Cum Contest

by Miss Behaving

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I came across a contest on the web that paid $5,000 to the first prize winner. At the time, money was tight. To enter, all I had to do was submit a picture of my face covered in cum. With a little finagling, I got my husband to agree. But he didn't produce enough semen. So I devised a plan that snowballed out of control.

"Mary, leave my cock alone!"

I could not believe my ears. My husband was scolding me, pushing me away and telling me not to jerk him off. From the floor, I looked up at him with doe-like eyes.

"But, Steve, I wanna do it. Come on, honey. Pleeease let me. Please. Please. Pretty please."

All he did was shake his head. I was furious and clambered to my feet. I saw red, and like a bull I charged with my head down, crashing into his belly. Steve let out a loud oomph and stumbled backwards until his legs made contact with the side of the bed where he plopped down with me on top of him. I slid off him, onto my knees at his feet. He seemed dazed as I grabbed his cock once more and pumped as fast I could. I wanted him to cum before he stopped me again.

"Okay, that's enough!" Steve yelled as he tugged my arm.

I didn't let go. Instead, I tightened my grip like a kid who didn't want to relinquish a toy or piece of candy. He looked angrier and pulled harder. My hand tightened, so when he wrenched my arm it must have hurt.

"Oww! Let go, damn it!"

His screech caused me to spread my fingers and jerk my hand away as if I were touching hot coal. I looked up at him, both concerned and irritated.

"What the fuck are you trying to do," he yelled, "rip it off?"

"Okay, Steve, maybe I got carried away, but I really want to win the five thousand dollars."

"Mary, I'm only going to say this one more time. It's a stupid contest. It's for whores. Did you see the girls on that site? A bunch of low-life whores."

"They were not all whores. Some were college girls needing the money."

"You're not a college girl."

"No, but we need the money. The winner gets five thousand dollars. Five thousand! That's a lot of money. We could sure use it."

"I didn't say we couldn't. But I'm not going to have my wife's face on the internet with cum on it for everyone to see. That's sick."

I was losing the argument. I knew my husband and he would never allow that.

"Um, what if I couldn't be recognized?"

"What the hell are you talking about? You can't wear a mask or anything. They want to see your face. They're a bunch of sickos."

"Remember that wig I wore for Halloween? You know, the Elvira wig. When I wore that long black wig over my short blonde hair you said I looked like a different woman. That even you would have a hard time recognizing me. You even asked me to wear it while you fucked me. Remember, you said it was like fucking a stranger."

Steve stared down at me and rubbed his chin. I didn't know if he was thinking about the prize money. We had only been married for three years. We waited until I graduated from high school and then got married. Our parents said we were too young, and that we didn't know what responsibility was, but we were in love. Steve was my first real boyfriend and we dated through high school, so marriage seemed the natural thing to do when I graduated. But we didn't count on the bills. There were so many. He was just starting out and I got laid off from my low paying job. Yeah, we sure needed the money.

"Maybe that'll work," he said. "Go make yourself up and let me see."

I sprang to my feet and dashed to the closet like a little girl getting ready to pull a prank. After snatching the box off the top shelf, I tucked it under my arm and ran to the bathroom. I couldn't stop giggling. It was fun.

I placed the box on the bathroom counter and rummaged through it. The first part of my disguise was the fake eyelashes. They were long and black. Then I darkened my eyebrows with a make-up pencil. When I donned the long black wig, I stared at myself in the mirror. The blonde woman who entered the bathroom was no longer there. I stared at a different woman.

No way would someone recognize me in this get-up, I thought. But Steve's so dead set against it. What about that fantasy he told me about when he was drunk? Hmm, what if... ? I winked at the dark haired woman.

I returned to the bedroom and said, "Hello, handsome, see anything you like?"

I stretched my arms above my head which accentuated my pointy breasts and erect nipples. While staring at Steve's face, I massaged my tit with one hand while my other slid inside my shorts.

"I'm so hot for you," I said as sexily as I could. "When I saw you outside I had to follow you into your house. My pussy got wet when I sneaked by your wife downstairs knowing I was going to fuck you while she was in the house. That really turned me on."

I smiled when Steve's cock grew.

"Your cock is getting so big. Mmmm, what would your wife think?"

