Crotch Rocket Competition

by IronBuddah

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Al and his daughter Stephanie are enjoying a weekend at a motorcycle rally. When Stephanie sees a sign for a contest where they can with two motorcycles and suggests they enter, she has no idea what she's suggesting. Al knows what she's suggesting, but he still gets more than he expected after his daughter talks him into competing.

Al and Stephanie looked like they belonged at the bike week celebration. Both were wearing tank tops; Al's showed off a powerful set of arms and a barrel chest. There was nothing barrel like about Stephanie's chest. She was blessed with an immensely huge set of knockers. Stephanie was a natural blonde wearing sunglasses. Al's arm was thrown around her shoulder. Like many of the men present at bike week, his head was shaved and he had a goatee. He also had an iron cross tattooed on one arm. The gray hair on his face in no way diminished the respect he got from passers by. In fact, it increased the regard of some of the onlookers. "Way to go old timer!" one called out while holding his hand up for a high five.

"Show some respect!" Al roared. "That's my daughter."

The shocked man took three steps in the opposite direction just in case Al's wrath went beyond the verbal. "Sorry sir. I didn't know."

"Oh Daddy," Stephanie sighed. "We are at bike week. If you insist on walking with your arm around me, you know some people are going to think I'm your busty biker babe."

"Don't say things like that."

"Well, you know it's true," Stephanie protested. "You know how bikers are."

"Yeah, you're right. I do know how bikers are. That's why I don't want any of them thinking you might be available. You're my little girl and married now to boot. I can't believe my younger daughter has been married for six months now."

Stephanie added, "Almost seven."

"Wow, time just flies!"

"Hey, Daddy, look! There's a contest here where you can win a sport bike and a custom cruiser bike. You've always wanted one of those and the sport bike would make a great first anniversary present for Kevin!"

Al looked uncomfortably at the sign for the Crotch Rocket Competition. He had been trying to steer clear of the area where that competition was usually hosted, but it must have changed locations. The painted sign had a guy riding a hog with a girl in a skimpy bikini clinging to him.

"Aw honey, I'm not sure this is the kind of contest for you." Al tried to say tactfully.

"What? So I might have to wear a bikini. I've got one in my purse that I could change into. I look good in it and you look good on a bike. What's the problem? I've ridden behind you on a bike before."

Seeing no way around the subject Al coughed then said, "Baby, the sign might not look much different than things you see all the time around bike week, but the Crotch Rocket Competition is a full penetration competition!"

Stephanie was dumbfounded, "Really? I mean, really? That's a legal contest?"

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"Legal enough I suppose. People try not to talk about it too much, and they play rock music outside the tent to cover the noises being made inside the tent. You have to show ID to get in, and the people checking are way better at spotting fake IDs than your average bartender. I think they make their money selling DVDs of the contest." Al coughed again, "Or so I've heard."

"Daddy, don't lie to me. You know way too much about this. You've watched the contest before, haven't you?"

"Steph, can we change the subject?"

"Sure, if I can take that as a yes."

"Take it however you want, and um, don't tell your mom."

Al didn't realize that Stephanie had led him back into the area of the Crotch Rocket Competition until his daughter stated, "Oh good, I was worried it was too late! There are still five minutes left to sign up for the contest. Let's do it!"

"What? Which contest? Oh Hell no! Girl, didn't you understand your old man when I told you what kind of contest this was? Don't make me embarrass us both by spelling it out!"

"Yeah I heard you. I want a chance at that sport bike, and you know you want that cruiser. We'll just tell everyone we bought raffle tickets if we win. It's a one time only thing. Come on." Stephanie had taken hold of her father's hands, and was trying to pull the much larger man into the tent to register before the deadline.

As Al stared at his daughter's bulging tits, and the full meaning of her words sunk in, he started to feel weak in the knees. The crotch of his pants was feeling uncomfortably tight too. "Steph, baby, this isn't just a stick it in and pose thing, I'll have to actually need to be moving inside you, and if you want to win, you'll have to seem like you're enjoying it!"

