Just the Messenger

by Harvey Marcus

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Humor, Incest, Niece, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: This Retrospective brings Mr. Marcus to a new threshold: sex with a family member. Circumstances beyond his control take him out of town to visit his brother-in-law and his family. Relatively speaking, Mr. Marcus's won't-power (or willpower) has been brutally pummeled by the previous four encounters (or en-cunt-ers). Will he hold the line against incest?

My wife Harriett has an older brother named Arnold married to a unsocial woman named Annette. The last time I saw Arnold and his family was at an ice skating exhibition featuring his adopted daughter Joanie and three hundred other kids. I had to give her credit. She didn't fall even once. However, at the speed she skated, I could have polished off a fat novel in the time it took her and her teammates to enter the rink, perform their number and skate to the exit.

Anyway, Annette's mother and Arnold's mother-in-law, no relation to us, passed away but curiously included Arnold's sister, my wife Harriett, in her will. I didn't remember even meeting the woman, although I don't attend every family gathering.

Annette was never fond of Harriett especially after Harriett got pregnant. After years of trying and failing, followed by expensive and unsuccessful procedures, Arnold and Annette were forced to adopt. Joanie was the lucky kid.

Harriett learned about being a beneficiary in a call from Annette. I wasn't on the call but a direct quote of Annette by Harriett afterwards made it clear Annette was furious that "some nobody was going to profit by my (her) mother's death."

Harriett wouldn't listen when I told her to hold out for the entire amount, about $20,000. She didn't want her brother to suffer any more than he already had at Annette's hand (or mouth), so she offered to work things out. They came to a convoluted agreement: Harriett would accept a reduced amount from what the will stated, Harriett would sign a release against any other claims or remuneration and also reimburse Annette $500 for legal expenses. Sounded wacky, a result nothing like what a good lawyer would have conjured up, but this was Harriett's business, not mine.

The worst part was, Harriett recruited me as the messenger boy without asking. I swallowed hard when Harriett handed me an envelope containing $500 in cash. Cash payment was one of Annette's requirements, and no one in their right mind mails $500 in cash. Where did Harriett get that kind of money? Maybe I wasn't the only one in our family with a side stash. Another was no electronic documents, instead everything had to be written or printed specifically on no-acid paper. That meant that someone, namely me, would deliver the cash and get the release document from Annette. Sounded simple, but these things never are. Plus, I didn't like Harriett's expectation that she could give me chores like this and expect me to do them without complaint.

I flew out to Kansas City that evening. There were plenty of attractive passengers and flight attendants, all of whom seemed to be flaunting their bodies, teasing me. I was tempted to buy a Penthouse or Forum, but then what would I do with the resulting erection? Instead, I sat with my legs crossed and my arms folded and tried to ignore the temptations. Meanwhile, my fantasies ran wild.

At the airport, I rented the cheapest subcompact Buck Dollar Rentals had. It was a real beater whose engine felt like it was powered by rubber bands. Fortunately, Arnold and Annette's house was downhill from the airport.

The lights were off inside with no outside illumination. Were they asleep? It wasn't that late, just past 8. I rang the bell. No answer. While I stood contemplating my next move and wondering if I'd get mugged for the lump of cash in my jacket pocket, a convertible pulled into the driveway and opened the garage. I walked around to the front of the open garage only to see a figure exiting the car. A young woman leapt out and headed straight for a door into the house. Too young to be Annette. Must be Joanie. She'd really grown up. I started to say something but the noise of the motor closing the garage door drown out my stuttered introduction.

Knowing that someone was home, I rang the bell again. Joanie answered, eyes red and puffy. She'd grown into a lovely young woman with curves in all of the right places. Her tan was extraordinary. Not an inch of white visible around her halter-top or past the hem of her short skirt. Her hair, frizzy and full, was tied into a puffy ponytail in back. "What do you want?"

My body was framed by the doorway. "Is your mother home?"

"No. Go away and leave my mother alone." She shoved at the door and stalked away towards the left. My foot prevented the door from slamming in my face. Her ponytail was a plume. If she stood on her head, she would have been a human dust mop. And, her panties would be on display. God, why does my mind go there so easily? Maybe it was all of those women I'd seen, or the short skirt and the way it swooshed as Joanie's hips swayed. But I had an incontrovertible rule: no sex with family.

