Something Worth Fighting For
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Group Sex, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hannah Woolsey is the married mother of two who runs into her best friend from college who is a model. After hearing about her life, Hannah wants to sample her friends life because it sounds so "glamorous" to her. While Hannah does enjoy sampling that life, along the way someone has decided that Hannah has already received "more" than she really deserves. Hannah is now struggling in her marriage and is trying to find out why is someone determined to take it from her at all cost.

Monday morning Hannah Woolsey rolled to the side of the bed and then turned so she could sit with both feet on the floor. Reaching into the nightstand she took out the bottle of water she kept there and few aspirin.

"Wow that was some night. I can't believe the number of people Regina knows and all the different places that they've been and seen. Last night was a blast," thought Hannah as she downed the aspirin and took a swig of water.

As she washed them down she replaced the lid on the bottle of water and put it back in her nightstand. She knew she would need it again for another day.

"I must be getting used to the hangovers. This one isn't near as bad as they started out being. I only just have a mild headache," thought Hannah as she got up and shuffled off towards the bathroom

As she started to close the door she glanced into the room and noticed that only her side of the bed was disturbed. When the bathroom door caught and she looked down and noticed that the short black cocktail dress she had worn the night before had been against the door. It was now preventing the door from closing.

Kicking the dress into the bedroom Hannah closed the door and started for the shower.

"I'm glad David started sleeping on the couch lately. I don't have the energy or the desire to argue with him daily. I don't know why David has a problem with letting it go and dropping it. I'm just having a little fun and unwinding after a hard day. It's not any different than when he used to stop off at that sports bar not long after we first married. I've only been going out with Regina about six months or so. Give or take a few months.

"But thank God I'm glad he's finally stopped pestering me about it. I hope he eventually gets over his being stupid about letting me have a little fun, and quits being so pissy about it. That's not a very attractive look for him. Regina is right he's just being a spoiled brat. The boys Donnie and Chris act older than he does at time," though Hannah as she started the shower.

She had slept naked in the bed after coming in late last night, or really earlier that morning. She had no idea where her bra was from the night before. Since she had a floating schedule at work she could still come in around 9 am and not be considered late.

And unless she got big case she would only have to work until six. That was unless of course she also skipped the lunch break that she normally used to go to the gym. If she did still go to the gym, then she might be home around seven at best.

Hannah quickly finished her shower and she stepped out and started to dry off. As she did she looked over her 5'7" body with a critical eye. After giving birth to Donald, or Donnie as he preferred to be called, and to Christopher, or Chris as he preferred, she had filled out a bit more since her college days.

Hannah knew that she had put on at least fifteen pounds in the last ten years after both pregnancies were done and over. She worked out at the gym several times a week to manage her weight and she could see light definition in her stomach and legs. It showed that she wasn't anywhere near being overweight.

While looking at herself in the mirror, Hannah could still see just a few small areas that she wasn't happy with, and she would concentrate on losing the body fat around them next.

But for the most part she still thought she could still turn heads. She felt she wasn't bad looking for the wife and mother of two.

Hefting her breasts, Hannah could see that her they were definitely heavier and larger than they were in college after breastfeeding both boys. During both pregnancies she went up at least three bra sizes at different points, but in the end her slender frame settled on a very heavy 38 C cup.

Hannah was also a little upset that she couldn't still wear her skinny jeans from college. But as she examined herself in the mirror she also had to admit she didn't really have much to complain about around how she filled out in the hips either.

"Well if Regina's friends are any indication I'm sure I still have it," thought Hannah with a mischievous smile as she continued to examine her wet body in the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

As she had that thought Hannah also remembered it had been a while since her husband David complimented her. Actually it had been a while since he said anything complementary. Thankfully they barely spoke, so as to cut down on all the arguing, but lately he barely said anything to her.

But Hannah always felt David had to say all those nice things he used to, although lately it was nice to get some outside validation. It was just a little something that said that others still found her desirable as well.

Continuing to dry herself off, Hannah took great care with her legs. Looking them over Hannah noticed that she should really make an appointment soon to have them waxed.

Because she did this often her legs had a soft silky look to them that apparently still drew a lot of attention. Hannah knew that she had caught more than one man looking at them in her short dress last night as she partied with Regina. Hannah's legs were her real pride and joy.

Finishing up on her body she took the time to dry her long black hair as she swung it over her shoulder. She quickly checked for any obvious split ends or damage. Her bright blue eyes looked all over and missed nothing.

"All that cigarette smoke really is bad for it, but sometimes that is the price you pay to have a little fun," thought Hannah smiling once she was satisfied that she didn't see anything.

