Growing Up Never Ends

by SplendidSpunk

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Daughter, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A Woman learns she may be older but she really never grew up.

(I had the distinct pleasure of co-writing this story with the vibrant and sexy lesliejones whose brilliance at turning a phrase and using humiliation is without par. If you enjoyed this bit of erotica please send Leslie a note and thank her. – SplendidSpunk)

My name is Emma and as the title suggests my life to this point, while not all that unusual in today's world, has been one where I've struggled to grow up and act my age. I was an OK child but by the time I was sixteen something changed and I joined a group of kids that had sex parties. I know most kids experiment at that age but this was beyond the spin the bottle era. A group of guys and girls would get together on weekends and we'd engage in sex. No regular partners as we decided that sex without love was far more fun.

The typical night would start with some beer or pot and then we'd put our names in a bowl and whoever showed up last had to draw a name out. If they drew their own name they masturbated in front of the gang; if you drew out a name of the same sex, you had sex with that person, guy on guy or girl on girl. We were very open and progressive in that way; in others, we were just plain, stupid. That's why today, at the age of 36, my daughter is enrolled in college.

As for her father, I really don't know. Over the time frame when I might have gotten pregnant, I'd had sex with at least eight or nine guys and no one stepped up and I never really wanted to know. As I said it was sex, not love, and while the sex was at times great, it wasn't always and well, I had parents who cared and helped and so I left it at that. When Ella was old enough I resumed school with my parents' support and I promised them that I would not even date till Ella had reached maturity and gone to college. I wanted to be her mom and with school and later a job I devoted my time to raising my daughter.

While I assume Ella is no longer a virgin, I don't know it; I do know she's not pregnant so she's obviously smarter then her mom. When I look at Ella now I see myself at that age: we are very similar, so much so that we are at time thought of as sisters. We're both five foot six and have reddish auburn hair, hers is long and dips over her shoulders while mine is cut and styled to no longer than the nape of my neck. Our eyes are light blue and our skin is fair. I think my chest is larger; I'm a 34 C, but time and gravity make Ella's look so much better. We've both been graced with long shapely legs and slender but well shaped torsos.

After I dropped Ella off at college--she's attending the state university a few hours from home, I felt truly lonely for the first time in a long, long time. It took me a few sad weeks to realize it was time to find a life for myself now that my primary duty of raising Ella was basically complete. I had a good job and a few friends and eventually I re started my social life and soon began to meet men. I was a bit fearful at first, I've not had anything live in me since I got pregnant and the feel of plastic dildos and rubber vibrators were no assurance to me that I was ready to impress a man in bed.

All of those nights while raising Ella and using artificial devices to experience the needed orgasms also allowed me to develop a number of fantasies and one of my most used ones involved being tied up by my lover. No, not a total domination scenario but a comfortable one, tied and not in control but not spanked or punished. I think it resulted from my forced abstinence. So now when the potential for real sex was possible, I was still in good shape, only 36, I had never been avoided by men, only I avoided them, dedicating myself to child rearing.

So soon the dating game began and yes, I kissed a lot of frogs before I found a prince. His name is Mark and he's a successful businessman whose wife left him for another woman. He spent a few years out of the game as he came to terms with being replaced by a woman and by the time we'd met we were both sort of rookies in the dating game. Although his time away from romance was considerably shorter them mine, his was a result of what he took as a slight to his manhood while mine was elected. So we were, amazingly, on relatively equal footing and took things slow. In fact he and I remained under the social radar as much as possible and even Ella did not meet Mark when she came home for the holidays.

In that time Mark and I found intimacy, and I enjoyed having someone make love to me. I'd had quite a bit of sex back in high school but never had I made love and I relished the sensation of it. I felt a bit of a slut as I found myself needing and wanting Mark's cock, tongue and hands on and in me. He too seemed renewed that a woman enjoyed him and our lovemaking, so we found a depth of pleasure new to both of us. For me it was because I'd never associated love and sex and for Mark because he had a woman who didn't think of him as another woman but as a man whose cock thrilled her.