She didn't see me following her inside. Maybe she thought the door slam had been sufficient. An envelope on the wrought iron entry table was addressed to Harriett Marcus. I was sure it contained the papers I'd come for. I could have left my envelope with $500 and taken the legal papers and that would have been that. Mission accomplished. But I hadn't seen or talked to Joanie for six or seven years. I viewed it as a training opportunity to prepare me when Annie got older. I left Harriett's envelope in place. "I really need to see her."

Joanie spun, the hem of her short skirt flirting with her waist. "Get out!" She pointed an accusing finger. "You've got your nerve, coming to our house. Where to you normally meet, anyway? Day's Inn? Motel Six?"

What was this about a motel? Did Joanie think I met her mother at motels? Where did that come from? Annette barely tolerated my presence. There's no way she'd get involved with me, especially some sleazy relationship. All I had to do was take the envelope, leave Harriett's payment and go. But something odd was going on here. Getting accused of a sexual relationship I wasn't having was novel. It made me curious. Like a cat but with only one life. "I'm just here to get a release."

"I bet you are." She continued her rant. "You men are all alike."

I'd chosen my words badly. "You have this all wrong."

"Yeah sure. I'm not stupid. I know Mom's been cheating on Dad for a while. But none of Mom's johns have ever come to the house."

If Joanie was correct, supposedly faithful Annette was a loose woman. This was fascinating, illuminating an aspect of Annette I'd never suspected. I decided to let the mistaken impression go on a bit longer. "This is where she told me to meet her."

"That's impossible, because she's out with my dad and she wouldn't want him to see you. God, you may be a stud, but you're really confused. Now get the hell out of here before they get back from the relatives." She grabbed her head with her hands. Her blouse buttons were in the wrong holes. "God, how could she schedule a fuck when Gamma isn't cold yet? What a bitch!"

I dragged my attention from the gaps in her blouse. "When will she-"

"Make good? Hell if I know. You men. You get all stiff and tell us it will be wonderful and then. And then-" Joanie chocked up. "You make me sick". She pointed at the door as she ran upstairs crying.

I plopped down on he soda. What was Joanie's problem? I sat in the dimly lit living room. About fifteen minutes later Joanie came prancing downstairs in a towel. Her wet hair told me she'd showered. Uncrossing my legs caught her attention. She held the towel close. "Shit. Are you still here? Damn it, what about 'leave' don't you understand?"

"That doesn't change my urgency to see her."

"Nobody could be that horny." Sharp tan lines across her shoulders told me that she'd stayed with the same skimpy bathing suit all summer. She hiked the towel up to prevent exposing her chest but that only raised it higher on her thighs. She couldn't have it both ways and I couldn't have her. She was family. "I told you, Mom's not here, and she and Dad will be back any moment. Beat it!"

"That doesn't change the fact that she scheduled this. I'm here to do business."

"Is that what you call it? And run the risk of running into my father? You're so stupid."

"I know your dad. He's-"

"Oh great. Now Mom's fucking Dad's friends. What do you, work together or something? Shit, what if he finds out? Christ!"

Time to straighten Joanie out. "He doesn't know because your mother-"

"Keeps it hidden. No duh. She must have thought Dad wouldn't be here. Or me for that matter. And I wouldn't have been except for-" She began to breathe erratically. Her towel shifted with each inhale. The tears resumed. She slumped into the far end of the sofa. The towel was barely keeping her privates covered. Which meant there was a lot of bare skin. Which meant I was erect.

Even though I'd had sex with two of Annie's babysitters, a stranger in a gynecologist's office and a co-worker, there was no way I'd have sex with a family member. A simple, firm barrier to behavior. The family line I wouldn't cross. "Care to talk about it?" I could still provide advice, if Joanie needed some.

"What's wrong with me anyway?" she asked.

Nothing that I could see. "Beats me. I don't know about your grades in school, but you look marvelous-"

She raised her chin. "Really?"

"Absolutely." I made eye contact so she knew I was being honest.

She paused before speaking. "So how much money did you bring Mom?"

She thinks her mother gets money for sex? I wouldn't have sex with Annette if she paid me! Under Joanie's assumption, a fair question. "$500."

"Really? What does she do for $500?"

