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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Humor, Cheating, InLaws, Rough, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mabel thought she knew what she wanted, it just all went wrong

Author's note: This week I wanted to do something that was just for fun. No heavy emotions, no deaths just a hoot. I know that in the real world there's no such thing as an OND. But wouldn't it be great if there was?

I glanced around the room and saw nothing. It was too dark. Even though I couldn't see, I could still feel and the sensations slowly engulfing my dick were wonderful. Almost wonderful enough to make me forget my splitting headache. As I turned my head to the left I caught the faint but musky odor of an aroused woman. I thought my head would fall off of its stalk but I forced myself to feel for her. Then I knew that I'd done something awful because the soft ass I was feeling was way too small to be Mabel's.

"Who!..."I began. But just that syllable was enough to start the explosion in my head again.

"Just relax, Baby," she said. I recognized that voice instantly. That sexy cigarettes and gravel voice could only belong to one woman in town and things just went from bad to worse for me. Try as I might I really couldn't remember any of the past 24 hours or any reason why my wife's sister should be in bed with me sucking my dick.

"Janet, as good as that feels, can you stop it please?" I said.

My dick actually felt cold as her warm mouth lifted off of it, leaving it exposed to the early morning air. Suddenly light pierced the darkness. It was like another explosion in my overly sensitized cranium.

"Oops, I probably shouldn't have done that, "she said softly. "But I guess you're wondering what's going on aren't you?"

"Uhm yeah!" I said. "That is one of the questions going through my mind."

"So you don't remember any of what happened last night?" she asked.

"Not a bit of it," I said. "But from the way my head feels, I'm sure alcohol was a big part of it."

"You deserved and needed to just get out of your head for a while sweetie," she said. "In fact from now on I'm going to make sure that every once in a while we just get nuts."

"What do you mean, we?" I asked. "Mabel is already going to kill me."

"Mabel is gone, honey, don't you remember that either?" she asked.

"Did somebody give me Tequila?" I asked. "Whenever I drink Tequila, I lose a lot of my short term memory. I also do really stupid things. Please tell me I didn't have more than a shot or two."

She shook her head vigorously. Just watching the side to side motion of her pretty face was enough to start my stomach churning. I quickly jumped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I slammed right into a wall where the bathroom should have been.

I looked to Janet and she pointed out the door. I ran through the doorway with her hot on my heels. I turned to the left and saw the toilet. It had a soft cushy pink seat. I barely had enough time to lift it before the entire contents of my digestive tract erupted out of me and into the bowl.

"Feel better?" she asked. She helped me to stand and gave me a bottle of mouthwash and a brand new tooth brush.

I noticed that the toothbrush was blue, my favorite color. Another thing that I found puzzling was the fact that Janet never took her eyes off of me and in fact wrapped her arms around me from behind as I brushed my teeth. Janet's breasts weren't huge but they were a lot bigger and a lot firmer than Mabel's.

"That's a good sign," she smiled as she lightly squeezed my rapidly inflating penis. The thought that we were both naked suddenly seemed important to me.

When I finished brushing and rinsing my mouth, she turned me around and looked at me. "Let me check," she said. That hurt me a little bit. Her sister, my wife, had often said the same thing to me early in our marriage. I guess their mother must have done the same thing to them when they were younger. Mabel expected me to smile and show her my teeth so I tried to flash my ivories for Janet.

"Not that way Honey," she said. She came over to me and kissed me. She molded her naked body to mine and swabbed the inside of my mouth with her tongue. The reaction was instantaneous. Hangover or not I was at full staff and straining.

"So, even after last night, you still want more huh?" she asked.

"Janet what I really want is some answers," I said.

"Okay Honey, you go get dressed, we still have to go to the bank when they open in about an hour, but we'll have some coffee and some breakfast while I fill you in."

