The Fuck-Off at Hips Junction

by aubie56

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Historical, Humor, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Prostitution, .

Desc: Western Sex Story: Two brothel madams engage in a fucking contest to see which one is the better fucker. The contestants are Big Ass Sue Butram and Mary "Tits" Maguire. The prizes are the brothel owned by the loser and the lover claimed by both women. The competition is fierce, and you may be surprised at who wins. The contest judges are the mayor, the town marshal, and a saloon owner. Take off your pants and spurs and join in the fun, it only costs four-bits to become a fucker!

Unlike most contests, this one had a surprising start. It was mid-afternoon at the Lucky Lady Saloon, and two cowboys were discussing the relative merits of the town's two brothels. The brothel owned by Big Ass Sue Butram at the east end of town was extolled by the first cowboy. The second cowboy held the opposite opinion; he was an avowed fan of the brothel owned by Mary "Tits" Maguire, located at the west end of town. The argument grew heated as the two men expounded on the relative virtues of their favorite establishments.

As one might expect, when two virile young men have had too many beers, the argument expanded from the oral to the physical. They started to pound upon each other with vigor and enthusiasm. It wasn't long before the bartender sent his swamper to separate the two argumentative gentlemen. The argument was concluded when the two men were tossed out on their faces into the shit-covered street in front of the saloon.

This argument became a favorite topic of conversation among the men who frequented the Lucky Lady Saloon, and had spread to the other saloons in Hips Junction within two days' time. Needless to say, Big Ass Sue and Tits Maguire heard of this heated discussion very soon after it started. Each of the madams jealously guarded the reputation of her establishment, and was naturally intent upon preserving her reputation as having the finest brothel in Hips Junction.

The rivalry was exacerbated by the fact that the two women were also rivals in love. They both had the hots for a certain gambler named Ace Witherspoon. Ace was a real expert at playing the two women against each other, and, at the same time, having free access to either pussy as the mood struck him. Both women wanted exclusive time with Ace, but he was quite happy with two cunts at his beck and call. Thus, Big Ass Sue and Tits Maguire were constantly at odds with each other.

Ace Witherspoon made a habit of visiting Big Ass Sue on Mondays and Thursdays, and he visited Tits Maguire on Sundays and Wednesdays. He kept Tuesdays open for any other liaison he might manage to promote, and Fridays and Saturdays were reserved for gambling.

Sundays and Wednesdays were special days for Tits Maguire. She began to prepare for Ace's visit that evening by starting with a bath at three o'clock in the afternoon. A large bathtub was brought into her bedroom and filled with water of the proper temperature. She soaked for 20 minutes before thoroughly washing her entire body and hair with a scented soap imported from New Orleans.

When that pleasant job was finished, Tits Maguire called in an especially talented doxy to shave the area around her pussy and ass hole. The woman had a particularly deft touch and had never once nicked Tits Maguire with the straight razor. The same woman helped Tits Maguire to douche and take an enema to make sure she was clean in two of Ace's favorite places. As the last step before getting dressed, Tits Maguire had her employee coat the inside of her rectum with a generous supply of butter. That was to make sure that Ace had no trouble if he decided to ass-fuck her sometime during the evening.

After all of that preparation, Tits Maguire donned her best pair of stockings and high button shoes. She slipped a fuck-me dress over her head and was ready when Ace chose to make his appearance. No more clothes than that were worn in the summertime by any woman, no matter what her class or status, in this part of Texas.

Big Ass Sue followed almost the same procedures on Mondays and Thursdays as she prepared for her expected visit from Ace Witherspoon. The main difference was that Big Ass Sue did not have her pussy shaved. She thought that her bushy pussy hair made her more attractive to men, so she tried to cultivate the growth. Her pussy lips were still visible through the hair, but Big Ass Sue thought that the sight was "cute." Actually, Ace didn't care all that much. All he really wanted was an educated pussy to fuck.