I glanced at the envelope in the entry. "Like I said, I get a release-"

"So she gets you off? $500 is too much for a handjob or blowjob. She must fuck you. Right? Nah, that would be too cheap."

The amount of Harriett's inheritance was about $20,000 but she was settling for five percent, a mere grand, and that was before the $500 in legal fees. "Yes, I'm getting fucked."

"$500 huh? You want to try somebody younger?"

This game had gone far enough. My rule shouted at me. I blurted out an answer. "No thanks."

"What, I'm not good enough? Just because I - don't you think I'm worth $500?"

What was Joanie's problem? Did she really just offer herself to me for money? My 'no family' rule was unambiguous. "I'm sure you'd be terrific and worth every penny, but-"

Joanie didn't give up. "I know Mom's tits are bigger but they sag. Mine aren't bad." She pulled the towel down to expose the tops of her breasts above the nipples. She was right. Her breasts weren't bad at all. Tanning with the same bathing suit had left well-defined pizza-slice shaped white areas that accentuated her breasts' shape.

"I really can't -"

"Fuck a young women? But you came here to screw Mom, right?"

This was a critical choice. I hadn't come all this way for sex. I analyzed my situation. Joanie was family, my niece. I decided she was bluffing. Sex with an older man, a stranger? Preposterous. The best defense was a good offense. "First I'm shit because you think I'm here to have sex with your mother. Now you make the same offer as her substitute. Why the sudden change of heart?"

Joanie's head slumped. "I just back from a horrid date when you showed up." She raised her head and looked directly at me. "Kind of like fate. Do you believe in fate?"

I wondered if my destiny was scoring with hot but vulnerable young women. "Sometimes."

"You can't believe sometimes. Either you do or you don't. See, I was scheduled to have sex with Greg tonight."

Greg was a lucky guy. Harriett and I didn't schedule sex because she'd given it up completely. "No one schedules sex." All of my recent sexual episodes had happened at random.

"We did. We set the date a year ago, when we figured we'd be ready. I'd promised myself and I'd promised him. On the top floor of the college parking lot building. Under the stars. Romantic, huh?"

"You waited to have sex for a year? Amazing. So how was it?"

"He just about drilled me a third hole. Bastard. It wasn't pleasant at all. And here you are, ready to do Mom but not me. You're a shithead, just like Greg."

"You've got me all wrong." I was ready to tell her I was her uncle. "I'm really a nice guy, once you get to know me."

"Not like Greg?"

"I don't believe so."

She tilted her head, looking up at me. "So how do you like your women?"

I gave her a puzzled expression, not one of my most attractive. "Huh?"

"You know, heftier and older like Mom or younger and thinner? Like me?"

"Don't be silly." She wasn't being silly, of course. Maybe just horny after a bad sexual experience.

"What's silly about having sex with me? Greg didn't satisfy me and Mom isn't here for you. Maybe we're supposed to be here alone. Those things happen."

"I'm sure they do." Not. "But not to us."

"Why not? Check out my tits before you decide." She let the towel slide.

"No!" I grabbed the edge and tugged it back up. That put my hand against her chest.

"If you want to feel them, that's okay. Greg skipped foreplay and went straight to assault."

Greg was an idiot. Joanie was a horny guy's playground, not someone to be fucked and dumped. I pulled my hand back. She kept the towel raised. "We shouldn't."

"I'm giving you permission, for Pete's sake. I waited a year to get laid and Greg fucked up." She giggled at her own joke. "At least keep me company. I don't want to be alone and I'm guessing you don't either. You seem to be in no hurry to leave, anyway. Maybe you won't let me substitute for my mother, but that doesn't mean we can't hang out."

My eight-inch cock hanging out of my pants was just the thing I needed to avoid. "Okay, I'll stay and we can talk."

"I should probably put some clothes on, huh?"

I nodded.

Joanie leapt off the sofa holding onto the failing towel. Long expanses of bare skin from rib to toe were titillating. And that didn't count the flash of a breast profile. She flew up the stairs two at a time. Her twin tan ass cheeks with a white swatch bounced. The dark area between her thighs was indistinct but my brain knew what has hidden there. So did my dick.

After a minute of silence, her voice came from the top of the stairs. "Come on up."