Looking around the room she noticed that she had missed that David had been in and gotten his clothing, apparently before she had gotten into the shower. More than likely he had also already taken his shower in the hallway bathroom and was long gone. He rarely spent any real time in her company any more.

He also always put the kids on the bus and then got dress to leave for work.

"I sure hope he gets over his mad soon because I really do miss him. But he's going to have to stop being such a major douchebag, " thought Hannah as she started getting dressed for work

As expected once she was downstairs she could see that David was no where to be seen. He had left some coffee in the coffee pot, but had long since stopped leaving her any breakfast. David always fed the kids in the morning, but left her to fend for himself.

"Still being a prick I see, you bastard. Would it kill you to leave me some eggs or something," thought Hannah with a touch of irritation as she looked for something quick and easy to make.

Slamming things around in the kitchen Hannah started to quickly make something before she left for her job. She hated to start off the day on an empty stomach after a hangover. It only made the day harder for her.

As she was whipping up some cold cereal in a bowl the phone rang.

Grabbing it in irritation she answered "What?!"

"I'm sorry do I have the Woolsey residence?" asked a soft warm voice in shock.

For some unknown reason Hannah was instantly on alert.

"Yes, who may I ask is calling?" asked Hannah suspiciously.

"This is Candice Williams, is David Woolsey there," asked Candice.

"No," was the flat answer Hannah gave.

"Well, can you have David please give me a call back at his earliest convenience? He has my number," said Candice.

"What is this regarding?" asked Hannah warily.

"I'm sorry I can't discuss that. But please give him the message," said Candice before she disconnected.

Now Hannah was on the warpath.

"Why is some slut calling my husband first thing in the morning?" thought Hannah in irritation as she quickly finished her cereal and threw the bowl into the sink.

Hearing it hit, Hannah then looked into the sink at all the dishes and shook her head.

"David better get it in gear. First he's harping on me about my friend and now he's letting the house go. He knows he gets home before I do and he better start cleaning up better than he has been doing," thought Hannah as she glanced at the sink before she rushed out the door.

Long as traffic wasn't too bad she should be able to make it in to work a touch earlier than planned.

At work the day seemed to drag on for Hannah as she worked.

She was one of the best computer consultants that worked for a large background investigation firm. While backgrounds were what she currently specialized in, she was pretty well versed on all types of computer security and intrusions.

Hannah worked for "Davis Consulting". It was a large firm that did many forms of computer cyber work. But they specialized in background investigations for companies or governmental agencies that needed to hire people.

If there was anything to find Davis Consulting could, and often did, find it.

Hannah was valued because she had a very analytical mind. She thought outside the box and found ways to dig up information quickly using many different sources.

One thing that helped her was she also had a mnemic memory for numbers. If she heard a number she mentally organized it in a way that she could recall it later for use. It came in handy for dates and researching.

Hannah decided to skip her lunch break at the gym and spend it looking into who Candice Williams was.

Recalling the telephone number she was given by Candice from memory, Hannah used her lunch break to research Candice Williams. Shortly, with only needing to search a few different public websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Hannah quickly found out a lot about Candice Williams.

She was a young woman who was just barely twenty five. Looking at her pictures on Facebook Hannah could see that Candice had short honey blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smattering of freckles on the bridge of her nose.

As much as Hannah hated to admit it Candice Williams was very cute.

No, if Hannah was going to be completely honest with herself Candice Williams was a stone cold fox. And nothing grates on one attractive woman than to admit there was another woman who was "light years" out of her league.

But as she noticed that, Hannah wondered what interest Candice had in her husband.

Why was she chasing David? David was too honest and straightforward to cheat on her, so Hannah was sure that it was Candice who was the pursuer. Otherwise she wouldn't need to call David up and leave a message for David to call her back.

"Let's see her push two almost 9lb boys out of her body and see if she can keep that tiny figure she's using to try to lure my husband away with," thought Hannah with some maliciousness

Looking up her profile in LinkedIn she saw that Candice worked for a law firm named "Meriwether and Assoc." Hannah was curious why a lawyer was after her husband.

"Where did they meet? David is such a home body. Well, other than when he takes the boys camping or fishing. I hate all that outdoors stuff. I'm glad he likes to do it with the boys though. Other than that he never really goes anywhere anymore. Did he meet her on a camping trip somewhere?" thought Hannah

Hannah quickly called up the image of her husband in her mind's eye. He was a very attractive man, with a slim but muscular build, at 33 years old to her 32. He had thick brown hair and striking brown eyes at 5'10".

