Life With Alpha Omake: Unexpected Visitors

by Any Pseudonym

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Superhero, Harem, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Are dimensional walls falling or is Frank going crazy? This one-shot story is set after Chapter 15 in the main series. This is not a canon Life With Alpha story, meaning events here happen in their own universe splitting off separately from the main story.

Disclaimer: All artificial persons herein are based on characters owned by their creators, not the author.

Author's Note: This is not a canon Life With Alpha story, meaning events here happen in their own universe splitting off separately from the main story. This story is set after Chapter 15 in the main series. I strongly recommend that you read the main story before reading this side story.

This is a 'just for fun' story inspired by a suggestion from a fan.

The first indication I had that something was wrong came when the two security cameras at the cabin showed someone was poking around.

The cabin cameras were low priority. Alpha monitored them, but just barely. One of her security systems would spare a few milliseconds of attention every five minutes or so to make sure nothing had changed. One camera's field of view included some of the driveway and the spot where we would leave our DC superheroines to wake up. The other camera showed the front door and part of the lake/beach area in the distance. The cabin itself wasn't right next to the lake, but it was within easy walking distance and had a nice view.

Given the story setups we had used in the past, Kara made sure she left a note on the cabin door for anyone else who would show up looking for her. The note included no addresses or names (other than "Kara"), but did include our home phone number. There was also a key to the cabin buried in an old lunch box by a tree with 'PG' carved into it.

On a Tuesday morning in late November, Alpha alerted me to a security breach while I was at work.

"Frank, four unknown persons have appeared at the cabin at the lake."

"What, teenagers or something? Did they break into the cabin?"

"Yes, but they do not appear to be teenagers. Four minutes and thirty-one seconds ago, they simply appeared at approximately the same location we use to awaken the DC characters."

I was a little slow on the uptake. "Huh?"

"I'm playing the video on your screen now."

The screen showed the driveway on the left and trees and overgrown grass on the right - not a split-screen, that's just the way the landscape was laid out. Then all of a sudden, four people appeared among the trees. The screen detail was too poor to make out details, especially at a distance of 30 or 40 yards or so. All four had long coats on, and a couple were wearing baseball- style caps.

They huddled together and started talking. I backed up the video a little so I could watch their appearance frame-by-frame. There was no noticeable change in the video or lighting, the four of them just suddenly showed up. I resumed normal play and watched. After they talked amongst themselves for a minute, they all walked to my cabin. When they left the screen, the video switched to show the other camera.

I could actually see some details this time. The video was in black and white, but all four appeared to be women. The two without caps were both Caucasians with hair that went down past their shoulders. One appeared to be especially pale.

One of them pulled the letter off the front door, at which point I paused the playback and said, "Alpha, make sure you answer the phone at the house until we have this cleared up."

"Of course."

"Where are they now?"

"Unknown." A second video window opened up, showing an open front door and empty driveway, presumably the live feed.

"Are they inside?"

"No, they left the cabin after only a couple minutes. Frank, I am concerned. They show indications that they are not normal human beings."

I restarted the first video and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Continue watching."

They spent a moment reading the letter. As best I could remember, Kara had addressed it to 'Friends of Kara'. It said that any friends of Kara could find a key to the cabin under her tree and provided our home phone number, and that was about it.

Then they turned to the cabin door. One of the bare-headed women bent down and appeared to put something on the door's handle or lock or something. Then she stood back and ... nothing happened. They had some discussion and the other bare-headed woman looked like she was flexing or something, and ... she grew! Not instantly, but in less than a minute, she had grown from five foot something to almost seven feet!

"Is the video ... has it been tampered with?"

"As far as I can determine, no it has not."

"Then how ... how did she do that?"

"Unknown. I currently have no valid speculations to offer which have any degree of likelihood. I am currently running multiple analyses to determine whether or not the video was altered or artificially created, however I can offer no likely reasons anyone would want to do so."

It was hard to read expressions on the video, but I don't think the growing lady was happy. Happy or not, she was still able to punch the door and bust the lock with a single blow.

All four went inside, including the growing lady. A couple minutes later, all four of them left, and all appeared to be their normal size again.

"That's really ... weird."

"Should I alert the police?"

"Not with that video. Send in two of your platforms for recon. If you find them, observe only for now."

"Agreed. Until we determine what is happening, I insist you remain near Eiko and Beta. Jasmine and Elisa will investigate the cabin area."

That was it for awhile. An hour later, Jasmine and Elisa reached the cabin area, parked a good distance away, and checked out the cabin. The letter was gone. The phone was dead, possibly electrically fried, but phone records showed no calls had been made.

After some discussion with Alpha, they left the cabin untouched. That way if the mystery women returned, they wouldn't suspect that anyone else had visited the cabin recently.

Jasmine and Elisa went back to the house to maintain security there with Dorothy while Beta and Eiko stayed with me at the office. Alpha finished her various analyses and determined that video was authentic to a certainty of 97.3%.

Finally I told Alpha that we needed to alert Kara and the others, so they could be on their toes.

"I mean, it could well be that this has nothing to do with us, and we'll never see those women in the flesh let alone find out what's going on or who they are. But if it is ... uummm ... if there's something related to us, then the more trusted people we have on the lookout for them, the better."

"Okay," Beta said. "I will prepare for possible memory rewrites, just in case."

I called Kara, Diana, Zatanna, Linda and Anna Marie into my office.

"Hi, everyone," I said as soon as everyone dragged in chairs and sat down. "Something odd happened at the cabin a little while ago."

I turned my monitor to face everyone and clicked play. There were exclamations when the women appeared, but to their credit, my women held their questions and comments for a minute. When the camera view switched to the front door, Kara and Diana both asked me to pause the video.

"Is that... ?"

"Yes," said Diana. "I think that's Giganta. And I can't be sure, but the other woman without a hat looks a lot like Poison Ivy."

I kept my face blank somehow, showing no physical reaction. But mentally? I mean, come on!

I restarted the playback. 'Poison Ivy' tried to do something to the handle or lock, failed, then 'Giganta' grew a couple feet and broke the door.

Kara squealed with laughter at the sight. "Ha! Their powers are all messed up too."

Zatanna joined in, "I bet Ivy was trying to plant one of her fast growing seeds in the lock."

Linda asked, "Do you have any idea who the other two are?"

"No clue," I admitted. "Didn't even know who the first two were until now." And I still didn't know. This made no sense whatsoever. Maybe...

While the ladies talked about the situation, I typed to Alpha.

<This is a direct order. Tell me, did you create those women on the video?>

<No. Why would I?>

<As a surprise for me.>

<No, I did not create those women or the video. I am not even sure how to create or simulate the accelerated growth evidenced on the video.>

Alpha continued. <It makes no sense for women to appear who match the physical appearances created in false memories, except that we based those memories off of characters' appearances from comic books.>

<Do you actually believe they are real comic book villains?>

<I will believe what the evidence presents. For the time being, for safety's sake, you should assume the worst.>

I turned my attention back to my women. Apparently one of them had noticed a bulge of some sort on the back of one of the unknown women and they were debating among themselves who it might be.

Taking a deep breath, I asked the big question. "So, why are they here?"

"Hunting for one of us, I assume," Diana said. "I wonder if they know how many of us are here?"

"So what do you think they're going to do?"

"Well, they have my letter. It has your home phone number, but that's it. Has anyone called the house so far today?"


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