I hadn't been in the house maybe twice before. I made my way cautiously. Did she have a gun, ready to kill her mother's lover? Worse yet, maybe she was naked. I peeked into the first bedroom. Looked like it belonged to a young woman. Posters and frills. She'd put on the same outfit she'd worn when I first saw her that night, white halter-top and short blue skirt. She'd removed the tie that kept her wild head full of frizzy hair in check. It sprouted like a brunette aura around her face. "Good, you're still here."

"Where would I go?" I'd given no thought to using her absence to make an exit, taking Harriett's documents and leaving the money. The opportunity to connect with my niece pulled too strong. I just had to avoid anything physical. We were both standing, awkward at best. "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"What is sex supposed to be like?" She stood, hands behind her back, pushing her chest forward. She'd skipped a bra, her nipples evident under the thin fabric.

I cleared my throat. "Its intimate and exciting and reckless and -"

"Can you show me how it's supposed to be done? I was expecting to have sex tonight, just with a different partner."

"We were just going to talk, remember?" My whole body stiffened, not just my cock. "You don't really know what you're asking."

Her body heat raised the temperature in the room. At least that's why I thought I was sweating. She plopped down on her bed and patted the area next to her. "I figure you're getting the better end of the deal, me instead of my mother. That's trading up, right?" She didn't have to say that I was not a young buck like Greg. And she didn't. Her eyes were wide in anticipation. "I gave up so many opportunities last year. Nice guys, handsome, hung. But I waited for Greg. Don't make me beg."

I didn't want to make her at all, except I did. My brain searched frantically for excuses. She was my niece. I'd made family the boundary. While I simultaneously mulled the opportunity, struggled to identify justifications and considered viable excuses, Joanie stood and untied the halter behind her neck. Raising her arms thrust her tits out. As the halter dropped, pizza-slice-shaped white patches on cone-shaped breasts came into view. In the middle of each, like lumps of sausage, her pointy nipples. God, they were sexy.

"You have a great tan." My voice was raspy from a dry throat. She couldn't mean what she said. She wanted sex with a stranger? I felt my feet slipping out from under me. No, no slippery slope this time.

"My friend Veronica said her first time was with a older guy. That he was gentle. Not like Greg. Actually, I expected Mom to pick someone younger, which means you're probably really good in bed. Would you be gentle?"

"Yes," I sighed. "If we had sex, but were not going to."

"I don't understand. You were going to have sex with Mom." Her lips pouted. I'd disappointed her, maybe even insulted her. "I guess it's okay if you don't want to. But you can still show me what I did wrong."

She and Greg lacked experience. It was clear Greg also lacked technique. "You just need a few tits, uh tips."

She pushed me flat onto the bed. I sat up. Her ass was on my thighs before I could react. The skirt rode up exposing just about everything. "This was how Greg and I sat."

"You shouldn't be on my lap." I fixated on her exposed breasts. I needed her off my lap before she felt-

"Oh my god. Is that all you? She hugged me, my face nestled between her young breasts. This was completely erotic. She smelled fresh and new. Her crotch lifted and made a one point landing on mine. "You are up for this, you liar. I wasn't sure with your hesitating and all. Your teasing has gotten me even hotter."

"I'm not teasing."

"Sure." She ground her crotch against mine. "Ooh, you're really hard. Say, I don't even know your name."


"That's funny. I have an uncle named-" Her eyes bugged out. Her jaw dropped. "Uncle Harvey?" I didn't have to nod. She encircled me with her arms. Her breasts dug into my chest. She squatted harder against my groin. Her attention kept me excited. She planted a wet smooch on cheek, then the other, and finally on my lips. "I haven't seen you in years. Why haven't you come to visit?"

I wanted desperately avoiding the cuming. "Your mother doesn't care to see us."

"Don't take it personal. She hates everybody, even Daddy." The realization of our previous conversation sunk in. "Oh my god. I told you she's been cheating. You're not going to tell, are you?"

I shook my head.

"You're not Momma's lover. Oh shit!" She kissed me again harder. Had she and Greg kissed? "So why did you come?"

There was that word again. Continued pressure of her crotch on my dick might just cause me to spurt. "Your grandmother left Harriett money."

Joanie smile wilted. Were her eyes tearing? "Gamma had a full life." Joanie snarfed back a sob. "She always had nice things to say about Aunt Harriett. Once Gamma told me that Aunt Harriett and Daddy would gave been the perfect couple except they were brother and sister. That's illegal, right?"

