The Omega Path
Chapter 1: Deception and Tape Recorders

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Humor, Superhero, Zombies, Group Sex, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Safe Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: Deception and Tape Recorders - Even in a world with superheroes it is universally recognized that love is the greatest power of all. But as Tricia, Annie, and Joey adjust to their new lives, they soon discover that, like all powers, it has a price.


<inhale, sigh> "Okay ... It is ... Friday, September twenty-fifth, two-thousand nine. Six-fifteen PM. Coroner's report for prisoner number... <pages flip> two-four-six-four-five-oh-one-one-dash-gee. Security reports last seen alive during lockdown at ... nine PM on the twenty-third. Doctor Kenneth Fuller reporting. Diener is Victor McCarthy."

<door opening, footsteps> "Hey Ken!"

"Hey Vic! Oh good. What did you get?"

"I got... <bag rustling> ham and swiss, and a turkey and with provolone."

"I'll take the ham. Deceased is a well developed, well nourished Caucasian male. Weight eighty-three point four kilograms, height one hundred ninety centimeters. This is compatible with the stated age of thirty eight years ... Thanks... <paper rustling> Body is... <crunch, chew, chew> mold... <chew, chew> mand migor erf... <swallow> rigor is present and fixed to an equal degree in all extremities. Lividity is present and fixed on the posterior surface of the body... <crunch> exfept in... <chew, chew, swallow> areas exposed to pressure."

"Who is this guy?"

"That supervillain. The one that..."

"Oh! The one they found yesterday? They finally brought him in?"


"Any ideas yet?"

"Don't know. Heart attack, maybe. Irides are fixed. Each pupil measures ... point five centimeters in diameter. Sclera white, with an enlarged blood vessel in the left. Teeth natural, complete. Thorax symmetrical. Abdomen is slightly protuberant. Skin shows no punctures, no open wounds, no signs of bruising. Minor scar from RFID implant. External genitalia are of an adult male type."

<paper rustling, thump>

"Sucks that we have to work so late, Doc."

"Yeah, but the FBI wants this one wrapped up." <rubber snap, rubber snap> "Hand me that scalpel."

"And on a Friday, too. Here."

"Thanks. Making Y incision." <sssslllll> "So, did you have any plans tonight?"

"Nothing special. Cassie works late, so it was just going to be microwave pizza, beer, and World of Warcraft. What about you?"

<sssslllll> "Julia and I had dinner plans."

"Anyplace special?"

"Seafood. She likes crabs. I don't understand that. Ever look at them? They're disgusting. No, I draw the line at four legs. <ssssllll> Anything past that and I don't touch it. Seriously! Crabs do not look like they belong on this planet. They WHOAH!"


"Take a look."

"Holy shit! What the hell is that?"

"I think it's his stomach."

"What happened to it?"

"Don't know. <slush, squish> Preliminary observations of internal organs show massive damage. Discoloring, looks like some decomposition, perforations in the stomach, upper intestine. Pustules on the kidneys, and looks like some contaminate growths on the lungs ... This is not right. Check the paperwork. Is this the right guy?"

<papers flipping>

"Two-four-six-four-five-oh-one-one-dash-gee? Yeah. It's him."

"When did that say it he was last seen alive?"

"Two days ago."

"No way. There's no way this guy was alive last month. Double-check his implanted RFID. I'll get some samples."

<slicing, clatter, click, beep>

"It's him. RFID matches."

<sigh> "Well, I don't know what the hell this is. Externally he looks normal. Healthy even. Internally though ... Something destroyed him from the inside."

"Something he ate?"


"Step away from him. Get the Geiger counter. Now!"

<frantic rustling, footsteps, rubber-snaps>



<Steady clicking>


<Steady clicking>

"Check his mouth too."

<Steady clicking>

<sighs> "For a moment I thought he ingested some plutonium or something. <rubber snaps> Let's continue with samples."

<clatters, squishes>

"Here. I'm extracting his stomach." <squish, slush> "Tag this for the lab."

"Got it." <footsteps> "Looks like it's going to be an all-nighter. So Doc, hope you didn't have anything planned for the weekend, did you?"

<chuckle> "Not really. You?" <squish, clatter>

"Yeah! Cassie and I are going to have dinner tomorrow night on the Odyssey."

"The Odyssey? The Potomac cruise?"


"Oh, that's nice! I've done that before. Sounds like a special occasion."

"It's our anniversary. Five years!"

"No shit? Congratulations!" <squish>

"Thanks Doc."

"I mean it. Half of marriages don't make it past five years." <clatter>

"Well, we work on it."

"Of course you know it means that, statistically speaking, you've got a fifty-fifty chance of destroying your marriage before tomorrow."

<laughs> "Well, I think we're pretty safe. And besides, today is actually our anniversary."

"Today? Really?"


"What are you doing here?"

"We were waiting for this guy, and I knew you needed help, and Cassie's working late..."

"No! No, no. If there's one thing I've learned in fifteen years of marriage, it's that you don't postpone the anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or anything else. Go."

"No, you need..."

"Go home! Make dinner for your wife, get her drunk, and sleep with her! I've got this."

"You're sure? Cause I can always..."

"I'm fine." <squish, clatter> "I can take care of this."

"Thanks Doc! I owe you."

"Yes, you do."

<rustling> "I'll see you Monday!"

"Have fun."

<footsteps> <door opens and closes>

<sigh> "So, it's just you and me now. Man, what the hell happened to you? ... Damage to the internal organs is pervasive ... Lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, intestinal track, spleen ... There's too much. This guy must have been in pain for weeks..." <pages flipping> "Nothing. No reports of pain." <pause> "If he wasn't in pain, then this means all this is recent damage ... This might be a homicide. Somebody had it in for this guy."

<pause> "Who the hell are you?"

<pages flip> "... 'Tombspawn'? Huh. Mass murder, grand larceny, domestic terrorism ... Well, looks like you made some enemies."

<pause> "Dash-gee. Genetic. Mutant ... Wonder what were your powers were."

<pages flip>

"... 'Necrokinesis' ... What the fuck is necrokinesis?... 'Manipulation, reshaping, and reanimation of necrotic tissue' ... Oh, I remember you ... You could raise the dead."

<clatter> "Huh ... Well, Tombspawn. It's too bad those powers don't work when you're dead."


"AAH!-erk" <rustle, thump>


<thump, slursh, rustle, clatter>




<p class="c"><thump-slursh>





"Oh ... here."

<thump, splat>

<squish, slosh, squirsh>


<thump, thump>

<p class="c"><thump, thump>

<thump, thump>


<thump, ker-bump>



"Taking your clothes..." <rustling>


"Because you're dead, and don't need them anymore."

<FFFSSSHHHH> <squirsh, slish, slosh>


"Isn't it obvious?" <squish, squish>


"It's called necrokinesis. Controlling the dead." <squrish>


"Simple. I make you look like me..." <squish, slosh> " and me look like you. And then I walk out the front door."

<FFFSSHHH> <slosh> <squirsh>


"Why would I be interested in her?" <squish> "No. There's someone else I'm interested in."


