Cousin Jenn

by The Bartender

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Cousins, First, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Thanksgiving dinner at my Uncles house is our yearly tradition, but when I get there I realize that my cousin Jenn has shed her baby fat and become beautiful. After a little innocent flirting leads to a lot of fun.

Every year we went to my Uncle's house for Thanksgiving. He ran a pretty profitable business and therefore his house was the biggest. This year was like no other. I tried to get out of it, not because I didn't enjoy spending time with my family, but because now I was 16 and I was trying to score brownie points by heading over to my girlfriend's house for dinner. But my parents would not relent so off we were to Uncle Jims. The one redeeming thing about going over to my Uncle's house were getting to hang out with my 3 girl cousins Jess the oldest one at 21, Jamie was 19 and Jenn was 15. Since we lived quite a bit we only saw them during Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. I always had a blast hanging out with them. Plus Jess and Jamie were smoking hot while Jenn was cute and fun to hang out with. Jess had straight black hair and was short but had huge tits. Jamie was a sun worshiper so she always had a deep dark tan and had the most amazing body especially her ass. Jenn was cute but she had yet to lose her baby fat but when she did she would be the best looking one out of all three since she had a beautiful face. Not only that but Jenn and I got along best since we were close in age and personality.

As I walked in, I had to do a triple take when Jenn came downstairs. She was downright gorgeous as not only did she lose the baby fat, but she grew what must be at least c cups when she had always been flat chested. She had brown curly hair with these wonderfully green eyes. She basically looked like young Sandra Bullock but with green eyes. After the usual big meal the grownups got together for cocktails while all the kids would go downstairs to the basement to play a board game. But this year Jess went and had drinks with the adults and Jamie got to go over her boyfriend's house.

"So how come your not going over your boyfriend's house?" I asked Jenn while we were watching TV in the basement.

"I got in trouble. I got caught drinking so I am grounded for a WHOLE MONTH!"

"Ha Ha that sucks, how is your boyfriend taking it?"

"To be honest I think he is relieved. He is a little shy and I keep trying to push him to try new things and he is always scared. I think I am going to end it if he doesn't grow some balls."

"Wow that is weird. Don't take any offense but I think he would be crazy not to fool around with you. Not that you weren't pretty before, but Jenn you are down right gorgeous now."

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