"Absolutely." And by my self-imposed rule, sleeping with a family member was also not allowed. I prayed she'd get off my lap.

"You always liked me. I remember you brought me flowers to my ice shows."

It was almost impossible to keep my eyes from staring at her perky two-tone tits. "You remembered."

"This is perfect. I don't need Greg, and I don't have to go find some stranger to teach me about sex. You can to it. Oh God! And here I was, trying to seduce you for money! Oh I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

She kissed me on the lips with a bit more fervor than necessary. I couldn't help but kiss back. At least we got the identity thing cleared up. "No problem. But I'm not going to be your sex instructor."

Joanie's eyebrows dropped. "You'd rather let me struggle with some dumb-ass in the back seat than help me figure this out? What kind of uncle are you?"

"One who's looking out for your well being."

"Well, my being isn't real well right now. I'm confused about why my body isn't working. And its not like you're not interested. You've been stiff ever since I got on your lap. You can't deny it."

"Yes, you're very sexy. But sweetheart, we're related. We just talked about incest. Don't you think that's wrong?"

"It's not like were going to get married or anything serious. You'll teach me with caring." She put her hands on her hips. Her breasts were calling for my hands, my mouth. "I don't believe you'd prefer giving Greg another shot, after he hurt me so bad."

My cock agreed with her logic but it wasn't in control. How was I going to get out of this?

She continued. "Okay, you're all negative. We don't have to do it. Just teach me. What did I do wrong?"

Much better. A conversation, hopefully with no demonstration. "Maybe nothing. Were you prepared?"

"Oh yes. I was more than ready." Her tits with pointy nipples wiggled as if in confirmation.

"I mean physically as well as emotionally."

"Like how?"

How could I describe it? "Were you moist?"


"Down below." I refused to name it.

"Was I supposed to be?"

"Yes. A woman's natural lubrication helps a man's penis penetrate."

She stuck her hand under her skirt. The back of it stroked my erection inadvertently. I hoped. "I'm dry. So that's not good?"

"Right. You need to get moist." This girl was completely lacking in basic sex education. "Didn't they teach you this stuff in school?"

"Nope. So what would make me wet and ready?"

"Stimulation. If mental doesn't work, then physical. Either way. It'll prepare your body."

"Touching down there? But he did, with his penis, and it didn't work."

"No, no this is before he attempts penetration. You said it earlier - foreplay. It gets both partners excited and prepared."

"You sure know a lot about sex."

"I study." And recently I'd gotten more practice than I ever expected. "Your partner should try various areas of your body to determine where you're sensitive."

She cupped her pointy breasts. "Like these?"

I swallowed hard. My throat was getting dry. "Anywhere you're sensitive."

"'Cause my nipples are sensitive. See?"

They were puffy all right. "They're very nice."

"You should test them, just to be sure. For when Greg and I have sex."

"I shouldn't." I hid my hands under my ass.

"Yes, you should. You're supposed to be helping me figure out why it didn't work with Greg. That's all. Don't get all up tight."

She was right. I was just helping. Besides my 'no sex with family' rule was firmly in place. I took a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It was puffed and soft, not firm at all. I pinched gently. "How does this-"

Joanie arched her back. "Ohhh God. What are you trying to do, pull it off?"

I'd barely put any pressure. "I'm sorry."

"Not a problem. Sorry I yelled. I was just hoping we'd find my erroneous zones."

"You mean erogenous?"

"That's what I said. Can you do that softer?"

"Not with my fingers."

Joanie gave me a coy sideward glance. "You could use your mouth."

I thought I saw her nipples twitch. "Oh no, I can't."

"Why not? Your lips will be softer. And maybe your saliva will help."

Fingers or mouth, did it make any difference? I placed a nipple between my lips. My tongue rubbed against the perked nubbin. Joanie moaned. "How's that?" Her hips melted against my thighs. I made sure her other nipple got equal time.

"God, that's hot." She was dry humping, slowly.

My licks turned to kissing, and the kissing to sucking. I pressed my face to Joanie's chest, her body stabilized by my hands at her sides. My mouth opened to take in more of her breast. I devoured her tit flesh, thrashing her nipples with my tongue. Joanie's breathing deepened. Her tit slid out of my mouth past my lips, getting a tongue flick as it exited.

