Underground Drilling

by Fast Eddy

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Petting, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, Caution, Violent, Military, .

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Or was that Drilling the Underground? A young fighter pilot is shot down over France during WW-2

My name is Chuck. I fly P-51 Mustangs over Germany and France in the 1940's. My story isn't about all of those missions that I flew, but the time that I got shot down. It was October 15, 1943, coming back from a bomber escort mission over Berlin, when I was suddenly jumped by a German Messerschmitt Bf109 F that shot the Mustang right out from under me. I jumped and the Mustang disintegrated.

I was parachuting into the Alsace-Lorraine Region of France. I knew that I would have to seek out the underground for care and support since it was occupied by the Germans. I hopped that my parachute wouldn't be noticed, it was approaching dark. And I felt like I had a chance to land undetected.

I was landing near what I thought was Strasborg and looked over the town, as I'm descending to see what was in town as enemy fortifications. There were two Panther tanks and a complement of staff sedans and light trucks. I thought that there were two to three hundred light infantrymen in the surrounding buildings.

I set down in a farm field about a mile from town, and sought cover in a grove of trees, not far from where I landed. There was a stream that I could drink and wash up in before I wrapped myself in the parachute to get some sleep.

Sleep would not come and later that night a car with six drunken occupants stopped in the court yard of the farm house. The drunken soldiers got out and boisterously pounded on the door, shouting for those inside to come out. I uncovered myself from the parachute and proceeded to the edge of the tree line, trying to get a look at the group of drunks. As I lay there a couple of women ran from the back of the farm house into the grove of trees, attempting to hide from the soldiers. They had no luck as one of the men saw the smaller of the two silhouettes running into the grove. He shouted and the soldiers all followed him as he was running in pursuit of the two females.

After capturing the women, the drunken soldiers dragged them to the front of the cottage, throwing them on the ground. They looked like mother and daughter as they lay on the ground with the look of terror on their faces. The soldiers were speaking to the women loudly in German and the women did not seem to understand them as they clutched each other in fear.

One of the soldiers grabbed the older woman and pulled her onto her feet to face the soldier that seemed to be of the highest rank of the group. The soldier talked to the woman in a normal voice, but she didn't respond and he ripped the top of her dress off of her shoulder. She moved quickly in an attempt to cover her exposed skin, and the soldier grasped her hand, and pulled the sobbing woman close to him. She cowered when he stroked his hand over her shoulder and exposed chest, as he felt her, he was smiling and speaking more German to the woman, this time in her ear, and she sobbed louder. He seemed to enjoy her humiliation as his feeling of her body progressed inside of her bodice and onto her swaying boob.

The other soldiers in the group surrounded the girl that was sitting on the ground, she was crying as well. Two of them held her by her upper arms and helped her into a standing position, as she continued to bellow. Another soldier thrust his hand between the young girl's legs and slid his hand up to her crotch. He slapped her as she started to cry out at his rough exploration of her private place.

I could tell by looking that this abuse wasn't going to dissipate until these women were taken by all six of these drunken soldiers. I also knew that killing them here might bring down the wrath of other soldiers in town. The soldiers were getting rougher with the women by the minute until it got to the point that I had to do something to help them.

I looked into the staff car that they were driving to find some rifles in the back seat. I removed one and advanced on the group that were too busy molesting the women to notice me. I approached the group that stood around the younger of the two women and cracked the closest one to me on the head, knocking him out. I quickly stroked the butt plate of the rifle into the heads of each and every one of the drunken soldiers as the women stood, frozen to their spot and looked at the falling soldiers go down around them. They excitedly started talking to me in French, and I had no idea what they were saying. I told them in English that I was American, and they seemed to understand that.

Together, we dumped the unconscious soldiers back into the staff car, and I followed the young French woman into the car. She drove off of the farm and down the dirt road, away from the town. She drove slowly, for about fifteen minutes with the headlights off, making our way to a quarry pit. At this time we arraigned the soldiers in their seats as if they had been touring the countryside. The woman put the car in gear and sent it on its way to the bottom of the pit with the soon to be dead soldiers. We walked across the pasture to the farm house where the older, worried looking woman that I thought was the mother stood outside in her torn dress waiting for us.

They led me into their house and sat me down at the table to give me some soup and a piece of bread. The cottage was lit by candle light but I could see the two women. They were both brunette, about 5'7" (The girl looked to be a couple of inches shorter.) The mom was full figured with large, pendulous tits that were unsupported. They looked pretty good to me as there was little sag to them. Her bare legs were muscular and trim, with what I could see of them. Her face was very attractive, with brown eyes to enhance her beauty. Neither one of the women wore any makeup. The daughter had the face and features of her mother, but she was thinner. She too wore a dress with no stockings, but she had very little hair on her arms and legs, from what I could tell by looking at her. Her breasts looked large for her stature with no sag to them as she stood in front of me, studying my movements. She looked to me to be about eighteen years old.

Mom sat next to me and tried to talk to me in French, with a little broken English mixed in. I think that she got the idea that I was a pilot, as she sat on a chair, next to me. She hiked her skirt up to mid-thigh as she quietly ambled on.

As I finish the soup and bread, both women led me to the only bed inside of the little cottage and gently pushed me onto the center of it. They promptly jumped into the bed on either side of me and pulled the quilt over us as they both snuggled up next to me.

I awoke before sunrise to find that both women had draped themselves over me. They both had their legs over each of my legs and their heads on my shoulders. It felt good with that warm flesh up against my nude body ... Nude body!? How did I get like that? Looking around, I noticed that the women were nude also, and we all had full body contact as the sun was peaking over the horizon. I just laid back and enjoyed the sensations that I felt as the women quietly slept on me. I must have dozed off because when I awoke the second time, there was Mom bouncing on my morning wood, tits flying as she pounded herself on me. The younger woman saw that I was awake and started kissing me on my face and neck. I felt obligated to steady her tit as I shared my other hand with mom's ample bosom.

Mom relieved me of my morning stress and lifted herself off of my prone body. As she moved away from me, the daughter promptly impaled herself on my erection with the intention of ridding me of another salvo of baby makers. She rode me for quite a while until I painted her insides with my hot ejaculate as well. She was tight and her tits fit my hands perfectly. I kneaded her tits for a time, and then slid my hands to her smooth thighs, to stroke them from her knees to her waist. She leaned over me and kissed me some more as I continued to fondle her young body. We were still in bed with my semi hard dick still in her clasping pussy. She was still milking it with her cunt muscles as she lay on me.

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