Big Ass Sue's other difference in preparation for Ace's visit was to lube her ass hole very thoroughly with lard. She, too, wanted to make sure that Ace's cock had an easy time making entry if he was interested. Again, Ace had noted the difference in the use of butter and lard by his two paramours, but he didn't really care. His main interest was in not feeling any pain as he jammed his cock into a willing ass hole.

It was an occasion for carefully concealed laughter on the part of the employees when Ace Witherspoon showed up at either brothel. It made no difference whether the madam was Big Ass Sue or Tits Maguire, the woman's reaction was the same. She ran to him and gave him a big hug and the deepest French kiss that she could manage. Following that, she grabbed his hand and nearly ran to her bedroom which was already prepared for their coupling. In both cases, Ace Witherspoon was the only man who could provide either woman with the orgasm she most desperately desired. Their coupling ran well into the night and it was rare, indeed, for them to show themselves in public before noon. Ace Witherspoon was undoubtedly living in hog heaven!

Not only did the two women provide him with all of the sex that he really needed, but they also provided him with money, though neither one realized just how important that money was to him. Ace was a lousy gambler and constantly in debt. He used the excuse of having a run of bad luck to "borrow" money from the women every week. However, he managed to do it in such a way that neither woman realized that she was such an important element to Ace's well-being.

The feud between the two women seemed to grow daily, and Jake Holloway, the owner and bartender of the Lucky Lady Saloon saw a way to make some money from it. He proposed to the two women that they have a contest exclusively between those two principals. Jake was surprised at how readily the two women agreed, but they could not agree on the form of the contest.

Jake racked his brain for a couple of minutes and suggested that the two women have a personal fuck-off. He suggested that each woman fuck as many times as she could with as many men as would volunteer. Actually, none of the three expected that there would be any problems in finding volunteers. The two women agreed, each being certain that she was the better fucker.

They agreed on some rules of the contest:

#1. The contest would take place in public, specifically in the bar room of the Lucky Lady Saloon. Jake Holloway was to be responsible for making the physical arrangements.

#2. There would be three judges to make sure that there was no cheating or other chicanery during the contest. The three judges would be Jake Holloway, Sam Jones, the Mayor of Hips Junction, and Ed Smith, the town marshal. If any of these men refused the job, Jake was to find alternate candidates.

#3. The contest was to run continuously from 4:00 PM on Friday of the week after next until one of the women capitulated, or one of the women was so far ahead that the contest became moot. A five-minute break was to be taken every hour to allow the women to piss or to do any other thing that they found necessary.

#4. A point was to be scored every time the man came. That was the only way that a point could be scored. If there were no other means to determine a winner, the woman with the most points scored after 24 hours was to be declared the winner.

#5. If, at any time, one of the participants fell asleep, then the other participant would immediately be declared the winner.

#6. Any of the women's three sex holes could be used as a legitimate channel for the contest. The woman could accept more than one man at a time at her discretion. That is, she could take three men at one time if she wished by giving a blow job while being fucked in her cunt and her ass hole at the same time. Alternately, she could take two men at once in whichever holes she selected.

#7. Jacking off was not a part of the contest, and no points would be allowed if a man came as a result of that activity.

#8. The ultimate prize for the winner would be that the loser left town. Before she left, she would deed over all of her assets in her brothel to the winner. Furthermore, the loser would never attempt to return to business in any town already occupied by the winner.

Both women signed the paper, and Jake signed as a witness. Obviously, this agreement could never be enforced in court, but that would never be necessary because the pride of the two women would not let them go back on the agreement.

The women decided to go into training for the contest. Normally, neither woman accepted a client as long as she had one of her doxies available; however, both women felt that they needed some practice with three-way penetration. They both thought that this would be the way to rack up points in a hurry, so they both concentrated their training schedule on these three-ways.

Big Ass Sue was at a slight disadvantage when it came to ass fucking because she lived up to her name and did have large ass-cheeks. This made it a little more difficult for a man who was a little short in endowment to penetrate her ass hole far enough to get sufficient satisfaction. Oh, he could reach all right if he could have room to spread her ass-cheeks. However, another man using her cunt could interfere with that. Big Ass Sue decided to hedge her bets by giving the blow job to the short man of the three.

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