"Ooh, that was awesome. Greg never got me that excited. Am I wet now?" she moaned. "You check."

My willpower struggled as I reached down between her thighs. A small patch of panties was still in place, thank god. She moaned at my touch, even though cloth separated our skin. Dry as the Sahara. "Nope. You're not ready."

"Damn. What if my body doesn't do that? Get wet, I mean."

"All women's bodies secrete. Its physiological when you're preparing for sex."

"So maybe I wasn't ready for sex with Greg?"

"Right. And maybe you're not ready for sex now." With anyone, including me. I could hope, couldn't I?

"Damn it. Sorry, but not getting hot enough is frustrating. I told you, something is wrong with me. I could just about burst. Can you see if there's anything wrong with me?"


"Take a look. She got off my lap, lay down next to me and spread her legs wide. A flip put the skirt on her belly. She pulled the skimpy thong aside, exposing her bare naked pussy.

My cock was straining for escape. I was seeing too much. I kept my eyes on her face. "I can't see anything."

"Get closer."

"I can't do this."

"Just look, for cripes sake. Maybe I'm not built right for sex."

She was built just fine. Flared hips, strong thighs and skyward breasts. It took everything I had not to drop into her naked body and plunge my hard cock into her. Instead I moved my face close. Her pubic mound was surrounded on both sides by concave areas that curved into her thighs. The skin of those valleys was red and irritated, and there were white crusty stains. Greg, the jerk, had thumped the crevices, not her vagina. And his precum was evidence. He was incompetent. Someone would have to show Joanie how it's done. But not me. "Nothing obvious is out of place."

"Maybe on the outside. Here, take a good look." She stretched herself open. Her vaginal lips parted. She was pink and vulnerable. And dry. Not a lick of moisture.

"Looks good to me." And it did. "Just not moist." My breath caused her pubic hair to dance.

"What was that? It felt good."

"Just my breath."

"Check inside the entrance. Deeper."

"How?" Wrong question as soon as I said it.

"Use your finger or something."

The proper something would be my penis, and that was a big 'no way'. "I thought you said looking and no touching."

"And I thought you were going to help me out here. Go on."

I hesitantly placed a finger in the dry valley.

Joanie wiggled her butt. "Oh, just like Greg's penis." He was short and thin? Then how would anyone with a man-sized cock get in? "Am I starting to get wet yet?"


Joanie bucked her hips. There was an obstruction with a small hole. "Do you use a tampon?"

"No, even though I asked. Mom has me use napkins. Gross for real."

There was barely room for one finger through a gap in a thick barrier. "Your hymen is intact." I pushed a bit at it. "And it seems quite sturdy."

"So what would get me hotter? Show me. Please." Her ass wiggled. My face was already too close. "Use your mouth, like you did on my tits. Maybe your saliva will get me started. You can prime the pump."

"That's going too far." Once I went down on her, I'd be a goner.

"But we have to figure it out. If not, I'll just die." The thought of sex was intoxicating. Not that we'd do it, but the possibility coaxed me closer. We were close all right. My face to her pussy. I gave a quick lick. "Ooh that's good. Do it some more."

I decided that if I got Joanie off orally, she'd be satisfied and her demand for sex would vanish. With resolve, I buried my face against her labia and slid my tongue up and down in and out. Joanie ass bounced on the bed. I sampled her pussy with my mouth, poking my tongue through the engorged folds. We were both enjoying this aspect of our research. "Ooooh, God. That feels great! Oh. Oooooh!"

I held her hips to continue my oral attack. God, I shouldn't be doing this, but the thought of Joanie getting turned off about sex was compelling. Maybe if someone had given Harriett lessons, our sex life would be better. Or I'd have one at all. The only side effect was that I was getting hornier by the minute.

Joanie was breathing hard, panting for air. Her thighs tightened and relaxed in rhythm with my licking and tongue fucking. Then her thighs slammed my ears, she lifted her hips and arched her back. "Nnnnngggggg." Orgasm achieved. She relaxed her legs and my hearing returned.

"Wowee. Awesome! Now I get it. I have to be this hot for sex. You made me ready, you dear sweet man."

Ready? Hadn't she achieved an orgasm? Maybe she didn't know what an orgasm felt like. I pulled back, cunt juice dripping from my chin. "So how do you feel now?"

"Terrific! I got wet, didn't I?"

