The Story of D
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, True Story, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Petting, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rach, a college freshman decides to seduce the virginal Danielle.

Dear Diary: Wednesday

Ruminating ... just ruminating...

My roomie Julie, and Doris from two doors down both made comments about my dancing today.

"Yeah, <Giggling> I am an amazing dancer! You doubt me? Well, I CAN move and I know all the hot steps and tricks ... but I love slow dancing the best. Although ... I've never done that with a woman...

Ha, ha, ha, I don't even know if lesbians do that; although why wouldn't they?

But I've rubbed guys to orgasm without using my hand — just my thigh, leg and um, groin.

Ummm, when I realized how hard I was making that first guy —it just turned me on so— and I talked him right through his orgasm, I even begged him to come in his pants for me.

The other girls thought I was crazy, but he was silly enough to do it. The next guy was even easier. Just two slow dances.

Let's see ... what else? I also love Karaoke, (even though I can't sing) erotic movies like The Dreamers, great books, good beer, making people laugh, picnics, and my adorable baby cousins.

Oh, I met the shyest girl today. Her name is Danielle, she's a gorgeous blond, and she towers over me! We talked "girl talk" while we worked together in the Bio lab. When I told Julie about her this evening, she shocked me by suggesting that I seduce her. But after listening to Julie's reasons and ways that I might accomplish this, I started to give it some serious thought. My guess is there will be more about darling Danielle later on.

Dear Diary: Friday

Persuaded Danielle into having a beer with me after class. We talked about guys, what else? She doesn't have a boyfriend. I find this incredible. I laughed and she grinned nervously. Realizing my mistake, I suggested writing up a preemptory dissed and pissed list of the guys we'd known, which is something Doris, Meg and I customarily do for each other after we've been dumped. Julie 's never been dumped¾she does the dumping. That way the dumpee sees the dumper's lousiness cataloged in black and white. Danielle started to cry. Mentally, I kicked myself and grabbed Danielle's hand as I offered my sincerest apologies for hurting her feelings. That's when she began to open up to me. It turns out there is NO HISTORY of BF's. Except for a short termed twelve-year old puppy love romance with a kid named Timothy nothing resembling love has ever crossed her path. My confidence in Julie's knowing almost everything about everything soared.

Like a hawk in the noon day sun, I circle above my prey, waiting to pounce.

Eventually, Danielle stopped crying. I asked her to look out the window (dozens of guys were walking, running and biking past us) and to point out the right type guy for her. We must have finished two more beers before she was able to find a Mr. Right type. I knew him from a class we shared and filed that vital info away for future use.

Danielle ... Danielle ... Danielle

I wasn't too hard to get Danielle over to my apartment. Julie was out with some new beau and planned on spending the night with him, so I was free to make mischief. <giggle> J

We sat and talked for hours about growing up. Danielle was so innocent, while I added spice to each of my stories, laughing giddily whenever she blushed, which was often. Stories like how James claimed Cynthia and I had his house key hidden on us. This was back when Cynthia and I were best friend ever. I haven't heard from her in over a year though. James was starting his first semester at the local community college. Haven't heard from him either.

The way it went was he pretended one of us had taken his house key and searched us in turn, putting his hands in our shirt pockets and then into each pocket of our jeans. Fondling us and getting us hotter than we'd ever been before. Then, it was our turn. We would call him a liar and search him in turn, probing his pockets and feeling his turgid erection for an hour or more. He'd go home with what he told us was 'blue balls, ' until he finally protested and confessed Cynthia and I were tormenting him. We didn't want that, so we found a darker, more secluded place from which to fool around. From there it was only a matter of time before we started shedding our clothing.

Danielle was shocked about such goings on. "Nice girls don't do those things," she protested.

"The hell they don't," I snorted, laughing and giggling until she joined me and I hugged her for the first time.

"For a solid week, until my mother caught us, we fucked and sucked each other all day long."

"You girls did those things to each other?" She said, her hand over her mouth as if to quell the words from coming forth.

"Sure." I said, touching her elbow lightly.