I smiled wickedly and sashayed over to my befuddled husband, swaying my hips provocatively. I placed a hand on his shoulder and crouched a little with my knees pointing outward. I moaned as I fingered myself and then pulled my hand out of my shorts. I stuck my tongue out and held my finger in front of it. Steve's eyes were crossed as he stared. His lips parted and his tongue slid along the bottom one. He was mesmerized.

"We better be quiet," I whispered. "Don't want your wife hearing us."

Neither of us moved, and then I placed my wet finger under his nose. His nostrils flared as he inhaled. Then I slipped the moist finger into his mouth and watched him suck it. I moved it in and out like I was fucking his mouth and peeked at his cock. It was hard and twitching. When Steve moaned, I knew I had him.

My lips glided down Steve's chest and belly as I dropped to my knees. From time to time I paused to lick his skin, and each time he groaned. My tongue speared his bellybutton, and when I traveled lower his hard cock twitched like a diving board and smacked me under the chin.

"Oh, what do we have here?" I said. "Is this for me? Mmmmmm, it looks good enough to eat. Oh my, look how big it is. My hand hardly fits around it. Oh, the skin is so soft. Shhh. Did you hear that? Is it your wife?"

Steve actually jerked his head towards the door. He went pale and his body trembled.

"Don't worry, stud, it's nothing. Your naïve wife is still downstairs. I can enjoy your cock without her ever knowing about it."

I stroked the underside of his cock with my fingertips, and it bounced up with each caress. Steve looked at me, a "stranger" in his eyes, kneeling before him. I placed my palm under his hard cock and lowered my face above it. Saliva dripped from between my lips onto his cock, spilling down the sides onto my palm.

When Steve's cock was good and wet, I wrapped my fingers around it and my slick hand glided over the sensitive skin. I pumped and pumped. Steve moaned and groaned.

"That's it, stud, cum for me. You know you want to. Think of your wife in the kitchen cooking dinner. She's down there while I'm up here in her bedroom with her husband. You like that, huh? Yeah, I feel your cock throbbing."

I knew his signs and he was about to cum. I fisted his cock faster, twisting my hand around it with each stroke.

"Am I as sexy as your wife? Do you like me on my knees? You must. Your cock is hard as steel. Maybe we should bring your wife up here so that she can watch me jerk her husband off. Would you like that?"

Steve closed his eyes and groaned.

"Yeah, maybe she'll play with herself while I jerk you off. I bet she would. She's probably a hot slut who would love to see another woman make her husband cum."

Steve thrust his hips and placed a hand on my head. I was afraid he'd knock the wig off.

"That's right, cum for both of us. Your wife thinks I'm a whore and wants to see you cum on my face."

Steve yanked my hand off his cock. It happened so suddenly I wasn't ready and able to stop him. I thought I had stepped over the line, but he pulled my head towards him and his free hand grabbed his cock. He pumped faster than I had and soon was pointing his cock at my face. I looked up to see him staring down at me with glassy eyes.

And then I clamped my eyes shut when I saw the white cream flying towards my face. Splat! I felt it on my left cheek. Splat! I felt it on my upper lip. Splat! I felt it on my chin.

I waited for the next one, but it never came. I squinted and then opened my eyes fully. Steve was sitting on the bed leaning forward with his hands on his knees, head down, panting. The cum was dripping down my cheeks.

"Quick, get the camera," I screamed. "Steve, take a picture. Hurry up, it's dripping off. Hurry!"

Steve, almost in a trance, lifted the camera and snapped a few pictures.

"Lemme see! Lemme see!" I yelled.

When I looked at the pictures in the display area my shoulders slumped and I let out a disappointed sigh.

"There's not enough cum. You didn't shoot enough cum on my face," I said, sullenly.

"I'm sorry, hon, that's all I had." Steve fell backwards on the bed and lay there staring up at the ceiling.

The next day, I sat in front of my computer scowling at the monitor. I had just loaded the pictures from my camera into the computer, and the good news was that the woman didn't look anything like me. The bad news was that it would not win the five thousand dollars. There just wasn't enough cum on my face and that's what the contest was all about. About to abandon the dream of winning the money, an idea came to me.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can get away with it? I thought. I leaned forward and covered my eyes while contemplating doing it and its consequences. It seemed so easy. My hand dropped to my lap and I looked up. Why not? It won't be like having real sex. We need the money and Steve won't know.

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