"For a dead man, you ask a lot of questions."

<squish, squish, slosh>


"But I didn't die yesterday. I died a long time ago."


"Six years."


"It was Omega Man who killed me! He punched my head! Broke my skull! The bones went into my brain, killing me. But nobody noticed."


"What was I supposed to do? I was in jail and dead. I had nothing to live for ... No. Not nothing to live for. Nothing to exist for. Until now."


"Did you see him on television? They found his son."


"Oh, but I must."


"I have to. I was taught what to do. The warden only allowed me one book to read. It was very clear on this subject."


"And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

"Exodus. Chapter thirty four. Verses six and seven.

"This is what they teach us in prison."


"Stop your prattling and whining." <rustle> "Your PIN number. What is it?"



" ... eighhhht ... twooo ... ssssix ... sssevennn..."


"That wasn't so hard. Good. Now..." <squirsh> <squosh> "My RFID tag. You may have it. I won't be needing it anymore ... And what is this?

"A tape recorder?

"I'll take this too."


The booming music filtered out of the nightclub through the windows and walls, and would sporadically clarify itself every time the front doors opened, releasing a couple eager to find the privacy of a room, or a car, or just a dark alley. The bouncer would then let in the next couple, and the long line of eager patrons all moved up a step. But across the street and up on the rooftop, hidden in the nighttime shadows, a figure watched with concern.

A cab pulled up, and she stepped out. Tall, beautiful, long golden hair, flawless olive-toned skin, thin waist, full breasts, tight black dress, and killer legs, she strutted to the front of the line, walking barefoot on the hard rough pavement. The bare feet were her signature.

She approached the bouncer and gazed at him with dark eyes. He considered her.

"I'm here for a good time," she said. "Hope to find myself a few men to buy me some expensive drinks."

The big bouncer smirked and looked her killer body down and up. He noted her bare feet. "Sorry, lady. Shoes required."

"Oh, what's the matter? Think I'll hurt myself?"

"Rules. Not mine."

She smiled slyly, and the door opened, expelling another couple. The young man held his new date in one arm, and a bottle of wine in the other. As the couple passed, she reached out and snatched the bottle of wine.

"Hey! That's my..."


The woman stood there holding the neck of the bottle with one hand, and her other arm held straight out in front of her. She had hit the bottle against her own arm, shattering it. Glass splinters and wine dripped and fell from her flawless skin. Red wine beaded up and dropped off her, refusing to even stain her. There was not a drop of blood. She lifted the broken bottle to her lips and sensuously licked the shards of glass, and stepped forward, crunching glass pieces beneath her bare feet.

The young man and his date stared at her in utter horror. She looked them over, and scoffed.

"Huh. Best you could do?" she asked in sympathy.

She didn't wait for a reply. She simply turned to the bouncer and dropped the wine bottle neck on the sidewalk. "I'm going inside now," she informed him. "Maybe I'll see you later?" She winked, and walked into the club.

The figure in the shadows sighed in grim annoyance, pulled out a cell phone, and made a report.

Inside the club, the music blared and pounded violently, hard enough for her to feel the vibrations in her chest. It was music loud enough to damage the ears of any normal person. She strutted inside, saw an attractive man chatting up a good looking woman, and took his arm. "Buy me a drink," she commanded him as she pulled him away. "I'm lonely."

The man did a double-take, checking out this new woman and comparing her to the one he was working on, and decided he had moved up. "Sure," he answered, and he signaled to the bartender. "What would you like?"

"Impress me."

He held up two fingers to the bartender. "Cognacs!" he called out. "I'm Brad. What's your name?"

"Ada," she replied.

"Have I seen you before?"

"Probably. But not around here."

Brad picked up their drinks and escorted Ada to a small table, glancing at her full breasts for a brief second. "You look familiar."

"I have one of those killer racks," she said, smiling.

He chuckled. "So what brings you here?" He glanced over at the woman he had just left. She was staring and fuming at him, and she turned in a huff and stalked away. He shrugged. She didn't matter to him anymore. He turned his attention back to Ada.

Ada sipped her drink and leaned close to him. "Looking for someone special."

"Like who?"

"Oh, I know who it is. But until I meet him, I'm more than happy to play around." She smiled at him and licked her lips.

Outside the club, the figure closed his cell phone and hung it on his belt. He then looked over the side of the building and jumped, clearing the wall by ten feet, and he glided down on wings outstretched. He landed with a heavy THOOM on the street, startling the line of patrons. Bullwhip folded his wings back and walked up to the bouncer as the patrons gasped and shrieked.

The bouncer took one look at the superhero, and stepped aside.

The massive man strode inside, impervious to the thundering music, and the moment they saw him the crowd made a wide path for their dark guardian of justice. Conversations stopped and died in his wake, and as he stepped into the middle of the club, there was a sudden silence as the music cut off.

He stood before the table and stared at Ada. Brad looked up and appeared like he wanted to melt.

Ada smiled. "So, if it isn't Bullwhip! The Capitol city's most famous and, dare I say it..." She licked her lips. " ... eligible beefcake!" She sipped her drink. "So what did I do to deserve this honor?"

Bullwhip never took his eyes off the woman. "Armed robbery and aggravated assault. Why are you out?"

She smiled. "Alleged now. Judge threw the case out." She cocked her head towards him. "Tainted evidence," she teased.

"Why are you here, Adamantine?

Brad's eyes went wide at the revelation of her full name. There were gasps in the crowd as the supervillain was recognized.

She batted her eyes at him. "Looking for love! You can relax, Bullwhip. I've turned a new leaf." She sipped her drink again. "I want something different in life now. Thinking of settling down." She squinted at him and eyed his body. " If I can find the right man."

"I seriously doubt that," he reverberated.

"Is that why you followed me here? Hmm. Too bad. For a moment I thought I found what I was looking for." She was not looking at Brad when she said this.

Bullwhip leaned in close towards her. "I know why you are here," he informed her in absolute confidence. "And he is off limits. He is under our protection."

She pouted. "Tsk-tsk-tsk. For a Guardian of Justice, you aren't giving me much. And if I think I know who you are talking about, I like my men a bit more mature." She swallowed her drink. "Now be a good boy, and refill my drink," she said coyly.

A couple people in the room snickered at that comment, only to be slapped and shut up by their more sensible neighbors. Bullwhip said nothing and simply ignored the responses. He stared at her, and she lifted an eyebrow. She crossed her legs, revealing her toned calves and strong thighs, and she smiled wickedly.

Bullwhip nodded to her. "You want a cherry with that?"

Adamantine's smile vanished and her eyes narrowed in fury. She shut up.

"I'm watching you, Adamantine. You're in MY town now, and when you step out of line, I'm coming down on you, hard."

Adamantine was silent, and Bullwhip turned and walked out of the club. She fumed and clutched her glass, squeezing it as she watched the superhero walk out on her. The glass shattered in her hand.

Brad took off.

