The Workout

by Trace Ekies

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: [9th in the 'Kara' series] Kara was naked except for a towel. She was in the front seat of a car driven by her current heart-throb, Paul. He looked over at her legs and thought about what was just out of sight. Kara watched the bulge in Paul's pants grow as he looked her over. Feigning modesty, she tugged the front of her towel a bit lower, but still left her thighs deliciously exposed.

Kara had graduated from law school and become an associate attorney with Grayson & Locke, the city's most prestigious, and most conservative law firm. Her severest challenge was, not to make partner, that would automatically happen in seven years, but rather, to enjoy her personal life, without Winston Grayson, the managing partner, interfering with it or hearing about it.

Kara had been a gymnast in high school and now worked out regularly to maintain her youthful figure. She had another reason for working out. Her aerobics instructor, Paul, was her latest romantic interest. Unfortunately, Paul so far was acting as if he hadn't even noticed her. Nevertheless, Kara got weak kneed every time she saw him. He had muscular arms and shoulders, toned chest and abs, powerful legs, and, from what she could tell looking at him in sweats, a package any girl would die for.

Today, in hopes of making the five-thirty aerobics class that Paul taught, Kara had left the office early, if you can call four o'clock early. She was determined that Paul was going to notice her, and the sooner the better. She had come home to change and had only had a few minutes in which to do so, as her friend Suzy was coming to pick her up. She rummaged through the dresser and came across a workout suit she had bought when she was sixteen.

Kara held the outfit in front of her. It consisted of a pair of shorts, somewhat like speedos, and a tight crop top. It was made of a shiny gray stretchy fabric, probably some synthetic material. She had bought it on a dare from a girlfriend at a time when her father was cautioning her not to wear anything that showed too much skin or accentuated her blossoming figure.

The outfit had hugged her youthful curves so closely that by the time she got home and put it on again, she was afraid to show it to her father or wear it out of the house. To this day, she still hadn't worn it in public.

Kara had learned in the two or three years before graduating from high-school that she liked showing off and being at least partially exposed. After graduation, her father, (her mother had died when she was twelve), became more tolerant of her exhibitionist tendencies and even acted as if he might be enjoying them.

Having left home, gone to college and living on her own, Kara was now free to dress as she pleased. She knew, however, that she needed to maintain the conservative look that befitted her occupation, and usually did. However, having observed the dress of the women Paul seemed to notice, Kara was convinced that getting his attention was going to take the kind of exposure she secretly enjoyed.

'This outfit just might be the one to do it, ' Kara thought, as she pulled the shorts up and over her hips. They really showed off her legs, but they were so tight her panty line showed. In college she had often gone without panties, once even while wearing a short skirt, but now that she was a professional she dressed more conservatively. Tonight, however, was going to be an exception. She stripped off the shorts and panties, then put the shorts back on without the panties.

She examined the top and noticed it had no lining. It had been designed with the expectation that it would be worn with a bra. While she was considering whether or not to wear one, Suzy knocked on the front door, let herself in and came straight to the bedroom. Suzy looked at the skimpy top in Kara's hands, shook her head and said, "I've got to see this."

Kara was wearing a bra that was meant to be worn under tops like this, but, like the panties, its lines would show. Another exception had to be made. Kara unhooked the bra and tossed it on the bed. Suzy stared at Kara's chest. It wasn't as if she had never seen Kara topless before, and she definitely didn't prefer women to men, but Kara's breasts were so perfect that Suzy couldn't help but admire them.

The tops of Kara's breasts formed a nearly straight line from her chest to her nipples and the undersides of them were nicely rounded without even a hint of a sag. The aureoles were half-dollar sized and the nipples, when cold or aroused, were like pencil erasers. Kara slipped the flimsy top over her head and sucked in her chest; stretching the top to its limit, she pulled it down and over her breasts.

Kara, now a 34-C, had probably been no more than a 32-B when she bought the outfit. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were covered but just barely; the nipples protruded enticingly through the top's material; the tightness of the shorts hinted at a camel-toe. Had she known how revealing the outfit would be, she probably wouldn't have put it on. Then she thought about some of the outfits she had worn in college and realized that many of them had actually been more daring. She wanted to wear this outfit, but wasn't sure she should.