"But why?"

"For one thing, once we got our clothes off, and James showed us his dick. We were very excited."

"But ... you and Cynthia?"

"Understand this, while James was prolific, he wasn't Superman. For example, he fucked me, then Cynthia; we rested and then I took him in my mouth, and then Cynthia had her opportunity. Now he'd gone off four times in a row and was unable to get it up. We were still hotter than a pistol and, well give the devil his due, it was James who had the idea about me going down on Cynthia. It wasn't long before I just put my pussy in her face and let her take care of me. So, truth be told we loved it. Once my mother caught us, it was only James who was

Punished; my mother called the police, but we were all old enough, so she confronted his father. James got a horrific beating from him. We were only scolded and continued eating each other until Cynthia went off to college in Boston."

"My God, I never..."

"Danielle, people like sex. It's a wonderful thing, not just for making babies, but for having ... well, the best times possible. Haven't you ever wondered why everyone wants to get laid?"

"Well, I ... um, never thought it through I guess."

I offered her a glass of white wine, which she accepted. This was followed by an offer of some salty popcorn. The second glass of wine was poured shortly thereafter. My seduction was on track.

She told me stories too, of her favorite tunes and dance recitals and the flowery bouquets that followed. Giggling, over her third glass of wine, she began to open up, confiding to me the first time she realized a man was watching her, and how giddy it made her feel. And how hot she got the first time a boy touched her breast. She was quick to point out it was accidentally, of course.

We compared crushes on rock stars, and I decided to push her a little and told her about having crushes on girls a year or two older while a freshman in High School.

She giggled at that and I refilled her glass.

I found myself gazing at her as we talked, memorizing her facial features and expressions, imagining the way my fingers might trace the bridge of her nose, or lightly brush the hollow of her eyelids. And inhaled the delicate scent of her hair, and wondered what underwear she was wearing.

Day passed into evening that way, we sat and talked without realizing that the sun had gone down and we'd yet to put on any lights, it was getting darker by the minute. Danielle yawned, covering her mouth. I moved close and pressed my nose against her shoulder.

"Close your eyes and take a nap. I'll stay right here next to you," I said, putting my arm around her shoulder. This moved my mouth next to her ear, which I kissed.

"Ummm," she sighed, and closed her eyes and dozed off about 7pm.

Now, Danielle had already told me she didn't go out with guys a lot, because the right type of guy never asked her out. Oh, she had plenty of jerks hit on her, but no one she felt was worth her time. Just then I recalled the name of the guy she had pointed out earlier. It was Neil, and I made it a point to hit on him the following afternoon; I was even devious enough to invite him over to my place around nine that night.

But for the moment I was still working on Danielle, gently massaging her neck and shoulders. Dreamily, she murmured, "That's so nice," and smiled, never opening her eyes. After a little of this I whispered into her ear, "Imagine I'm that guy you craved earlier."

She laughed, and slurring her words a little said, "But who is he? I mean, he's just a guy passing by your window."

"Not so, my sweet. His name is Neil and he's in one of my classes."

"Neil, you actually know this ... Neil guy?"

"I do. Want me to fix you up with him?"

"NO! I can't ... you better not..."

But her actions spoke louder than words. Putting a name to the face and body she'd seen triggered something in her. My guess is the wine helped too. Ha Ha.

"Are you getting warm," I asked.

"Yes, um, actually I am. In fact, I kinda hot."

"Maybe," I whispered in her ear, "We should do something about that."

With one hand gently working the muscles of her neck, I reached over and toyed with the buttons of Danielle's blouse. After the third button was undone, she pushed my hand away, and it ended up in her lap. Looking in the mirror at myself, I saw I was pouting.

"Don't make me stop," I said.

"I'm hot," she whined.

"Here, let me loosen your skirt," and my hand found the zipper and opened her skirt before she could protest. "Now lift up and I'll pull this off and you'll be nice and cool."

To my amazement, Danielle complied, and in seconds I was viewing thighs and legs adorned only by Victoria Secret's flimsiest thong panties.