It was early in the morning, still before sunrise, and Joey Harper shifted in his sleep. He lay naked in bed, nestled between two beautiful women. Tricia Sanchez, a caramel-colored, twenty-five year old buxom Hispanic woman with a mane of wild fiery reddish-brown hair and a talent for time-travel curled up on his left side and stroked his chest in her sleep. And on his other side, Annie Freidman, a twenty-three year old Jewish-Japanese paraplegic with a 165 I.Q. cuddled up to him. Both were his girlfriends, his lovers, his roommates, and his guardians. Their soft and warm bodies comforted him in his sleep as much as they excited him in his waking hours.

The boy, fourteen now, lived in what could be considered a well-deserved luxury. Three months earlier he was homeless and orphaned. Now he had a foster mother (Tricia), a live-in teacher (Annie), an active if inappropriate sex life with both of them, and he could now count several famous superheroes as close personal friends.

One, closer than others.

Money and fame had found them. Offers for public appearances, photo shoots, interviews, and endorsements had rolled in. Rumors and accusations came in hand as well, and Tricia and Annie did their best to shelter the boy.

But at this moment, things were simple and blissful. Naked skin pressed against naked skin. Hands caressed. Soft, sexy bodies warmed him and surrounded him, protecting him, comforting him, cherishing him.

There was really no reason for the nightmares to continue.

"You're doing it, Joey!" Annie said encouragingly. "It's working!"

Joey held his hands out to the young woman. His fingers stretched and he strained and grimaced, pushing the power. Omegaplasm flowed from his hands, sending a shower of bright white and yellow sparks out of his palms. Annie floated before him, radiating, glowing with power. Her long black hair flowed up and about her as if she were underwater. Her hands reached out to his.

They were not touching. They were separated by a fraction of an inch.

They were in a laboratory. Technarch, a New York based superhero clad in silver and purple accented power armor, stood by watching in awe. Cameras and sensors were trained on the boy. Computers analyzed the images and data.

"Astounding," said the superhero. "I knew this was possible."

"I can't believe it!" Joey said, straining. He could feel the Omegaplasm slipping in and out of Annie's body, sometimes grabbing on, sometimes sliding out. He grimaced and pushed. "It's hard to ... hard to keep it up!"

Two other superheroes stood in the back of the room, watching with interest. "I swear, if I had a dime for every time a guy said that to me..." quipped Shadow Fire, a woman clad in black and red bodysuit and cape.

Her companion smirked. "So like, I've never had that problem, fer sure." said Spectra. She was the light to Shadow Fire's darkness. Decked out in a rainbow colored bodysuit and spectral-streaked hair, she glimmered and sparkled as she hovered next to her friend. "You must be like, doing something wrong. Totally."

"You must not be doing it enough."

"Quiet, you two," barked the armored hero. "We're working here."

Spectra eyed the young man and licked her lips. "So, let me know when it's, like, playtime."

Joey heard the comment from the chromatic heroine. His eyes glanced over her curvaceous form. She had changed her costume after he first met her. This one showed much more cleavage, and much more bare leg. He wondered if she wanted him, and she gave him a wink as if reading his thoughts. Spectra shifted her position, casually lifting one leg up, revealing her clothed crotch.

The power slipped out of Annie, and she dropped to the floor. Annie screamed in pain as she collapsed, and he rushed up to her.

"I'm sorry Annie!"

"You dropped me! Don't do that! That hurt."

"I'm sorry!"

Joey twitched in his sleep. He clutched Annie, pulling her closer. Sparks flashed from his hands.

Technarch strode up to him. "It's obvious that your powers work at range. You know what this means."

Joey looked up at the hero in terror. "No. Don't. Don't say it." If he said it, the nightmare would start again. "Please don't say it."

"You could have saved your father."

His head thrashed on his pillow. He grimaced and whimpered in his sleep.

He tried to stop the images, but they came flooding back. Time, space, and identity had changed. He was eight years old again, wearing the Omega Boy costume, and was outside the Bank of America. An impenetrable crowd of policemen surrounded him. And he could hear the screaming from inside already.

"No! Dad!"

A blazing figure ran out of the bank, smashing through the glass door. "JOOEEYY!" it screamed, and dropped to its knees.

Terror and panic pulled him. He screamed and reached for the burning figure. Rough strong hands pulled him back.




He pushed and clawed, fighting the rough policemen. His costume tore, and he managed to escape their grasp. He dove through the bodies, running to his father, but stopped when he saw the armored figure in front of him.

It was Technarch."You can save him," he said impassively."Unless you WANT him dead."

Joey hesitated. "Um ... no. I don't."

"Really?" The hero stepped aside. "Then prove it. Save him."

Joey focused his eyes on the distant, burning, struggling body, reached out his hands, and pushed. He strained. Power flashed in his hands.

The hero watched. "It will work if you want him alive."

He screamed in anguish, but the power fluctuated and fell. His father fell forward.


Tricia dropped next to him, pulling his arm. "Come! Joey! Come with me!"

"NO!" he screamed. He reached out for his father as his new mother pulled him back. His father's body quivered. Lightning rippled over his body, and sparks erupted on his back.

"JOEY! NOW! COME WITH ME!" Tricia yanked on his arm.

His father detonated. A massive energy wave exploded out of his body, vaporizing him. The shockwave enveloped the young boy, lifting him off his feet and hurling him and everyone around him backwards. He landed in a tangle of bodies.

Joey pushed himself up and saw the massive fireball lift into the sky. A groan next to him caught his attention, and he saw a woman in a blue gown lying near him, pulling herself up. She brushed her long wavy red hair out of her eyes and watched Joey with interest.

The fire raged, and then it screamed. Joey turned and saw a dark but familiar figure emerge from the fire. Red skin, black hair.

Wings. His heart froze.

Desdemona confidently strode out of the wall of flame and flicked her wrist. A long burning whip rolled out of her hand. "Joey? I'm back for you."

Tricia gasped next to him. She grabbed him. "Come on, Joey! We need to go! NOW!"

Joey jumped to his feet and ran, holding Tricia's hand in his. He heard the demon roar behind him, and lift into the air.

"RUN!" Tricia screamed, and she ran beside him. They hurdled down the streets together, past the crowds, and into the alleyways. They jumped over boxes, trash cans, and homeless, past rats and stray cats. The howling and roaring followed them, echoing in the maze of brick walls.

They emerged into the courtyard at Freedom Plaza. As they sprinted across the courtyard, Tricia suddenly screamed and was pulled up out of his grasp. Joey stopped and turned. His body turned cold as he saw Desdemona holding Tricia at arms length by the neck. She raised her claws.

"No..." he whispered. "Not again."

Technarch was standing next to him again. "You can save her, assuming she deserves it."

Joey didn't take his eyes off her. He raised his hand. Power flooded his palm and spilled out. Omegaplasm built and reached out, spraying uselessly. He strained and pushed.

"I ... CAN'T ... REACH..."

"You can reach her if you want her."

Joey's hand clutched on Tricia's side and he pulled her in closer to him. Sparks erupted from his hands, and her skin started to glisten. He twisted in bed.

He stretched his hand outward, clawing the air. Power spilled from his hand and dropped to the ground. He could see Tricia struggling and fighting Dedemona's grip, but she couldn't break free.

