My Friends Wife

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Swinging, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A man returns home after a short absense. He goes to visit his friend and meets his new wife. Over the course of several years he falls in love with the wife and when the friend asks him to help him turn her into a slut he decides to steal her from the friend and make her his own. Follow his Journey through the part of his life as he woos, steals and makes this woman his own.

"Oh, come on. You know we can do it and I am getting so damn tired of the same ole stuff. Hell, I've been married three years and I am tired of the same pussy day after day. She won't try anything new, just missionary and occasionally cowgirl or doggy. I think I'm going to die if I can't get her to loosen up. You know you can do it. Hell you've done it to dozens of women before. Please, as a favor to me?"

I sighed and looked at Gene. He had been my best friend but right now I was soooo pissed at him. Before I had graduated college (he never went to school past high school) we were a wild team. We had been growing apart for the last several years but we were still friendly. We were neighbors and he helped me on my farm. Annie was the only one of his girlfriends we hadn't shared or double-teamed. I did keep a few of my girlfriends away from him-the ones I thought were 'good girls', that I thought might be wife material. Most of the time until I was in my junior year of college we dated for one reason and one reason only-to get laid.

As I sat listening to his proposal and his ranting about Ann I began to reminisce. I remembered nearly three years back when I first met Ann. I could still remember my shock at seeing her in the house blowing Gene. My first thought had been he must have gotten lucky and picked someone up the night before. God she was beautiful. I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. It had been nearly a week since I had gotten laid and I was hoping Gene would share his woman like we had in the past.

I had been away for the summer in the Army when he had met and married the love of his life Ann Bolin. I had entered the reserves when I was released from active duty and found that I could get several months a year active duty doing special projects. Since I was a self-employed farmer and had no family ties I took every tour I could get. I loved the excitement and the different posts as well as the world travel. Of course the women I managed to tap while I was away helped too. I will admit I was getting tired of living alone, tired of the one-night stands or the short intense love affairs. Normally I did not bed married women however-at least I didn't if I knew they were married.

In any event one time while I was gone on one of my longer tours Gene met, fell in love with and married Ann. I had never met her before and when I got home one of my first stops was at Gene's home. He and I were comfortable enough friends that we never knocked on each other's door when we visited. We just opened the door and walked in. Everything one of us had the other could use and up until he married (with the few exceptions I mentioned earlier) that included women. Share and share alike.

Anyway, the morning after I got home from my latest tour I did my morning chores, checked on my cattle and fields to be sure Gene and my hired help had everything up to snuff then I started for his house. Like normal I just opened the door and walked in. I stopped in the kitchen and stared around me. I didn't recognize this house! It was neater than I had ever seen it even when his parents were living there. There were frilly looking female type decorations everywhere I could see.

It was early but I opened the fridge and got out two beers. I opened one and began slugging it down as I walked into the family room looking for Gene. I knew he was home because his truck was there and none of the tractors were missing. As I walked through the door I yelled, "Hey Buddy. Ya here?"

What I heard was a very feminine yelp. A nice-hell no, a vision of loveliness had raised her head from his lap where she had been enthusiastically nibbling and sucking on his deep red cock. Somewhere she had lost her skirt and panties and her button front blouse was totally undone letting her braless tits flop free.

Ann as I later learned was her name pulled her top closed and asked in an angry tone of voice, "Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to just walk into our house without an invitation?"

Gene groaned when Ann stopped sucking his cock then got a large shit-eating grin on his face when he saw me. "Damn George ya finally got back didja? God buddy I sure have missed ya." He was smiling as he held his hand out for the first of many beers we would drink that day.

He saw me watching Ann as she grabbed her skirt and ran from the room toward the bedroom. Just before she disappeared from sight he said, "Hey Annie. This is my best Bud I've been telling ya about. This is George Kirk. George that vision of loveliness strutting past ya is my new wife Ann. We've been married a whole two weeks. Ain't she the prettiest lil thang?"

