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Desc: Sex Story: He thought she was going to PTA Meetings

"Dad," said my daughter Sasha. "You have to come to the school tomorrow to meet my new teacher."

"What happened to your old teacher, Mrs. Greendale?" I asked.

"Her husband had a heart attack so she has to stay home and take care of him for the rest of the school year," she answered.

I liked Mrs. Greendale. She was an old school teacher. None of that new-fangled, blame it on the parents shit for her. I never had to go up to the school unless Sasha did something extra stupid.

"Can't your mom meet her at the PTA meetings?" I asked.

"I'd rather have you meet her, Mom has been acting so strange lately," said Sasha.

"Alright Angel, I'll try to get over there, but I'm not making any promises," I said. "Meetings with teachers clearly fall under your Mom's jurisdiction."

I'm Lucas McCain. I'm an account rep for Devlin International. I'm thirty five going on fifty. I'm about 5'10" with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm in pretty good shape from daily runs, and I love my wife and daughter more than anything I can think of. My wife Dana was one of the movers and shakers on the school's PTA or whatever modern name they had for it.

Dana was short, about 5' even. At least she swore she was. Every time I measured her she came out at 4' 11". She was curvy with a big butt and big boobs that I loved to motorboat. We'd been married for fourteen years, and had been spoiling our daughter for the past 10 of those. We had only 8 more years, until Sasha was off to college. Then Dana and I could walk around the house naked as the day we were born, and spend our time screwing on all of the furniture.

Sasha did have one thing right though. Dana had been acting strangely again. Last time she acted like this it was because she was pregnant with Sasha. She was trying to figure out everything we'd have to have and do to make the pregnancy easier before she told me. I guess I was practically to blame for that because I'd never shown any interest in having kids. But from the first day my little angel came into the world. From just after I personally cut her umbilical cord and smacked her on her butt, she's been her daddy's girl.

Dana came in a little bit later and headed straight for the shower. She was doing that a lot lately, maybe once or twice a week. I didn't think anything of it though because women are always taking way more baths and showers than any guy ever does. When I look back on it now I guess I was stupid, or at least clueless. But let's face it most of us are. We get married because we love the other person so much that we want them to be a permanent part of our lives.

Part of that love is the fact that we trust them, in several ways. We trust them not to hurt us. We trust them to be faithful to us. We just never expect the person we pledge to spend the rest of our lives with, to stab us in the fucking back. Let's face it love makes us clueless. If you're constantly looking over your shoulder and watching for the apple of your eye to cheat on you, then your relationship sucks. Kick that bitch to the curb right now. Trust me if you can't let your guard down around her, you don't really love her. I'm sure a lot of you guys out there are thinking "If my old lady was running around on me, I'd know it." Well double O seven when it happens to you, trust me you'll be as clueless as I was, but probably not as lucky.

Anyway, the next day I showed up at Sasha's school just in time to pick her up. The only thing I needed to pickup after I got there was my jaw off the floor. The woman in front of Sasha's class was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She wore jeans and a nice blouse. When I came into the room she was turned around with her back towards me. She had an inverted heart shaped ass. When she turned to face me I was mesmerized by her smile and the volume of tawny hair cascading over her shoulders. Her boobs were nowhere near as big as my wife's but who cared.

I sat there staring at her for a long time before I realized that she was talking to me. They just didn't make teachers like this when I was growing up. She was tall, at least for a woman. She had to be about 5'8' and much slimmer than Dana. Not that I was comparing them or anything, but she was stunning. Yep that's a good word for it, stunning.

"Daddy," snapped Sasha. "Ms. Marshall is talking to you."

"Oh, sorry," I stuttered. "I just had a brain fart. I'm uhm ... Sasha's Dad. Mr. McCain, uhm. Lucas McCain. But you can just call me Luke." I extended my hand and she shook it warmly, and treated me to another one of those smiles. God Damn it, she should be selling those smiles.

"Sorry to call you here on such short notice," she said, smiling again. "I'm new here but the school takes parental involvement very seriously. Sasha is probably one of my brightest and friendliest students. And she's also one of the most helpful." She had a soft Southern accent that seemed to stretch each syllable into more than one. I could probably listen to this woman talk for ever.