"STOP IT!" he screamed.

"You will pay for attacking me, bitch." Desdemona spat at his love, and she slashed down at the helpless girl. Tricia's body spasmed and quivered, and then fell limp.


She dropped her lifeless body. Tricia landed in a crumpled heap. The blood pooled out around her, and Desdemona landed, splashing into the fresh puddle of her spilled life. The demon grinned and licked her claws, and then pointed towards him.

"She's next," she hissed.

Joey noticed Annie sitting next to him in her chair. "Joey! Let's fly!" she said, and she reached for him. He took her hand, and flooded her with power. She pulled him into the sky.

Power sparked from his hand as he held on to her. Annie's hair lifted, and her body shifted upward slightly, held back only by the weight of the blanket. He grunted and grimaced in his sleep.

They rocketed up past the tallest buildings and into the clouds. Their hands clasped tightly to each other, and were wrapped in a Velcro tether. "I'll keep you safe," she promised as the wind whipped through her hair. "As long as we're together, we're safe!"

Joey heard the wretched screaming coming from underneath them, and he saw the black wings flapping closer and closer. Desdemona screeched at them, and her fire whip lashed out, closing the distance between them. The whip lashed at the tether between their hands, and ripped it to shreds.

Their hands broke apart, and Annie screamed as they started plummeting down to Earth. Desdemona caught him by the shirt, and dangled him helplessly, letting him watch the falling and screaming girl.

"Save her if you want." Desdemona challenged. "Unless you think you can do better."

For a third time, Joey reached out desperately and summoned the power. Sparks flowed from his hands, but it was useless. Annie fell and fell, disappearing into the dark clouds.

He thrashed between the girls.

Desdemona dragged him through the sky, back to Earth, and landed in a funeral home. She threw him into a chair. Four large caskets lay at the front of the room. The demon stalked the room smugly, grinning at the caskets.

"You know, my offer still stands," she said and she dragged her fingers over a casket, scratching deep grooves into the wood with her claw. "If you're ever interested in someone you can't kill, I'm still available."

Joey shook in his chair, watching the demon. She climbed up on top of Tricia's coffin and reclined on the lid, leaning back on one arm and lifting one leg up high, exposing herself. She reached down and touched herself. Smoke wisped up from her sex.

"And believe me. I am the hottest fuck you will ever have."

A soft scoff sounded from the back of the room. Joey turned back and saw the redhead in the blue gown again. She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Desdemona continued. "You can still have me. All you have to do is to summon me again. And I'll even give you the spell. You'll just need to sacrifice someone very powerful." She fingered Tricia's coffin. "A Cosmic perhaps. It's not like you can save her."

Joey looked down at the floor. "I can save her. I can save them all."

"But are you sure you want to save them? They just want to use you, that's all they want."

He shook his head. "No. You're wrong. You're the one who wants to use me."

The redhead from the back of the room casually walked forward. "I've seen enough," she declared, and she approached the demon. Desdemona didn't even notice the woman; she just vanished as the redhead touched her.

Joey looked up and considered the woman. She stared back at him.

Her voice was compassionate. "Such pain. Such sorrow. Such guilt. You need something. What is it?"

He thought. "I need to be able to use my powers at a distance."

"I see. Why?"

"Because then I'll be able to save them."

"What will that accomplish?"

Joey looked around at the coffins. "The nightmares will go away."

She considered this. "Well, I might be able to help you with the issue of range, but do you really think this will stop the nightmares? That is not what you need."

"What will stop them?"

She shook her head. "Nothing will."

He frowned at her. "You're wrong. I can save them."

Joey's eyes snapped open and he took a moment to reestablish where he was and what was real. He noticed Annie floating gently next to him, about a foot over the bed, and he carefully pulled her back down and extracted the anti-gravity power. She whimpered softly in her sleep, and clutched his body. He caressed his girls, and noticed that Tricia's skin was hard, like marble. Her large breasts pushed into him painfully. He tried to pinch her skin, but it was like squeezing stone. He pulled the invulnerability out of her, and felt her body soften.

His heart was still pounding violently in his chest, and he felt sweaty. He glanced at the clock. It read a quarter to six. He pulled both girls closer to him and drew strength and comfort from them. Their warm, full breasts squished up pleasurably against his body on both sides, and Tricia's leg moved up over his. He luxuriated in their touch, and willed himself to calm down.

The dream was recurring, always following the same pattern, with few changes. It always started with the memories of the testing at the EarthGuard embassy in New York. A lot of that had actually happened. Technarch did test him. He did manage to get Annie to float without touching her. He did drop her. Spectra did flirt with him and change her costume to a sexier one after she met him.

But Technarch wasn't so callous to tell him that he could save his father. No, that was Joey's own realization.

And Desdemona still haunted him. He had talked to Snow Angel recently, asking her if she could come back. Snow Angel said no. She told him that he hadn't banished the demon, he had erased her. She was gone. The hero was quite certain that she could not be summoned again, because she simply didn't exist anymore. But Joey still wondered.

The redhead was new. He didn't know who she was. He didn't recognize her. He wondered what she represented. She had said something about the dreams not going away, and that he needed something. He knew what he needed. He needed to master this new ability, to use his powers at a distance. Then he would be able to do something in his dreams. Save his father. Save them all.

Maybe she was a sign that he was getting a handle on the nightmares. After all, this time he managed to get through it without waking the girls. He felt mixed about that. On the one hand, he was proud that he got though it without screaming in his sleep. It was always embarrassing when he did that. It always made him feel like such a coward. But on the other hand, when he did wake them, they were always very comforting to him.

Extremely comforting.

Joey lifted the blanket up a bit, looked down, and peeked at the girl's naked bodies. Their large breasts bulged out nicely as they pushed up against him, and he smiled. The sight always excited him, and he felt his penis stir with life. He felt a strong desire to pull the girls upward, slide down himself, and bury his head in their collective cleavage. This was usually what he got to do when he woke up screaming. They had a saying, the three of them. "Boobies make all the bad things go away."

He admired their nipples and licked his lips hungrily. He thought about previous nights, nights when he woke up screaming and the girls caressed him and took care of him. It always started with kisses and cuddling and suckling, and then moved on to stroking and licking and fondling, and then eventually pounding and cumming. Sometimes they would slip into the old "Flux Capacitor" position and deliver a repeat message to someone in the past. That was an interesting aspect of the time travel; They could repeat the messages as much as they wanted. It didn't make any sense to him, and Tricia tried to explain it to him once. Something about "temporal density." It was something like there were more past Tricia's than present ones, so the ones in the present had to do double-duty and send multiple messages to the past, just to cover all the possibilities. It still didn't make any sense to him, but the bottom line was the three of them got to have a lot of sex at Tricia's insistence, and Joey wasn't going to complain about that.

Well, now he had a full blown erection, and he didn't know what to do with it. The girls were still asleep, and he didn't want to wake them. But he desperately wanted one of them to play with his dick. He gently slipped the power back into their bodies. Omegaplasm flowed into their familiar forms and immediately swept up to their pleasure centers. He tickled them slightly, and the girls squirmed and moaned in their sleep. Annie clutched his chest, and squeezed her fingers into his flesh.

