly, cradling her face in her hand.

Try as she might, Sarah couldn't seem to piece together exactly where she had gone after arriving at the mall, or when she had come home. She remembered meeting Lindy and Nichole at B. Dalton Booksellers. The three teenagers had then left the mall after visiting a few more shops and had gone to Giolitti's Pizza. She vaguely remembered that geek, Billy bothering the three of them as usual.

Billy had only been working at the pizzeria for a month or two. 'It was a shame, ' Sarah thought. She really liked the place, but when she and her girlfriends ate there while Billy was working, they had to spend the whole time keeping away from the greasy, young man. He was all hands, he smelled bad and he was stupid. His step-father was the owner of the pizza parlor, so Billy's job was secure no matter how much he harassed some of the customers. Sarah's friend, Lindy told her once that she had actually overheard Billy's step-dad encouraging his dim-witted step-son to pay very "special attention" to any young girls who frequented the pizzeria. Sarah simply couldn't believe that. She told her friend that she must have misunderstood the man. 'After all, ' Sarah reasoned, ' Billy's step-dad is an adult and a business man like her Dad.'

"Sarah ... Sarah, are you OK?"

Sarah shook herself back into the present. Her Mom was leaning over her, shaking her daughter gently by the shoulder. Her mother looked very concerned.

"Have you got a fever, darling? You really don't look well."

"No, Mom, I don't think so. I think maybe I'll go back to bed for awhile."

"OK, honey. I've got to go the supermarket, and I'll be back in an hour. Do you think you'll be alright 'til I get back?"

"Yeah, Mom, I'll be OK, really." Sarah gave her mother a weak smile, got up from the table and walked on wobbly legs toward her bedroom at the end of the hall. She felt terrible. She was light headed and weak. She felt mildly nauseated, and her stomach churned uncomfortably. She also had an unpleasant yet somehow familiar feeling in her lower abdomen, a throbbing soreness, along with some cramping. Perhaps just the onset of her period.

Sarah lay on her bed and tried once again to remember what had happened the night before. She remembered eating dinner, then something about a credit card, and that was about it. Sarah was exhausted and slowly slipped into a fitful half-sleep.

Soon the she fell into an unpleasant, surreal dream. Through a haze, Sarah saw people manhandling her friends, carrying them away. Then strong hands were lifting her, then nothing. Next came a feeling of floating and of being placed prone on a very hard surface. In the background, Sarah, heard laughter, then groans or cries.

Sarah awoke a few hours later not feeling much better. She got up to use the bathroom. Sarah pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet, but when she bore down, the uncomfortable feeling in her lower abdomen became much more pronounced, radiating to her lower back. The teenager was a little alarmed to see a small amount of blood on the toilet paper when she wiped herself. 'What's happening to me?' Sarah thought.

Dropping the piece of toilet paper into the bowl, Sarah began to explore herself gingerly with one finger. She found that she was rather tender down there, particularly around her vaginal opening. "Ow!" she moaned softly. She was really sore. Carefully, the young girl slipped her finger up inside her vagina. She seemed to be swollen inside. It felt almost like... 'almost like she'd had sex?' she asked herself. 'No way!' she thought. 'That's just not possible!'

Sarah had had sex only once in her life. That had been a year ago after a party. She had had a little too much to drink which was very unlike her, and later had let her boyfriend, Rick go a lot farther than she later would have cared to admit. But, it had happened. It had hurt a little, but Rick had been as gentle as he knew how. It had been his first time too. Sarah wasn't too proud of having allowed it to happen and refused Rick any further advances after that night, claiming she was worried about getting pregnant, the usual excuses. Rick cared about her, and thankfully didn't pursue the matter too diligently. Sarah had been celibate ever since.

But now? 'No ... No way!' she reassured herself. 'After all, she had only gone to dinner with her friends.' Sarah knew that much about the evening past. She removed her finger from her vagina. Before withdrawing her hand from between her legs, Sarah allowed her finger to trace carefully back over her anal opening, a place she never "visited". She felt raw and tender back there too. This, mixed with the uncomfortable feeling that radiated down from her lower back, made the young girl wonder again what exactly had happened to her last night. She got back into her warm, safe bed and soon drifted off to sleep again. For some reason, she was exhausted.

"I dunno, Pop. We could get in a lot of trouble," young Billy said to his step-father in the secret, back room of Giolitti's Pizza. The small pizza parlor was located on a back street near the big, brightly lit mall and had been in business for many years. Billy's step-father bought the place about three years ago and did a reasonably good business. Most of his customers were young, high school age kids. Many of them came to his place of business because the atmosphere was dark and sort of romantic, at least in the eyes of a sixteen year old.

"Don't gimme that shit, boy!" Rob Frankel retorted. "You just do like I tell ya, and everything will work out just fine. I thought you told me that you wanted to fuck a couple of those little cheerleader types. I know I do. I got my eye on that little, dark headed number. What's her name?"

"Sarah," Billy mumbled.

"What'd ya say, son. Speak up!"

"Sarah. Her name is Sarah, Sarah James, I think."

"Sarah ... Yeah, I like her. Sarah and I are gonna be real close," the big man growled. "You just be god damn sure you do exactly what I tell ya to. Understand?"

"Yea ... Yes sir," Billy stammered. Billy was intimidated by his step-father, but was willing to go along with him this time. He fantasized about sinking his cock into one of those squirming, young bodies. Oh yes, Billy would do exactly as he was told.

In addition to owning the pizzeria, Rob Frankel was known in some of the seedier circles around town to run a prostitution business on the side. It was very profitable because he specialized in providing his clients with young, unconscious victims. In addition to his in-house service, Frankel was also the local provider of date-rape drugs. This little enterprise was also very popular and profitable.

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