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Desc: Sex Story: Can people change? More to the point, could Ivy?

Hi, Thanks for all of the great responses to last week's story. It was as much fun to write as most of you seemed to think it was to read. And like a lot of you I still have that song in my head. This week I wanted to do something a little bit different for me. No gimmicks, just a story driven by the characters, and a question. I hope it's not too boring, but then there's always next week. Thanks again for reading them.

So many questions, so few answers. Can people truly change? Even if given a lifetime and the best reasons in world, can people change? More to the point can Ivy change? That's the real question in my mind as I look at her. I'd spent probably half of my life in love with this woman. She'd broken my heart twice. But on the heels of the greatest tragedy in my life she stands before me asking for a third chance to hurt me.

A big part of my heart tells me that I still love her in some capacity. It also tells me that though I loved my wife more, life goes on. Should my life go on with Ivy though? Can I take the risk? Would you?

I think that from the very first moment I saw her, I was in love with Ivy but also a little afraid of her. Maybe it's because I'm a bit more attuned to the mysterious powers that truly run the universe than the average guy. Maybe it's because I've already been burned twice before.

But now as Ivy stands before me promising to be with me forever, my mind is telling me to get the fuck out of here once and for all.

Another part of my mind is saying, "Yes do that, get out of here, but fuck her first."

I should mention though that no part of my mind is saying take her up on her offer, my heart though is another matter.

Let's go back near the beginning of our sad little tale and maybe you can understand my reticence to be with this goddess made flesh.

I remember the first time I saw Ivy. I was in my first year of teaching math at our local community college. Ivy was in one of my remedial math classes. At 26, she was a bit older than my regular students but not by much. For that matter I wasn't much older than my students either at 24. I was actually a lot younger than some were.

It was more than Ivy's age though that made her stand out from the crowd. It was ... well it was everything about her. Ivy to put it simply, was a goddess among women.

Okay you're already thinking about this the wrong way. Right now you have this tall willowy blonde with big hooters going through your mind don't you? Well put away your preconceived notions and get back to reality.

Ivy is barely 5 feet tall, she's nearly flat chested, and her hair is dark. Her hair alone could take weeks to describe. It is one of the most incredible things about her. It's very long and very thick. It's shiny and full of natural waves that seem to tumble over her shoulders and down her back nearly to her ass. Her hair seems to have a life of its own and often moves or swings in punctuation of her sometimes abrupt head movements.

Ivy's eyes always appear to be laughing, whether she's happy or horny or pissed. I think God made them that way to let us mere mortals know that this woman simply will not put up with not having a good time. Her nose is a mere button that was probably slapped in the center of her face as an afterthought.

Ivy's lips are simply incredible. They are so full and pouty that they could be artificially enhanced, but no collagen has ever been injected into them. When you look at her you can just imagine what it would be like to have those lips sucking on your...

Anyway those lips are also very expressive. I often found myself getting lost in them while I tried to teach about fractions or elementary algebra.

Ivy is, as I mentioned very small up top, she often lamented her lack of breast size but I really think she was the only one. Her nipples are incredibly sensitive and get very hard, with only a nasty thought.

Her waistline is small enough that you can put both hands around it, but from there down it's weird. Rational men can see that God has a hellified sense of humor. He often does things like giving women with the biggest natural tits, the absolute flattest asses he can, and vice versa.

In Ivy's case it almost looks like her top half and bottom half came from two different women. Ivy's ass is massive and almost geometrically perfect in its roundness. The term bubble butt was coined just to describe it.

Her thighs are full and round but taper down to tiny ankles and feet in a very graceful way. How the hell they got legs that long on a woman who stands barely 5 feet tall is one of the mysteries for the ages. I can't explain it all I can do is appreciate it.

Ivy's voice and laugh are like bait. Her laugh is infectious and melodic and she uses it a lot. Her voice is likewise neither high pitched or deep, but so melodious she may as well be singing. Ivy could get rich as a phone sex operator.

But again if you're picturing a very cultured vocal pattern and very sophisticated delivery, you'd be surprised because Ivy curses like a mule skinner, or a sailor.

A little past the four week point in the semester of that first class that I taught with Ivy in it, I was torn. On one hand most of the students in my class were passing it, but on the other hand a very few were not. Ivy was one of one's who was not passing.

She and I spoke often, and as I said, I was in love with her from the beginning, despite the things I'd heard.

I'd often catch Ivy staring at me while she was supposed to be working her problems, so I was sure she'd at least given me some consideration as well.

There was however, no way I'd even think of putting my job or ethics into question, by having any kind of relationship with a student though. I also knew that in a lot of cases, mutual attraction between a student and their instructor, magically vanishes when the class ends.

I guess Ivy thought about me a lot more than I thought she did, though because she came up to me one evening after class was over. I'd packed my books and papers into my book-bag when I noticed that Ivy and I were the only ones left in the room.

"Did you know that there are no rules in place, in this school that would prevent you from going out to eat with me?" she said, breaking the ice.

"Did you know that you're not even close to passing this class?" I asked in response.

"What the he'll does one thing have to do with the other?" she asked again. Then she let out the most musical laugh, I'd ever heard. It was as if mere mortals laughed with their lungs and their vocal cords, but Ivy laughed with her entire soul. She tilted her head back with that leonine mane of hair twitching with every syllable and just laughed.

"Do you think I'm trying to get you to go out with me to boost my grades?" she laughed. "Here, look at this," she said, handing me a sheet of paper. Early registration had started that's morning, and Ivy had signed up to take the class all over again.

"I suck at math," she laughed. "I'm trying my ass off, and I'm doing better in your class than I ever have in any math class ever. But I didn't think I'd pass it. I was expecting to take all of my math classes twice."

"Oh," I said. I had the feeling that I had just blown a golden opportunity. I had spent a considerable amount of time lately, jacking off to thoughts of Ivy, yet when she approached me I'd just ruined the possibility of it ever happening.

"Shit," she said, still smiling. "I really fucked this up didn't I? I guess I'm not psychic after all. I've been sitting here all of this time thinking that you liked me and were just too shy to do anything about it."

She looked at me again, as if she was analyzing me. "I guess it's a case of transference, huh?"

"A case of what?" I asked.

"Transference," she repeated. "In psychology we learned that people sometimes think that because they feel a certain way everyone else does as well or sometimes just specific other people. I guess I thought that since I like you so much, you felt the same."

She stood up she said this and started walking towards me. Her cropped top and incredibly tight jeans outlining her body with every step. The closer she got to me, the more I wanted her. It was amazing to me, the effect she had on me while fully dressed and in public.

"Are you sure you don't want to grab something to eat with me? Maybe just as friends, or to discuss what I can do not to fail your class twice?" she asked in a teasing little voice.

At that moment all of those creatures from Greek mythology and the SyFy network finally made sense. I was the incredible two headed man. One of my heads was telling me to get as far from Ivy as humanly possible. Meanwhile the other head wasn't saying shit, but it was hard enough that I could have driven nails into concrete with it.

"I am kind of hungry," I heard myself say.

Ivy followed me to the parking lot, chattering cheerfully the whole way. She told me about how she thought that she should follow me to the restaurant so she wouldn't have to come back and get her car. She was embarrassed by her car, a twenty year old Chevy S10 truck, but she intended to get a newer more environmentally friendly vehicle as soon as she graduated and started making more money.

She was awed by the fact that the university urged its staff to drive environmentally friendly vehicles like professor Morton's Toyota Prius.

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