"Lower..." he mentally suggested. He didn't actually have the power to push thoughts into them, but it wasn't the first time he had wished for it.

He shifted his hips a bit, trying to push his erection up against Tricia's leg. It didn't work, but she did manage to wrap her leg around his. That felt nice.

Joey squirmed and sighed in frustration. His dick was standing rigid, demanding attention, and he was getting hornier by the second, and these two gorgeous, naked, buxom angels were wrapped around his body, and neither one of them was touching his cock. They were sleeping, he was wide awake, and he wanted to just roll on top of one, either one, and slide inside her and start pounding.

But that would involve waking them, and he just couldn't do that. He glanced down at their beautiful sleeping faces, and he watched them sleep peacefully.

He lay there and luxuriated in their embrace. These two beautiful women, he loved them so much. They had taken him in, gave him a home, given him love. It was a truly a dream come true. He wondered for a moment if he were still dreaming right now.

He felt something wet on his left shoulder. He glanced down and saw that Tricia was drooling on his arm. Again.

"SKKKZZZNNKKZZ!" Annie snored loudly in his right ear, startling him.

Okay, so it's not a dream. Reality did manage to intrude far too often. He pulled Annie, shifting her position, and she slipped back into silence. He wondered how long she would stay quiet, and he wasn't sure what to do with Tricia's head. He could just reposition her, but she would just drool in the new position.

He decided it really didn't matter. Be it reality or fantasy, he would lay there and hold his girls, enjoying the simple pleasure of their presence, and enduring the constant dribbling and occasional turbulent snorting. At least he didn't have to worry about...

"Whhiiinnnneee! ... RUFF!" There was scratching at the door.

Oh no ... Not now.

He could feel the girl's brains immediately shift patterns. They were awake, but they remained motionless, both pretending to be asleep.

"RUFF! RUFF! Whine!" <Scratch-scratch-scratch-scratch>

Joey blew out an exasperating breath and glanced at his girls. "Stop faking, you two."

"Rmmmm ... not faking..." Tricia mumbled.

" ... sleeping..." Annie murmured.

" ... go take the dog out, Annie..."

" ... fuck you..."

Joey sighed. "I'll get him."

"No!" "Nooo..." "Stay with us!" "Don't go!" The girls whined and clutched him and held him down, snuggling up to him.

"He's going to pee on the floor again." Joey looked left and right, trying to find the best way to extract himself from the bed, and he planted his hand on the seat of Annie's delectable rump. He summoned a power, and pulled. Annie's now frictionless body easily slipped over his as he scooted past her. It was an odd sensation. It was all of the weight of having a young, stacked, naked girl rolling over his body, but none of the pleasure. Her long raven black hair slipped into his mouth, gagging him momentarily, and he coughed and spat as he pulled himself out of bed. The girls latched onto each other as he stood up, and his erection bounced freely.

He stumbled past her chair, looked around, and found his underwear, shirt, and pants. As he opened the bedroom door, he looked down past his erection to see Scrappy jump back and excitedly stand on his hind legs, holding his leash in his mouth.

"Down, boy," he said.

The dog sat down obediently.

Joey frowned at the dog. "Sorry bud. Wasn't talking to you."

Scrappy cocked his head in confusion.

Joey went into the bathroom, peed as best he could, got dressed in yesterday's clothes, and slipped his shoes over his bare feet. Then he came out, grabbed his jacket, keys, and a plastic bag, and led Scrappy out. The dog eagerly ran to the elevator.

As they walked out the front door of their apartment building, Joey felt the cool chill of the late September morning air. He had a moment of concern about the coming cold weather which vanished when he reminded himself that he had someplace warm to live now.

Scrappy eagerly pulled him towards a nearby tree and started sniffing it. A man in a car across the street took his picture.

Joey groaned. "Good morning, Mr. Rakes," he said with a mild level of annoyance.

"Hey, Joey!" the man exclaimed as he slimed out of his car. "What's the good news today?"

"Nothing," he answered, not hiding his contempt. "Same as always. Could you please not take pictures of me when my dog is crapping?"

Mr. Rakes took another picture, and pulled out a bag from his car. "Got you a donut! So, how are those girlfriends of yours doing?"

"I keep telling you. They aren't my girlfriends. They are my guardians."

"Have you accidentally seen them naked yet?"

"No!" He said it annoyingly, but secretly realized it was true. He hadn't seen them naked accidentally. It was never an accident. "Will you stop asking me that?"

"So how was New York? Heard you went to the EarthGuard embassy. Meet any superheroes there?"

Only all of them, he thought. Joey didn't answer and dropped down to pick up Scrappy's droppings. "How long is it going to take you to realize I don't want to talk to you?"

"Come on, Joey. Throw me a bone!"

He stood up. "Nah. I've seen what dogs do to bones."

"Well give me something."

"Mr. Rakes, do you remember what happened the last time you asked me that when I was holding a bag of dog poop?" He stared at the photographer. "I ruined your shirt, and you took it to a lab and spent three hundred dollars to get the big story that I feed my dog Gaines-Burgers and Snausages, and that somebody in our house isn't eating her Brussel Sprouts. Now why don't you get a clue from all the other reporters who left, and leave me alone!" He pulled the leash. "Come on, Scrappy."

The dog huffed at the photographer snidely and they trotted off towards the park.

The photographer didn't follow him, and when they reached the park, Joey tossed the bag into a trashcan, spent a futile moment looking in the trash for anything good, and let Scrappy loose to run around. He picked up a stick and tossed it, and the dog went chasing after it madly. He was in a foul mood. He was horny, and had to take the dog out. And the photographer always pissed him off. He was out there every morning, asking the same questions, trying to break the story about his real relationship with the girls.

It sucked. He had to keep the sex a secret. At least it wasn't as if the girls would go to jail if they were discovered. EarthGuard membership did have its advantages. What was the phrase they used? ... Something ... Immunity? Diplomatic! That was it. Apparently EarthGuard had some good lawyers, and because of "power requirements", or "developmental environment" or other weird terms, they could say he had to have sex with them. Which was great. If they ever got caught, at least legally the girls would be safe.

But it would cause other problems. The foster care system could still use that to take him away from Tricia, and he didn't want to leave her. And then there was public opinion. All three of them were getting offers to do things, and that would disappear. Things were delicate enough at the moment with the rumors that started. For a few weeks they were the butt of every joke on late night shows, and they continued to be a subject on Fox News and talk radio. Rush Limbaugh made fun of Annie a lot, and it pissed him off. Joey like to fantasize about going down to Florida, going to the show pretending to do an interview with him, and then cramming his microphone down his throat and pulling it out the other side.

No. Not really.

No. It would be better to shove it up his ass and pull it out of his mouth. That way he could see the shit that comes out of his mouth. Yeah. That was a much better image.

Scrappy came back with the stick and eagerly dropped it at his feet. The dog squatted and waited expectantly. The canine cheerfulness and optimism pushed all thoughts of Rush Limbaugh out of his head, and Joey picked up the stick and tossed it again. The dog tore off running after it.

