by GirlsUnderTheInfluence

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Grand Parent, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Another story by RoverBoy featuring three generations of pill popping incest girls

Nikki bent over the glass topped table, her eyes shining with anticipation as she prepared her first line of cocaine of the day. She felt a hand reach under her short satin dressing gown. 'Hi mum, ' she giggled as the hand started stroking her juciy slit.

'Do me a line darling, and I'll get us our first drink of the day, ' purred Gloria as she reluctantly removed her hand, licking her fingers as she went over to the drinks cabinet.

'What time is it?' asked Gloria.

'Nine o'clock, Nikki answered as she watched her mother snort the cocaine. She lit two cigarettes and passed one to her mother.

'What the fuck are we doing up so early?' Gloria asked, 'Come back to bed with me.' She bent down and flicked at Nikki's satin covered nipple.

'No mum, Jade's moving in today remember? Your grandaughter?'

'Shit I forgot, that coke hasn't woke me up yet, ' she opened an ornate box and took ot two green pills, 'Want one?' she asked.

'Stupid question, ' snorted Nikki, swallowing the pill with a mouthful of brandy.

'When's my grandaughter arriving?' asked Gloria, talking through her exhale.

'About an hour, ' Nikki answered, 'Come on lets shower.'

They showered together, soaping each others silicone enhanced breasts and moaning in their ecstasy.

'Shit you are so hot mum, ' purred Nikki.

'I know, ' Gloria said smugly.

Eventually they were dressed and went back downstairs.

'Quick line before she gets here, ' said Gloria, cutting two fat lines.

'Jade's dad has been really strict with her so she'll be clean when she gets here, ' Nikki said.

'I want that to change really quickly, ' purred Gloria.

'I'm sure that between us we'll be able to persuade her to adopt our lifestyle, ' smirked Nikki.

Jade was a tall, slim fifteen year old girl with perky breasts. She put her cases in her bedroom and went back into the living room.

'We normally have a drink before lunch, you'll join us, ' Gloria said the words more as a statement than a question.

'You mean I can drink alcohol here?' asked Jade eagerly, 'That was always a no-no with dad.'

'Of course you can silly, ' laughed Nikki, passing her daughter a gin and tonic.

'You happy at the moment?' asked Gloria.

Jade shrugged, 'Yeah, I suppose, I sometimes get a bit depressed but that might have been living with dad.'

'Ah, I might be able to help there, ' Gloria could hardly contain her excitement, 'Have one of these green pills darling, it's just like having another drink.'

'Wow, thanks, ' Jade giggled, drunkly. Gloria's pussy moistened as the young girl swallowed the pill.

'Hey, ' Jade laughed after a few minutes, 'I feel great.'

'They are good, we may as well have one as well, ' Gloria said, passing a pill to Nikki and taking one herself.

'I fell so good, ' giggled Jade.

'Sure you do, that's why we take them, we like to feel good. Anytime you want another green just ask.' Gloria smiled.

'Wow, thanks gran, ' laughed Jade, 'I'll think I'l go and put my things away.' She stood up and felt the room spinning. 'Whoops, feel kind of dizzy.' She staggered over to

the door, knocking over a small table on the way. 'Hmmpph, shorry, ' she slurred.

'It's fine hon, ' Nikki smiled. 'Don't worry about it.'

'After she'd gone, Gloria said, ' My grandaughter is a speed freak, ' she rubbed her pussy as she spoke.

'I know, ' agreed Nikki, 'She's going to be one of us before she knows it.'

As they ate their lunch Gloria kept Jade's wine glass topped up.

'This is fucking cool, ' giggled Jade, drunkly, before blushing and saying, 'Whoops, sorry for swearing.'

'Relax, ' Gloria smiled, 'We swear, cigarette?' she offered the packet to Jade.

'No thanks, I don' smoke. I started for a while but dad found out and he went crazy.'

'Forget him, ' Nikki laughed, 'Have a cigarette, we both smoke.'

Jade took a cigarette and leant forward to accept a light from Gloria.

'I love living here already, ' said Nikki, 'I'm allowed to smoke and drink.'

'And do drugs, ' thought Gloria, casually slipping one hand under the table and rubbing her moist slit.

'Err, I was wondering gran, ' Jade paused.

'Let me guess, ' Gloria smiled, ' You want another green don't you?'

'Wow, thanks, I was afraid you'd say no.' Jade greedily swallowed the pill Gloria had passed her with a mouthful of wine. 'Shit thasss good, ' she whispered.

'I'll never say no, ' purred Gloria, 'Here Jade darling, ' she passed her a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, 'Get an ashtray and put it in your room.'

'Thanksh gran, you are a shttar.' she struggled to stand up. 'hey room, shtay fuckin shtill.' Eventually she wobbled over to the door and laughed at it. 'How do you open the door?' she snorted, before finding the handle. 'Ahh, got you.' she cried.

'That was so hot when she asked for another pill, ' Nikki sighed.

'I know, she's hooked, shit I'm so wet, ' Gloria laughed.

'Hurry up mum, I need a line before she gets back, Nikki urged. Gloia cut two lines on a mirror and they snorted them quickly.

'When will Jade be on this I wonder, ' Nikki mused.

'It's just a matter of time hon, ' smiled Gloria.

When night came, Jade said: 'I still feel so awake. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.'

'Try this as soon as you get into bed darling, ' Gloria passed Jade a red pill, 'It'll help you sleep, you need your rest, you've had a busy day.'

'Thanks gran, that's brilliant, ' said Jade before leaving.

'And in the morning?' Nikki asked.

'She'll need a green, just to wake up, ' laughed Gloria.

'Good, ' sighed Nikki, 'Let me lick you mum, ' kneeling between her mother's thighs.

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