David ran early in the morning before anyone got up and used that to keep his weight down instead of going to the gym like she did. Although his factory job as a shift manager kept him moving around so much that he could have used that to keep his weight down as well.

She still loved that David had the same muscle tone, along with that deep lower "V" on his abs that she always so enjoyed to touch, that he had in college. She always liked the way his body felt under her fingers.

Recalling her husband's looks Hannah had another dark thought.

"Maybe she met on him a run and is now pursuing him," though Hannah.

But a quick check in to her address showed that Candice lived nowhere near them. So meeting him on a run was out, unless she was David's own personal stalker.

Confused she let it drop and would ask David about it later. She had enough information to work with for now.

Sitting back in her chair she saw Johnny, the young intern from the mail room, as he dropped three thick packets on her desk as he walked past delivering the mail. He smiled shyly at her and Hannah knew that Johnny found her attractive.

She often caught him staring at her legs when he thought she wasn't looking. Once she saw his reflection in a window watching her butt as she walked away when she was in jeans.

But he was too young for her at 18 even if she wasn't married.

Looking at those newest files that he left for her she realized it would be long day.

The county needed background checks on twelve people. The city wanted to have two clerks checked into to see if they were stealing, so she would need to discreetly hack a few bank accounts for unofficial verification. And lastly she received one "cheating spouse" case where she needed to find out if the husband was squirreling away funds on his wife and family.

"Sigh, it will take forever for me to get out of here tonight," thought Hannah as she started working on the files.

Opening the door Hannah braced herself for a big argument from David. While she hadn't really expected him to start in on her, she just felt like all he ever did was harp and criticize her lately.

But as she passed through the door she noticed that David was sitting in the living room and didn't even look up as she closed the front door and passed through.

Saying a quick and silent prayer of thanks for his ignoring her, Hannah walked into to the kitchen and looked around. David had cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast. She was sure David must have fed the kids as well, because it was after ten and they should now by in bed.

Looking, but not expecting, she wasn't surprised to not find any leftovers for her in the fridge.

Quickly fixing a cold turkey sandwich and getting a bottled water to wash it down, Hannah walked into the living room to sit with her husband for a bit. He was watching some outdoors show and to be honest it was boring to her.

"Is there anything else on? Maybe American Idol?" asked Hannah in-between bites of her sandwich.

David said nothing as he tossed her the remote and got up and left the room. She heard him walk into the kitchen, and then heard the connecting door to the garage open and close.

"What a bastard," thought Hannah as she started to channel surf to find something else to watch.

Wednesday afternoon at work Hannah got the telephone call she had been expecting.

"Hey girl, you on for tonight? I know where there is a late cast party. We can hit a few bars before that and then hang out with the cast afterwards," said Regina to Hannah.

Hannah smiled

"Of course! You know I'm always up for a good party. So who's going to be there tonight?" asked Hannah excitedly into the phone as she typed into the computer screen.

Regina quickly outlined a few of her friends and then where they would be going.

"We'll hit O'Malley's first because Wednesday night is beer night and ladies drink free! Then we'll hit Stacy's for some light dancing. By midnight they cast party should be in full swing. We should be able to make a good entrance and be seen by most of the major players.

"Cassidy that underwear model friend of my will be there. Stephen who does those radio bits as well. You think that deep voice is sexy you should see what he looks like in person. I have a few others you should meet as well," said Regina laughing into the phone.

"Great pick me up at 7:30," said Hannah.

"Saint David still harping on you for going out and unwinding?" asked Regina.

"Not really, mainly because we barely talk anymore. He's either ignoring me or he goes into the garage and works on that wood carving hobby of his," said Hannah.

"Good. Well I'll see you then," said Regina as she disconnected.

As Hannah hung up the telephone she smiled at the upcoming excitement.

She had felt like she had been getting into a rut before Regina reconnected with her. It had been a while since she had seen her before they got back in touch. Regina had been one of her best friends in college.

In college Regina had been a mousey girl who wore large glasses and didn't know how to dress properly. She was painfully shy, quiet, and barely talked to anyone. But during the summer before their senior year she had gotten Lasik. Doing so made it more obvious how blue Regina's crystal blue eyes were.

That small move made her open up more. She gained confidence and seemed to express it. Suddenly boys were tripping over themselves to talk to her. After that Regina started going out on dates. She started to get quite popular.

But a year before this happened was when Hannah met David who was there finishing up a few courses in management. It helped when Regina started going out on a few dates, because after Hannah met David, and made him her steady boyfriend, Hannah no longer had as much time to hang out with Regina between her schooling and dating.