As he played with his dog, Joey noticed a young woman jog into the park. She was pretty, petite, fair skinned, with short blond hair, and was dressed in a light blue track suit and tight leotard tank top that was cut low, revealing curvy breasts and flawless skin that interested him immediately. She jogged up to the brand new picnic table, bouncing nicely in the process, and stretched one shapely leg on the table. She caught him looking at her and responded with an inviting smile.

"Hi there!" she called out with a friendly voice.

Scrappy, noticing a new person, and knowing instinctively that all new people were there for him, immediately ran towards the girl, eagerly sniffed her ankles, and jumped on her leg, wagging frantically. The woman giggled and reached down to pet the dog.

"Oh! And who is this?" she asked cutely.

Joey grinned and chuckled at the sight. Scrappy's cuteness was infectious, and served as an amazing ice-breaker. "That's Scrappy," he answered. "He's mine."

The woman rubbed the dog's head vigorously, shaking her arms, shoulders, and breasts noticeably. "Well, aren't you a cutie-pie!" she said in a baby-talk voice to the dog. Joey enjoyed the sight of her boobs jiggling in her leotard tank-top, and he managed to pull his eyes off them before she looked up at him. "Are you new to this area?"

"Um ... Yeah." He nodded. "I've been here about two months."

She flashed him another friendly smile. "Well, welcome to the neighborhood." She stood up and held her hand out to him. "I'm Cindy. I'm the verger at St. Margaret's Episcopal."

Joey hesitated. He had spent so long avoiding close contact with strangers that he didn't like shaking people's hands. But it was a habit he was trying to break, and this pretty young woman was being extra friendly to him. He took her hand and shook it. Omegaplasm flashed through her foreign body, briefly exploring her. She felt strange to him and very shut off, which was normal for a new person. "Hi. Joey," he responded.

"So, do you go to Lincoln Middle?"

He shook his head. "No. I go to ... a private school."

"Really? Which one? Saint Augustine? Emerson Prep? Aidan Montisorri?" She grinned. "It's not the Myer's Institute, is it?" she asked jokingly.

He hesitated and nodded. "That's it."

"But isn't that the..."

He nodded again.

She considered him. "Joey..." Her face scrunched up as she examined him. "Are you ... Joey Harper?"

Joey nodded resignedly. "Um, yeah."

Her jaw dropped. "Omega B..."

"No," he cut her off. "Well, yeah," he admitted. "But not any more."

Cindy looked at Joey with some amazement. "I thought I heard you were in this area. Wow! A real superhero!"

He shook his head. "No. I'm not a superhero. I'm just Joey."

She bent her knee on the table, stretching her leg. "I don't know about that! I saw that video of that fight you were in. You took out Desdemona all by yourself. That sounds like a superhero to me." She stopped stretching and turned towards him. "That must have been scary. Was it?"

Joey picked up Scrappy. "I really don't want to talk about it."

"But she was like unstoppable, and she nearly killed you! Wasn't that..."

"I said I don't want to talk about it," he said sternly.

Cindy clapped her hand over her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said sincerely, and she bounced on her toes nervously. "I didn't mean to ... I bet you get that a lot, don't you?"

Joey thought about it for a moment, and nodded. Cindy climbed up on the picnic table and sat on it, leaving plenty of room for him to sit next to her. "I really am sorry. I ... I don't know what your life is like, and I can't imagine it, but I guess it's pretty weird. I shouldn't have pried."

He shrugged. "It's okay. You're curious."

"I'm nosy."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am! Father Jacobs is always telling me to mind myself, to stop being so invasive." She waved her hands about as she babbled nervously. "I mean, he always says people will want to talk about themselves, and if they want to talk, they'll talk. But I don't have to go prying it out of them. So, I'm sorry."

She looked genuinely sorry, and Joey felt sympathetic to her. "It's okay." He noticed from the way she was sitting that there was an open invitation for him to sit next to her. He took the invitation and sat on the table next to her. Scrappy eagerly stood in his lap and sniffed her, wagging excitedly. Cindy smiled and scratched the dog's head.

"I'm just not used to ... I mean I've never talked to a ... you know ... So..." she said, fishing for a topic. "Ravens or Redskins?"

Joey chuckled. Here was this pretty girl trying to not flirt with him, and she was failing miserably. Fame did have its good points. "I'm not really a big sports fan. You?"

She giggled with him. "No."

They continued scratching the dog's head, and Scrappy grunted in pleasure. "Can I ask you something?" he asked. She nodded. Joey got the impression that she was relieved that he was taking control of the conversation. "What is a ... what did you call it? A verger?"

"Oh." She sounded oddly disappointed. "Yeah, um. I, assist in the services, set up the books and service pamphlets, help take care of the church ... you know ... Cleaning. Tidying. That kind of stuff." She sighed. "Not terribly exciting," she said almost apologetically. "Nothing like your life."

Joey grinned. "Sounds nice."

"Nah. It's boring."

"Boring's good," he reassured her. "I could use some boring in my life." She smiled bashfully. Joey grinned, enjoying the fact he made her smile. "So how much does that pay?"

Cindy burst out a bright laugh. "Not much. That's why I also work at Starbucks, and I do children's parties. I'm a clown."

Joey's eyes lit up. "A clown?"

She nodded, and lifted her arms up over her body, stretching. His eyes momentarily dropped down to the swellings of her breasts and the indentations of her nipples in her tank-top as she stretched. "Yeah. I do face-painting and can make balloon animals. I make a mean giraffe!"

"That doesn't sound boring. That sounds fun!"

Cindy smiled and nodded. "It is. You should try it."

"What? Balloon animals?"

"Kid's parties. I'd bet you would be a big hit at a kid's party."

He considered the idea. "Well, I guess. I can draw. I can do caricatures."

She frowned and squinted at him. "Really?" He nodded. "I didn't know that." She digested that. "Hmm ... that's neat! But, I was really thinking about how you can..." She held her fingers out in front of her and wiggled them. " ... you know, just, make people fly. The kids would love that."

"Well, everyone would like that." Joey briefly imagined the scene and shook his head. "But it's not that simple ... And it's not that safe."

Cindy thought about it. "I suppose you're right." She looked wistfully up into the early dawn sky and rocked slightly on her seat. She sighed. "But I bet it's fun. You know, sometimes I see people flying, and I wonder what it's like. To be that free. Like I've seen Bullwhip and Snow Angel, but recently there's been someone else who comes out at night." She pointed up to the sky. "Glowing."

Joey blushed. "Oh, um ... that's me."

She turned and gaped at him. "Really? That's you?"

He nodded. "Well, me and Annie."

At the mention of Annie, her face fell momentarily, and she looked away from him towards the ground. "Must be wonderful," she said. She rocked a bit more, and drew up some courage. "Is it?"

He wasn't sure if she was talking about flying or his relationship with Annie. "Flying?" he asked.

She nodded. "Yeah. To be able to fly."

Joey shook his head. "I can't fly by myself. But I can make anyone else fly."