"Wow, I'm impressed," I said softly.


"Your panties are beautiful."

"Oh, yes," she said laconically, "I treated myself at Victoria's. Don't you have something like them?"

Recognizing a cue when I hear one, I stood and removed my jeans. I had my Victoria's on, but not the thongs.

"I have something like that too," Danielle said with a hazy smile, and vaguely pointing at them.

"But I don't have any like those you're wearing," I said tracing my finger along the panty-line high up on her thigh.

"Stop," she said.

"But, you said you were warm?

"Don't," Danielle said sharply, removing my hand from her lap, and pulling away from me. "You mustn't do such things. They're indecent."

I sat back, pulling my knees up to my chest. If Danielle looked at me a certain way, she could make out the outline of my cunt through my panties. But she didn't.

"I remember what you said before," she said, her cheeks coloring.

Now it was my turn to be puzzled, "What?"

"About having crushes on girls."

"I don't have crushes on girls anymore, Danielle."

"You don't?"

"No." And as she looked at me, I seized her shoulders and pressed my mouth to hers. It was a quick kiss that was over almost before it began.

"Rachel," She gasped.

"Please Danielle, we can't."

"Rachel, it's wrong ... What did you say?"

"I said we can't, I want to, sure. I want to hold you and kiss so badly it hurts, but I can't. Not with you, I just can't, it's wrong."

"Why?" a confused Danielle had to ask.

I kissed her neck then, and she turned her head to look at me, and I kissed her mouth, savoring the taste of her, Danielle's eyes were closed, and she didn't move, but trembled slightly. I continued the kiss, delighting in the enthusiasm of her little tongue as it licked at my lips, my teeth, and of course, my own tongue.

Danielle clenched her hands into little fists, but didn't break away. Then she was stroking my cheek and nibbling at my lower lip.

"You're really wonderful you know," she said smiling.

"Now, now," I murmured, shifting myself so that my groin pressed against the small of her back, and her lips brushed my cheek as I felt for her hand, and she tried to kiss me again.

"You're so hot," she said, her voice filled with wonder. "So soft." She leaned forward and kissed me gently, on the lips.

"You too," I replied as my hand brushed her bare thigh. Danielle said nothing, but kept stroking my cheek. Slowly, deliberately, I slipped my hand along her skin, to her mons, "Please," I asked. Danielle shifted her weight and my fingers progressed to her pussy. I could see the pale golden thatch of Danielle's sex.

Danielle said nothing. Then, "I've never," she moaned.

"It's okay," I whispered into her ear.

"I don't care anymore, I love you Rachel."

My hand darted inside her blouse and caressed a breast capped by the flimsiest of bras.

"My titties," breathed Danielle, "Please ... kiss them."

And I licked and kissed my way down from her ear to breast, kissing one, licking the skin along its slope, stroking the curve of it with one hand, reaching out with my tongue to take the nipple into my mouth, savoring it. Danielle shivered, then gasped, as I squeezed her nipple between my teeth.

"Oh, Rachel," she said.

I bit harder.

"Ow!" she groaned.

My hand gently stoked the top of her mons.

"Ohh," she said, "it feels so good when you touch me there."

And, with that, she lunged forward and kissed me, gripping my arms as we toppled backwards, with me on top. Danielle did nothing but just held me, raining sloppy wet kisses on my face.



"Do you love me?"

"Oh, yes Danielle. I love you so very much it hurts me here," and I pointed to my cunt.

"Please kiss me again," she said plaintedly.

And I did. I licked her lips, then sucked softly on them. Her mouth opened and our tongues played joyously. She whimpered as I brought her legs up, so I could rub my cunt against hers. We fell into a fierce embrace as our kiss went on and on. I began to rub against her through our underwear. I grabbed her hips, feeling her sharp bones against my palms. I felt the hard tips of her nipples against my mine as I sucked on her neck, leaving my love marks for her to ponder over the next day. Of course, I continued to grind my pelvis against her crotch.

