Bob Takes Over

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young man leaves home for the Navy. While there he embraces a different outlook on love and life. Follow his life as he leaves the service,builds a harem and becomes successful in his life.

Ok, I admit it. I am a very lucky man, lucky in many ways. I like to believe intelligence, education and good planning have enhanced much of my luck however. Of course being willing to push the envelope helps also. I grew up on a small farm where I learned early the importance of work, planning and attention to detail. My grandparents operated the farm as their sole source of income but my parents both worked for the postal service and farmed as a sideline. At first as I grew I wanted to be a full time farmer, then as I went farther in school I read history and decided I wanted to be a naval officer. Accounts of past battles by the USS CONSTITUTION, Admiral Dewey, the great naval battles of the two world wars intrigued me. To a lesser degree I was intrigued by the Revolutionary war, WWI and WWII land battles. I admired the Army Officers that had won them also.

The year after I graduated high school I began building my cattle herd on the old home place while I attended college. It was at that point that real life raised it's ugly head. Our country was embroiled in a little "police action" called Viet Nam and I found I had lost in the draft lottery. Back then they drew numbers corresponding to your birth date and the lower the number the faster you would be drafted into the armed forces. Of course since that was a land war guess where most of the draftees went? Oh hell yeah-the Army and Marines.

Unfortunately I had become way too fond of sitting in the Student Union and playing spades or shooting pool. This resulted in grades poor enough that I could not get a student draft deferment. I decided I would enlist in the Navy, which I did just after my first year of college was over. This, of course, removed me from consideration for the draft but it was not a step toward my goal of becoming a Naval Officer. At least I was in the navy however, a not entirely bad thing.

Now while at home during high school and my first year of college I had made several close male friends but had very few dates. To my ever-lasting shame I went into the Navy still a virgin. I was great at working and learning (when I put my mind to it). I had proven that by graduating in the top ten percent of my high school class. Hell I had won a full ride scholarship to college that I threw away by not going to class and not studying.

When I entered the navy I had aptitude scores high enough I was selected for training in electronics. I did well and was advanced in rank very rapidly. I made more friends on the ship to which I was posted and they helped me lose that pesky cherry rapidly. They taught me how to drink and how to please the ladies-or at least how to talk the ladies into my bed. The ladies made sure I learned how to please them and I was an avid learner.

One other thing I did in the navy. I saved money. A lot of what I saved was from my salary but I also joined a group that was engaged in an activity that was a little contra regulation. We operated what was called a "slush fund". This was basically a loan shark operation. To the best of my knowledge we did not engage in the strong-arm tactics most loan sharks used to collect bad debts but that does not mean we didn't have to persuade delinquent borrowers in another manner. Some of our principles were high-ranking enlisted men and when they let a debtor know they had better pay right now they tended to do so. The navy still paid in cash back in those days so our collectors would stand near the end of the pay line and collect. In many cases those who paid off the loan on payday would borrow again the next day. Hell we didn't care. We loved repeat business.

We were generous in our terms. We were on a two-week pay cycle. No matter when during that time you borrowed money it was due on payday. We loaned at 50% interest. I.e. if you borrowed ten dollars you owed fifteen dollars on payday. As you can see that could become very lucrative for us very rapidly.

During the ten-month cruise we took to Viet Nam our little group of seven managed to make a killing. I do not know how much money some of the guys made because we all shared equally based on what we had put into the kitty when we opened the little business. I know I personally put $300 into the pot for use and when we returned to the USA I was given my share of profits that totaled just under $7000.00

As luck would have it I made an intelligent, no a brilliant decision when my ship returned to the states. I remembered some of what I had learned in the first year of college. I also had overheard some of the officers talking about stocks and remembered some of what they said. I wandered into a brokerage office just after we returned to the states and put a little over $9000 into the stock of one company. At the time no one had told me not to put all your investment eggs into one basket. Now for the luck. That day the broker was trying to sell stock in a new start up retail operation and had a lot of it to unload. I ended up buying 1000 shares of Wal Mart.

I still had a large nest egg in my bank so when I left the brokerage I returned to the ship and my life of drinking, fucking and having fun until I was discharged from the navy. This was in the early 1970's and the Hippie Drug Culture was still running pretty rampant in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was stationed. I never got into drugs-oh sure I did smoke a little weed but didn't ever take any of the "hard" stuff. What I did do was learn that women were to fuck, to take care of men and do their bidding. The men I ran around with looked at women as sex objects pure and simple. They for the most part did not care at all about anything but fucking their women. You shared women if you had one or you "borrowed" a friend's woman if you didn't have one of your own with you at the time. Only if you were serious about your woman or when you married did you not share her. Oh, sure some of the men shared their wives but it was more of a 'trade' basis then. If you didn't have a wife to trade then you were out of luck with that crowd.

Before I was discharged I went to many parties in the Bay Area and they all were sexual in nature. People back in the Midwest would call them orgies. Two in particular have stayed in my mind for years. At the first one a friend took me and a couple other men we worked with to his girlfriends house. There were supposed to be friends of his girlfriend there. Unfortunately when we arrived the only women there were his 22-year-old girlfriend and her 41-year-old mother and her mother's boyfriend.

Needless to say my friends and I were slightly upset there were no girls for us but the party was not a total bust. We had all the free beer and hard liquor we wanted to drink. There was also the obligatory Mary Jane for those who wanted it. As the night wore on we became more and more "mellow" as we said at the time. We became more and more horny too because we were watching the mother and daughter get felt up, kissed and displayed by their men. By the time we were all wasted neither of the "ladies" had any panties on and both their tops were unbuttoned showing off their beautiful braless breasts.

My friends and I wanted to return to the ship but we were so drunk we couldn't even walk down the stairs to my truck. We let "momma' talk us into crashing on her living room floor. (I don't know if I ever did know that woman's name. We just called her Momma or Mom.)

We were so out of it we just stripped down like we would to go to bed on the ship-down to our skivvies. I remember lying there with my boner sticking out of my fly and looking up at "momma's" pussy as she stood beside where I was laying. She told me where blankets were if I got cold. Then she asked where Pete and her daughter were. My other friends and I got really worried and I said, "I don't know. I think he said they were going out to get something."

"Momma" looked around then saw her daughter's bedroom door was closed. She smiled down at us and walked to the door. She threw the door all the way open and we saw Pete between her daughter's legs laying pipe. He was grunting and groaning and the daughter was moaning and clawing at his back as she thrust her hips up to meet his downward lunges.

Pete didn't even miss a stroke as Momma said, "Oh, there you are kids. I'm going to bed now. Be sure the doors are locked and the lights off when you go to sleep." She smiled at me and winked as she walked past me. I was lying on the couch horny as hell and hoping things might quiet down enough I could beat off before I went to sleep. I watched Mom's beautiful ass wiggle as she walked into her bedroom.

Momma left her daughter's bedroom door and her own opened so we could see inside. We watched as Momma's man ate her out then fucked her. After he had finished he dressed and left Momma's bedroom. He stood and visited with us in the living room while we each enjoyed another drink then he left. He said he had to get to work early the next morning. As he was leaving he turned back and I still remember how scared and how surprised I felt when he said, "I didn't have time to completely fuck her out. If you boys want some prime pussy why don't you go in and fuck the slut."

We sat and looked at each other for a moment then Harley Crider, a big happy go lucky guy from Nebraska grinned and got up. He started walking toward Momma's room as he said, "Hell you don't have to tell me twice. You guys coming?" His boner had fallen through the opening in his boxer shorts and was leading the way.

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