Her face brightened slightly, and Joey noticed. He continued. "And as for what it's like, it all depends on the person doing the flying." He set Scrappy down on the table. "Like, with Tricia and Annie, I can make both of them fly, and they can carry me with them, but they are completely different. With Tricia, it's like a roller coaster. She just grabs me and we just ... WHOOSH! You know?" He gestured, throwing one hand into the air, She giggled. "It's like being strapped to the side of a rocket. And sometimes it hurts, and it feels like I've left a few body parts behind."

Cindy laughed delightfully.

He smiled. Joey liked her laugh, and was proud that he was able to brighten her up a bit. He continued. "But with Annie, when she flies, it's gentle and comfortable. It's like dancing for her, so it's, I don't know ... kind of like being in a ballet."

She smiled as she watched him. Joey frowned, thinking about what he had just said. "Not that I've ever been in a ballet before," he amended.

She burst into giggles again. "I wasn't accusing you." She gave him a curious smile. "So why are they so different?"

"Well, different people are good at different things. Tricia is good at the real intense things, and Annie is good at complex things, and it comes out in how they fly." He studied her face. "So now it's like, whenever I meet someone new, I wonder what that person can do. It's like, every person's personality makes them good at something different."

Cindy's eyes sparkled with interest, and she looked at him with a growing anticipation. "Every person?"

Joey nodded. "Yeah. It's like, I see someone, and I wonder, what are her secrets? What would she be good at?"

She had a moment of very cute bashfulness, and she looked back up at him again. "So how do you find out? Do you need to like, go out on a couple dates or something?"

He chuckled. "No. I just need to ... touch her."

She got very quiet, and leaned in a couple degrees towards him. "Just ... touch?" she whispered.

He nodded. "Yeah." She leaned in closer, and he could tell it was definitely an invitation. He lifted one hand up to her pretty face, and she shuddered with a small, frightened, sharp intake of breath. But she stayed, leaning towards him. "I just need to..."

"Yes," she whispered, and she closed her eyes as his fingers approached her cheek.

"Touch," he said, and his fingers delicately caressed the line of her jaw. Cindy shuddered again. He could feel her shaking in nervousness, and he traced the edge of her jaw up to her cheekbones, his fingers gently sliding over her soft, smooth skin. Omegaplasm flowed into her body, probing, exploring.

She gasped. "I feel ... What is that?"

Joey cupped her cheek with his palm. "That's the power. Let it inside you. Open up to it. Let it explore you, discover you." He gently turned her head towards him. She was so pretty, so young. Joey watched the highlights in her golden hair shift as he turned her head in early morning sunlight. Her breathing came in shakes and tremors, and he moved his hand back down over her flushed cheeks. He ran his thumb over her ruby lips. Cindy quivered, and her lips parted. She gasped and concentrated on the pleasures of her body being filled with this loving energy.

"Let yourself open up to it. Share yourself with it." (Trust me) "Let the power find you."

As he held the girl's face in one hand, Joey lifted his other hand and carefully traced the edge of the fabric of her clothes. Feather-light touches followed the textures and curves, and he slipped his fingers downward, pushing inside. Cindy shivered, and her warm, wet tongue brushed up against his finger. He could feel her heart beating stronger in her chest, her breathing becoming more deep and rapid. She arched her back, pushing her breasts forward, and leaned into his hand. Her body trembled in response to his gentle invasion.

"I can feel you now." He whispered. His other hand slipped down lower into the folds of her track suit. Soft fingertips slid over smoothness, hardness. "You would be good with sound." Her secrets discovered, Joey pinched gently and pulled. Cindy quivered under his touch as the Omegaplasm swirled patterns around her pleasure centers. "Not so much with silence or loudness ... but with ... recall."

She moaned slightly as she rubbed her face into his hand. She gently sucked on his thumb, and traced circles over his thumbprint with the tip of her tongue.

"But I see you've got a device that does that for you already!" he blurted out, and he snatched his hand away from her.

Cindy's eyes snapped open, and she saw Joey was standing up and holding her brand new digital voice recorder which he had just extracted from her pocket. She blinked, realized that she had been discovered, let out a frustrating groan, and face-palmed in humiliation.

He stood and examined the recorder. "Nice model," he said, as he stopped the recording and hit the Erase button. "Looks expensive. This must have put you back a bit."

"Joey," she pleaded. "I can explain."

"You can also lie." He reeled back and hurled the recorder. Cindy gasped in protest, and watched in futility as it landed with a soft splash in the pond. Joey turned to the girl and glared at her. "So you wanted an exclusive? Well tell this to your editor: For five years I evaded the best trackers and bounty hunters in the world. I know when someone is playing me." He attached the leash to Scrappy's collar and put the dog down on the ground.

"Joey, I'm sorry."

"You probably are. Doesn't matter. Now if your editor wants to send another cute girl out to seduce me, do me a favor." He started leading the dog out. "Tell him I don't like dumb blonds."

And he marched out of the park.

"Mmmm ... Oh yes ... I like that."

"Oh, you taste so good."

"You're so good at this, Abby!"

"It's like licking ice cream."

Snow Angel lay naked in her bed with her current lover, who currently had her face buried between her legs. The superhero writhed and squirmed, and dug her fists into the pillows and blankets. She panted, groaned, and gasped. "So good ... So good..." Abby wiggled her tongue around the folds of her labia and then gently licked her clitoris. Snow Angel cooed and whimpered in surrender.

"Do that swirly thing! I like that swirly thing."

<BZZZZT- BZZZZT- BZZZZT- BZZZZT> The alarm clock started buzzing noisily. Snow Angel groaned. "Oh! No-no-no-no! Not now! Be quiet you!" she blurted out, and pointed one finger at the clock. A stream of ice shot out and enveloped the alarm clock, muffling the sound.


Abby extracted herself from Snow Angel's groin. "Oh, damn. Sorry. I gotta go."

"No, no! Stay with me! Don't leave me! Please?" the superhero whined, and she tried to hook her legs around the woman's head. "I'm almost there."

Abby crawled up the length of Snow Angel's emerald body, giggling. "Again? How many orgasms do you really need?"

"If you give me three more, it'll make it an even dozen."

The women kissed passionately, and Abby pulled herself from Snow Angel's grasp. "I really have to get going."

Snow Angel grumbled and rolled in the blankets. "I always hate this part." Abby chuckled and started getting dressed. The superhero groaned and reached out. A robe flew from a hook and landed in her hand, and she floated upward and wrapped the robe around her.

"You've got to show me how to do that sometime." Abby said, picking up her bra.

Snow Angel scrunched her nose at her lover. "There are other things I'd much rather show you." She grinned and cocked her head. "Please stay. Can I make you some breakfast? I make an awful oatmeal!"

Abby laughed. "How can you screw up oatmeal?"

She shrugged. "I've never been that good at cooking. I have a hard time keeping food warm." She thought back. "When I was a kid, I used to make ice cream by hand. I should try that again." Abby smiled and continued to get dressed. "Can I at least make you some coffee?"

"Coffee from an angel? That would be heavenly!"