Her eyes were closed, lost in the moment. She began to breathe faster, building each time I ground against her. There was a muffled groan, and she threw her head back against the pillow. I thought I had hurt her and stopped, then realized with some amusement that her legs had lifted up and were pulling me harder against her.

"Rachel," cried Danielle, "Help me! Help me," she cried waving her hands helplessly in the air. Rachel, take your clothes off, you must be dying of the heat."

I propped myself up on my elbows and smiled at her.

"You must take them off. You must! I want to feel your skin against me." She blubbered.

"We should stop this," I said, being both cruel and devious at the same time.

"No!" Danielle shouted, and she tore my shirt open, pushed my bra up and began to suckle my breast.

My god! It was like having a baby draw on my nipple. It was enthralling.

I wriggled out of my shirt and bra as her sucking grew rougher. Then reached round and unhooked her bra and caressed her small breasts. They came straight out from the bottom and sloped back at the top. They appeared to be cone-shaped, longer than they were round. Her nipples, small brown buds, were perfectly sized for her breasts. Her whole breast fit in my mouth and I savored the tight, firm flesh pressing the tip of her nipple against the roof of my mouth. I thought she would faint from the way she groaned at my touch. Her head was thrown back, mouth open, gasping for air.

Switching tactics, I kissed her ear. My tongue flicked out and disappeared into its recesses, then moved out along the edge, then back in, as I began a slow tongue fuck of her ear and whispered words of love to her.

"My titties," Danielle moaned hoarsely, "Kiss them again, please."

I obliged her, kissing and licking my way from her ear to her left breast, reveling in the texture along its slope, stroking the curve of it with one hand, finally reaching out with my tongue to take the nipple in my mouth, savoring it. I toyed with them, pushing them together and tugging gently on them, popping them in and out of my mouth, stretching a nipple out and pulling it from side to side. Danielle shivered, then gasped, as I squeezed her nipple between her lips and then bit hard.


"Oh, did that hurt?"


"Should I stop?"

"Oh, mercy no. It hurts, but it feels deliriously good. Go on, do it some more."

I took her other nipple and squeezed it hard and bit down just as hard.

"Oh, oh, oh, ooooh," she moaned.

Then feeling the moment was right, I slipped my hand between her legs and finding her dampened panties, pressed a finger against her slit.

Immediately Danielle arched her back, presenting her cunt to me to do with as I wanted. I wasted no time sliding my hand under her thong and into her undulating, golden nest.

"Oh, that's soooo good. Soooo good, I can't believe..."

"Shhh," I said, and kissed her continuing to tease her nipples while maneuvering a finger into her wetness.

I whispered into her ear, "Imagine I'm Neil."

She began to cry.

"Why are you crying dearest?"

"Because," she sniffed, "It's you I love. He doesn't know I exist. I'll never know what it's like to be with him. But I love this, you know ... with you."

"Oh, don't say that. You never know."

"Look at me," Danielle cried, "here in bed with you. Gonna do God knows what next. Now I'm a Lebanese."

I burst out laughing. "No, no, no Danielle. Dear Danielle, no, no. I'm bi-sexual. I love making love to women and men. Especially men, I think their cocks are divine. No, making love with you is ... good, and you are wonderful at this, for the first time ... and you are a virgin aren't you my love?"

Sniffling, Danielle nodded yes.

I nuzzled the base of her throat with my lips as she writhed beneath me. Then pinning her arms above her head, I teased her breasts until she was closing in on her first climax. I backed off, leaving her reddened chest huffing and puffing. My finger remained inside her, but was still. She opened her legs and the heat rose up from her center. My finger pressed in again and she moaned, tossing her head from side to side.

"Do you know the meaning of going down on someone?" I asked.

"Yes. A blowjob," she said knowingly.

"That's when you take a guy in your mouth, going down on a woman is called cunnilingus.

Your cunny gets licked, understand?"

"Oh my God! You use your mouth down there?"

"Yes, and it will bring you the greatest of pleasure I promise you. Now I'm going to scoot on down there and prove it to you. Remember, I love you Danielle."

She tensed up and said what I took to be a prayer as I positioned myself between her legs.