# # # # # # # # # #

My name is Mabel Forrester. I'd been walking along the road for the entire night. I'd been chased by dogs several times. My feet were cut and bleeding. I'd worn some very expensive high heeled pumps yesterday and their tattered remains had been discarded several hours back. The CFMs were great for a night out but worthless for walking on rural roads.

Thank God it was finally light out. I was still four or five miles from town and even farther from home. That was if I even had a home any more. If my fucking sister had her way I probably didn't.

I couldn't believe that little bitch. After all I'd done for her. She still went and stabbed me in the back. It was true she'd always been jealous of me, but I couldn't believe that she would stab me in the back like this. Whoever said that blood was thicker than water had never met Janet.

Finally lights appeared on the road behind me. A truck with two teenagers in it slowed down as they approached me. I turned and saw that it was the Miller boy with Sarah Winslow seated next to him. There were a couple of other kids in the back of the truck. They were probably driving out to the lake for a day of summer fun. I waved my hand as they got near. For some reason though as soon as they recognized me they sped up and drove past.

My legs ached, my feet hurt and I was hungry. I kept on walking because I knew that if I stopped I wouldn't get back up and start again for a long time. I thought about the reaction on the kids' faces as they recognized me. I'd known it was going to be bad. Small towns are known for being unforgiving in certain situations, but their reaction went way beyond what I was expecting. Had I really stepped so far over the line that I was beyond Christian forgiveness and charity?

Just 24 hours ago I'd awakened in my big sleigh bed. I was the undisputed queen of theses two interconnected small Iowa farming towns that made up our community. I was the queen not because of anything I'd done, though I would probably never have admitted to that, but because of my husband. The funny thing about it was that he wasn't even from here. He hadn't grown up in Harriston or Dellaville. He was only here for me.

I'd met David Forrester while I was visiting my parents who now lived in Chicago. They'd moved away to be closer to state of the art medical facilities. My mother had a condition that resulted in chronic pain and there was a clinic in Chicago that specialized in a handful of diseases that were all offshoots of the same condition. Anyway Dave had followed me home to spend more time with me and had never left. We'd married and decided to stay here. That was twenty-three years ago.

The two towns Harriston and Dellaville each had their own Mayors, Sheriffs and all other government offices. They each had their own schools as well. The two towns had been founded by brothers who couldn't get along. In the early days the towns had been competitive but nowadays because of the economy were co dependent.

Enter my good old Chicago boy Mark. Since both towns were minuscule farming towns there were a number of things that they both needed. That first weekend when Dave arrived a friend of mine was in dire straights because he couldn't get his tractor fixed. He was running all over town trying to find someone who'd let him borrow or rent theirs.

Dave had a degree in mechanical engineering and offered to look at the tractor. The part he needed for the tractor would have to be ordered but he was able to go over to a local machine shop and fabricate a part that would work until the original part could be sent from the factory. Once word of that got around Dave was adopted by both towns. Normally the farmers had to call the nearest big city to get a factory rep out. They had to pay travel expenses and a huge mark up on both repair parts, labor etc.

Before he knew it, Dave had his own thriving business that both towns needed. At first he only fixed tractors and farm equipment but then he branched out into appliances and then electronics. Now he even services computers. My fucking sister decided to go to school for computers and I begged Dave to hire her to repair computers for him. If I had known what the little bitch planned I'd have made sure she shipped out to some bigger city as soon as she graduated.

Janet was my parent's miracle baby. They'd always thought that I would be their only child. Then when I was fifteen my forty-five year old mother found herself pregnant. When I met Dave I was twenty-one and Janet was six. Now I'm forty-four years old and Janet is twenty-nine. Janet has always loved Dave. She'd pretty much grown up around him. Over the years I'd known she had what I'd considered a schoolgirl crush on him but I guess I never saw it for what it was.

For the past few years my love for Dave had grown complacent. It wasn't that I didn't love him any more, just that I wasn't excited by him any more. Over the years Dave had become comfortable like an old pair of shoes to me. He let his hair get kind of shaggy like the farm boys around here and was sporting a little bit of a tummy as well.

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