"I've seen When Harry Met Sally!" Stephanie retorted.

"A one time thing, huh? Oh fuck me! I'm going to regret this!"

Al and Stephanie showed their IDs to a group of bouncers at a roped off entry way, and then made their way to the registration table. The man working the desk asked, "Names and ages?"

"Al, fifty-three"

"Stephanie, twenty-six."

"Hair and tits, natural or artificial?"

Stephanie proudly replied, "Natural to both."

The man working the desk eyed her up and down earning a glare from Al, who couldn't very well say anything to protest while registering for a sex contest with his daughter. "Impressive! You should have a chance to do well. I'm glad you two made it before registration closed. You're our final pair of contestants. I'm going to put you down as Big Al and Busty Stephanie unless you had something else in mind."

Stephanie answered for them both by saying, "That will be just fine."

"Great, you'll be at station number twenty-five. The first round is Come as You Are, so just go straight to your booth. Judging starts in five minutes. There's a fifteen minute break after that round for you to get into your bikini for the Bikini Bike Ride. After that, the following rounds run continuously, so if you want to touch up your make-up you'll have to do that while you're getting into your bikini."

"Even though the name of the round was Come as You Are, it was pretty clear that only a few of the twenty-five contestants were like Stephanie, wearing ordinary street clothes. Most had their hair done up in a way that wouldn't long survive the sun and the ocean breeze. Heat stroke inducing amounts of black leather were a popular choice when it came to clothing for both men and women. There were more than a few corsets, and some of the women were wearing outfits so tiny or so sheer that it was inconceivable that they were out among the general public wearing such things.

Al and Stephanie found their station and didn't have to wait long for the judges, who were followed by a pair of photographers. The judges were tight lipped while judging, but since Stephanie and Al were given the final station to be judged, they didn't move far away from the pair before they started talking among themselves. "That last couple was certainly more in line with the spirit of this round than the other contestants, don't you think?"

They heard another judge reply, "Well, I'm not changing the scores for any of the earlier contestants, but I'm certainly not penalizing the final couple with the way I've scored things. They were a refreshing change of pace. Plus, the man would look intimidating as hell no matter what he was wearing and the lady's tits would stretch out a burlap sack!"

"Most of the contestants were either wearing a lot more, or a lot less when they got carded, maybe next year we could enforce a rule that says you get judged in the same outfit you got carded in."

Stephanie beamed, "Did you hear that Daddy? I think we got high marks the first round!"

Al sighed; he didn't know if that was good news or bad news. He might have been able to convince Stephanie to withdraw from the contest if it had sounded like they would be getting poor marks. "You had better get changed into your bikini."

"Right!" Stephanie grabbed her purse and hurried off to the changing area. There were tarps hung, which in theory would have provided privacy for the women changing, but so many were going in and out, they all might as well have been changing out in the open. Al remembered watching the women change in the past, but with his daughter in there changing, he looked around the rest of the tent. He was surprised at how much nudity there was outside the changing area. He had never noticed in earlier years when he had only been a spectator ... Some women were in bikinis so flimsy that they wouldn't stay put while the women walked from the changing area back to their station leaving them effectively topless until they had a chance to rearrange and retie. Others found their biker unhappy with the way they looked, and rather than going back to the changing area to make adjustments, they simply made those adjustments in full view of the crowd.

Stephanie came back in a stars and stripes bikini that was far too skimpy for Al's taste, but one that looked modest compared to what most of the other female contestants were wearing. Al decided he might as well look on the positive side of things for as long as he could; he gritted his teeth and got on the bike set up at their station.

Stephanie climbed on behind her father, and threaded her arms into the sleeves of his tank top to wrap her arms around his wide frame. She whispered in his ear, "You're still my big strong Daddy!"

"Hush! Don't say things like that!"

"Oh, just smile for the cameramen," Stephanie instructed. There was a video crew present for this round as well as an announcer."

Al grumbled, "I'm not in the mood to smile."

"Fine, be that way." Stephanie smiled sweetly for the cameras. "Sit there and look menacing for the cameras."

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