"That's going to get Paul's attention," Suzy said, "but I'm not sure it's the kind of attention you want."

Kara was looking at herself in the mirror, trying to decide whether or not to wear the outfit. Suzy's question helped to make up her mind. She wanted Paul's attention, even if she had to be somewhat exposed to get it. "How do you know what kind of attention I want," she said. Her decision was made. She was going to wear the outfit.

Kara looked in the mirror one last time and couldn't believe how hot she looked. The workout suit didn't hide much and she tried to imagine what Paul would think when he saw her. Her pussy got wet thinking about how exposed she was going to be. 'Fortunately, ' she thought, 'The gym is like the beach; you're expected to show off.'

Kara and Suzy arrived at the gym a few minutes before the aerobics class got under way. Paul hadn't gone into the gym yet and greeted them from behind the counter.

For the brief trip to the club Kara had donned a pair of jeans and a white blouse. However, her arousal at the thought of Paul seeing her in her workout outfit had caused her nipples to harden and protrude slightly, even though there were two layers of clothing covering them.

As the two girls stood before the front desk, Paul conspicuously stared at Kara's chest. She handed Paul her ID but his eyes never moved, causing Kara to become even more aroused. She knew she had chosen the right outfit. Terry, the middle-aged woman who managed the place was also behind the counter and like Paul, stared openly. Kara wasn't accustomed to getting attention from a female but the warmth between her legs told her she liked it.

While Paul and Terry continued to stare, Kara and Suzy turned and went to the locker room. As they stowed their gym bag Kara thought, 'Paul has already noticed. By the time the class is over he won't be able to think about anything else.' The excitement Kara felt caused her nipples to press even harder against the tight top. She stripped off the jeans and blouse and headed for the gym.

Paul started the session slowly and built the pace gradually. Kara wasn't so much doing aerobics as she was imagining that she and Paul were dancing, probably without much in the way of clothes. As she perspired, her aureoles became as visible as her nipples. She knew she should go to the locker room and put the blouse back on, but there was something about the way Paul was looking at her that made her abandon any thoughts of modesty.

Kara's mound pressed against the skin tight shorts. In her heightened state of arousal she pretended it was Paul rubbing her clit, not the shorts. Although, the juices flowing from her pussy couldn't have been much greater if it had actually been Paul. Kara was frustratingly close to having an orgasm when Paul slowed things down.

Even with the slowdown, Kara's nipples throbbed with excitement. Her labia was engorged beyond belief and pressed against the front of her shorts providing a wonderful sensation for her and an exciting view for anyone else, such as Paul, who might be watching. Her top was soaked and her breasts showed clearly. The music came to a stop and so did Paul. He stared at Kara's sweat-soaked body for longer than was polite, then turned and went into the men's locker room. Kara hoped he would come back soon, but he did not.

Suzy had stopped on her way to the locker room to talk to some guys by the bikes. As Kara approached, they stopped what they were doing and looked her up and down. Normally Kara would have been put off by their gawking but she was so turned on that she actually enjoyed their stares. "I'm going to take a shower. Don't be long," Suzy said as she left. Kara remained, basking in the masculine attention. It excited her to see that she had caused each of the men to have an erection.

Kara worked out briefly on several nearby machines, enjoying the glances that frequently came her way. She continued to hope that Paul would return and coach her on the machines, but that was not to be. As Kara exercised, her sexual excitement gradually diminished. Paul eventually came out of the locker room, and unfortunately, at least in Kara's mind, resumed his position behind the counter.

Paul watched Kara from behind the counter. She loved the attention she was getting, not just from Paul, but from the other guys too. However, she knew Suzy was anxious to leave. She reluctantly left her audience and went to the locker room. Suzy had finished her shower and was dressing in street clothes. "What took you so long?" she asked.

"I needed to cool down a little before I took my shower."

"From what I saw," Suzy coldly said, "the whole place needed to cool down. That outfit you're wearing seems to have gotten the attention of every man in the club. Don't take long. I'll wait here."

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