As a CompSci major Hannah often short on time.

But in the last ten years Regina had changed so much.

She had dropped some weight and learned to dress better. Regina was now a model who did some low end magazine modeling as well as some flyers and a few catalogs for Victoria's Secret. God knows that Regina now had the body for it, Hannah thought.

Taking a quick mental break after Regina's call, Hannah remembered when she first heard from Regina and mentioned it to David now a little over six months ago.

The family was sitting around the table for dinner together when Hannah brought up an earlier telephone conversation.

"Hey you'll never guess who called me today at work," said Hannah.

"Who was that honey?" asked David.

"Regina Davis," said Hannah.

"You mean your roommate who was that cute redhead from college? The one who always wore those huge glasses and dressed in baggy clothes? She barely said two words to me whenever I went to the dorm to see you for a date.

"But you know, every time I turned around on campus there she was. I always tried to help her self-esteem by complimenting her, but she just wouldn't meet me half way. So what's she up to these days?" asked David.

"Well, she didn't say much to you because she thought you were cute and she didn't know how to talk to you," said Hannah smiling.

David smiled back at her and said nothing.

"As to what she's doing now she's doing some light fashion modeling," said Hannah.

"Oh? Really? Glad she grew out of that shyness. Has she done anything I've seen?" asked David.

"Nothing I'm willing to let you see," said Hannah smiling.

"Oh that bad?" asked David.

"No, Regina is primarily doing underwear and lingerie modeling. But some of it is pretty risqué, if you know what I mean. But since she's never had kids she still has the figure for it and I don't want to be compared to her," said Hannah.

"Hey now. That figure of yours is very impressive and you know it. It's all I can do to wait until the kids are sleep sometimes. I just love getting my hands on that figure of yours every chance I get," said David with a leer.

Hannah laughed as the boys seated with them at dinner made faces at them both. They were trying to pretend they weren't hearing their parents.

Nothing freaks boys out more than hearing their fathers talking about touching their mother.

"I miss those times. David and I didn't fight so much and we were so much happier then. Why does David hate letting me have a little fun? I'm not going to be young forever and I need it after a hard day of working behind a computer," thought Hannah, as she remembered that conversation right before she got back to work.

Later that night Hannah snuck back into the house around 4 am after being out with Regina.

Hannah looked into the living room at the sleeping form of her husband. She was sure that he was awake, but she was content to let him pretend to be sleeping. She really didn't want the confrontation she knew was coming. She just wanted to get what little sleep she could before work.

Sneaking past him she had her 4" heels in her hands, as she went up the stairs in her short red skirt and black blouse that was unbuttoned midway down her chest. The pearl necklace that Hannah was wearing hung just barely above the valley of her large breasts.

Hannah had been wearing a bra when she went out, but Regina somehow convinced her to "live a little" and take it off. The two of them threw their bras out the car windows before the party, and the only underwear they were wearing was their panties.

What Hannah currently had on was a thong sample Regina had gotten for her from a new designer. It was so sheer and brief it was like she had nothing on and left no visible panty lines anywhere.

Hannah had gotten a rush at having so many men eyeing her as she moved around the room braless. It was hard not to laugh at their antics when they tried to sneak glances at her or change their position. They tried to appear as if they "naturally" moved one way or the other, so that they could be looking in her direction as she passed.

But right now Hannah tried to move in a way that didn't make her breasts jiggle enough for David to comment on her lack of a bra as she headed up the stairs to go to bed. While she felt she wasn't really drunk, she knew she was working on a really good buzz as she went up the stairs.

Closing the bedroom door and undressing Hannah quickly headed naked for the bed.

Soon she was lying on top of the covers dead to the world in only her new sheer panties.

Again morning came earlier than she wanted. Today she would certainly be late. It was ten minutes to nine and she was still lying on top of the bed. Hannah hated to start off a Monday this way, but that party last night had really been wild and she really didn't want to pass it up.

Quickly doing her ritual of aspirin and water, and then dragging herself out of bed, Hannah started for the bathroom when the bedroom phone rang.

Hannah debated answering it, and decided to let the answering machine next to the bed get it. Last night Regina suggested going to another party tonight and Hannah accepted.

Hannah knew she would have to skip her lunch break at the gym once again and bust her butt to make up the time difference once she finally got to work.

Just as she reached the bathroom door the machine picked up.

"Hey David this is Justin Owens of the Alistair Group. I have the information you wanted to know about your portfolio. I have to say if you do what you're planning you're going to lose your shirt on a few investments. But you're the client so you split them however you want. Call me and we'll discuss a few options," said Justin.