So we let our passions grow and flourish and soon we'd shared even some of our fantasies. I didn't know it at the time but in acting out a fantasy, I'd be once again making a significant change in my life, and learning more about growing up then I thought I needed to know.

We'd had a great night out, dinner was fantastic and the musical we saw at the theater was one to have us dancing in the aisles as we left. By the time we'd gotten home it was straight to the bedroom where Mark showed me some rope and a blindfold and I almost came in my panties as I nodded yes. Quickly stripped of my dress and bra then left in my sodden panties Mark secured me to the bed, arms and legs spread to the four corners of the frame. When Mark put the blindfold over my eyes I felt my pussy oozing my juices and my panties getting even wetter.

Mark played with me for hours, teasing me and refusing to let me cum and I was becoming so needy, begging him to touch my cunt, to cut my soaking panties off, to bite my nipples, anything ... just let me cum. I knew going in that he would refuse and before it started it was exactly what my fantasy was, but now after more then an hour of his tender touching and kissing I wanted to feel his hard cock pound into me, I wanted to feel his cock spew his hot cum inside my puss. I was losing my mind I needed and wanted to cum. Mark kept it up for another quarter hour and I was now yelling at him, begging and cursing him, making promises and threats. I was so hot and so needy that when I felt the cold steel of the scissors on my belly near my overheated pussy I came. As Mark, slowly cut the panties and pulled the soggy mess from my cunt I came again and when he got between my legs and rubbed that stiff cock in my slit, another small orgasm erupted.

Finally Mark drove his cock into me and god it felt so damn good. I realized that waiting had been difficult for him too, but I didn't care as long as he kept pounding away at my wet and needy cunt. Mark was fiercely fucking me, actually pounding me so hard he was moving my body on the bed and straining the ropes holding my legs wide for him. I found the mild pain adding to my pleasure as much as his cock hitting against the rear wall of my cunt. The orgasm that was to come was intense and I screamed as it hit me, I writhed against the ropes holding me in place and forced my hips up and into Mark's thrusts. When he exploded and spewed his hot cum deep inside me my orgasm took on more intensity and I almost passed out. He rested on me and I enjoyed the feel of his cock as it returned to its normal state and slipped from my sticky pussy.

To complete this fantasy Mark was to leave me tied to the bed overnight and return in the morning. Still blindfolded I'd have to endure the creaks and groans of the house wondering if perhaps someone had broken in and would find me and use me. Mark would have locked the doors and the security system would announce and unwanted guests so in reality I was quite safe if uncomfortable with my legs and arms secured to the bed, though the bonds were not so tight to cause issues with circulation. When he left I enjoyed the slow trickle of his cum as it oozed from me and then my mind heard the promised creaks and groans of the house and though I knew what they were, I was still finding it a turn-on that I might be ravished against my will. Little orgasms rippled through me in the hour after Mark left me and in general, I enjoyed the helplessness of the whole thing.

Sometime later I was awakened with the feel of lips sucking my left nipple and I called out.

"Mark, is it morning already?"

When no one responded and the mouth now sucking hard on my left nipples elected to bite down on me I cried out and a small orgasm coursed through me. Hands now found my sticky slit and the mouth exhaled on my bitten nipple making it harden even more. As those fingers found my open and used cunt, I knew it wasn't Mark, the fingers were too small and slender I'd come to know the feel of Mark's touch. Realization that a real stranger had access to me and could do to me anything they wanted scared me and I begged.

"Please leave me. Please don't hurt me."

I was whimpering when I felt the bed change as this person climbed on top of me. I felt their breath on my neck and then in my ear and when I heard.

"Mother, I do believe you are a dirty girl and that I am going to have to make you grow up."

I cringed, knowing Ella had come home to find me this way. My pussy was soiled with cum, my body naked, tied to the bed, and my wet and sex scented panties now under my nose as I inhaled the aroma of my own sex.

"Mother, you've soiled your panties and now your sheets are all wet too."

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