I watched as a very embarrassed, very red Ann rushed past me and down the hallway to get dressed. I moved to a chair across from Gene and we sat talking. He never bothered to dress and when Ann finally walked back into the room she began to chastise him about his nudity. "Damn it Gene what are you sitting there like that for?" She rushed to him and tried to pull his pants up. He smiled and pushed her away, pushing his pants all the way off him and pulling her into his lap.

Ann fought him but naturally he was too strong for her. He pulled her down and began kissing her as he ran his hand under her skirt. I could tell when he pushed it up that she had not put any panties on. Soon he had her top mostly unbuttoned and I could see those wonderful tits once again. She was getting angry with him for showing her off to me and finally she managed to get away from him and move back into the bedroom once more. Gene was rock hard. He grinned at me and as he walked past me for the bedroom he said, "Get yourself another beer if ya want. I need to get back there and take care of some things. I'll be back in a few."

I did as he suggested and got another beer. From where I sat I could hear a short argument coming from the master bedroom. "Gene, NO! You've got company. Now stop it. We can't do it now. Ohhhhh. Aiiiiieeeee. OH GOD."

From the Den all I could hear for a few minutes was the slap, slap, slap of bellies slamming together along with the squeak of his bedsprings and the slamming of the headboard against the wall. Finally I heard Gene yell "UNHHHHH", his trademark sound when he would cum. Along with his UNHHHHH I heard a high-pitched keening then more rapid slaps and a very feminine squeal and several Unhhh's in a row. I heard Ann giggle and several kissing sounds. Shortly afterward Gene wandered down the hallway wearing only some loose cutoff shorts. He had a huge satisfied grin on his face as he returned to the room and asked, "Well, ya wanna grab a couple more beer and sit out in tha yard?"

I said, "Sure" and we were off. As we were drinking I got the low down on his whirlwind romance and marriage. Several times during the morning he would yell out for Ann to bring us more beer. The first time she came outside she was still dressed in her short skirt and the top she had when I entered the house. She had tied the shirttails under her breasts and looked soooo hot! She was blushing when she came out and couldn't look me in the face.

It was the end of the summer before Ann and I became comfortable enough with each other to visit. We slowly became friends but I never again just walked into their home without an invitation. I would always knock on the door and yell out before I was allowed to enter. Gene always told me to just come in like I used to do but I refused. One time after he had berated me once again because I had stopped just walking in I was in the kitchen getting another beer when Ann came up to me. She put her hand on my hip and leaned to me and gave me a gentle kiss. I was shocked to say the least as this was the first time she had ever done that. I looked down at her face and saw the tears brimming in the corner of her eyes. She looked up at me and said, "Thanks George. I think Gene wants you and his other friends to see me naked. I think he would be very happy for you to catch us screwing or me sucking him like you did that day you came home and we were newly married. I appreciate your concern for me."

As the years went by Gene and I grew farther apart. I was getting angry at the way he was treating Ann. She was little better than a gofer for him. I watched and he never hit her but I think he was verging on the edge of mental cruelty. He always ordered her around and acted as if her desires and needs were of no consequence. Several times I would try to run interference when I was visiting and I could tell it made him angry.

I sighed and let my mind return to the present. Gene had not managed to keep the farm successful after his parents died. He had always needed to be told what to do and he needed someone to watch his finances. He had been running the family farm now for almost five years since his parents had died in an auto accident. He finally admitted he couldn't continue. He was so far in debt he was verging on losing the farm. I had agreed to buy him out for what he owed and $100000.00 in cash. I was getting the farm for about two thirds what it was worth and felt good about the deal.

I was here this day to make good on the rest of my deal with Gene. As part of the sale agreement I had agreed to help him and Ann move from the farm to a town about 50 miles away. He had taken a job working in a feed mill and grain elevator. If he kept his nose clean-something I had my doubts about-he would make a little more than he had been clearing (HA-he was going farther into debt because of mismanagement) on his farm. I suppose I should say he would make a little more than his net sales from the farm.

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