"Yes, quite." I wiped her moisture from my face with the back of my hand.

She stood up to unzip and drop her skirt. The panties now stretched out no longer provided cover for her vagina. They fell of their own accord. She plopped onto the bed completely naked and spread her legs. "I'm ready for sex."

Shit! My oral attack only got her more juiced up. Literally. "Maybe you are." I was, physically, but not emotionally. She still had her hymen barrier, and I still had my rule. "Probably."

"So how will I know?" The silence was stifling. "Are you ready? I mean, you've been hard ever since I sat in your lap. Can I see it at least? Greg just unzipped and pushed at me. Huh? Please?"

Two young babysitters had seen my prick, but had also enjoyed it. Joanie couldn't have the same opportunity. "It wouldn't hurt to show you, I guess. But just look."

"Right, just so I can see."

I dropped my trousers and slid off my jockeys. My cock bobbed, nearly fully inflated, in front of her.

"Wow! It's a lot bigger than Greg's." Her hand surrounded it.

"I thought looking was just looking. As in, no touching." Her grip was tight, making it difficult to free myself.

"But it's throbbing. I knew you wouldn't mind." Except she was stroking me. "You're dry. Greg's was wet."

That was unusual, unless his precum was go great that it slickered up his prick. "Did you put it in your mouth?"

"No, why? Should I have?" She didn't wait for a reply, leaned forward and sucked. She was a natural. My hips thrust at the pleasure I got from her lips and tongue. She let it pop free. "You really like this, huh? Think Greg will like it?"

Why would she go back to a guy who hurt her? "Shouldn't you find someone who is kind and gentle?"

"Like you?" She kissed the tip.

I almost leaned forward to get more mouth action. "No, not like me."

"Why? You said you were gentle, earlier when I asked."

Had I said that? "I am, but I can't have sex with you. When you meet the right guy he'll help you."

"And then?" Her hand resumed stroking.

"Then you'll have great sex."

"But will he get me ready as good as you did? Greg was awful."

"The guy you pick that excites you will get excited too. It's mutual. That's how good sex works." And that's why Harriett and I weren't doing it any more.

"But you're that guy. You've gotten me so hot, I can barely stand it. And I know I excite you. Look, your penis is really hard. I really want to do it. Right now. Can't you pretend to be Greg? I know you're bigger and all but we wont know if the moisture problem is solved for sure unless we-"

Oh shit! "Unless we what?"

"Unless we do what Greg and I were planning."

It was a risk, but maybe if she has to say it, she'll get embarrassed and won't do it. "Tell me what you want in plain English."

Joanie squirmed in place. "I want you to take my cherry. To have sex with me for the first time. Okay?"

I wasn't going to fuck her, but she deserved something more. I didn't ask permission and fingered her again. "How about this?" I pushed my middle finger in and out, rubbing my thumb against where I expected her clitoris. She bucked on the bed. "Oh God. Oh, my uncle is finger fucking me! This is fantastic!" For added stimulation, I bent down and nibbled her nipples, pressing them firmly between my lips. Joanie was going crazy. I could barely keep my finger inside; she was throwing herself all over the bed. I felt her cunt tighten against my finger. "Uhhhhh." Her thighs closed, trapping my hand. I kept diddling, as well as I could with my hand captive. She bore down, squeezing the blood from my finger. This was truly an orgasm of significant scale. She relaxed completely, splaying her legs open. I slid my finger out, wiping it against one thigh. "There. That's what sex feels like." Although she'd been taken to new heights of sexual release, her hymen was still intact.

She sat up, woozy. Her tongue hung from the corner of her mouth. "That was really good, really good." She ran her fingertips along my cock. "I bet using a penis is even better."

What was wrong with this girl? Why wasn't twice enough? "Listen, you're lucky. You've had at least two orgasms and you still have your hymen, which feels pretty tough. Maybe you should have this taken care of surgically. Otherwise it's going to be painful no matter who does it."

"And be a laughing stock? Hell no! Some crotchety old doctor isn't going to make me a woman."

I waved my hands. "You're already a woman. Save yourself for someone who cares deeply about you. Make it special."

"Okay, okay, I know you don't want to have sex with me." She pushed me back onto the bed. "The least I can do is get you off."

