Card Games

by Bobby Ray

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Our introduction to Strip Poker

I looked at Michelle's cards spread out on the floor showing a ten high. That was the low hand so it was her turn to take something off. I looked at her and wondered if she'd call off the fun and games at that point. Instead she sighed, smiled shyly and reached behind her back, unfastened the clasp to her bra and slipped if off without hesitation. She put her left hand back on the floor and leaned on it while sitting on her left hip. She smiled again at a few "ooohs" and "aahhs" and a couple of "nice" comments. Her breasts were beautiful, not large but full, round and, so far, not affected by gravity.

She made no effort to cover herself. We made eye contact and she smiled again while the cards were being shuffled for the next deal. My gorgeous wife was down to her panties because of drawing three low hands of the first eight dealt.

The rules limited everyone to four articles because the women only had bra, panties, dresses and shoes. So the men started with no shoes leaving socks, pants, shirt and shorts. Two of the other women still had their dresses but no shoes while, Nora, our hostess hadn't removed a thing. Charley had fared the worst of the men having lost twice and was shirtless with only pants and shorts left. I had lost once but Rick and Ed, our host, were undefeated. I began to get worried for Michelle. One more loss and she'd be forced to get completely naked. I was acutely aware that the game had gone too far for either of us to call it off. My only hope was that our hostess and friend would sense how uncomfortable I was and end the game.

The evening had started innocently enough. Ed and Nora, our friends for a few years, invited us for dinner. Nora told Michelle that they wanted us to meet some friends of theirs, Charles and Janet and Rick and Christine. "I know you'll like them," Nora told my wife. "They're a lot of fun and both couples trace recent ancestry to Europe so I think it'll be a natural fit."

My wife was born in this country to a French mother and Belgian father who had emigrated to the U.S. shortly after their marriage. Michelle was raised with a strong European influence so she was no prude by any means when it came to sex and nudity. Still, we had never done this kind of thing before so I was a little nervous about it. I had been raised in a fairly conservative environment. My parents would have been shocked to find out that my wife and I were actually playing strip poker in mixed company.

After dinner Nora had invited us into the living room for more wine and dessert. We had a delightful Crème Brulee and another glass of wine. That's when Janet suggested strip poker. I was a little shocked and didn't think the suggestion would get far but the other three couples thought it was a great idea. I looked at Michelle to see what we should do and she just shrugged her shoulders.

So, here I was trying my best to hide my discomfort while my wife sat in the circle of 8 people wearing only her panties and dangerously close to being the first one to get completely naked. Yet, she appeared, outwardly at least, to be completely relaxed and had smiled and said "Thank You" at the compliments when she removed her bra.

The wine was flowing while the next several hands were dealt. Michelle hadn't lost again but made no effort to hide her naked breasts as we played along. I lost once more and finally Nora and Rick each lost. Christine lost a second time so she was down to bra and panties. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves. The banter was light hearted. Janet was the most talkative, a chatterbox really, and she would shimmy her shoulders and sing: "take it off, take it off" after every hand. A little of my nervousness went away as each hand passed and the rest of us got closer to Michelle's state of undress. I had come to grips with the fact that the game was going to go to completion and that we'd all soon be naked. Still, I had hope that the first one naked would be someone other than Michelle or me. I didn't know the protocol for these things and wondered what would happen after everyone was naked. "Do we sit and chat au natural; when we get ready to leave do we kiss and hug before or after we get dressed?"

After Janet lost her dress everyone, including Michelle, "ooohed" at the pretty black lace bra and panty ensemble she was wearing. Janet seemed more than pleased to show it off. As she stood posing for us Michelle looked over to me, smiled and raised an eyebrow as if to say, "Nice, huh?"