"Lift your legs up. No, hold them up. Yes like that."

As my arms embraced the cheeks of her ass, I glanced up and saw her eyes were tightly closed and her lips were trembling.

"This won't hurt Danielle. You'll still be a virgin when we finish, isn't that great?"

"I guess," she muttered apprehensively, but her voice was revealingly husky with arousal as she struggled to open her eyes and speak.

Leaning her head towards me, our eyes met once again.

"What ... what are you doing?" She asked as my hand pushed her thong aside, exposing her pussy to me.

"I'm going to eat you out good and proper, that's what I'm going to do."

"Oh, God ... I'm gonna die," she moaned and contradicted herself by thrusting her cunt at my face.

I lowered my mouth into the thin cusp of hair above her mons. She said something then; a protest of some sort, her small hands trying to pull my head up, but my tongue had already found her and was furiously lapping at her entrance. Like a blossoming flower, her cunt suddenly yawned and my nostrils filled with the juicy musk of her sexual excitement.

With my tongue probing her cunt, her pulling hands relaxed against my head, gently massaging my scalp.

I kissed her upper thigh and began yanking her thongs down and off of her firm, nearly hairless legs. Small blue lines were visible on the back of her inner thigh. Now we were both moaning with the fires of wantonness.

Nuzzling back to her crotch, I spread her lips apart with my thumbs, and examined the pinkish walls while Danielle unconsciously spread her knees further apart.

I continued to probe, feel, and lick her cunt and more than once heard a sharp intake of breath and felt an involuntary kick against my shoulders as I passed by her most sensitive spot.

Danielle's legs were now almost straight up in the air. Slowly they wrapped around my head and pulled me into her steamy, liquid pussy. Her juices flowed out and over my lips and face.

"Oh, no! Oh, no! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come!" She wailed as if it were a bad thing.

I stayed in place, sucking down the flowing juices. The room reverberated with the sounds of my slurping, sucking sounds.

"More, more," Danielle wailed, bucking wildly and tugging my hair.

"Again, again. Make me go again. Oh, Rachel honey, you do me right. God what a bitchin' tongue.

What a fucking machine."

It was an urgent non-stop babble, revealing an unslaked, uncontrollable lust that had lain hidden to long.

"Come for me baby," I whispered.

"Ugh!" She grunted. "Tryin' oh, here I comes!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooooh! Jesus that's good! That's soooo good!"

"Like my licking Baby?" I asked, sweetly. Loving the sounds of her baby talk babbling.

"Oh, my God ... I never ... in my wildest dreams. Rachel, I've never come like this before. I can't believe how I feel. It's like..."

"So you like getting eaten out huh?"

"God yes!" And she was all over me, kissing my face, clutching at my tits, running her hand through my hair.

"Touch me there, why don't you?" I asked seductively.


"I need to come too you know."

"Ummm, I don't know..."

"Shhh, you will lamb chop, you will. Let me try something else on you, all right?"

"Rachel ... anything. Do anything to me. I trust you completely."

"Okay, grab your ankles and hold them up high."

"Yes ... Like this?"

"That's fine," I said, slithering beneath her and licked her ass.

"Oh, Jesus! Not there!"

She was tight and my tongue failed to gain entry, so I used my pinky to enter her.

"Oh, oh, oh, Jesus can I be coming already?"

"Uh huh," I gasped, pulling her asshole closer to my mouth.

"God no! That's not right..."

Her hole opened and my tongue penetrated perhaps only a half-inch, but I was in.

In no time at all, Danielle was flying, almost out of her mind with passion and lust.

"Shit!" she screamed. "Oh, shit! Don't, no, not my ass. Oh, please! Oh, God. I don't believe..."

I pushed my face away from her rump and called to her, "Should I stop?"

"Yes! Yes!" She paused for a second. "No, no! Don't! It feels so good. It feels so ... fuckin' good."

Then, "Christ! Did I say that?"

I was too busy sucking ass to answer.

"YES! YES! YES! I'm going, I'm going. I'M COMING!"