She squatted on my thighs and pumped my cock fiercely. I was completely hard, and horny as the Antarctic is cold. "You're making me crazy."

"Now you know how I feel. Aunt Harriett must really love fucking you." I didn't respond but something in my expression must have given me away. "What's wrong? She doesn't? Oh God, she doesn't, does she? I can see it on your face." Her firm strokes became caresses that were even more exciting.

"Sex isn't a priority with her." Hell, it's not even on her to-do list.

"God, you must be horny all the time. It's making me nuts, being all revved up. How can you stand it?"

"I try not to think about it." I felt my ears burning.

"You're embarrassed. So how do you take of yourself? Shit! Do you cheat on Aunt Harriett?" She glanced down at my pulsing penis as she continued massaging its length. "Do you fuck other women? Neighbor ladies?"

Joanie was much too close to the truth, and I was much too close to an orgasm of my own. "I don't want talk about it."

"Okay, have your secrets." She stood, hands on her hips. "I'm all moist and you're leaking."

"That's precum. Lubrication to help with penetration."

"See! Your body is ready. It's smarter than you are."

She was right. My body was as ready for fucking as I had ever been. "No way. You've done more than enough. Really."

She plopped down next to me. "You're crazy do you know that? Anybody in their right mind would have fucked me already."

I held her hand. "I love you too much, if that makes any sense."

"You do? Then massage my shoulders and I'll pretend you're Daddy. He does it once in a while, when I'm tense. Please?"

"Okay." No harm. Her father was not an object of lust. "How should we do this?"

She straddled my thighs facing backwards. At least that way, her tits wouldn't tempt me. I went to work on her shoulders.

"Oh that's nice. It relaxes me. I love you, daddy."

I kept massaging. If she was fantasizing about me being her father, I was safe. She didn't view him as a sexual partner.

"Ooh, your fingers are draining all the stress. Tell me you love me back."

Fucking Joanie would drain my balls. "I love you, too."

Joanie turned her body half way and snuck a kiss on the lips.

I'd always kissed Annie on the cheek, leaving lip kissing for Harriett, back when we did kiss. "Is that how you kiss your father?"

"No." She pressed her face to mine. Her lips trembled moist and separated. I let my mouth take the tip of my tongue. "There. How's that?"

"Inappropriate for a father and daughter, in my opinion."

"Not if they love each other. Rub my sides and waist."

She was anybody's sex dream come true. She was also my niece. How could Arnold live with a beauty like this and get affected. "Does your father ever touch you, sexually I mean?"

"Daddy? No, never. Not like you have. My tits. Hold my tits."

I moved my hands from her sides around to the front of her body. Her breasts fit nicely into my hands. "They feel nice." My dick was sticking up between her thighs.

"Can't you do something with your penis?"

In our position there was one obvious choice, and I wasn't going there. At least, my cock wasn't. "Just ignore it."

"Fat chance of that! Let me take care of it." Joanie stood, faced me, sat back down and grabbed my unbendable appendage. She guided my dick so that any motion slid it along the furrow of her vagina. Oral stimulation and finger fucking had made her cunt slippery. And I faced that same slippery slope - sex with Joanie. Fear of man-eating bears had taken me over the top with Ditz. Alyssa Bollard's mother had coached me past my boundary and into her daughter. Natalie Needham-Cohen had demanded it in the gynecologist's office - the first time anyone had used blackmail to intimidate me. With Miss Anne Thrope, a secretary in our office, it had been desperation for sex as a punishment.

Joanie had waited for a year to fuck her boyfriend and then he screwed it up. Was that sufficient reason to break my rule of no sex with relatives? How long had Harriett been unavailable to me before Ditz broke through? The consequences of this decision were enormous. If I could have sex with a relative then there were no boundaries. I could have sex with anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. My dick smiled.

My fingertips slipped from her shoulders to her chest, my palms on her nipples.

"Yeah, right there." She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me needy, passionately. I kissed back with the same enthusiasm. My dick beat against her belly.

She broke off our smooching. "What kind of rule is it that let's you touch me all over and rub your fat penis between by legs but not go all the way?"

A dumb one, based in how she made it sound. "I won't have sex with relatives." There. I'd said it out loud.

She smiled. "Is that it? If I was a stranger you wouldn't hesitate?" Joanie scratched her head and paused. "So how many non-relatives have you had sex with?"


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