Nora then lost twice in a row. She did a little twirl as she slipped out of her dress, wiggling her ass at us like a stripper. Cheering erupted from the gathering, including my shy wife. Michelle's breasts bounced seductively as she raised her hands to clap for Nora. I was staring at my wife's breasts ignoring Nora's show and I wouldn't have been a bit surprised to learn that the other three men were as well. I was having trouble hiding my growing arousal, especially because of the image of my wife brazenly showing off her tits. To be honest, I was a getting into the spirit of things and had begun to relax a little. Mostly though, I desperately wanted the games to end so I could get Michelle home and fuck her brains out.

The next hand was the one I'd dreaded earlier. Michelle had the low hand. She stood without hesitation, hooked her thumbs under the waist band of her panties and, following Janet and Nora's example, turned her back to us and wiggled her ass while she slid them down her legs. After she kicked them away with her foot she raised her arms and did a little pirouette turning back to the group to whistles and hoots. Being the first one naked, I would have been so embarrassed for her except that she obviously enjoyed the attention. What was embarrassing was my own ineffective effort to hide the bulge in my shorts. Woody definitely wanted to break free of his confinement!

Michelle calmly sat down on her left hip and took a sip of her wine as the game went on. Her neatly trimmed bush formed a perfect triangle at the V of her legs and her nipples were sticking out like little buds. I wasn't the only male trying to calm a hyperactive dick.

Michelle continued to enthusiastically join in the hooting and cheering as articles of clothing went flying about the room. Charley was next to get naked, then Christine and Janet. The games sped up as there were fewer hands to deal and I sensed a change in the group dynamic. Nudity was no longer the dreaded result of losing. Winning the game became the primary concern. I wanted to win but, to my surprise, I was feeling a little self-conscious at still having some clothes on. Michelle had become as animated as Christine and Janet, the three of them cheering and waving their arms as the cards were dealt and the next loser determined. They slapped hands and bumped elbows as though being nude in front of the rest of us was the most natural thing in the world.

After Rick and Ed lost it came down to Nora and I; she in her panties and I in my tented shorts. She paired a King on the third card and the game was over. "Take it off, take it off," the others sang. As casually as I was able I stood and dropped my shorts and sat down as quickly as I could; not quickly enough however to hide Woody's obvious state of excitement. I got a round of "oooos" and "whoooies" from the women and blushed as Janet gave Michelle a high five.

Nora waited for me to sit down then stood, claimed victory and triumphantly slipped off her panties. "So, Nora, what do you get for winning," Rick asked with a smirk on his face.

"I get to set the rules for the next game." Nora declared.

"Next game? What's this about? What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?"

I had assumed the games would be over once everyone was naked. I hadn't given a thought to any more games and I wanted to get home. A silly idea flashed through my mind, that we'd soon be playing Nude Charades or Nude Twist. I was not comfortable.


"We keep playing," Nora explained, "and after each hand the winner gets to give the loser a command. The loser must comply unless at least three members of the group vote to veto the command. That way we can ensure that nothing terribly offensive is forced on anyone."

I had my doubts about all this but no one protested. I looked at Michelle hoping to see a signal that it was time to excuse ourselves and go home. She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders giving not the slightest hint that she was uncomfortable with the new development.

The cards were dealt. I breathed a sigh of relief to see Michelle pull an Ace on the second card and another as I paired up a three on the fourth card. Janet had the winning hand and Christine the low hand.

"Chrissy ... you are commanded to stand up with Charley, press your body into his and give him a kiss. "You can't break the kiss for 30 seconds." Charley quickly stood and Chrissy complied with the command. The kiss wasn't overly passionate but by the time the couple broke it off Charley was sporting a noticeable erection. "It's good to be a winner, eh Charley" Ed quipped.

"It doesn't hurt to be the loser either," Nora chimed in which brought a few laughs. I joined in the laughter but more out of nervousness than anything else. "This 'game' is nothing more than an excuse to get people who aren't married to each other to rub their naked bodies together. " I tried to calm myself remembering the veto rule and thinking that if it didn't get any worse than this last command I could deal with it.

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