An Eye for an Eye

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The truth can be a very much unexpected and cruel surprise for many innocent spouses when old events are brought up to the daylight again.

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I'm Glen Caballo. I live in a small Scandinavian town and when this story begins, I had a good job as production engineer at a local branch of a big international company. Caballo is Spanish for horse. It was my great grandfather who took that name while he was an actor and found out that his real name, Ericsson, was too common to be remembered by the public. He thought that a Spanish horse name was much better for his profession.

I met Caroline Stilman at a friend's wedding. Nothing happened there but I got her phone number and she got mine. To my great surprise she rang me a week later and invited me to dinner at her place. I accepted and went with a bottle of wine and big red rose.

Her place was in a good order, her cooking was great and we had very good time. In fact, such a good time together in her bed that I even got breakfast before going home in the morning. To my great pleasure, she even sucked me hard again immediately after our first fuck. That was a surprise because in my old fashioned Scandinavian town it is very unusual that girls suck cocks on a first date.

Of course I was happy I met such a sexy girl and why I continued dating her and getting more great sex. After a few further dates, Caroline told me that she was in love with me and demanded me to be honest and tell her about my feelings for her. I looked straight into her eyes and told her the truth. I was in love with her too.

After just four months we agreed to live together in my house. A house I been able to buy thanks to a little money from Lotto I had won. I had been lucky enough to increase that ten times during the IT boom at the stock market. I had sold out everything when they were on top and invested all of it and then used that as down payment for a nice house.

After moving in together, Caroline suggested a great wedding at the ten year anniversary of our first date. That was okay with me. I even accepted her demands about separate bank accounts and let her print out very detailed conditions about who should pay what. Though it looked a bit weird, I accepted her suggestions mostly because that got my house protected as private property if we went separate ways.

Some small warning bells were ringing during our time together right after she moved in to my house. I was an average guy and not a skilled Casanova and that's why I had some doubts. I was concerned that if a guy like me could get laid by her after the first dinner date, what could a real skilled womanizer get Caroline to do. This is especially true if he met her on his natural hunting grounds such as conferences, company parties or girls nights out?

Of course, I never suspected anything had happened and soon the warning bells switched off because Caroline and I were having a good relationship. In fact, it was much better than what many of our friends had. Caroline and I promised to keep our family out of problems and for every divorce we witnessed among our friends, we even got closer. Caroline got pregnant and we had our daughter Alice.

However, nobody is hundred percent perfect forever and that's why we got into our first serious family problem; after eight years and seven months together. Just as in many other relationships, it was economic matters what got Caroline and me on the warpath.

Our problems began when the company where I worked moved all its production and most of the local administration to Portugal. My job and more than six hundred other jobs were lost forever in our town. Of course it was impossible to find so many new jobs in a short time in a small Scandinavian town like ours. The first three months as unemployed, I got my salary from the company as usual. But after that it became hard because now I only had my limited savings and the small monthly payments from my unemployment insurance.

It was hard times but I kept it rolling on. Caroline paid her expenses exactly due to our agreement and to my surprise she did not offer or showed any intentions of helping me by taking an increased share of our family expenses.

Then one terrible month shit hit the fan. We had with several unexpected problems. An expensive service for my car, both fridge and the dishwasher broke down and had to be replaced, and a high bill from my dentist. Then, worst of all, Caroline and I had agreed go to an expensive show one weekend at our capital city along with Melanie and Tom, old friends of Caroline.

Without talking with me, Tom had bought tickets, express-train tickets and booked rooms at a five star hotel to the four of us. I knew for sure that my economy was down to zero and even a small loan from my relatives would be necessary for paying all my bills. I had no interest of using any loan to go to a five star hotel and a damn show. Neither did I want to use any part of my last reserve, shares in a profitable company, that I intended to save for more important matters if my house got in a real trouble. For very simple reasons, I had no options and couldn't afford going to that show.

I told Caroline that I couldn't afford that trip and why we had to skip it. She got furious and shouted, "Never in hell. Not my problem if you can't afford to go and have to stay home. But I'm want to see that show and I'm going with Melanie and Tom, that's for sure."

I had expected Caroline to offer me some economic assistance to solving my problem for the weekend trip but as she didn't make any attempts or volunteer to do that so I decided to swallow my pride and ask her.

"You know how much I have to pay this month for all those unexpected expenses, but if you really want me to come with you to the show, could you please pay my share of the trip and I will pay some equal trip for you when I get a job again?" I asked her.

Her chilly reply really surprised me, "I expected you to flip out, that's why I've already talked with Tom and he promised to sell your ticket to somebody else."

"So you are going to the show without me rather than staying at home with me or caring to help me when I have this temporary economic problem? We've turned to a very nice couple, haven't we?"

"Tom says that you have still time until tomorrow to find the money, I'm sure you can fix it some way if you really want to come with me." Caroline said with a chilly voice.

"Okay, I got the message that you don't care a shit about me any longer. I'll take that as your final decision about you and me not doing anything together any longer. The time has come to get our damn problems solved once for all." I said and rushed out to my car and went off. She ran after me screaming something that I didn't hear.

Some distance from my house I parked the car and tried to calm down and think about the situation. Caroline and I had been living together for little more than nine years, we had a child together and we had plans about getting married in a big wedding at our tenth anniversary together. Everything had been fine with Caroline and me as long as I had my well paying job with a good life. Probably a bit too good a life because my savings ought to have been much higher to help get past unexpected hard times such as the present.

What hit me hardest was that now when I had some temporary economic problems, it was obvious I wasn't worth a shit in Caroline's opinion. No doubt that she nowadays only regarded me as a poor bastard who would cause economic problems for her. Even her interest in our sex life had suffered from the present situation. To my own surprise it took me only a few minutes to decide what I ought to do to fix Caroline's and my problems.

I went to see Melanie and Tom. They seemed a bit surprised to see me, so after some polite small talk I went straight to my errand and told Tom, "I can't afford to pay the tickets and Caroline refuses to help me to do that so I'm coming to you about that weekend trip. I'm going to skip both the weekend trip and dump the greedy bitch that's living in my house. However, she is coming with you but without me. By the way, she even told me you had already fixed her up with some stud as 'replacement' for me. Who is he?"

Melanie said, "Caroline has plenty money and I can't understand why she is doing that to you. I'm sorry that we are not able to help you in this matter because even we have many unexpected expenses after moving to this new house. Tom's old friend, Michael Gillman, has promised to buy your share and join us."

I shouted, "That damn whoremonger is courting Caroline and will have a night in a hotel room with her after some dining and lots of wine. Does Caroline know who is replacing me?"

"Yes and it was okay with her." Said Tom.

"Who suggested that horny pussy hound to be Caroline's escort? Isn't he married?" That was my next question.

"He is a good guy who's got an unfair reputation. I met him by coincidence, he agreed to buy your tickets tomorrow if you hadn't done that until then and Caroline accepted." Explained Tom.

"I've lost a job but not my pride. You can bet that my economic problem is only a temporary matter and I can promise you that our nine years together with that now shameless slut Caroline will get a final solution this very evening. She can have her damn big wedding but it will be without me. Be sure about that." I told them with a loud voice and saw in their faces that they had not expected me to react as hard as I did.

Tom understood my anger and did attempt to calm me down by saying, "No, no, it's not what you think. Michael and I are sharing a room and the girls in the other room, that's the agreement. You can trust my word that nothing nasty will happen with Caroline and Michael."

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