Snow Angel giggled and zipped out of the bedroom and into her kitchen. She floated before her new coffee maker machine and stared at it, flexing her fingers a few times, trying to remember what to do with it. It was one of those new single-serving machines that was supposed to be so easy an absolute idiot would be able to make coffee with it, and she bit her lip as she studied the device. "Pull this part open..." She pulled the handle, and the machine opened up, revealing a small cup. She remembered the cup! That was good. "Now ... put the coffee in here..." She picked up a small plastic canister and placed it in the cup. "Don't open it again ... now, close..." She closed the machine. "Aaaaaannnnd ... Button!" She pressed the button.

The machine started to gurgle, and she squealed in happiness and excitement as she saw that she had managed to get the coffee maker to work. She spun around in place, kicking up a flurry of snowflakes and clapping her hands. She stopped as she felt a little dizzy. The machine hissed, and a stream of coffee started to pour out and fall into the reservoir.

"AAACK! CUP!" She panicked and quickly grabbed a coffee mug and held it under the stream of coffee. Hot coffee poured into the cup, and filled it about halfway. She pulled the cup out and looked inside it, frowning. "Half a cup ... Idiot proof machine ... Does that make me only half an idiot?" She sniffed the coffee, and the aroma made her stomach turn slightly. "Hmm. Maybe I need a different brand." She shrugged and carried it to her lover.

Abby was now fully dressed and was putting on her earrings. Snow Angel handed her the cup. "Does this smell okay to you? I can take you to Starbucks if it's not good."

She took the cup and smelled it. "Oh, that smells wonderful. Thank you!" She carefully sipped the coffee, and her eyebrows shifted in odd patterns as she discovered how cold the coffee had become on its short trip from the kitchen. "It's delicious. AND, the perfect temperature!"

Snow Angel beamed with pride, and she rubbed her stomach absently. "Can I see you again tonight?"

Abby thought for a moment. "I hope so. I think I'm free. We'll see. I'll give you a call."

"I really wish you didn't have to leave."

"Sorry. I've got bills to pay. I gotta go."

As Abby left the bedroom and fetched her purse, Snow Angel drifted behind her, watching her wistfully. She pouted and grimaced slightly. Abby noticed. "Are you okay?"

"I'm going to miss you."

Abby frowned. "You're looking a little green."

She grinned. "I'm always green."

"Greener than normal."

She shrugged. "I was just thinking I don't like that coffee flavor. I prefer you." She licked her lips and ran her eyes over her lover's curves.

Abby smiled. "I'll see you tonight, lover."

"I don't want to wait."

They kissed each other one last time, and Abby opened the door. Snow Angel hovered and waved to her, smiling and watching her leave. Abby closed the door behind her.

She hung there in the foyer, staring at the door, smiling and holding her tummy. Her smile slowly faded as her stomach twisted. Her eyes widened. She paused for just a second.

WHOOSH! She streaked through the bedroom, leaving a trail of snowflakes behind her, into the bathroom, and flipped open the toilet.


The green superhero vomited profusely into the toilet, gagging and lurching, and finally spitting to clear her mouth. When the last of the convulsions ended, she leaned her head against the warm porcelain bowl, and screwed her eyes shut in frustration.

"No! No! No! No! NO!" she demanded. "Not again!"

Dizzy and panting, she rolled over to her sink cabinet and pulled out a bulk box of pregnancy tests, ripped open a box, and extracted the unit. This was one technology she knew how to use, and she flushed the toilet, clearing it of the vomit. She took off her robe and sat down, holding the stick between her legs.

"Please, no," she pleaded to herself, and she waited. Tears fell from her eyes, freezing on her face, and she broke them off. Eventually her body responded to the opportunity, and she felt the cool stream pouring as she released.

The test stick now soaked, she stood and flushed the toilet, and then pulled out the heating pad from the under the sink. She plugged it in, wrapped the stick in the pad, and turned the pad on. Then she set the timer and sat back on the edge of the bathtub and waited.

Minutes ticked by. "It can't be. It can't be," she muttered to herself. "I haven't had sex with a man in..." She thought back. "Eighteen months?" She shook her head. "Please just let it be bad coffee. I'm sorry Abby, but please, get sick!"

She rocked on the bathtub edge, shivering in fright. "Please..."

The timer rang. She swallowed and floated up to the heating pad. She carefully opened it up, and saw the indicator on the stick.


"SHIT! FUCK!" she screamed. She stared at herself in the mirror, and ran her hands over her developing curves. "GOD DAMN IT! I almost made it to sixteen again! GOD! ... SHITTING! ... MOTHER FUCKER!" She ran her hands over her modest breasts. "And they were coming in so nicely this time! AAAGGHHH!"

She swooped out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, and into her living room, screaming, crying, and she hurled a few ice bolts around in fury, smashing vases and freezing flowers. "GAAAA!!!" she screamed. "Not again! NOT AGAIN!"

She floated in silence, huffing and puffing in anger and frustration, and her face softened in confusion.

"How did this happen?" She shook her head in realization. "I haven't had sex with a man in so long! How did..." She blinked and looked at her ward.

The green crystal hung next to the wall and spun lazily. She swooped up to it. "YOU! Talk to me!"

"Your command is my duty," a small voice replied.

Snow Angel clenched her fists, and tried to relax them. "Did I ... recently ... come home, drunk or something?"

"No, mistress."

"Did I bring a man home?"

"No, mistress."

"How many men have been in here in the past ... two months?"

"Three, mistress. Your landlord, and two delivery men."

Snow Angel blinked. "Did they drug me or something? Did I have sex with them?"

"No, mistress."

She groaned, and floated towards the window. The curtains opened, revealing the dark morning sky of the west, the Potomac river, and Roosevelt Island. She rubbed her face in frustration.

"I don't want to do this again. I want to grow up. God, damn it!" She shook in silent crying, and then she opened her eyes wide. "I don't know who did this. I don't know his name!" She spun and stared at the ward. "I DON'T KNOW HIS NAME!" she screamed. "If I don't know his name, the sympathies backfire to me! Contagions disbalance! The associations reidentify! I'm going to be ... twelve years old again! I don't want to be that young again!"

The ward hung in silence, spinning slowly.

She looked back out over the Potomac river again. "I need to know his name. I need to find out who did this to me. I have to scour the city. Check every man I've ever had a relationship with." She snapped her fingers a couple times, and her superhero suit shimmered over her naked body. She paused and thought some more. The patio door opened for her.

A slight grin crept up on her face. She shifted her hips slightly and cocked her head.

"Can't get any MORE pregnant!"

She swooped into the morning sky.

Moments later, her cell phone, still sitting on her coffee table, started to ring. It was the emergency alarm. From Chapter 1

A supervillain named Tombspawn has escaped prison by taking advantage of his own death. He has plans for Joey. Another supervillain named Adamantine arrived in D.C. She has plans to change her life, but Bullwhip suspects she is here for Joey. Joey is living with Tricia and Annie, and dealing with reporters who have been trailing him and nightly nightmares. Snow Angel discovered she is pregnant, and left her apartment to look for the father while her emergency alarm sounded. There is trouble somewhere in the city.

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