Laughing crazily, I drove my finger up her rectum and went for her clit with my tongue.

"Which fuckin' direction are ya goin', girl?" I asked, filled with lust and aching to get off myself.

Her belly pulsed and her breathing stopped. Her legs shook over and over and finally, lowered onto the sheets. Danielle had passed out.

I checked the time, it was eight; we had an hour left to us before Neil was to arrive. Eventually, Danielle's eyes fluttered open. She gave me the biggest smile.

"I love you Rachel," she said simply.

"I love you too, Danielle, next time, it's your turn."

"For sure. God, that was so great. You know, I've never done anything like that before. I mean with a woman or a ... you know what I mean."

"It wasn't as bad as you thought it would be was it?'

"Bad? It was sheer heaven. Where do we go from here? I mean are we lovers?"

"Yes, we're lovers, but you're still free to meet with guys, or girls for that matter. We can have an open relationship. You see, I do have a significant other, but well ... there are no ties, so we can, err, see other people."



"Can you make me come again?"

"You're horny again?"

"Uh huh."

Seconds later, I had Danielle gasping for breath, hips jerking spasmodically as my index finger roved over her pussy. Her juice spread over her cunt and thighs like honey and the red-hot heat of her inflamed pussy greeted my fingers as they went in, one knuckle at a time.

Danielle's body swiveled and rolled as she grabbed a pillow and bit into it even as the groans escaped her lips. Danielle shook and her belly flattened as this one tore through her. As she went over the top, I could feel my own passion rising, but held her tightly until her breath settled down and her eyes opened and began to refocus. I kissed her and she returned the kiss. It was delightfully sweet and innocent.

"Did I make you come again Danielle?"

Her half opened eyelids fluttered as she nodded.

"More than I expected. How can you..."

"I told you I would."

My tongue traced her inner thigh and slowly worked toward her glistening pussy.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as it found her wanton hole and began the ever so slow advance and retreat again, only this time, so slow that Danielle couldn't believe how hot she had become. Shaking and trembling, she came again.

I recall seeing her eyes then, wide open, staring at me as if pleading for me to tell her what was happening. I moved toward her, but her head turned away as my face approached her. No doubt she could smell her scent still on my lips. I kissed her neck, her ears, moving down to place one breast in my mouth, then back to her neck. I could feel my stiffened nipples dragging along her flesh. She did too, trying to look, but she did not know enough to be sure what she was seeing. One arm supported my weight, while my other hand rubbed small circles on her clit.

Her head turned from side to side, her eyes closed, as my fingers began to penetrate her almost liquid cunt. I moved them around her opening, feeling the slickness of her cunt helping to lubricate the area.

This caused Danielle to breathe more urgently, uttering short sighs with each exhalation.

"How can it be like this?" Danielle caressed my face with her soft hand. "How can it be so good?"

Her touch was overpoweringly sexy. "It's good isn't it?" I said, answering her question with a question.

From her light shuddering I could gage Danielle's reaction to my fingers fucking her, my teeth nibbling at her, my tongue relaxing her. Her hips rolled with the motion of my tongue, and she shoved her pussy forward with each insertion of my fingers. Danielle's thrusting became urgent.

How long could I keep this up, and when was Neil coming?

Danielle moaned and cried out, "Your tongue ... it's like a snake wriggling inside me!"

I pulled my face back and challenged her, "Catch it if you can!"

Danielle's pussy made tentative attempts, spasmodically gripping my tongue and surprising the hell out of me. Glancing up I watched as Danielle pulled on a nipple with one hand, stretching it out at least half an inch. Her other hand was massaging her clitoris. My fingers were busy frigging her until Danielle began to shake all over.

I let her calm down, laying kisses from her head to her feet. In fact, while I was sucking on her toes, the doorbell rang.

Danielle freaked out, shouting, "OH MY GOD!"

"Easy, easy," I said trying to calm her. "I'll see who it is. Just stay here, nobody will come in and see you. Relax."

Quickly donning a robe, I went to the door to let Neil in.

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