I smiled at Sasha. I was proud of her. And she smiled back holding out her hand. I gave her five slapping her hand crisply. She looked at me as if I was retarded. "Dad, when someone holds out their hand, you're supposed to put money in it," she whined.

"Anyway continued Ms. Marshall, neither, you or your wife have participated in any of our projects or committees, this year."

"Uhm Ms. Marshall..."

"Please, call me Gianna," she said.

"Doesn't the PTA count?" I asked.

"Yes it certainly does," she smiled. "Are you a member of the PTA?"

"Well no," I said. "But my wife is; she attends every one of those meetings on Wednesday nights. She's never missed one."

Ms. Marshall's face changed in front of me. "Maybe I'm wrong," she said. "But the PTA meets on Tuesdays and only the third Tuesday of every month."

My face fell too. I had to find out what was going on with Dana.

"Why don't you pick out one of our committees or clubs to participate in anyway," she said. "And if your wife does turn out to be in the PTA than you're covered." she said all of that with plenty of sympathy in her voice. It was as if she knew what I was going through.

I looked over the list of activities and finally settled on Track. "I think I could help with this," I said. "I'm not an expert, but I run every day and I've done a few Marathons."

"That would be perfect," she said. "They meet on Tuesday and Thursday, at 5."

Sasha and I stopped off at McDonald's on our way home. It wasn't very nutritious as dinners go, but she likes it and that way I wouldn't have to cook. I knew that there was no chance of Dana beating us home, even though she got off work before I did.

Some guys like to sit in their favorite chairs while they think, and other like to go for a long walk. My favorite thinking activity was washing my red Mustang GT. As I rinsed off the car I started putting my thoughts about Dana's behavior in order. I knew that the PTA meetings were only once a month not every week. Dana had joined the PTA almost two months ago. That means that whatever she was doing, she'd done about six or eight times.

As I soaped the car up, I called a friend of mine. "Hey, Hop," I said into the phone.

"Hey Luke, how's it going?" he asked.

"Shitty," laughed. "Remember when you thought that Tia was cheating on you? What was the name of the agency you used?"

"Oh God don't remind me, of that," he laughed. "All I did was made some lawyers and some P.I.s richer."

"Well I told you that she wasn't cheating on you," I said. "She was taking some classes at the community college, because she thought that you were embarrassed by her accent and limited English."

"Yeah, I remember," he laughed. "Anyway the agency was called Ponderosa Investigations. They're in the book, and they're good."

"Thanks Hop," I said hanging up. I'd known Hop Sing since we were kids playing baseball.

I called information and got the number for Ponderosa Investigations. I called them and was told they'd have someone over in a few minutes, since they were located very close to my house.

I was polishing my Chrome Helo Tease rims when the car pulled up. I saw the man who got out, pull out a pair of sunglasses and put them on. "Your Chrome is so bright, I thought I'd go blind," he said. "My Dad had a 1970 302 Boss that he babied like you do this car."

I nodded, I loved old school Mustangs too. "I'm Lucas McCain," I said, offering my hand.

"My friends call me Luke," I stood up and looked at him.

"Joseph Cartwright," he replied. His handshake was firm and I trusted him. He didn't look like the usual tall chiseled P.I. In fact he was only about 5' 4" tall. "My friends call me little Joe."

I could see where the name had come from. "Why don't we go into the house and talk," I said. On our way into the house I explained my suspicions to him. He looked the house over and talked to me about the packages they had available. He ended up placing a recording device on the phone. I gave him her cell phone number, and since I paid the bill, he told me they'd be able to possibly monitor those calls as well. Then he put several tiny cameras around the house. I had the option of being able to view the feeds from the cameras on my own, or have them deliver a weekly or daily DVD. I opted for the cheaper option of the weekly DVD.

"How expensive is this going to be?" I asked him.

"How much would you be willing to pay for peace of mind," he replied. That told me that this was going to be pretty fucking pricey.

"In the end, one way or another, you'll think it was worth it," he smiled.

"Okay, explain that one to me," I said.

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