As the message finished Hannah stopped and looked back at the machine.

"What was Justin talking about? Why would David be looking at our investments? What was going on? Was David in financial trouble? What did he need a lot of money for? Was he into gambling? Since he rarely left home maybe it was online? Should I check into it? Maybe he's going to buy me something? If so why didn't he talk to me about it before he called Justin?" thought Hannah

Wanting to make sure she had the message right, since her head was lightly pounding and the aspirin hadn't had time to kick in, Hannah walked back to the nightstand and decided to replay the message again.

There was another message on it that David had forgotten to erase. The way their answering machine worked was that they had to listen to all the saved messages in order, going back to the first un-erased one left.

As she listened she heard a voice that sounded familiar to her but she couldn't place whose it was right then. The answering machine time stamp said it was from Thursday two weeks ago.

"David, look I still have that finished report that you requested, but I think you should talk to someone else first. I'll forward you their name. After you talk with them, tell me what you want to do, or where to send it, and I'll get it to you," said the unknown voice.

Ignoring the cryptic message, Hannah listened to the one from Justin again. Once she was sure she heard correctly she then quickly started for the bathroom once again to get ready for work.

Hannah put shampoo in her hair and then switched to lathering her body with cinnamon scented body wash. Just as Hannah started soaping up her body, getting a good lather going in the shower, a mental light bulb suddenly went off.

Wide eyed Hannah screamed out at the top of her lungs "OH MY GOD!"

Leaping out of the shower completely soaking wet, covered in body wash, and with shampoo still in her hair, Hannah raced for the answering machine. Hannah left a wet mess with every footstep as she raced back to the machine like the house was on fire.

Now with badly shaking hands she replayed the first message again.

"That was Spencer Gilbert," said Hannah in a whisper, but with a shaky voice as the message ended.

Hannah recognized Spencer Gilbert because he sometimes was a PI that they used from the firm named "Covert Investigations". If her company needed someone followed or trailed they would often use this firm. It was easier to outsource since they didn't need someone full time on staff since what he did wasn't something her company did regularly.

But Covert Investigations did do private work as well. Hannah knew her company's policy was that they didn't tell anyone who they used for outside investigations to keep from compromising any active investigations.

Hannah had even spoken to Spencer a few different times herself to get information on a case, but it wasn't often enough that she would recognize his voice immediately when she first heard it.

As she stood there soaking wet her mind started to assemble things as pieces started falling into place, and Hannah didn't like where the pieces were going.

"I need to find out what type of law Meriwether and Assoc. practices," said Hannah excitedly as she raced out of the room still buck naked.

Her lack of attire didn't even register on her as she quickly headed into the cubby hole the family used to keep their family's computer. She had her own laptop but in her excited state she didn't even think about get her work PC out of its bag.

Quickly firing up the PC she looked up Meriwether and Assoc in the yellow pages. Her hands were shaking so badly that she had to type it in multiple times. To her horror she found they specialized in Divorce law!

Dreading what she would find next, Hannah started making calls.

With each call she made her voice got shakier and shakier, and quieter and quieter. At times the person on the other end needed to ask her to speak up multiple times to hear her request.

Hannah found that David had changed his life insurance policies to only having the boys as his beneficiaries. He had his name removed from her car's policy and had hers removed as an authorized driver for his with State Farm. All their joint credit cards had their outstanding balances paid up and closed. Thankfully they always kept them low, but they were still closed.

The card she had for personal use was still untouched.

When she called to check on the state of their mortgage an all too eager and chipper woman on the other end told her that the paper work to have the house put exclusively in her name was ready. Whenever she was ready to come in to sign the new forms they had them ready for her.

Hannah didn't even say goodbye as she quickly hung up.

With hands shaking so badly that Hannah had to sit and close her eyes for a while, she almost mistyped her password in to their online banking website the maximum amount of times. All she needed was to have to call Chase and ask for a password reset.

Doing quick mental math, adding what her company deposited for her and what David's normal deposit was, Hannah saw that the balance was far, far less than what she expected.

Going back and pulling up the history she saw that three weeks ago David moved half into an account she that had no access to but could see the last four digits in the history. Checking the savings account against the history she saw that David did the same with Savings.

Looking further she saw that David had stopped depositing his paychecks into their joint account three weeks ago as well. About the time he moved half of their money into his own personal accounts.

Starting to wail as she wrapped her arms around herself she started to cry as large tears racing down her face. Hannah realized that all the pieces were now in place. With everything that she had found just out there was only one possible conclusion.

David was divorcing her!

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