What to Do?

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Black Female, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: I saw her with my cousin but this story goes much deeper.

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I'm Jerry Cahill. Born and raised in West Virginia, have an older sister and pretty much lead a normal life. We lived down in a valley in a somewhat rural area. This story begins shortly after my graduation from high school. I had signed up for a two year stint in the Air Force, and afterwards I would be on four years reserve. The job market was pretty tough and I wasn't much for going to college.

I was an athlete but from a small rural school which means you usually don't get noticed by any of the talent scouts. My dad ran a feed store and I figured I might be working there the rest of my life. I decided I wanted to take a couple of years off, get away and see the world like they say in the ads.

I hung around with some fairly decent friends, mostly ex jocks. We didn't cause a lot of trouble but we did drink our share of beer for being underage. I was due to leave for basic training in two weeks so I wanted to make the best of my days till then. Back in the valley was a private pond. The actual property it was located on was owned by my uncle Bob. The pond itself was quite far away from the house. We would go swimming there on the hot days. We usually didn't need suits.

His son Rob, my cousin was a high school dropout. He was two years older than me and was always getting in trouble. I stayed away from him as much as possible. I knew he dealt in drugs (weed) and I developed a dislike for him.

I think his goal in life was to fuck as many women as possible. He worked at a garage/filling station in the little town down the road. Even though I hate to say it since he was my cousin, he was bad news. He always had a couple of guys hanging around him. They were dropouts also and did most everything he told them too. He must give them free drugs or at least at a discount. Right now he grew his own marijuana.

Why women would hang with him was hard to understand. He must have presented the bad boy image and it attracted them to him. I knew some of the girls he had dated and they were from decent families. Others he would be with were what I call bar broads and party girls.

I usually distanced myself from him as much as possible. I've dated a few girls and had sex with a couple. Funny that after I dated them Rob asked them out. I guess he wanted to make sure he had sex with any girls I had been with. I later found out it was a jealousy thing with him. His dad had told him he wished he was more like me. I figured that just threw more coals into the flames of his dislike for me.

I need to tell you a little about Jessie. She was a neighbor girl down the road. We were the same age and good friends. We played together when we were younger but as we got older her parents told her to stay away from boys. She even got in trouble if I walked her home from school after getting off the bus.

Her parents were so strict; I really felt sorry for her. I had asked her out a dozen times and she always told me she couldn't. Her parents said she couldn't date till she was eighteen. They were way over protective. She had one sister who was four years older and left home the minute she graduated.

Anita, her sister married the first guy she went out with but luckily he was a good man. They now have two kids. Jessie's parents even got mad when she visited her sister. About all she did was housework, work the farm and read books. They didn't even own a TV till a couple of years ago.

When Jessie turned sixteen she begged her parents to let her work at the local grocery store. They agreed but she had to give half her earnings to them. She told me at school that she didn't care about the money, she was just happy to get out of the house. I felt sorry for her, all she wanted was a life.

Jessie was somewhat of a plain Jane. I figured it was because she wasn't allowed to wear makeup and her parents made her wear a dress to school. I could tell by looking at her that she probably had a great figure, just wasn't able to show it wearing the old fashioned dresses. It was hard to believe there were still people like her parents around.

I liked her a lot but never kissed her or even held her hand. I always hoped that someday we might date. I guess I was always intrigued by her. She had a few female friends at school. They were mostly the geek girls. Other girls talked about her behind her back. It pissed me off because she didn't deserve it.

I stopped at the station to get gas one day and I saw Jessie enter a store across from the station where Rob worked. Rob looked up and told me that one day he was going to fuck the hell out of Jessie. I told him to just leave the poor girl alone. She had enough to deal with without him making it even worse for her. He just laughed and told me it was going to happen.

As I mentioned earlier I was to leave for basic training two weeks after graduation. The weekend before I was to leave my friends asked if I was going to Rob's nude day party. I knew about it but wasn't planning on going, mainly because Rob was giving it.

His dad would be gone that weekend so he was throwing a party at the pond. My uncle and Rob lived at an old farm place alone. My uncle and aunt divorced years ago. He leased out most of the acreage to a local man for growing corn.

Rob said he wanted to celebrate nude day. He was charging fifty dollars a head, to the guys only. All women could come to the party free. He was having a hog roasted and would supply a couple of kegs of beer.

I couldn't see giving him fifty dollars to get laid. I could probably do that on my own. Five of my buddies got together and said that each put up ten bucks as a going away present for me to go to the party. I finally agreed to go. I figured I might as well get laid my last day home.

At the party most everyone started out wearing bathing suits. As they began drinking and became less inhibited the clothes would begin coming off. I couldn't believe how many people showed up. There must have been two hundred and at least eighty of them were women.

I know readers or going to think this is a double standard but I know most young guys get horny and will have sex with just about anything that moves. I just have a hard time believing that women feel the same. I always thought that most women wanted more love and affection than just sex. Since I'm not a woman I guess I'll never understand.

Rob must have been making a pile of money by having this party. Besides making fifty bucks a head he also was selling his weed. I don't know, it just didn't seem right but if that's what the people wanted, so be it.

The party was well underway and people were starting to get naked. Some were in the pond swimming. Others were listening to a group of musicians playing. I looked up and I couldn't believe what I saw. Rob was over by the drink table and Jessie was with him.

I went over to see her. She had a dress on. Rob looked at me and gave me the creepiest look. "Look who I invited to the party."

"Jess, why are you here? You shouldn't be here."

Rob butted in. "Hey, she's my date, leave her the fuck alone." He handed her a pina colada.

"I've never drunk alcohol Rob," she said.

"It's ok Baby, you'll love it. Give it a try," replied Rob.

She tasted it. "I like it," she said and almost drank it straight down. Rob made her another.

"Jess, please let me take you home. You don't belong here." Rob started to say something but Jess talked first.

"What do you mean I don't belong here? You're here! I want to have fun too. I'm over eighteen and can do what I want. You're almost as mean as my parents."

"For the last time Jess, let me take you home before you regret being here. You don't belong here. You're too nice to be here." I was sincere in what I was saying.

Rob spoke, "Jerry, you may be my cousin but Jess is my girl tonight. I suggest you stay the hell away from her or get the hell out of my party."

I looked at Jess, and she seemed just a bit sad. Then she looked at me as if in defiance and drank down her second drink quickly. I shook my head and walked away.

I didn't own her and I had warned her. What more could I have done? I did my best to stay away from her and went over by the pond. Word got around that I was leaving for the service the next day and I couldn't believe the attention I was getting. I had already drunk too many beers and was lying on my back when three women came up to me and removed my bathing suit.

I lay there as they began rubbing my body. My cock was hard in no time. Sheila, a black cheerleader from school said she always wanted to try me. I looked at her dark black bush as she lowered herself down on my very hard cock. Damn, she felt good.

Shelly, a gal I've dated a few times lowered her shaved pussy over my face as I ate her up. It was my first ever three- way. Sheila came and I saw her juices running down my cock. She thanked me and wished me luck. Renee, another cheerleader took her place and was riding my very stiff cock. She wasn't on me long when I felt Shelly coming with my tongue up her pussy.

It started a chain reaction that made me shoot a load into Renee and then Renee pushed down hard on my pelvic area and came herself. It felt so damn good. My face had Shelly's juices all over it and Renee's all over my cock. They both kissed me, wiped off the remaining juices from my face and wished me luck.

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