Tales From a Far Country

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Introduction - In this "simulquel" to "Such Sweet Sorrow", we follow Jenny's abduction and fate at the hand of her captors as she discovers that her fantasies of slavery don't stand comparison with the real thing.

In the world around us there are those that will prey on the weaker, the unprepared, the vulnerable. In pursuit of their own desires or seeking to profit from the desires of others there are always those whose acts are hard for us to understand.

Once more, it is October 2009. Angela is trying to balance her teaching responsibilities and research projects, spurred on by the Dean's ambitions for the academic standing of the University; Joe McEwan is planning his trip to Cambodia in a month's time; Jenny McEwan is trying to digest the results of her summer research and Freddie Clegg and Larry are still musing on potential advantages which Inward Bound might bring to their principal, clandestine business.

'And from far away, minds immeasurably more determined than our own, were looking down on a young woman and slowly and surely they drew their plans against her... '

(With apologies to H.G. Wells... )


Tales From a Far Country is the third episode in the story of the relationship between Jennifer McEwan, an adventurous academic who is studying BDSM games and adult play behaviour and her husband Joe, a civil engineer who is anxious about his wife's sexual interests and where they might lead. "Tales From A Far Country" is the sequel – well actually a "simulquel" - to our last story, "Such Sweet Sorrow" and explains what happens to Jennifer after her mysterious disappearance.

If you are a new reader, this short resume will help you understand what is going on!

The tale began in our first story 'Thesis', when Professor Angela Dawney, Jennifer's Head of Department and her research supervisor persuaded Jenny to enroll in a consensual slave training programme organised by the adult experience and adventure company, Inward Bound. Angela claimed this would be an excellent psychological laboratory for Jennifer to persue her research but secretly, the Professor hoped to drive a wedge between Jennifer and her husband and win Jennifer's affections for herself.

Inward Bound has received investment from what purports to be an international transport business called Freddie Clegg Enterprises but is in fact the front organization for Clegg's highly illegal abduction and slavery operation. Freddie Clegg Enterprises also have hopes for Jennifer's research - to help them identify and recruit willing victims.

Angela, anxious to use Jenny's experiences for her own benefit at the earliest opportunity, almost sabotaged Jenny's participation at Inward Bound. The effect of this was to disturb the ever paranoid Clegg organisation which led to Jenny and Angela experiencing what they imagine to be a CIA inspired "rendition". This claimed to be an investigation into Internet Crime but was really an attempt to discover if they were were actually in the pay of Clegg's arch Russian competitor, Anatoly Kustensky who, by an innocent but most unfortunate coincidence, is an old friend of Professor Dawney.

In the end Jenny completed her course at Inward Bound and returned home, marked emotionally, physically and psychologically by her experiences. She realised that she cannot suppress her desires, and wished more than ever to share her lifestyle preferences with her husband.

The second part of the story - 'Such Sweet Sorrow" - takes place in the months which follow, when Angela has the opportunity to tell the tale of her 'rendition' and interrogation to her friend Anatoly Kustensky.

One bright day in London, as Jennifer makes her way to a medical library to pursue her research, she vanishes and despite an extensive and energetic police investigation and the efforts of Joe and her parents, no trace of her can be found.

What has happened to Jennifer? What trials and adventures have befallen her?

Now read on – or start from the beginning by reading "Thesis" and "Such Sweet Sorrow"!


Jenny McEwan: a doctorate student at a University in the English Midlands, studying psychology with a research focus on adult play and the role of BDSM, who mysteriously disappeared in "Such Sweet Sorrow".

Joe McEwan: her husband, a man less than comfortable with his wife's sexual interests and where they have led her.

Professor Angela Dawney: Jenny's research supervisor and erstwhile lover.

Cathy Corbin: Jenny's best friend and college companion

Freddie and Larry: principals in the highly illegal slaving organization, Freddie Clegg Enterprises, part owners of Inward Bound "adult playground" where Jenny has been conducting her research. (To learn more of them read "Market Forces")

Anatoly Kustensky: arch eastern European competitor of the Clegg Organization who sees himself as the market leader in the field

Sveta Kustenskaya: Anatoly's wife and perhaps the 'power behind the throne'

Neena Kirova: trusted lieutenant of Anatoly and Sveta

Alana Kustenskaya: only child of Anatoly and Sveta

Also: many mysterious and dangerous members of the Kustensky Organisation

Chapter footnotes: Our readers tell us they like them but we have tried to keep these to a minimum and have included some to help readers follow the narrative more easily or to explain 'idioms' which might not be familiar to everyone.


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